Top 5 Caterpillar Boots Reviews of 2022

Putting on the right boot is important for the modern man and woman. If you take a closer look at your shoe rack or shoe drawer, you’ll notice there is a pair of shoes and boots for every event.

There’s something for work, camping, leisure, and some other varieties for less official events. While many companies produce reliable boots for any activity, Caterpillar’s models are one of the most popular.

Their boot collection is durable, comfortable, and of good quality. Above all, they’ve got something for walking, working and everyday wear. If you sift through the caterpillar boots reviews online, you will notice they offer both male and female collections.

They come in several colors and sizes, so you can easily get something to your liking that fits well, too. This article contains reviews of the five best options in Caterpillar boots. But first, you should know what key factors to look for in the best pair.

While all the pairs listed here are top of the line, we think the Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Steel Toe Boot is perfect for everyone. For its given durability, a high degree of comfort, and the protection it provides.

Caterpillar Boots Reviews

1. Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Steel Toe Boot

Caterpillar Men's 2nd Shift 6" Steel Toe Boot

Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ boot qualifies as one of the premium offers from the company. The boot is suitable for those in need of superior workplace protection. Whether you are an engineer at a steel firm or a dealer in heavy machinery, this boot is for you. Its design features comfort, durability, and safety.

2nd Shift 6 Steel boots guarantee comfort through a nylon mesh liner, a Climasphere sock liner, and a padded collar around the ankle. The collar prevents the bare leather from bruising the ankle area. And the Climasphere liner controls temperatures in hot and cold conditions, keeping the foot cool at all times.

The nylon mesh liner, on the other hand, wicks away moisture to prevent sweating. To enhance toe protection, this boot features a round steel toe. The front region is also roomier to allow toe movement.

The Goodyear welt construction of the outsole and full grain leather gives this boot its long-lasting ability. The laces are sturdy and have durable hooks and eyelets.

The top features include the:

  • Synthetic sole
  • Six-inch shaft
  • Heel measuring roughly 1.25 inches
  • Ankle-cut working boot
  • Oil-resistant outsole
  • Leather upper
  • Padded ankle
  • Comes in tan, black, brown and honey

Here are some pros of these boots:

  • Durable leather materials
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Water resistant
  • Steel toe
  • Durable welt construction

Here are the most common boot cons:

  • Can expand to become larger than your foot size. In such a case, wearing a thin sock may be necessary.
  • Doesn’t work well with custom-made insoles. This makes them poorly ventilated and this could cause blisters.

2. Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Men's Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

The Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic boots have complex anatomy that makes them suitable for extremely hard conditions. The boot’s core purpose is to provide the next level of comfort, stability, and flexibility. The boots in this category are all lined with breathable material, non-slip outsoles, and steel shanks.

Depending on your purpose, these boots can either have a steel toe end for protection or a comfy soft toe. It all comes down to what you prefer. No matter the style you pick, you’ll enjoy a non-sweaty feet day.

Unlike ordinary generic shaped work shoes, this boot has specific contours that smoothly line up with the shape of your leg for comfort and stability. The six-inch shaft is heavily padded to minimize skin bruising.

This boot is of durable strength considering it’s a full-grain rubber shoe with high-grade, non-slip rubber outsole. Best of all, it provides a rough and tough look.

This boot comes with the following features:

  • Waterproof leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Steel Toe
  • .44 pounds of Thinsulate insulation
  • Antiqued lacing hardware
  • Detachable EVA foam insert
  • Comes in dark beige

Some of the pros include:

  • upper lather to keep your feet dry
  • Breathable lining
  • Steel shanks and toe design
  • Specific contour add-ons
  • Superwelt construction for durability
  • Mahogany leather

The cons of these boots are that they:

  • May lose waterproofing after two to three months of busy use.
  • Have shoe lace eyelets that can pop out if you use too much force when tying the laces.

3. Caterpillar Men’s Hydraulic Mid Cut Steel Toe Boot

Caterpillar Men's Hydraulic Mid Cut Steel Toe Boot

Caterpillar Hydraulic Boot is a pair they designed to meet the demanding needs of modern men. Although they’re mid-cut, they have many features that make them more functional than ordinary shoes.

At roughly 3.26 pounds, Hydraulic boots are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Some of the elements for a comfy feel includes steel toe ends and a comfortable foot bed.

Like most Caterpillar boots, these are heat resistant, shock resistant, and non-slip. Hydraulic booms are durable with rugged looks, making them suitable for service and industrial professionals. The most common colors available are black and dark brown.

The main features for this boot include:

  • Leather crafting
  • Rubberized and slip resistant sole
  • Hydraulic model
  • Weighs 4.26 pounds
  • Steel toe technology

The pros for this boot are as follows:

  • Cement construction
  • Full-grain leather
  • Microfiber lining
  • Non-slip outsole
  • EVA midsole and PU foot bed
  • Nylon sock lining

The cons for this boot are:

  • They wear down a bit faster than other models. For long-term use, try alternating them with another pair.
  • The boot doesn’t come with arch support. The solution here is to look for some inserts.

