Pure Cycles Reviews, History, And Buying Advice

For nine years, Pure Cycles’ mission has been to bring biking to the masses. With so many options to choose from, why should you choose Pure Cycles? We’ve researched the brand and focused on a couple of their best suitable road bikes to review so you can pick the best bike for you.

One of the biggest draws of Pure Cycles bikes is the attractive lines and colors they use in all of their designs. Not only are you getting a high-quality ride, but you’ll also love the way it looks.

Another huge bonus is the cost. This brand is known for its affordability without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re looking for a bike to ride around town or race around the track, they have a bike to fit your needs that you’ll love riding.

Keep reading for a comprehensive look at the brand’s history, a review of five different bikes, including some for casual and some for serious riders, as well as some of the high-quality features that all Pure Cycles’ bikes share.

An Overview of Pure Cycles

When the founders of Pure Cycles (th3en Pure Fix) were in college at the University of Wisconsin, they noticed that, despite the ease of getting around campus on a bike, there just weren’t a lot of people getting around this way.

Not to mention, the bikes that were dotting the bike racks around campus were all pretty boring. They did some research and found that their classmates would use a bike to get around if only it were more affordable.

So Michael Fishman, Austin Stoffers, and Jordan Schau created Pure Cycles in 2010. They got to work designing inexpensive one-speed bikes that were fun to look at and ride. The simple design and color choices held broad appeal with college students.

Soon, they were getting more orders than they can fill. They graduated from their dorm room to a flagship store in Burbank, California, and decided to branch out. They got to work designing and manufacturing bikes for commuters, racers and party riders.

In 2016 the founders made headlines when they released their bikes in glow in the dark paint colors to help people ride more safely at night (they were one of the first bike companies to do this).

That year and the following year, they made it on Forbes ’30 under 30’ list.

Their range of bikes now includes not just the original single-speed but also city bikes, commuter bikes, adventure bikes, cruisers, road bikes and more recently, electric bikes. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, they have a helpful filter on their site.

Pure Cycles will even collaborate with your business to manufacture specially branded bikes for your company.

If you order your Pure Cycles bike through their website, they offer free delivery to a bike shop near you. For an extra fee, you can have your bike professionally assembled at your local shop.

Pure Cycles is a company that likes to give back to their community. They have partnered with organizations like the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition, People for Bikes, Pablove, and Charity: water.

Pure Cycles Reviews

1. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

This is the first bike the company designed and sold. With just one speed, this is a simple, straight-forward bike that you’ll love riding around your neighborhood, with your kids, through town or to work.

With 13 colors and six sizes to choose from, there’s a style for everyone. No wonder these are Pure Cycles’ bestselling bikes! Pure Cycles says this bike is a great option for someone getting back into riding.


  • This bike has a flip-flop hub in the back that allows you to switch back and forth between freewheeling (for cruising) and fixed (so you must always be pushing forward on the pedal) quickly and easily.
  • The Tig-welded high tensile steel frame is durable and covered by Pure Cycles’ lifetime warranty.
  • All other bike components are covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty as long as you have had the bike professionally assembled, so if anything goes wrong in the first year, Pure Cycles will replace it for free.
  • The Fixie has a front grip break, which means the profile of the bike is sleek, without a bunch of extra parts.
  • This bike features 40 mm wheels with Thickslick brand tires, which are known to provide good traction with the road.
  • Their velodrome seat also adds a unique look to the bike when it’s locked up outside.
  • Lightweight (between 22-25 pounds depending on the size) so you can easily maneuver through the streets.
  • The bike comes in 90% assembled and available in seven different sizes.


  • The seat is not very comfortable, so you may choose to swap it out with an upgraded seat or add a gel cover.
  • Standard handlebars may be too narrow for shorter riders with broad shoulders. Make sure you pick the right size for your build. If you are on the shorter side, you might benefit from upgrading the handlebars so you can ride more comfortably.
  • Tires may not be long-lasting, depending on how much use you get out of the bike. If you anticipate riding frequently or taking longer rides, you may want to upgrade the tires (or keep a spare handy, as some customers report getting a flat in the first year of riding on the standard tires).

All in all, this is an easy to ride, easy on the eyes, and easy on the wallet choice for the casual rider. While the price is a little higher than other single-speed bikes, the safety of the steel frame is an upgraded feature that is worth the extra money.

Resource: Speaking of single-speed bikes! You might check out some excellent options for the 6KU brand here, best brand alternative.

2. Pure City Classic Step-Through Bicycle

Pure City Classic Step-Through Bicycle

At first glance, you can tell if this bike is for you or not. The Dutch-style bike has a vintage feel, and it even comes with a beautiful bell (you can buy a basket for the front separately). While it looks like the kind of bike you ride down a country road, it’s ideal for city dwellers.

The Step-Through’s main audience is still a more casual rider, but with a choice between 3- and 8-speeds, you can safely take this adorable bike up and down hills or load the rear rack with groceries.

You can choose from three colors (seafoam green, black or white) and two sizes (small or medium). The review below is for the 3-speed model.


