The 7 Wedge Sole Work Boots in 2022

Of all working footwear, wedge sole work boots take the first position in offering comfort, safety, and proper fit. Research shows that most wedge-soled boots have additional safety features that are not in other shoes.

Because of what they offer, most wedged boots for men and women cost several hundreds of dollars. However, if you are patient, you are likely to get quality footwear at a price that will leave you with a few bucks to spend elsewhere.

One of these boots you need to look at is Timberland PRO Men’s Barstow Wedge Work Boot. This boot is ideal for those who work on the farm or ranch. The design of the boot makes it easy for some men to wear it casually when walking to work or in the evening and on weekends at the park.

The SPR leather top ensures no water or any object that falls will reach the foot. A steel shank helps to protect the ankle from external injuries, and the interior leather lining enables you to feel comfortable even without socks.

This listing has other boots for different occasions. See if you can get yourself a pair.

Wedge Sole Work Boots

1. Timberland PRO Men’s Barstow Wedge Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men's Barstow Wedge Work Boot

You will never go wrong with the wedge-soled men’s timberland that has leather upper and an imported rubber outsole. The soft-toed part makes this ideal for people who work or stand for long hours on various surfaces.

Barstow Wedge can protect you against any electrical shock because it is built from materials that do not attract electrical current. This is what makes it ideal footwear for those who work as electricians. Besides, the anti-fatigue ability places the boot on top of others since your legs will not suffer from any nerve numbness.

Both the shaft and the heel measure 5.5 and 1.5 inches, respectively, giving your feet to breathe without much trouble.

This premium boot acts as a guard at a time; you need a boot that will take care of your foot. Rough times such as floods, wet ground or floor, and terrible terrain require maximum guarding against water and debris that might injure your feet.

However, with Barstow Wedge, you will say goodbye to all these hazards. You can wear the boot to work, when cycling or even when you are walking in an area, and you are not sure of what is on the ground. Besides, it qualifies to be a boot for the farm as well as working in the ranch.


  • Does not allow water to penetrate to reach the feet;
  • The boot is raised to protect your feet against any harm from the ground;
  • Very durable and non-slip rubber sole;
  • The wedges offer stability on any terrain;
  • Removable insoles make it easy to replace them with inserts;
  • The boot does not release any odor even if you wear them the whole day;
  • They are very comfortable if you order the right size.


  • The outsole may start to crack after a few wears;
  • The seam does not last, especially the one at the toe area.

If you stand for long hours, this is the right for you. As long as you order the right size, Barstow Wedge is a right boot if your feet sweat after some time.

2. Georgia Men’s Wedge Farm & Ranch Boots – G6342

Georgia Men's Wedge Farm & Ranch Boots - G6342

Very few work boots come with a resistant polyurethane outsole. If they do, it is not to standard. However, Georgia G6342 has the highest quality outsole that offers excellent traction and ground grip.

The boot has a rubber sole just under the non-slip and high-resistant outsole. Both soles make the footwear sturdy, something that provides the wearer the much-needed stability, especially when walking on slippery ground.

SPR leather top is everything you need to prevent any percolations, making the walking boot waterproof. Besides, thanks to the type of leather, it is not easy for blunt objects to cause any harm or injury to the feet.

From the arch upwards, the boot measure six inches. With this kind of height, you will be sure of protection against any substances such as stones, tree logs, metal, and glass that might reach the arch when walking.

The boot is designed for different occasions, such as wearing in the ranch and maintaining casual wear when strolling in town. Also, SPR leather provides maximum protection against barnyard acids and caustic chemicals.

At the back, the steel shank assures the wearer of arch support and comfortable wear.


  • The type of leather used guards against harmful chemicals, glass, and stones;
  • Extra height provides excellent arch support;
  • A steel shank is available to those with injured ankles;
  • The interior has a leather lining that ensures comfort with or without socks;
  • Looks simple but has a lovely color;
  • Its versatility surpasses that of many wedge boots.


  • It is unusually heavy;
  • The shoe’s steel toe maybe a bit uncomfortable.

If you are a man of many chores such as evening walk at the park, a tour to the farm, or work in the office, this is the right walking and working boot. Beware of the weight, though.

3. Wolverine Men’s Loader 6″ Soft Toe Wedge Work Boot

Wolverine Men's Loader 6" Soft Toe Wedge Work Boot

This pair of men’s working boots are entirely made from genuine leather. The upper is made from full-grain leather. It also makes the top easy to clean in case it gets stained from work.

