Roadmaster Granite Peak Review (With Details)

Roadmaster Granite Peak Review Men

Off-road biking adventures can be a lot of fun if you have the best bike for that terrain. Those don't come cheap, so if you're starting out, better choose a starter mountain bike that will give you the adrenaline rush you want without the hefty price tag. The Roadmaster Granite Peak Men's Mountain Bike is a good choice, and we will tell you why.

This mountain bike has all the features you would ever need or want as a beginner mountain rider. It has sturdy components, excellent craftsmanship, an 18-speed gearing system, good front suspension, and a durable frame that can stand rough trails.

To help you make a decision on whether to purchase this mountain bike or not, here are the full specs and an honest review of the Roadmaster Granite Peak mountain bike.


  • Bike type: Mountain bike
  • Wheel size: 26"
  • Shifter: Twist Shifter
  • Speed: 18
  • Rims: Alloy
  • Tire: Knobby tires of 1.95"
  • Derailleur: Shimano Rear Derailleur
  • Brakes: Linear Pull Brake or Rim Brake
  • Suspension: Front Fork Suspension
  • Crank: Sturdy 3-Piece Mountain Crank
  • Brand: Roadmaster

Core Features:

Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike

This budget mountain bike from Roadmaster has a number of features that make it a good fit for beginners.

Smooth Gearing of 18 Speeds

The bike features an 18-speed gearing option. Changing speeds is smooth, which matters a lot if you’re going uphill or downhill in rough terrain. It saves your energy while changing gears, keeping you calm and focused. This secure and easy gearing system may be a fresh experience for a new rider who is not used to an 18-speed bike.

Compact, Lightweight Wheels

This road bike comes with lightweight wheels and alloy rims. Weight can be an issue when riding trails; heavy steel rims may be more durable, but their heavyweight makes it harder to go up mountainous paths.

The alloy rims, on the other hand, don’t add weight to this bike (which has a steel frame) and will help you ride across hills comfortably. The knobby tires enhance comfort on the road, too.

Excellent Craftmanship

The overall performance of any bike does not only depend on the components it is made of. Craftsmanship is a very important consideration, too, that affects a bike’s performance. The Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike’s excellent craftsmanship means that you won’t have to worry about the bike breaking down when you encounter challenges on the trail.

Steel Frame

While the steel bike makers still claim "Steel is real" in the bicycle industry, it comes with both advantages and disadvantages. The Granite Peak mountain bicycle has a sturdy steel frame. It makes it more durable even on the roughest trails, giving you a worry-free ride in the mountains.

Indeed, the sturdy steel frame is suitable for riding on mountain trails and other rough terrains. It remains stable even in the toughest trails. However, steel frames do have a drawback as well. It makes the bike heavy. Hence, this Roadmaster mountain bike is best for those who can handle its weight on and off the road.

Linear Pull Brakes or Rim Brakes


This Peak bike has linear-pull brakes or rim brakes. Although there are several advantages of having rim brakes, these are not a good choice if you need brakes with a quicker and smoother stopping power. These brakes will give you a less responsive stopping option, especially in wet weather.


The Granite Peak bike is suitable for beginner mountain riders. This will be a good option for you if you are just starting out riding in mountainous trails. It is affordable and yet offers features that make your rides on hilly trails safe and secure. This is favored by younger riders who want to switch to a bigger bike from a kid bike.

Size-wise, this bike fits someone who is 4’8” to 5’6” tall due to the adjustable seat. The padded seat makes even hours-long rides comfortable.

While this is a mountain bike that performs well in rough terrain, you can also bring this bike on fun rides in the city or off the road. It is comfortable to use commuting to and from school, too. If you are looking to find a bigger bike, however, check out these college commuting bikes for one that fits you better.


Aside from being affordable for its numerous features, the Roadmaster Granite Peak Men's Mountain Bike has many great advantages. Here are some of the pros of the bicycle.

  • The 18-speed twist shifters give smooth shifting that’s valuable for beginners.
  • The Shimano Rear Derailleur offers comfortable riding.
  • The solid steel frame makes the bike durable.
  • The alloy wheels enhance durability while not adding to the weight.
  • The sturdy 3-piece mountain crank provides worry-free rides even on hilly terrain.
  • The front suspension absorbs the shocks on trails.
  • Excellent craftsmanship enhances the performance of the bike.
  • The 1.95" knobby tires offer adequate grip on most uneven terrains.


Despite having many pros, the mountain bike has some drawbacks. Here are some of them.

  • The steel frame makes the bicycle heavy.
  • The rim brakes lack efficiency in wet weather.


This Roadmaster's mountain bike will meet your requirements if you need an affordable bike that will take you off-road riding whenever you want to.

The steel frame makes the bike durable and keeps you worry-free while riding on rough trails.

Since the suspension fork is adequate, it takes care of the shocks coming from the bumps on mountain trails, giving you enjoyable riding experience. The 18-speed shifters make shifting effortless and offer smooth and comfortable rides on any terrain.

At less than $200 on Amazon, the Granite Peak Men's Mountain Bike is definitely worth checking out if you’re on the market for an affordable bike that you can ride safely on rough trails.

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