Kent La Jolla Beach Cruiser Bike Review (In-depth & Details)

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The Kent La Jolla Beach Cruiser Women’s Bike is a classic ladies cruiser for the beach and beyond.

The bike has a clean and classy, lightweight aluminum frame with a dazzling white finishing, provides a sturdy and comfortable ride.

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About Cruiser Bikes

It’s important to check the features of the bike rather than going for high prices that can be misleading. Some manufacturers will set outrageous prices because they believe cruiser bikes are hard to come by.

But, don’t be mistaken – take a look at the product at different stores before making a buying decision. Amazon often offers a fair deal, so you may want to check there, too.

The 26-inch Kent La Jolla cruiser women’s bike is a bicycle that is comfortable and easy to handle while giving you an enjoyable ride. The bicycle has a classy design. The manufacturer included a blend of colors to cover their target market and offer more options.

Kent La Jolla Beach Cruiser Bike
Riding StyleCruiser Bike
GearingSingle Speed
RimsLightweight alloy rims
Dimensions67″L x 24″W x 45″H
Item Weight40 Pounds
Maximum Weight Capacity250 Pounds
ManufacturerKent International

Product Details of Kent La Jolla Cruiser

The women’s Kent La Jolla Bike comes with:

  • 26” wheel with alloy rims.
  • It comes at a very reasonable price.
  • A lightweight aluminum frame, weighing just 40 pounds.
  • Dimension is 67” L×24” W×45” H.
  • Coaster brakes and fenders.
  • A single speed gear and padded seats.

Features of the La Jolla Beach Cruiser

The Kent La Jolla Cruiser Bike for women comes with the following features:

  • It’s a cruiser bike. Being a cruiser bike makes it stand out and sums up its outstanding features. Note that cruiser bikes have wider tires, upright frames, larger more comfortable seats, as well as a simple design that is easy to modify.
  • It has a perfect weight of just 40 pounds. If you love to cycle, you will know that at 40 pounds, a bike is a little heavy, but it possesses other features that make cycling easy.
  • The La Jolla street cruiser has an aluminum frame. The farm makes it firm, sturdy, and comfortable for your ride. When you handle it properly, it eases your maneuvering process.
  • It’s a single speed bike with famous coaster brakes. Coaster breaks assure you of your safety during the ride. You can use emergency or quick brakes when the need arises. Also, being a traditional bike, it’s easy to use for beginners.
  • The saddle is suited for women. It is padded and smooth with fully covered leather to ensure you don’t slide as you cycle. Furthermore, the seat is adjustable and allows you to adjust it to fit your height.
  • It helps promote better posture. The bike’s design helps you maintain an upright posture, which assures you of your comfort, especially if you have to ride for long hours.
  • You get a durable basket. The front cane basket on your La Jolla Street Cruiser is suitable for carrying all the essentials on long rides or when you need to run errands. The basket is firm but also easy to maintain since it can withstand corrosion.
  • The cruiser tires provide extra stability. The tires are 26 inches wide, which beginners prefer for riding, yet it is suitable for beach cruisers, too. Cruiser tires offer a smoother ride and slower speeds than normal bikes. The alloy rims make the wheels lighter and protect against corrosion. The fenders are available to keep you dry, smooth, and comfortable during your ride.

The Benefits of Buying a Kent Cruiser Bike

There are many benefits you can get from buying a Kent women’s cruiser bike. They include:

  • A Comfortable Ride: The bike has comfortable padded seats, an upright seating posture. A lightweight frame and wide tires mean you can ride as long as you wish to without being uncomfortable.
  • Accessories: Since it allows you the choice of accessorizing, the cruiser bike is an attractive package. For a little more than $100, inclusive of shipping, it is a budget-friendly deal.
  • Attractiveness: The dazzling white color of the finish blends well with the blue, thereby enhancing its aesthetic appearance. When you cruise this bike down the street, people will turn their heads for a second look. They may even stop you to make further enquiries and to show their appreciation of the bike.
  • Easy Assembly: The available guide includes simple instructions, making it easy to put your bike together.
  • Fun to Ride: This bike gives a safe, smooth, and silent ride, which makes it easy to detect a maintenance problem with your bicycle.

The Cons of the La Jolla Women’s Cruiser Bike

The women’s La Jolla cruiser bike may not be appropriate for long rides because of it:

  • Lacks a Water Bottle Holder: If you wish to go for long rides, you may need to add a water bottle holder.
  • Has No Back Rack or Basket: Because it has no basket or rack in the rear, you will need to stack all your items in the small front basket or use a backpack.
  • Comes with Wide Tires: The wide tires of the La Jolla women’s bike are not appropriate for extremely long distances.

How to Unbox and Assemble Kent La Jolla Bike

More Buying Advice for Women

Shop around for the best prices; however, the La Jolla beach cruiser bike from Amazon comes at competitive prices. Also, the product description and customer reviews can assure you of getting a trustworthy product.

Since Amazon is the largest online shop, you can trust the products coming from there to be genuine. They also allow you to return the product if it doesn’t meet your expectations. No matter where you shop, be sure to look for a return policy, just in case.

In Conclusion

The Kent La Jolla Beach Cruiser bike for women is suitable for all ages and heights, including girls. The bike is budget-friendly and suitable for all riders, including beginners. If you want comfort and perfect design, this is the cruiser for you.

The Kent company should be proud of designing an affordable, comfortable, and utterly beautiful bike that suits women’s pocket needs.

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