Shoe Size Chart & Conversion for Men, Women & Kids (USA, EU, UK)

When selecting a boot or shoe to buy, it is important that you get one that is a perfect fit for you. Properly fitting boots can help improve your posture by aligning your ankles, feet, hips, back, and knees. Then we have the comfort you feel when you wear a shoe that is the perfect size for you. As with many other fashion decisions, there are important things to consider when choosing a shoe size.

This is a general shoe size guide and conversion table. We have created this table for your aid to find the right size shoes or boots for your feet. Just measure your foot with a tab or scale and refer to the size in the chart below.

Size Chart for Men

Size Chart for Men

Size Chart for Women

Size Chart for Women

Size Chart For Kids (7-12 Years)

Size Chart For Kids (7-12 Years)

Size Chart For Kids (9 Months-7 Years)

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Infant Sizes (0 – 9 Months)

Infant Sizes (0 – 9 Months)

Men’s to Women’s Conversion Chart

Shoe & Boot Sizing Guide

The importance of shoes in our everyday lives cannot be overstated. Since our feet are how we get around, it is important to take good care of them. Shoes provide protection for the feet against foreign invasion. Apart from this, they are also important pieces in any outfit. You definitely cannot go anywhere without any form of cover for your feet. Shoes also improve the stability of the feet. This is why some types of shoes cannot be used for some physical activities.

There are different shoes for different occasions. As it is important to wear the right footwear for the right occasion, it is also important that you are comfortable in your shoes. Types of shoes worn differ from place to place and also differs as the occasions differ. A boot worn for farming might not necessarily be suitable for use as a summer work boot.

Measure Your Feet

First of all, you need to measure your feet. I mean, how do you get a boot size if you do not know what size is right for you. You remember when as a kid you go to a store and tell the salesman to measure your feet.

Most people do not do this anymore because they believe that since they have stopped growing, their feet have stopped changing. Well, this is not exactly accurate as your feet still undergoes changes over the years. So when next you are going to get a boot, just take a quick measurement of your feet.

To measure your feet size, place your feet flat on a blank paper, use a pencil to mark the tip of your longest toe to your heel. Then, measure the heel-to-toe mark. Pretty simple right? You can then check the equivalent shoe size to your measured feet size on the shoe size charts.

Also, you should note that the sizes for men differ from those for women as can be seen in the size conversion chart.

Shop at the End of the Day

Most people do not notice that their feet change slightly in size through the course of the day. Your feet tend to swell as you walk around throughout the day. It is therefore important that you shop for shoes at the end of the day so as to get a truer shoe size.

Get Shoes That Fit Now

Most people fall into the trap set by salesmen. They tell you “don’t worry, the shoe will stretch and fit you when you start using it”. Do not listen to them, good work shoes do not stretch in length but maybe a little in width. If you are going to get a shoe, then, make sure it is a perfect fit when you are getting it.

It is good practice to leave half an inch at the front of your shoe and a tiny space at the back just so you will not feel uncomfortable when your feet expand. Comfort is one of the most important things to look out for when getting a shoe so it cannot be overemphasized.

What Socks are You Going to Wear?

It is easy to underestimate the effect socks have in making the decision on what size of shoes to get. Socks provide your feet with a form of extra cushion and allows your feet to remain dry and breathe. Thicker socks will generally take more space than thin ones so if you are going to be wearing thick socks with the shoe, then, you should try them together. Doing this will give you an idea of what you will experience when using the shoe.

Another way to get a good shoe with the right size is to go back to your old shoes. Your old shoes can be used as a good sample to select any shoe. Though it is important you consider the difference in shoe types if there is any. For example, sneakers generally use a size smaller than other footwear that uses the standard measuring system. So, when you want to buy a combat boot, you should not use your Nike sneaker to determine your size.

Your body type could also affect what shoe size you have to get. If your feet have a lot of body fat, then, it is advisable that you do not get a shoe online. This is because even if your feet retain their length and width, the fat can make them too large to fit into that old size.

There are different shoe sizing systems in different countries. For example, a UK size 10 shoe is size 10.5 in the US sizing system. So, if you are getting your shoe from a company that uses the UK system exclusively and you give them your US size, you will find out that you end up with a shoe that is not your size. It is therefore important that you check the shoe size charts for the equivalent sizes.

In case you know your men’s size and you need to determine your women’s shoe size. You can take this information to the size conversion chart and check for the equivalent women’s size for your men’s size or vice versa.

In Conclusion

Buying a shoe is one thing you are definitely going to do over and over. So, it is important that you get a shoe that fits every time. Always put it in mind that if a shoe does not feel comfortable at the time you are getting it, it most likely will not feel comfortable at any point in time. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the size of the shoe you are getting and how comfortable it is for you.

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