The inside features Wolverine’s patented Goodyear Welt technology, a feature that gives you a custom fit for better comfort when working. The footbed is cushioned so that you are comfortable even when standing for a long time.

The footbed is removable, which gives you the chance to fit your custom orthotics for better comfort. It also makes it easier to get rid of dirt and other work debris. In case something gets into the boot when working, it is easy to remove the insole, clean it, drain the dirt, and replace it back.


  • Durable and long-lasting because of full-grain leather construction;
  • Comfortable for long-standing durations because of wedging sole;
  • Easy to clean and maintain because of leather upper and outsole;
  • Provide a great fit and foot-molding because of Goodyear Welt construction;
  • It can be customized for custom orthotics for users who need support.


  • The boot has a wide design, making it unsuitable for users with smaller feet;
  • They are bulky and uncomfortable for some users.

The Wolverine Men’s Loader Work Boots are perfect for giving you comfort for long working hours. The padded and removable footbed gives you support if you spend many hours standing. This, together with the ability to fit custom orthotics, gives you the comfort you need at work.

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4. Thorogood AMERICAN HERITAGE – 6″ Tobacco Moc Toe

Thorogood AMERICAN HERITAGE 6″ Tobacco Moc Toe

This pair of wedge work boots are made in the USA. You can trust that the size and fit will be suitable for you. The boot is entirely made from full-grain leather, which gives you long-term use. The upper is oil-tanned and tobacco-colored, giving it a timeless, stylish look.

It is high-top footwear, measuring 6 inches from the arch. This feature gives you the adequate support, especially around the ankles. The shank is made from lightweight fiberglass for added ankle support. It is also fitted with a steel toe to protect your toes from injury.

The footbed of the Moc Toe boot is a dual-density Poron cushion. This gives your foot double the padding and shock absorption capabilities. The footbed is removable so that you can fit your custom orthotics.

Thorogood Men’s Moc’s outsole features Goodyear Welt construction. This technology makes the soles long-lasting. The soles are also abrasion and slip-resistant. Your feet’ safety is guaranteed when wearing these boots.


  • Long-term use is guaranteed by the leather and Goodyear Welt sole construction;
  • Comfortable dual-density padding absorbs double the shock;
  • The fiberglass construction provides ankle support;
  • Customizable footbed with personalized orthotics for better foot support;
  • Polyurethane wedge outsole gives you long-lasting use;
  • The slip-resistant, abrasion-resistant outsole gives you a steady gait and improved stability.


  • Stitched toe area may be uncomfortable when it presses against the foot;
  • The footbed does not have adequate support and may need replacing with custom orthotics.

Thorogood Men’s Moc Toe is a safety boot for all seasons. It has a stylish design with a leather upper optimized for long-term wearing. The sole will give you stability and a steady gait even in slippery conditions, making it ideal for all grounds.

Thorogood is a famous boots brand for its well-designed footwear with excellent comfort. Take a look at our review of excellent boots from Thorogood that might catch your attention.

5. Danner Men’s Bull Run 6” Work Boot

Danner Men’s Bull Run 6” Work Boot

Danner Bull Run falls right between work boots and fashion boots. They are made and hand-stitched in the USA. This guarantees you perfect construction with a great fit. The upper is made from full-grain leather, reinforced with oil tanning. The leather is 1.5 millimeters thick, making it mold to your foot for a better fit.

The midsole of the Bull Run pair has an OrthoLite footbed. This construction gives the inner of the shoe breathability. It allows for better circulation of air in and out of the boot, which makes the shoe more comfortable so you can wear it for long hours. The shank is made from steel, which provides excellent ankle support.

Polyurethane is used to design the sole. Because of the material, the sole is lightweight and is treaded for slip-resistance. You can comfortably work in areas with oily or watery floors without the fear of falling. The sole is also soft, comfortable, and shock-absorbent for better comfort.


  • The steel shank and 6-inch shaft provide ample ankle support;
  • Hand-stitching gives a stable and long-lasting construction;
  • OrthoLite footbed gives you adequate support and comfort for long-term use;
  • Slip-resistant to oil and water, giving you stability;
  • Thin leather construction ensures a custom mold and fits your foot.


  • The thin midsole does not provide adequate support;
  • Continuous use renders the outsole useless after a short time.

Danner Bull Runs is a perfect blend between stylish and functionality. It is designed to give you adequate support with the OrthoLite footbed. It is also optimized for safety, with the slip-resistant and shock-absorbent sole.

