The 5 Best KEEN Work & Hiking Boots Reviews

“Dedicated to the men and women who love life and all that it offers”

KEEN is a major producer of a complete line of hiking and work boots. Founded in 2003, their work boots are a global brand in footwear. The Company is a fast-growing company based in Portland, Oregon. Named “Launch of the Year” in 2003, they continue to set the sales record for superior built footwear.

They continue to meet public demands with new styles and designs. Dedicated to the consumer, Their work boots offer greater comfort, keeping costs under control. Work boots remain a very difficult and growing market. Consumers looking for hiking or work boots have many choices.

To be the best in a competitive market you must be the best. It brings the best forward, with styles and trends in footwear that cannot be compared.

This KEEN boot review provides you valuable information on the best hiking and work boots on the market. The following five boots are the preferred picks for 2019. Based on strong consumer support, comfort, safety and overall quality, these five superior boots stand alone. From the USA to distant borders, KEEN is the name to remember. Developing new style trends for tomorrow, they remains focused on today.

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Keen Boots Reviews - Comparison

Boot Name

Made of



KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Waterproof Nubuck Leather

Rubber Sole

KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

Nubuck Leather

Rubber Sole

KEEN Utility Men's Milwaukee Wide Work Boot

Waterproof full-grain leather

Rubber Sole

KEEN Utility Men's Flint Mid Work Boot


Rubber Sole

KEEN Women's Oakridge Mid Waterproof Boot


Rubber Sole

1. KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Review

KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Built for the person who loves to explore the outdoors. These rugged hiking boots include the latest in hybrid technology. Changing the traditional style of hiking boots, KEEN Targhee II brings a different and completely new style.

A modern look is the beginning of these well-built hiking boots. Labeled as four-wheel-drive performance for your feet, these hiking boots will take you to new heights. Dry waterproof membrane keeps feet dry and comfortable in all weather conditions. Specially designed outsole provides better traction on slippery mountain trails.

ESS shank with mid-cut height gives ankles better support climbing remote desert canyons to mountaintops. With greater attention to detail, these well-made hiking boots also offer:


  • check
    Low-profile upper
  • check
    Ghillie lacing for comfort and secure fit
  • check
    Breathable leather lining
  • check
    Waterproof nubuck leather
  • check
    Easy-on heel pulls with padded tongue and collar.

Rated on Amazon with a very high 4.4-star rating out of a possible 5-star total. Consumers report some issues with the heel as noted:


  • Heel started to come apart after six months of wear
  • The glue holding leather footbed to lining failing.

Their customer service is rated second to none. Problems with any KEEN hiking boots are addressed immediately to complete customer satisfaction. Priced well below similar styles and models, Targhee II hiking boots remain a great deal on Amazon for only $131.95-$272.09.

Strong consumer positive reviews with over one-thousand posted on Amazon. Available colors include:

  • Black olive with yellow accents
  • Raven with a tortoiseshell accent 
  • Shitake with brindle accents.

These top-selling hiking boots are both good-looking and built for those who love to push the limits. A great boot that can be used indoors or outdoors for a variety of uses.

2. KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

Protecting the feet on the job is very important. Thousands of workers are injured yearly due to foot injuries. Foot injuries cost you and your employer money. Protecting the feet requires wearing the proper work boot.

This Pittsburgh steel toe work boot offers the protection required. Perfect toe protection designed to fit the left and right foot is a feature of these boots. Meets all ASTM safety standards. Larger toe box allows toes to spread out and breathe. With less pinching, feet remain comfortable all day long.

They are specialized support system designed to provide first-rate arch support. Arch support outlines the natural curves of your feet for a better fit. It is the only company that combines the comfort of a hiking boot into a work boot. Features of these work boots include:


  • check
    Weatherproof from extreme cold to summer heat
  • check
    Waterproof nubuck leather lining
  • check
    Locking metal hooks and lacing eyelets
  • check
    Removable dual-density footbed
  • check
    Oil and slip resistant

Rated on Amazon at 4.4-stars out of a possible 5-star total. Excellent pricing scale for high-quality work boots. 900 positive consumer supportive reviews on Amazon. Available for $119.54-$214.50 on Amazon, these tough molded Pittsburgh work boots are a diamond in the rough. Consumers have reported some minor flaws:


  • Poor sole wear
  • Boots rub on feet causing red/sore marks (Suggest wearing heavier socks)

The first impression of these long-wearing works boot reflects Keen superior construction. Available in a variety of unique colors:

  • Bison with red highlights,
  • Slate black with yellow and grey highlights,
  • Wheat with contrasting darker areas,
  • Black with yellow and lighter grey highlights,
  • Raven with yellow highlights.

