Diamondback Lux Women’s Mountain Bike Review

Are you thinking about getting a mountain bike for exercise, commuting, or fun? If you are looking for a top-quality women’s mountain bike, I would like to recommend the Diamondback overdrive mountain bike. It has all the advanced features you expect from Diamondback bikes, but still comes at a very reasonable price.

I recently purchased a Diamondback Lux for myself. I was so happy with it I felt compelled to write the Diamondback overdrive review so that other women could learn why the Diamondback bikes are the best bikes for women.

What makes the Diamondback overdrive so special? The first thing that I noticed was the frame geometry and ease of cleaning. The engineers at Diamondback clearly had us women in mind when they designed the frame for the Lux series of mountain bikes, because it fits me perfectly!

Diamondback Bicycles Lux Women's Hardtail Mountain Bike

Another thing I noticed was the disc brakes both front and rear, which is a feature you normally find on bicycles that are more expensive. Lastly, the quality of components used on the Lux is the best.

The wheels, tires and tubes, drive train, and even the saddle are all very good quality, which reflects Diamondback overdrive’s position as a leader in the bicycle industry. This is clearly a quality bicycle, and not a cheap alternative.​

Assembly of Diamondback Overdrive

When I received my new bicycle from Amazon, it required a decent amount of effort to put it together. I had to install the front tire, the saddle and post, and the handlebar assembly. After that, you simply connect the front, rear brake cables, and adjust them, and you are ready to go!

Overall, this process took me about an hour and a half, with much of that time spent looking for tools out in the garage. This was an easy process, and if you are not mechanical, you can always take your new Diamondback Mountain bike to a local shop for assembly and a quick tune-up. The instructions were decent, but no tools are included with this bike.

The Frame of Diamondback overdrive

As I mentioned before, one of the best features of this bike is the frame. The geometry is awesome for women, with a lower stand over tube that makes it easier to get on and off, and it will not interfere with your anatomy when you come to a full stop. Frame sizes available are 15 inch, 17 inch, and 19 inch.

If you are unsure of which size frame to get, there is a cool sizing tool on Diamondback overdrive, which can help you out using your height and inseam measurements! All frame pieces are made from 6061-T6 Aluminum, butted and welded.

The paint job is dark metallic blue with fluorescent green accents, which I really love. This frame is definitely top-quality, and would be worth the total purchase price by itself.

Disc Brakes

I always had friction brakes on my other bikes, and I was shocked at the stopping power of the disc brakes on the Lux! These brakes are Tektro Aries mechanical disc, with 160-millimeter rotors.

When I need to stop, either slowly or in a hurry, I can do it with no problems whatsoever. I really like the added security of knowing that I can stop in an instant if I need to.

Front Suspension Fork

The front fork on the Diamondback overdrive is an SR Suntour XCT with 80mm of travel and an adjustment for fork preload. What this means to me is that my mountain bike eats up small and large bumps and just keeps on going.

I really love having the front suspension fork, which is also something new to me. I have not had to mess with the fork preload; it seems to work great for me right out of the box!

Drive Train

The cranks on the Lux are SR Suntour XCT with 42, 32, and 22 tooth sprockets. The rear gears are a Shimano HG-31 8-speed cassette. The derailleurs are from Shimano as well, with a TX50 on the front and an Acera M360 8-speed on the rear, with Shimano Altus shifters.

What does all of this mean to me? I have a mountain bike that shifts smoothly between gears, and I have 24 speeds to choose! I love how easily the bike shifts compared to others I have had in the past.

The Pros:

  • High quality 6061 Aluminum frame, butted and welded
  • Frame geometry especially for women
  • Mechanical disc brakes for maximum stopping power
  • Front suspension fork with preload adjustment
  • Good quality drive train
  • 5” rims with aggressive tires
  • High quality components everywhere

The Cons:

  • Some assembly required
  • Customers can possibly order the wrong size frame
  • Only one color scheme available
  • Saddle may be uncomfortable for some women

Final Verdict

If you are considering a new women’s mountain bike, I definitely recommend the Diamondback Lux Women’s Mountain Bike due to the great frame, disc brakes, front suspension, and high-quality components throughout. Make sure to order the correct size frame, and I believe you will love your new mountain bike! The quality of construction and components on this bike are the best.


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