  • Extra features of this bike add to the style but also have great functionality, including a kickstand, fenders, a handlebar with vegan leather grips and a silver bell and a rear rack.
  • Front and rear brakes for quick and easy stopping.
  • All other bike components are covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty as long as you have had the bike professionally assembled, so if anything goes wrong in the first year, Pure Cycles will replace it for free.
  • The step-through style is easy to get on and off, and you can swing your leg through.
  • Comes with a small bottle of touch up paint.
  • Has internal gearing which adds to the look of the bike and also protects it from the elements.
  • Available in two different speed options (3-Speed, 8-Speed).
  • Excellent choice for female riders because of its step-through design.


  • The bike is on the heavy side, especially if you are using this for city riding and must carry it up and down from your building.
  • Most users report this bike requires professional assembly, which also allows you to maintain the 1-year warranty on parts, but maybe frustrating if you are used to assembling bikes yourself. The packaging does not include assembly instructions.

This is an all-around crowd-pleaser. With fun accessories to choose from and 3-speeds, it’s also practical for getting from point A to point B or just cruising around town, running errands.

If you consider yourself more than just casual biker or you know you’re likely to do some camping or “bikepacking,” we’ve rounded up some higher speed bikes made more for adventures than errands.

3. Pure Cycles 8-Speed Urban Commuter Bicycle

Pure Cycles 8-Speed Urban Commuter Bicycle

Pure Cycles describes this bike as more of a hybrid. It can be a good fit for beginners but has the capabilities of a road bike, so more experienced riders may also enjoy this.

With 8 speeds, dual chain guards, and disc brakes, you don’t have to stick to the bike path on this bike.

The Urban Commuter also comes in multiple sizes (50cm/Small, 54cm/Medium, 58cm/Large) so that you can choose your perfect fit for a comfortable ride.


  • The one by eight drive train features trigger shifters for easy and responsive gear changes.
  • The wide-set seat offers extra support and cushioning makes for a comfortable ride.
  • Like all Pure Cycles bikes, it comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on all other parts (as long as you have the bike professionally assembled).
  • The sleek style of the bike and flexibility of its use makes it ideal for men and women.
  • Slightly larger 700×32 WTB tires add an extra element of comfort to your ride.


  • The kickstand and water bottle cage are handy features but must be purchased and installed separately.
  • Professional assembly is an additional cost; some users not understanding that professional assembly was required to activate the 1-year parts warranty from the manufacturer.

This bike seems to be a crowd-pleaser amongst riders who use their bike for a combination of casual and adventure activities. With the multiple speeds and comfort features, this one is a great choice, and the only downside is that it’s so popular, it tends to sell out quickly!

If you’re a more serious cyclist and the features on the Urban Commuter haven’t blown you away, the next two bikes in the Pure Cycles review might be just your speed.

4. Pure Cycles Classic 16-Speed Road Bike

Pure Cycles Classic 16-Speed Road Bike

The Classic Road Bike takes the unique but aesthetically pleasing design that Pure Cycle is known for and applies it to a road bike. This bike doesn’t toe the line between casual and adventure like the others in this review.

While beginners looking to get into racing or touring might like this option because of its price, experts will also appreciate the high-quality parts and performance.

The Classic features 16-speeds with trusted Shimano brand Claris STI shifters, derailleur and cassettes, and Hutchinson Nitro tires. These are definitely upgrades from the Urban Commuter series so you can trust your handling at higher speeds.


  • The drop-bar and saddle design allow the rider to race aggressively in a comfortable position; the extra grips on the handlebar also provide extra comfort.
  • The front and rear alloy caliper brakes for safe and easy stopping even from higher speeds.
  • Chromoly steel frame is lightweight and sturdy. It’s great on its own but also provides the perfect base for easy customization if you want to upgrade parts.
  • The STI shifters are a fantastic upgrade. They are responsive, and most other bikes that feature this upgrade are much more expensive.
  • Multiple size options make racing accessible to riders of all sizes.
  • Great overall value considering the features you get for the price.
  • The bike comes in almost 90% assembled and needs some adjustment.


  • Since this bike uses an 8 sprocket cassette, you’ll likely feel the burn if you’re climbing hills with a steep incline.
  • Tires are a bit basic considering the upgrades on other parts. You might consider upgrading the tires to avoid getting a flat while you ride.
  • The seat can loosen on its own, which is dangerous for high-speed riders. You should tighten it as much as it can go.

While Pure Cycles reviews this bike as a good to go from work to the track, you’ll probably want to skip work with this bike in tow.

If you’re still looking for something more, the last bike might be perfect for you.

5. Keirin Pro Elite 6000 Aluminum Complete Track Bike

Keirin Pro Elite 6000 Aluminum Complete Bike

The Keirin Pro Elite Track bike takes all the fan-favorite design details Pure Cycles is known for and combines them with top of the line specs.

It’s not called the Elite Pro for no reason. Cycling fans will be ready to hit the track on this bike. This is a very lightweight bike with an aluminum frame and triple butting, so nothing’s holding you back from going even faster.