6. Carhartt Men’s CMW6275 6-Inch Steel Toe Wedge Boot

Carhartt Men's CMW6275 6-Inch Steel Toe Wedge Boot

Carhartt Men’s Waterproof is among the few wedge work boots that measure close to 7 inches from the shaft. The design gives you ankle and arch support, keeping you stable all the time. The collar is also padded to provide you with comfort around the ankles. It is made entirely from full-grain leather, which explains why the boot lasts.

Inside the boot is an EVA midsole. The polyutherane footbed also aids in feet comfort. The inner of the boot is characterized by excellent breathability. This also acts as a shock absorber to reduce the impact of the trail on your foot. The footbed is removable so that you can fit your custom inserts.

The boots have a composite safety toe made from steel. This protects your feet from falling objects when you are at work.

Besides, the boot is fitted with deep grooves to protect you from slipping on any work surface. The footwear has a ladder lock to improve your safety on ladders. The boot is also waterproof.


  • Water-resistant upper keeps your feet protected from water when working;
  • Padded collar and tongue provide foot comfort and reduce injury from friction;
  • The grooved outsole gives you a steady gait even on slippery surfaces;
  • Comfortable footbed construction fitted for ortholites;
  • The boot is designed for safety with a composite steel toe area to protect your foot from falling objects.


  • Water-resistant construction may make the inner moist;
  • The boot is made specifically for men. Women who try it find it fuller.

Carhartt Men’s Work Boots are solidly constructed. The safety steel toe construction, grooved soles, and shock-absorbent midsole keep you comfortable and protected. If you work long hours, they will keep you warm throughout.

7. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc 6″ Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic Moc 6" Boot

These wedge-working boots have an upper entirely made from full-grain leather. The leather is hand-tanned, making it one of the quality footwear materials available. They are hand-stitched to provide you with a good fit and durable construction.

The high-quality material continues to the eyelets. These are made from long-lasting nickel. Besides, the shoe has a thick leather interior lining, which makes it sturdy and durable.

It comfortably withstands the wear and tear that comes with continuous use. Patented Goodyear Welt construction keeps the footwear intact and water-resistant.

The Red Wing Heritage sole is a signature Vibram sole that features deep lugs made from rubber. You, therefore, get to be stable even on slippery trails like wet floors. The rubber sole construction makes the boot all-weather.

To add to comfort and style, the sole is white and soft. It is also non-marking, keeping the floors of your workspace free from markings.


  • Hand stitching the leather provides for a great fit and durable construction;
  • The leather insole gives you long-lasting use;
  • Goodyear Welt construction is durable and enables resoling;
  • Deep Vibram lugs keep you stable even on slippery surfaces;
  • Rubber treads keep you steady and protect your feet protected from moisture.


  • In many cases, the boots are large, and you might need to buy half a size smaller;
  • The insole needs breaking in before it fits comfortably.

The Red Wing Heritage Moc Boots are carefully constructed to give you long-term use. The sole is built for stability and protects your floors from markings.

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What to Look Before Buying Wedge Sole Work Boots

Your safety is vital when buying wedge sole work boots. However, many people who visit brick and mortar shops or order wedge soled boots online put this point at the very last. This is detrimental. Nevertheless, apart from personal safety, there are many other points you need to consider

Here are some of the essential things you must not forget before you buy wedge work boots:


The material of any footwear should first be able to guard your feet against the common hazards that affect the human foot. While water is essential, it turns to be hazardous if your feet wad in water for a long time.

It is vital for the boot you are about to buy to protect your feet against wetness that will lead to your feet’s numbness. A suitable material should always be waterproof, easy to clean, and can resist even the extreme climatic conditions such as cold and hot temperatures.


What is the need to buy a boot that pinches you every point of your feet? Needless to say! Excellent footwear should be able to offer you the comfort you purchased it for. Remember, you already ordered your right size; thus, you need the boot to fit you properly.

The good thing about most men’s wedge work boots is they offer a comfortable fit. However, a few brands have shortcomings. You might check on several customer reviews online to see what they say about the footwear before you make a decision.

It is especially important to care about your comfort if your feet suffer from pain from time to time. Your doctor may prescribe an insert for you, but they will generally ask you to look for more comfortable work boots.


Although the article speaks about wedge soled boots, it is reasonable to believe that not all are the same. Some brands fall sort of client expectations. It is, therefore, essential to check what makes the outsole.

Ideally, you need a boot for workers, not sandals for walking around your compound. As such, you need a boot that will allow you to traverse any ground, especially a territory that you will not attempt with a light sneaker or sandal.