Built on the city of a tradition of “Brotherly Love”. Wearing these well-designed work boots will make you a believer beyond what was previously thought or expected.

3. KEEN Utility Men’s Milwaukee Wide Work Boot

KEEN Utility Men's Milwaukee Wide Work Boot

Steel toe protection for rugged wear. High-cut 6-inch upper leathers with black accents. Black bomber toes are wear and abrasion resistant. Water-resistant full-grain leather has a soft feel like suede. Locking metal hooks keep laces tight for a really good fit.

Dual-density footbed matches outline of your feet with dual layers of EVA foam. Soft quality of EVA footbeds cushions feet with supportive comfort. Shock absorbing qualities allow feet to remain in place. Goodyear welt construction holds soles to upper leathers firmly for increased wear.

Touch stitch construction is flexible, bending and twisting when you do. Soles are oil-resistant with resistance to workplace harsh chemicals. Slip-resistant with an increased gripping tread outsole delivers better traction on all wet surfaces.

Certified for electrical hazards, soles are designed to follow the shape of the right and left foot perfectly. Extra features of these well-designed boots help you get through long days on your feet.


  • check
    Waterproof breathable membrane
  • check
    Welt construction for longer wear
  • check
    Padded collar with easy pull-on hook
  • check
    Nylon shank for ankle support
  • check
    Available in sizes for wider feet from D7-15 to EE7-15

Very good rating on Amazon with a 4.3-star rating out of a possible 5-star rating. Over 300 consumer reviews on Amazon offer strong support for these highly-crafted work boots.


  • Boots rub on feet (Suggest wearing heavier socks)
  • The right boot feels different from the left foot

They suggest ordering boots one size smaller from your original shoe size. Consult size chart before ordering. Available on Amazon since 2013, these KEEN wide work boots narrow the purchasing decision by a wide margin.

4. KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Mid Work Boot

KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Mid Work Boot

Exploring the unknown is the ultimate adventure. Climbing through the unknown requires proper foot protection. This boot offers protection from the unknown. Nubuck leather offers the strength and wear-resistance of full-grain without reducing protection.

Roomy toe area allows room for toes to move and expand without binding or pinching. Walking for miles in the unknown, feet need to remain comfortable. The moisture-wicking lining of these flint mid work boots keeps feet dry. Dual-density design provides two layers of EVA foam for superior comfort.

Shock-absorbing qualities of this dual-layer EVA foam inner liner, reduce sharp blows to the feet. Built-in arch support of the footbed is easily removed cleaning. 300 reviews on Amazon offer positive and negative comments on these hiking boots.


  • check
    Slip and oil resistant outsoles with deep cross-thread design
  • check
    Padded tongue and collar
  • check
    Electrical hazard rated for greater safety
  • check
    Breathable mesh panels
  • check
    Ankle-cut boot for work or hiking


  • Sole separation after six-months of wear
  • Heel cup support producing rubbing is on foot.

These combination work hiking boots from KEEN remain the most affordable quality boots on the market. Priced at a very low $93.71-$128.25, these rugged work/hiking boots are ideal for those with budget restrictions.

These mid-cut water-resistant work/hiking boots are built to handle the toughest hikes or on-site job duties. They offer greater quality, a part of the legacy for over fifteen years.

Backed by a respectful reputation throughout the footwear industry, these boots are a product of forward-thinking.

5. KEEN Women’s Oakridge Mid Waterproof Boot Review

KEEN Women's Oakridge Mid Waterproof Boot

These women’s waterproof boots continue to attract the attention of women crosses the globe. Designed as a work and hiking boot, these well-engineered boots offer the best in one attractive, stylish package.