4. Caterpillar Men’s Argon Comp Toe Lace-Up Work Boot

Caterpillar Men's Argon Comp Toe Lace-Up Work Boot

Are you a person who is always on the go and needs something that withstands long walks? Then Caterpillar Men’s Argon boots should be among your top selections. To begin with, they weigh much less than most Caterpillar boots, so it’s easy to walk in them.

These boots sport a rubber outsole that is flexible and non-slip, as well. The sole has some serious threading that provides a firmer grip on the surface while walking or climbing ladders. Regarding durability, this boot features double and triple stitched seams you would expect from a top brand.

Since the toes are usually the victims of falling objects and stumbling, this boot’s toe section consists of a tough substance to form a protective wall. Both the collar and the tongue feature a soft material for improved comfort.

For those who like their shoes tight, this Cat boot has rugged laces and steel reinforced eyelets that won’t pop out due to intense pressure.

The main features of this boot include:

  • Leather and synthetic fiber
  • Flexible, slip-resistant outsole
  • Cement construction
  • Contrast textured overlays
  • Well protected toe section
  • 1.25 pounds
  • Comes in black or brown

The pros of this boot include:

  • Outsole flex grooves for feet comfort
  • Cement construction to increase durability
  • Leather nylon mesh and EVA sock liners
  • Lightweight
  • Leather, khaki, jean, and cargo look

The cons for this boot are:

  • The insoles break down quite fast, so make sure you have an extra pair.
  • The boot can wear down quickly when you wear it as your primary shoe. Use other pairs to give this one a break.

5. Caterpillar Women’s Dryverse 6″ Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Women's Dryverse 6 Inch Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Women’s Dryverse boot is a classic collection for hardworking women. These boots are staying true to the company’s quality; this boot has a steel toe end for additional protection. The outer coating is full-grain leather stitched to avoid tear and wear.

This boot is waterproof. To add to that, they lined the inner layer with Nylex, a material that wicks out moisture and wetness. Its durable-enhancing features include cement construction, a rubber outsole, and a PU midsole.

In dry conditions, it can keep one safe from electrical hazards up to 600 volts. They come in dark beige in several sizes.

Here are some of the defining features of this boot:

  • Leather materials
  • Shaft six inches from the arch
  • Heel measurement is 1.75 inches
  • Synthetic sole
  • Steel toe
  • Ergo comfort technology
  • Nylex sock liner

Although there are no cons, this women’s boot has the following pros:

  • Cement construction to enhance durability
  • Full grain leather
  • PU foam footbed for padded comfort
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Waterproof leather to keep feet dry

The cons for this boot are:

  • The insoles don’t give proper arch support

A Caterpillar Boots Buying Guide

One of the biggest challenges while shopping for Caterpillar boots is finding the right fit. There are hundreds of reviews, but reading them all would probably leave you more confused rather than informed. So, here is a list of the key things to look for when shopping for your next boot.

Budget: If you are a budget-conscious individual who doesn’t want to shake your bank account, you should check out affordable options.

Most caterpillar boots are durable and long-lasting. Even so, some budget-friendly selections may miss a few features. There are certainly many places you can buy boots online. However, you can find a sale and bargains on Amazon.

Size: In some instances, you may need to pay for shipping costs if the shoe you requested doesn’t fit, and you have to return it. So, before you hit the buy button, make sure you order the right size that will fit snugly yet still provide some soothing comfort.

Durability: The shoe you pick depends on the environment you work or live in, too. Those employed in mining fields, construction firms and sites, and other rugged surroundings need heavy-duty boots. Such footwear should feature tough soles, dual construction fronts, and industrial quality foam.

Design: Although you want a tough boot, you probably don’t want to sacrifice quality for a good-looking boot. Caterpillar boots come in several designs. There are those fitted with safety features, while others lack such additions.

Other designs are lightweight and shaped solely for women. Bear in mind some designs can lean more towards protection and forego things like stylish looks. But, it all comes down to what you prefer.

Materials: Most Caterpillar boots differ from each other slightly. The materials change depending on the environment and use of the boot. Some boots include the Climasphere sock liner to regulate temperature changes.

There may also be a nylon mesh liner to prevent sweating or block out moisture. Also, padded collars cushion the ankles. The best boot is included all those materials. Such a shoe can offer good looks, protection in harsh environments, and soothing comfort.

Waterproof: Some caterpillar boots lack waterproofing. A water-resistant surface is critical in wet conditions. The shiny water-repellent surface also protects the boot’s fabric, so it doesn’t take in water or lose its strength with time.

Style: What style are you looking for in a boot? Do you want a boot for everyday use or something to wear at work? Are you looking for full-grain leather or fabric materials? Do you require ankle-cut or full-length? What lace design charms you the most? These are some of the things you need to consider while scouting out the best caterpillar boots.

Tying It Up

It takes only a few seconds to pay for a pair of boots, but it’s a tiring process to shop for the right fit. If you’ve been combing through many Caterpillar boots reviews online in search of the best boot, here is where your journey ends.

The boots in this article are durable, flexible, and above all, comfortable. These Caterpillar boots all have tough outer soles, nylon lining, and tough leather to work in both harsh and friendly environments. The collections also come in various colors and sizes so you can easily get what fits you perfectly.

Did you find this review useful? Was anything left out? Feel free to share your views via the comment section below.

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