How to Choose Hunting Boots for Women?

Hunting is a sport that’s no longer exclusively for men. More and more women are exploring the outdoors and developing a passion for hunting.

As any outdoor enthusiast knows, wearing the right pair of hunting boots is critical for a successful hunting adventure. This applies to both sexes. Women should wear the appropriate pair of hunting boots to keep themselves comfortable while out there in the woods.

If you’re from the distaff side, there are two primary factors to consider in choosing hunting boots: terrain and weather.

Women’s Boot Selection According to Terrain

Women's Boot Selection According to Terrain

If you are to trek mountainous or rocky terrain, you will need hunting boots with excellent ankle support. It should also have stiff soles to give you more stability and a good lacing system for added support.

The ideal hunting shoes for mountainous or uneven terrain also has a padded tongue and collar for comfort. It should be waterproof, too, with moisture-wicking properties.

When hunting on upland or open fields, you will need a soft and lightweight boot because you will likely be walking for miles because of the flatter terrain. You’ll need boots with soft soles and less tread. For more comfort, you’ll need boots with enough padding on the tongue and collar.

For varied terrains such as meadows, ridges, and dense woods, you’ll need hiking boots with various features such as breathable and waterproof linings, leather or nylon upper with a flexible sole, and stable ankle support. The boots must also be of medium height and weight.

Women’s Hunting Boots for Weather Conditions

For more active hunts in mild weather or early in the season, you should find a light, non-uninsulated boot. Hunting boots with 200-gram insulation should provide enough protection for your feet.

For mid-season hunting, which coincides with cooler weather, you would need hunting boots with about 400 grams of insulation. Boots with Thinsulate are a good choice, offering enough insulation without adding weight or bulk. Those boots are ideal if you foresee yourself doing lots of walking and standing. Mid-season hunting is also notorious for changing weather conditions, so you’d want breathable and waterproof boots.

Heavily-insulated and waterproof hunting boots are a must during late-season hunting when temperatures dip to freezing levels.

Other Things to Consider in Choosing Hunting Boots for Women

Other Things to Consider in Choosing Hunting Boots for Women

Aside from the terrain and the weather, there are other things to consider when shopping for hunting boots.

One is the weight, which is of primary concern because you will likely be doing lots of walking. Most hunting boots for women weigh from 2 to 4 pounds. However, boots made of leather can weigh up to 5 pounds. The same goes for hunting boots with insulation and thick soles.

Another is the design. Naturally, hunting boots for women have a different design than men’s hunting boots due to the differences in the structure and shape of their feet.

Women’s hunting boots come in three designs—high country, upland, and multi-purpose.

High country boots are up to 12 inches high, with most models in the 10-inch range. These boots are designed to provide superior support for women who have to go through steep and rugged terrain. This is the kind of hunting boots you want to be wearing when hunting after a big game. It can also help you safe if you are in an area where snakes are prevalent.

Upland boots, meanwhile, are lightweight, with most models about 2-3 pounds heavy. These boots are thus best suited for walking for hours.

These boots also have soles designed to shed oil and prevent heavy mud accumulation. Most upland boots are waterproof and come with inserts for enhanced comfort. This is the type of hunting boots that make it easy to carry a rifle.

Multi-purpose boots, as you may already deduce, combine the best features of upland and high country boots. These boots are durable, comfortable, and provide various insulation. These boots are ideal for various types of weather and terrain.

Finally, you should also look for durable hunting shoes that can give you the peace of mind that your footwear will be able to withstand all kinds of damage coming from water, mud, moisture, and dirt exposure.

Arguably the most durable are leather hunting boots, although you have to pay more for them. If well taken care of, leather hunting boots would last for years. On the other hand, synthetic hunting boots are not as durable but easier to maintain compared to their leather counterparts.

Getting the Right Pair

Just like in shopping any footwear such as running shoes, you should shop for hunting boots at night when your feet have swollen and stretched. You would want to get a good fitting pair of boots so that you can be comfortable wearing them while in the woods.

When you try on a pair of boots, make sure that there is enough space around the toe. This way, you can flex them without having to adjust the fit of your shoe. This can boost blood circulation around the foot, especially when you have been standing or walking for hours.

Don’t forget, too, to bring a pair of socks when trying on hunting boots. Ideally, the socks are typical of what you’d wear when hunting.

Finally, stick to a size that matches your usual foot size. You don’t have to go up or down your usual foot size when shopping for hunting boots. So if your shoe size is 7, then simply get a pair of hunting boots of the same size.


In short, choosing hunting boots for women comes down to two main considerations—the weather and the terrain. Other factors that will affect your buying decision are the design, weight, and durability of the boots.

Just like in buying any pair of shoes, it is best that you shop for hunting boots at night. Moreover, remember your usual shoe size and follow it when buying hunting boots for women.

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