Nike Tanjun Vs. Roshe Review: What’s the Difference?

Nike needs no formal introduction. Nike continues to be the leader in the production of the most exclusive footwear in the World. The introduction and release of the Roshe run shoe became an immediate success in 2012.

Would the Nike Roshe run shoes continue to dominate the market without competition? Only one company could compete against Nike, Nike themselves.

The introduction of the Nike Tanjun drew immediate attention. Owing a pair of Nike footwear priced under one-hundred dollars is a strong selling point.

Like the Roshe with features and styles, the Tanjun offers a variety of uses. The Tanjun remains focused on individual lifestyles.

The Nike Women’s Roshe Run One Trainers, and the Nike Men’s Roshe Run One Hypefuse High Ankle Casual rate the highest. Rating based on style, appearance, consumer reviews, and superior comfort levels.

Are Nike Roshe and Tanjun the same? Which shoe is ranked number one? You decide.

1. Nike Women’s Roshe Run One Trainers

Nike Women’s Roshe Run One Trainers

One of the most versatile women’s shoes offered by Nike. Wear these sneakers with or without socks and maintain the look with simple, clean lines. These sneakers offer superior ventilation with ultra-lightweight optional mesh or suede uppers. Feet remain comfortable all day with the full-length Phylon midsole. Improved traction with the waffle outsole on all surfaces.

These Nike Roshe Run One trainers represent simplicity at its best. Nike removed all the unnecessary decorations found on shoes with similar construction. These women’s sneakers are classic comfort shoes with a sensible design.


  • Full mesh uppers for superior in and out air movement with each step taken
  • Solarsoft sockliner with cushioned midsole provides higher levels of comfort
  • Outsole is lightweight with greater impact absorption
  • Flex grooves in the outsole offer a natural feel and range of motion
  • Durable overlay in the midfoot offers support in all areas of the foot


  • Shoes are very long and skinny
  • Questionable authenticity of shoes sold by the largest online retailer
  • Noticeable poor shipping quality looks shoes are used, not new


You may never find another pair of Nike women’s Nike casual shoes below one-hundred dollars again. Available in a limitless range of colorways that seem to go on forever. These Nike women’s training shoes are not running shoes. These shoes are better suited for light workouts and casual events.

2. Nike Men’s Roshe One Hyp Br Ankle-High Running Shoe

Nike Men's Roshe One Hyp Br Ankle-High Running Shoe

Since 2010, Nike Men’s Roshe One Hypefuse shoes changed the sneaker industry forever. These shoes are a perfect balance of comfort, style, and affordability. These shoes brought about a new trend in footwear that continues today.

Few sneakers offer the look of an athletic shoe with styling that continues to be a favorite. Supporting clean lines is what these men’s sneakers are all about. The Nike Solarsoft sole made these sneakers comfortable from their initial debut.

Almost a decade later, these men’s sneakers still impact the footwear industry. The lightweight mesh textile upper offers the greatest breathability when the temperature rises.

These premiere ankle-high shoes offer countless different versions. Versions include solid mesh uppers, graphic prints, and even speckled midsoles. These shoes offer greater unmatched versatility.


  • Mesh or optional suede at forefoot provides extra support when needed
  • Breathable fabric lining keeps feet comfortable from sun-up to sun-down
  • Modified rubber waffle outsole for good traction on a variety of surfaces
  • Appeal of a casual everyday shoe with the comfort of a running shoe
  • Midfoot overlay system for increased stability and support


  • Shoes lack arch support
  • Difficult to clean due to unlimited perforations
  • Outsoles need more gripping ability on outdoor wet surfaces


The colorways of these shoes are definitely attention-grabbing. Priced at less than one-hundred dollars makes these men’s casual running shoes, a deal that is too good to pass up.

Nike Tanjun vs. Roshe Comparisons

Basic Similarities

Both the Nike Tanjun and the Roshe Run One have a very similar appearance. Simple, clean styling without frills or details. Add on’s have little or nothing to do with comfort or support in a well-rounded shoe with many uses.

The Tanjun and the Rosh Run One have a no-sew toe box, which elevates the comfort levels. Breathable mesh uppers are also featured on both styles. The midsoles of both the Roshe Run One and the Tanjun feature phylon cushioning. Phylon cushioning makes them lightweight with better protection and shock absorption capabilities.

There are distinctive differences between the Nike Roshe Run One and the Tanjun. Many websites list the Tanjun as the number one selling shoe across America. Nike’s website does not agree.

Basic Differences

The Nike Tanjun features seamless fibers. The Roshe Run One uses several stitched patterns that are immediately noticeable. The Tanjun appearance is clean due to the lack of reinforced eyelets and holes on the tongue. Reinforced eyelets are not found on the Roshe Run One. The artistic appearance of the Roshe Run One continues to be a favorite over the Tanjun.

The Roshe Run One is easier to pull on with the two pull-up loops, omitted from the Tanjun. Slipping on the Tanjun is easier, though, due to the increased simple lacing system. It is clear to see that the Roshe Run One has a higher design style than the Tanjun going up above the ankles. This ensures proper ankle support for quick lateral movements.

Nike Roshe One Run

The Nike Roshe Run One offers no more or no less than needed. Nike chose to remove all ornaments or decorations from the Roshe One Run with simple, clean lines replacement.

