Top 5 Palladium Boots Reviews of 2022

Palladium boots are the best boots for everyday use. They are stylish, comfortable, durable, and functional. Manufactured by a company that also produces tires, these boots are sure to last for a long time and strong enough to be worn in both smooth or rugged terrain.

The premium materials and the cutting-edge technology used in making Palladium boots are just a couple of reasons that make these stylish boots attractive to Legionnaires, army personnel, desert travelers, volcanologists, and other people in need of unique boots. Their designs are original and just as fashionable as they had been in the past years.

In this best Palladium boots review, you will get to know some of the best collections from this brand and how you can go about looking for the pair that’s best for you.

All the boots reviewed here are comfortable, stylish, and durable; they come in different colors, styles, and sizes. Here are the top 5 Palladium boots you can choose from this 2022.

Palladium Boots Reviews

This review is a comprehensive write-up of our recommended top 5 Palladium boots, with its features highlighted, including each pair’s strengths and weaknesses. Check out our top recommendations Palladium Men’s Pampa Hi Canvas Boot.

1. Palladium Men’s Pampa Hi Canvas Boot

Palladium Men's Pampa Hi Canvas Boot

Palladium Pampa Hi Canvas is an iconic, rugged shoe whose looks are a blend of high-top sneakers and a combat boot. This means this boot is of top quality and is built for almost any occasion.

For those who do a lot of maneuvering, this boot is your best asset. The high-walled outsole is made of rubber and features high-grade treads to provide maximum traction. The logo patch on the tongue makes the shoe look stylish.

This boot’s material is mainly canvas and cotton. While this doesn’t provide it with military quality, it dries faster to restore warmth to your feet. The most common colors available are black, khaki, and stonewash metal.

Top features

  • Cotton canvas
  • High-walled rubber sole
  • Available in black, khaki, and stonewash metal
  • Lace-up
  • Logo patch on the tongue
  • Reinforced toe
  • Complementing laces


  • High-walled rubber sole with deep treads for better traction
  • An indispensable boot for urban maneuver
  • Hugging heel cup cradle the foot for lasting support
  • Cotton canvas dries quickly
  • Durable, lightweight and stylish


  • No EVA technology and the comfort it provides is not of the top level
  • This boot is not waterproof since it does not contain nylon or leather

2. Palladium Boots Mens Baggy Canvas Boots

Palladium Boots Mens Baggy Canvas Boots

Palladium Baggy Canvas is a unisex boot designed with a military heritage. One of the biggest advantages of this pair of boots is that you can wear them with the collar up or down. The tongue bears the Palladium label in a circular shape, so everyone can see the brand of your choice.

Like other Palladium boots in this review, this pair is also made of canvas. This is a guarantee that the boots will see you through many days. The material dries quickly, which is an advantage since no one wants to walk around in wet shoes. Staying true to the size, Baggy Canvas Boots fits perfectly. There will be no expanding or contracting that results in size changes.

Comfort is of the essence in a boot, and the Palladium Baggy Canvas Boots don’t let anyone down when it comes to this. The EVA sponge material on the footbed provides a soothing feeling. With hugging heel cup and eyelets in place, you can achieve a secure fit even if the shoe is a size bigger. Above all, these boots are durable and lightweight.

Top features

  • Measurement of 8.25″ from arch
  • Water-resistant
  • Cotton canvas
  • Rubber sole
  • EVA sponge fillers
  • Label woven on the tongue


  • Molded rubber outsole very comfortable
  • Canvas and Rubber outsole durable and lightweight
  • EVA creates a comfortable stepping ground
  • Suitable for urban setting
  • Great style that mimics a military boot


  • Not made of leather, hence, not waterproof

3. Palladium Men’s Pampa Sport Cuff Wpn Rain Boot

Palladium Men's Pampa Sport Cuff Wpn Rain Boot

The Palladium Pampa Sport Cuff Wpn Rain Boot could come as the top option for those in need of a serious and stylish boot with leather layering. This boot is durable thanks to its leather and polyester material, as well as its rubber outsole.

The materials that make this boot stylish include the circular rubber patches on the lateral sides, its beautiful colors (it is presently available in 15 colors!), and the woven label on the boot’s tongue. The EVA technology together with hugging heel cup ensures a comfy stepping ground.

Sport Cuff WPN Rain Boot you need for any season, like freezing winters and overheating summers. Leather makes it water-resistant, while polyester ensures faster drying. For a secure fit, make use of the metal eyelets.

Top features

  • Leather and polyester materials
  • Water-resistant rubber outsole
  • Waterproof stitching thread
  • Height 6.5″ from arch
  • EVA sponge fillers
  • Multicolor


  • Leather and the waterproof stitching thread guarantees water resistance
  • EVA sponge provides better levels of comfort
  • Comes in several colors
  • Stylish with unique upgrades
  • Versatile enough to fit any occasion


  • Although this boot is durable, some people find it unreliable for hiking. Find another pair of Palladium boots for similar outdoor activities
  • The grip isn’t that aggressive in wet conditions. Perhaps sole replacement could provide you with an alternative that has more traction

4. Palladium Men’s Pallabrouse Baggy Boot

Palladium Men's Pallabrouse Baggy Chukka Boot

This tough, edgy Pallabrouse Baggy Chukka boot is just what you need when hitting the road. With Palladium washed vintage treatment, a mild stone-washing process that gives it a retro vintage look, this boot can accompany you to any formal or informal event.

