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An Unbiased Review of Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

This article is contributed by Michelle who is a bicycle mechanic by trade. She has been eager to assist anyone looking to start riding in her entire life. Recently, We have asked to share her thoughts on a bicycle called the Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid bike. In this article she focus to enlighten those of you […]

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Expert Review of Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

​As part of your mission to bike, whether for its leisure, environmental, or health benefits, you will likely get stuck on a simple—yet tricky—decision: which bicycle should you buy? There are so many successful manufacturers with brilliant models, Firmstrong being one of them.With this Firmstrong Urban Bike Review article, we focus on features and its […]

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Raleigh Venture 3.0 Women’s Bike Review

The Raleigh Venture 3.0 is one of the best hybrid bike for recreational activities, shorter rides through the neighborhood, on the beachfront boardwalk or at the campground. Women who love cycling know this bike is a great asset to them by just seeing it. If you are looking for a new bike, check out this […]

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Review: Schwinn 26″ Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bike

Are you looking for a new lady’s bike but confused about where to start? Perhaps you don’t know a lot about the various types of bikes and need a little guidance to make the right choice. If that sounds like you, keep reading to get an objective, unbiased review of the Schwinn 26″ Ladies Perla […]

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6 Best Hybrid Bikes for Women To Buy In 2018

What is a hybrid bike?Well, a hybrid bike is a type of bike that has features from two different bicycle styles mixed, road and mountain bike forming a hybrid. If you ever wanted to ride a bike both on and off the road but don’t want to own two bikes? Then a hybrid bike is […]

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26″ Huffy Trail Runner Women’s Mountain Bike Review

Perhaps you already read our recent blog post where we features top 10 selected mountain bicycle for women’s, a post on top 10 women mountain bikes readily available to buy in the market today.Yet, I wanted to write whole new review article on 26″ Huffy Trail Runner women’s mountain bike because of its unique features […]

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Bike Size Chart: Get the Right Size With 3 Easy Methods!

What size bike do I need?What size bike should I get?OR, How do I know what size bike I need?These are the most common types of question that arise in your mind if you are a newbie in bicycling community. I don’t know why but interestingly, women ask these questions more frequently than men when […]

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