The ideal sole should not be flat but have traction or some form of spikes that will help your feet maintain stability when walking on whatever ground. A boot with SPR sole goes a long way to offer stability.


All work boots must be slip-resistant. It is simple logic. You need footwear that can help you walk, work, and run on any ground. In most cases, boots with a rubber sole are the best in providing non-resistance on any terrain.

However, the degree of resistance may differ from one boot to another. This depends on the amount of rubber used to make the sole and the type of ground or floor.

If indeed this point is the most important for you, consider the two possible factors before you make your decision.

Safety features

If you are to categorize factors from the most important to the least important, this should be the first thing to consider when buying wedge work boots. As a fact, footwear of this stature should have all the safety features.

It is because of what these boots do that makes them different from other footwear. For instance, a wedge boot must have an electrical hazard protector, a steel shank, and a steel toe area, among others.

You cannot claim you have a wedge boot if it does not have such safety features, among many. Imagine if you were a mechanic and wore a shoe that does not have such features. How safe would you be in that workshop or garage? You can see this list of some of the top-rated work boots for mechanics.


Because most men wedge work boots cost a fortune, you would not like them if the boots would not last a couple of months, even years. The materials used to make the boots, such as leather, rubber, and EVA, should guarantee your durability.

It is, therefore, crucial that as you look for other factors, take time to learn about the materials that are used to make the boot. Only then will you guarantee the durability of the footwear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. I have worn sneakers to work for many years. Is it necessary to wear wedge sole boots?

A. It is vital to wear safety footwear at your work. Although different jobs require different types of footwear, if you own or work in a garage, workshop, or operate machinery, it is highly advisable to wear protective gear, which includes the use of safety boots.

Remember, not every shoe qualifies to be a safety boot. It only does if it meets most of the factors mentioned in the above section. Right from the top to the sole, a wedge boot should be able to protect your foot against any object.

Q. Does a steel toe add any value to the boot, if so, which is the value?

A. A steel cap, which manufacturers put in the area above your toes, is the best protection your toes will ever get. How many people do you know have lost their toes while a machine they were operating fell loose and went with their toes?

If built correctly, according to ASTM/ANSI requirements, the steel toe will protect your toes and the feet in general, against any compression and impact.

Q. I am unable to decide between a wedge boot with a steel toe and that with a composite toe. Any help?

A. The two systems offer the wearer the same measure of toe protection. Both of these ways are built to meet the standards set by ASTM/ANSI. The main difference between the two is the overall weight of the boot.

A wedge boot with composite toe tends to be lighter; thus, many may prefer a boot that offers such a form of protection. However, when you read many customer reviews online, you find out that many tend to lean to a boot with a steel toe, claiming it offers them excellent toe protection.

In the end, you will consider other factors before you choose between the two.

Want to know more about the difference between a steel toe or composite toe? Here is our deep review to help you.

Q. Will putting inserts on a wedge sole boot affect my comfort?

A. Not necessarily. You have a reason for putting the inserts in your boots. If you have tarsal tunnel syndrome, for instance, your foot surgeon may suggest you put inserts in every footwear you wear. The aim is to relieve the pain that you may be undergoing, especially when you wear heavy boots.

If this is what you want, then you must select your size of shoes carefully because if you make a mistake and purchase a smaller size, there will be no space for the inserts.

Q. Are wedge-soled boots with composite toe ideal for all jobs?

A. Any footwear with a steel toe will be ideal for jobs in the hazard environment suck as a welding job because they have additional metal on the toe box.

Work boots with composite toe tend to add weight. As such, the boots will be a bad choice if you have a diabetic foot or suffer from foot pain. If you have any of these conditions, you might not choose a wedge boot with a composite toe.

Thus, if you are looking for diabetic work boots with better comfort and safety, then you should check it out.


You may have tried many types of work shoes if your feet occasionally suffer pain and fatigue. With wedge sole work boots, your feet problem will be solved once and for all times.

The good thing about work boots is they offer maximum protection against all manner of injury, whether it is on the toes, arch, ankle, and even on the footbed.

Many wedge boots on this list have all the safety features you may be looking for; thus, getting yourself a pair means you get rid of a problem that has been with you for a long time.

A majority of these boots is indeed heavy, but the good news is some weigh below one pound. That explains why you can have seemingly big footwear but still be able to lift it comfortably or even wear it for long hours.

Whether the footwear you finally purchase is light or heavy, the important thing is a wedge boot, if maintained, will protect your feet from many injuries you wouldn’t shield otherwise.

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