5 Handy Tricks On How To Dry Boots Fast Overnight

Boots enthusiasts all over the world love these shoes for a couple of reasons. First, their quality is always outstanding, and they do inspire awe, especially when laced with unique nuances. Secondly, anyone with a boot can be sure that their feet and toes will receive less impact in case something falls on them.

There is one little problem with boots that many owners encounter; they don’t dry faster. The sun has to be up for over 4 hours so it can dry properly. So what happens if they got wet in the evening and you need them in the morning? This article will teach you how you can accelerate the process of boot drying in the absence of the sun.

In the next section below, we will show you 5 easy tricks on how to dry boots fast overnight?

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Use a Boot Dryer

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

If you own several pairs of boots, then you need to purchase a dryer for those days when the sun takes a holiday or when you need them for overnight drying. I own several pairs of boots, and DryGuy Boot Dryer is my all-time favorite, as it can be used to dry boots, gloves, and garments simultaneously.

A small version with roughly two horsepower is strong enough to deliver a warm glow. Grab the horse pipe and push it towards the toe region and once during position, put the boot down and switch the dryer on.

The gush of warm air running into the boot wicks out moisture a little at a time. It takes roughly an hour or two to get the boot completely moisture-free.

Stash Newspapers Inside

This handy tip works well for most people even though it can appear tedious. Look for a newspaper and tear a page out, scrunch it until it forms a ball.

Tearing holes through the paper is advisable. Don’t make the roll too tight as this may compromise moisture absorption.

Once you have several balls of newspapers, stash them in the boot to the leg opening. Again, don’t squeeze them upon each other too much. These balls will absorb moisture and get wet. Once they’re soaked, get them out and get fresh balls inside.

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Use A Towel

A towel is a good absorbent material and can suck moisture out of your boot. Before you do anything, first give your boots a good clean up and undo the lacing. Grab one corner of the towel and tuck it in the boot until much of the space has been occupied.

Take the remaining corners and wrap the boot entirely. After some minutes have elapsed, remove the now soaked towel and begin the process with a dry one. It’s advisable to use old towels for this purpose. Don’t use new ones or those meant for cleaning dusting household items.

Use a Fan

It’s one of the quickest and safest ways of drying work boots overnight. The science behind it is similar to that of the dryer unit. The first thing to do is to find a fan with a long steady stand. Next, find something like a wire with hooks on both ends. To one end, attach the shoes and let the other end attach to the fan.

Where possible, keep the fan running for an entire night and put an old towel below it to absorb any water droplets falling off.

Use Rice

If you’ve got enough to misuse some, rice can come in handy in drying your boot overnight so you can walk in them the next day. To do this, find a sizable bucket-one that can hold your boots and fill it with rice to about 1-inch high. Puts the boot in and cover the top with a lid.

After some hours, the rice pellets will have absorbed much of the wetness from your boots. The trick works on any boot from farm and ranch boots to lineman varieties.

How to Expedite the Drying Process?

Boots can take longer to dry if you don’t get some things done. To ensure you don’t wear a wet pair in the morning, follow the advice below:

Wash the Boots Clean

Don’t dry your boots with mud and solid particles all over it. This could create a permanent stain on your boot resulting in different weird color spots. Wash your work boot thoroughly and where possible, treat it before the drying process begins.

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Remove the Insole

If the sole of your boot is detachable, remove it and dry it on its own or let it stick out of the shoe like a tongue. This will allow the surface to receive adequate warm air for faster drying.

Remove the Laces

Well, this is something many people don’t do but removing the laces or at the least, loosening them will provide more openings for air circulation.

Keep the Boots in Your Coolest Room

If you take hours trying to apply every technique to get your boot to dry before morning and put them in a freezing room, they will absorb moisture. Instead, find the warmest section of your house and keep them there.

Naturally, the methods of drying described in this article are a quick fix to a problem that could not be postponed. So, while the methods work, they are not as sufficient as the sun since bacteria, fungi, and other moist-loving organisms are likely to crop up. To avoid that, make sure to treat the boot properly through the use of sanitizers.

Wrap Up

In your efforts to dry your work boots overnight, strive to adhere to methods that mimic a natural process. Keeping your shoe close to the fireplace, furnace or any heat source can weaken the glue holding your boot together.

An unsuitable drying method can also compromise the quality of the boot’s material resulting in premature damage. Try to stick to the tips provided for better results. In case you are hunting for another durable pair, check out this guide on the best summer work boots.

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