Feet remain comfortable all day with breathable material that soothes feet in all day comfort. Designed to fit left and right uneven foot sizes, these good-looking women’s boots are ready for any activity.

Dual-density compression EVA midsoles create comfort that relaxes and pleases. This boot meet all ASTM safety standards. Available in dark grey with lighter shark accents.

For a colorful look, shitake with viola accents brings life to the adventures that await wearing these well-made boots. Designed for smaller feet, these Oakridge mid waterproof boots come well-equipped.


  • check
    Toe bumper
  • check
    Oil and slip-resistant outsoles
  • check
    Lightweight, weighing less than three combined pounds
  • check
    Hydrophobic dry mesh lining
  • check
    Removable EVA footbed


  • Fit Tight
  • These women’s boots tend to run a ½ size small. They recommends ordering ½ size larger than normal for proper fit.

Always check the boot sizing chart available on Amazon or their website before ordering. Proper care is required with these active footwear boots. A good leather cleaner and conditioner will keep your boot looking like new for years. From the boardroom to hiking on rough mountain trails, they support all women. A Nation is stronger when standing together rather than standing alone.

What to Consider When Buying Keen Boots?

Know and Understand your Needs

Mistakes are often made buying proper work or hiking boots. Not all work or hiking boots offer the protection needed for a job site. Walking through rough terrain and climbing mountaintops require hiking boots capable of meeting this challenge.

KEEN has a long tradition and legacy in the production of specialized work and hiking boots for any job. Working inside or outside, work and hiking boots differ in quality and design for the intended use.​

This recommended guide will provide the information needed purchasing the right work or hiking boot for you.

Hiking boots off the shelf at a large discount retailer is never a good idea. Work boots need to protect your feet from serious injuries. Hiking boots need to have the proper ankle support and gripping ability. Buying good looking boots sitting on a shelf based on looks alone is an accident waiting to happen.

Hiking boots purchased on the current fashion styles and trends leads to other more serious problems. Buying work/hiking boots need to be based on the intended use. Possible job hazards need to be taken into consideration. Think about your job duties. Make a list of all possible dangers. Reviewing this list is a good starting point however only a starting point.

Do Your Homework

There are many websites across the Internet offering hiking boots. Taking the time to review the leading producers of quality boots is time well spent. Look for leading producers of quality work or hiking boots with a solid reputation.

KEEN has produced a long line of work and hiking boots for over fifteen years. The brand is the preferred leader in a long and impressive line of boots designed and engineered to perfection. . Reviews by consumers will convince you of the quality built-into every boot produced.


They offer features not found in similar competing styles. From outer soles made of rubber to TPU outsoles, KEEN engineering cannot be compared. It takes foot protection to the next level. Engineered with the latest in safety features, offer greater foot protection.

From specialized steel toe boots to greater comfort and support these boots remain to dominate. They are top-sellers across the Internet. Global distribution has placed them far ahead of many competing producers.


KEEN boots reviews of this nature are for your convenience. These article provide information that are often forgotten but very important.

Boot reviews present facts based on research and company policies. They have continued to be a top leader in producing a long line of superior boots. Proven and tested by those who wear them daily, it takes on all that life has to offer.


Choosing the right work or hiking boot is hard. There are many producers of boots available across the Internet. Selecting work boots based on price is never a good idea.

They offer a complete line of boots at low prices. Offering high-quality boots at reasonable prices brought great success in the boot industry. Using the best materials, KEEN footwear is built to last. It meets the demands of the consumer with superior crafted work and hiking boots. They remain dedicated to safety and comfort in every KEEN boot built.

Made in the USA, these boots rapid growth and success continue to draw global attention. The company is a proud distributor of superior footwear globally. They continue to expand setting record sales levels. Consumers continue to take a greater interest in KEEN work and hiking boots. Built by superior craftsmen and women, they are built the right way.

KEEN continues to look towards the future. Developing new ideas in trend-setting designs, safety, and comfort, KEEN footwear is a name to remember. Settling for the second-best boots is never an option when protecting your feet from possible severe injuries.

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