Removing unnecessary items reduces manufacturing costs. The reduction in manufacturing costs makes these shoes comfortable and very affordable.

Comfortable Support

These shoes are very lightweight due to the materials used in construction. The Roshe Run One is better suited for individuals that need to stand on their feet for long periods of time. The soft padded collar provides amazing protective ankle support. This collar reduces ankle rolling and injuries.

Premium Uppers

The premium uppers feature a breathable seamless mesh. Mesh stretches to accommodate many foot sizes. The plush sleeve interior wraps around the entire foot, not in one specific area. The Nike Roshe Run One has a removable insole. The insertion of customized orthotics for a wide range of foot conditions is easier.

These Nike Roshe Run One shoes massage your feet as you walk. The specialized ridges to each side of these shoes will keep your feet comfortable all day.

Midsole Cushioning

The midsole of any shoe often determines the comfort level provided. Nike Roshe Run One midsole has phylon cushioning. Phylon cushioning is another form of superior cushioning in pellet form. Pellets placed throughout these shoes offer increased comfort levels, a trademark of Nike.

These shoes are one of the most versatile shoes on the market. Dress up or down, to the gym, or wear around town. The Nike Roshe Run One continues a legacy only a few shoes will ever create.

Nike Tanjun

The Tanjun is the newest addition to the ever-growing Nike list of superior footwear. These shoes earned the top title in the respective category three times. The goal of these shoes is to provide the most comfortable fit while reducing pressure on all areas of the feet.


The uppers feature a diamond-patterned mesh and layers of perforated materials. The perforations provide superior air movement taking comfort levels to the highest level. Layers of specialized materials allow airflow through the toe box with every step taken.

You will find ample padding on the upper collar of the Tanjun sneakers. Padded collar supports the ankles, eliminating annoying rubbing and rolling of the ankle.


Breathability of this shoe is perfect for Spring and Summer temperatures. These shoes offer better leg support when standing on your feet for hours. No-sew design of the toe box allows for extra room for individuals with other foot conditions. With more room in the toe area, these shoes provide a barefoot feeling.

Insoles of the Tanjun cushion your feet against shock. Run longer distances with less foot fatigue. Removable insoles allow for the insertion of specialized orthotics as needed.


Outsoles of the Tanjun is the weakest point of the entire shoes. The Tanjun have no separate outsoles. Combining both the outsole and midsole makes these shoes lighter but less durable. The minimal tread design of the Tanjun is good for indoor activities. This design is questionable for outside use.

Outsoles provide good traction on all surfaces. Outsoles tend to lose traction when worn for a period of time. Outsole are synthetic materials instead of rubber, used on the Roshe Run One. The Tanjun is not designed to be a running shoe. Outsoles wear down fast when used for running.

Construction of the combined outsole and midsole makes these shoes very lightweight. These shoes weigh only one-half pound per shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Where are Nike products made? How many factories make Nike products?

A. Nike sources products from 525 contract factories. These factories employ more than 1 million workers across 41 countries. Many of these factories belong to well-established factory groups. These companies are multinational companies in their own right.

The majority of Nike footwear comes from China and Vietnam. Nike was the first company to disclose the names and locations of all contract factories in 2005.

Q. Is this Nike Roshe Run One for training or walking?

A. The Nike Roshe One Men’s Shoe offers breathability and lightweight impact protection. The shoe is versatile, with a full mesh upper and injected unit midsole. Wear with or without socks, dressed up or down, for walking or relaxing.

Q. Are the Women’s Roshe One trainers’ waterproof?

A. Unfortunately, not. If waterproofing is important, there are sprays available at local department stores. Waterproofing any shoes requires steps to ensure accurate application.

Waterproofing is not a novice do-it-yourself project. You might want to consider taking your shoes to a professional for the right application.

Q. Are the Nike men’s Tanjun good cross running shoes?

A. The Nike Tanjun are running shoes. These are very versatile shoes used for a variety of purposes. You may find that running shoe on uneven surfaces trends to wear out the outsoles of these shoes very fast. If purchased for running, be ready to buy another pair in a month or two.

Q. Are Nike Tanjun sneakers good for feet with pronation?

A. The Nike Tanjun is a standard shoe. Shoes for overpronation need specialized support for the insertion of custom orthotic inserts. Both the Nike Tanjun and the Rosh Run One feature removable insoles.

Overpronation is a serious foot condition requiring specialized shoes. Seek out shoes designed for your foot condition.


Are there any differences when comparing the Nike Tanjun vs. Roshe? Some say yes, while others disagree. The Nike Tanjun is an updated model of the Roshe Run One. One important fact remains. Nike is the premier footwear manufacture in the World. Nike invests millions in a marketing budget every year.

What is it about Nike footwear that makes individuals stand in lines for hours to buy the latest release? That is a question that will never get answered. Is it the association with professional athletes that make these sneakers so desirable? Price is often a factor when buying shoes.

The Nike Tanjun vs. Roshe prices is equal. It is rare that a premier footwear manufacturer competes against itself. The debate between the Nike Tanjun vs. Roshe will continue forward. Sales will continue to set new sales records.

What Nike footwear future holds remains a mystery. The Nike Tanjun and the Roshe One are just the beginning.

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