The layering throughout is 100% cotton-canvas, acid-washed to give it that worn-in appearance. The collar folds down for a more personalized look. The top design sports five-eye lace-up and metal eyelets for achieving a secure fit.

The hugging heel cup together with EVA-enhanced sock liner provide soothing comfort. The tongue is soft and features a unique circular rubber patch.

The quality of Baggy Chukka Boot is outstanding. Its outsole is brushed a little to create a vintage appeal, and its treads are pretty aggressive to provide maximum traction.

Top features

  • Made of canvas
  • Rubber sole
  • Several color options
  • EVA-cushioned footbed
  • Hugging heel cup


  • This boots durably built
  • Designed with comfort in mind
  • Vintage washed treatment
  • Aggressive treads for maximum traction
  • Suitable for any event


  • Canvas material is not waterproof

5. Palladium Men’s Pampa Hi Originale Chukka Boot

Palladium Men's Pampa Hi Originale Chukka Boot

Palladium Men’s Pampa Hi Originale Chukka Boot is a great pick for your shoe closet. Its general appearance makes it suitable for work, pleasure, or even when attending a casual event. The boot’s true beauty, however, lies in its versatility.

The canvas material gives it a tough and rugged appearance for extra durability. The stitching is impeccable, and it might take some years or extraordinarily hard times to loosen up. The tongue and inner lining have some soft paddings for comfort.

While some people would prefer leather over the canvas, the latter dries faster to relieve you of discomfort should your shoes get wet. This Pampa boot’s bottom sports a tough, low heel rubber sole that accommodates long-distance walks without compromising stability and comfort.

Top features

  • Rubber sole
  • Canvas
  • 5-inch shaft
  • Paradrop and EVA technology
  • Available in numerous colors


  • Several color options to choose from
  • Classic Pampa style
  • Low heel sole for stability and comfort
  • Canvas dries faster in case of wetness
  • Paradrop and EVA technology guarantees durability
  • Good for both formal and casual events


  • This boot is not water-resistant because it’s made of regular canvas material, but it dries out quickly to restore comfort
  • Runs long in length. This boot is fantastic but tends to lengthen with consistent use and lose the tight fit. If you wear a size 10, buy the 9.5 to be on the safe side

What to Consider Before Buying Palladium Boots

Before you can buy Palladium boots, you need to review their various product lines. Doing thorough research not only ensures you have the right fit, but also your money is not wasted on an unsuitable purchase. The following are just some factors to consider when shopping for Palladium boots.


Comfort should be the number one consideration when you’re buying footwear. Check out the material used and the presence of extra padding. Unless you are making a purchase online, you should try out several pairs until you get the one that is gentle on your feet.


Money doesn’t grow on trees; the boot you invest in must last for some time, so you don’t waste your money. Be on the lookout for features that are indicative of longevity, such as the material of the shoes and the type of sole.

Any boot with a warranty is also preferable. This is not only an indication of tough quality, but you can get a replacement if you end up with a poorly-made pair.

Boot Maintenance

If you wish to look good in your boots at all times, you must learn more about their cleaning and maintenance. Check out what the instructional guide says about caring for your boots before buying. It would be pointless to settle for a pair that isn’t easy to keep in good shape.


Boots come in different styles and designs. You need to pick one that aligns with your taste and preference. Other things that go hand in hand with a boot’s design are weight, shape, color, and of course, the type of attire you usually wear.


Ordering the wrong boot size can compromise comfort. Sometimes you can request your size only to realize it’s smaller or bigger than your specifications. This is possible because of the nature of the material used to make the boot. Do your assignment properly to ensure you get a pair that will provide the best fit.


Palladium boots come in numerous colors to pick from. While any color can do, it is essential that you pick the one that will go well with most of your clothes. Some of the colors available are black, brown, khaki, stonewash metal, and beige, among others.


Palladium boots prices vary with size, design, and material quality, among other things. Assess your financial ability and purchase one that you can afford. Leverage various offers and discounts to save on your purchase.

In Conclusion

Palladium is one of the best shoe companies that manufacture stylish and durable boots. With their experience in making shoes for military legionnaires, you can be sure that the pair you get will help you walk long distances without foot pain and other discomforts.

Some of the key features the Palladium boots have are EVA technology, logo on the tongue, high-walled rubber outsole with treads, and Paradrop technology. You’ll notice that most of the pairs in this Palladium boots review are made of canvas with a mixture of leather, cotton, or polyester.

No matter what pair you choose, we are sure you would love your Palladium boots.

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