  • The included features of this bike, mentioned above, are aspects that most cyclists would have to upgrade. So for under $1000, the rider is getting a great value, and there won’t be as much they’ll want or need to upgrade.
  • The carbon fork and steerer make your ride smoother.
  • You can choose from multiple sizes based on your height.
  • The Pro Elite comes standard with Italian brand Deda drop bars, stem and seat post, and Miche Primato crankset.
  • 46 x 16 gear ratio is good for inclines.


  • Since the frame is aluminum, this bike isn’t designed for riding on rough rounds. Aluminum is lightweight, so it’s good for track racing, but if you take a fall on this bike, it could get damaged beyond repair.
  • An extra protection plan can be purchased, but since this bike has an aluminum frame instead of the steel frames Pure Cycles is known for, the Keirin doesn’t seem to be covered by the same lifetime warranty as to the other bikes reviewed here.
  • As with most bikes, you probably want to upgrade your tires. The standard tires are fine, but if you’re really a racer, they may not be up to your standard.

The Keirin is a great deal for cycling enthusiasts. Comparable bikes with other brands can easily double in price. If you’re a track racer, you’ll definitely appreciate the upgraded parts on this bike, and you won’t find a similar bike for this price.

Top Key Features of Pure Cycles

Each bike review details the specific key features that set the bike apart. Take a look at the following features that you can expect on almost all Pure Cycles bikes that put their company a step above the rest.


Pure Cycles steel frames are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Steel frames are the most durable material for a bike frame. Despite the durability, the Pure Cycles frames are still relatively lightweight for easy maneuvering through the streets.


Depending on what purpose your bike serves, this next aspect may or may not impress you. Pure Cycles road bikes are built for speed. The materials are lightweight, so they won’t hold you back.


Pure Cycles wheels are made with double-walled aluminum. They all have nylon rim strips so they can avoid tube puncture and protect the tires from any sharp edges. Rim depth can vary slightly depending on the type of bike, but they tend to sit between 25 and 40 mm. These tires hold up well to braking.


The size of this brand’s road bikes are designed to fit in with the aesthetic that Pure Cycles has created since their first bike. The parts are chosen with design in mind, so they don’t make the bike appear clunky.


The brakes on Pure Cycles’ bikes are different depending on the kind of bike, but for the most part, they favor the front brake. A front brake is dependable because of the easy access, and the bikes with disc brakes trigger very easily, so your hand will never get tired.


The main selling point of these bikes is their price. As previously mentioned, the founders of the brand have worked hard to make their products affordable.

They’ve done well to incorporate parts from trusted brands and high-quality materials while keeping the bikes themselves at a price point that makes them accessible to beginners.

There’s nothing more off-putting than deciding to start a new hobby (or pick one back up after being away for a long time) and finding that the price of that hobby is so high, you’ll need to be committed to it for a while to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

The low price point of the basic Pure Cycles models means you don’t feel like you’re making a huge investment. This makes the whole process more enjoyable.

Are Pure Cycles Bikes That Good?

If you’ve been researching bikes and you’re wondering why the price points are so different between Pure Cycles and their competitors, you might be wondering if they’re really that good.

To answer that question, you have to consider your background with bikes and your intentions for riding. If you’re a professional rider who has different bikes for different purposes, the features that work for more casual riders might not be impressive to you at all.

That’s okay, and there are different bikes at different price points if you’re a serious bike snob. Similarly, if you’re an ‘off-roading’ type of biker that needs a fat tire bike, the Pure Cycles styles may not fit your needs.

For beginners to more experienced riders, the road bikes reviewed here will definitely fit your needs. You’ll have fun riding them with little maintenance for a low cost. Pure Cycles has a high customer satisfaction rate.

They also have the element of personalization, which is important. On their website, you can follow their simple measurement tips to help you figure out which size bike is best for you. With many other professional bikes, you would have to make your own adjustments in order to get the right fit.

Single-speed vs. Multi-speed

To decide whether you should buy a single-speed or multi-speed bike, consider the following.

Where are you going to be riding? A single-speed bike can max out on its speed as the pedals only go so fast. This is fine if you’re riding neighborhood roads or bike paths, but if you’re in traffic or an area that’s very hilly, you’ll want a multi-speed bike so you can choose the gear ratio that will make the most efficient use of your energy.

Another thing to consider is how much maintenance you are willing to do on your bike. If you want a low maintenance bike, a single-speed is preferable since it has less moving parts than a multi-speed. The more moving parts a bike has, the move tuning up it will need over time.


Pure Cycles has committed to producing high-quality, accessible road bikes. You’ll love their look and function wherever you live and wherever you ride.

These bikes are designed with steel frames that are durable yet still allow for easy maneuverability. Think about how you intend to ride most often; city streets or nature trails. Pure Cycle bikes are crafted to be a well-designed bike at an attractive price point. There is something for every rider.

So, no matter where you want to go, your Pure Cycle bike can take you there.

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