Cannondale Quick Review: is It Really Best as a Road Bike?

Cannondale bikes are for those who don’t like to compromise on their performance and style. If you want to have the most exciting cycling experience, then Cannondale Quick is the ultimate choice for you.

Cannondale Quick series is specially designed for urban people who love to add fun and speed to the mix. You can expect a smooth riding experience regardless of the status of the road.

Combining style, performance, and quality, all in one, is a combination that is difficult to find in any bike.

Whether you are touring in style, commuting daily, or taking occasional rides, you will never get bored with the alluring exterior and unbeatable performance of the Cannondale bikes.

To check whether Cannondale Quick Series bikes is a wise choice to invest your money in or not, let’s go into detail:

Key Specifications:

  • Brand: Cannondale
  • Model: Cannondale Quick Series
  • Available Sizes: Small/Medium/Large
  • Body: C3 aluminum alloy
  • Type: Road bike
  • Fork: Suspension fork
  • Wheels: Wider 700c wheels in all bikes
  • Gear: 27-speed options
  • Handlebar: Flat handlebar
  • Brakes: Tektro M-285 Hydraulic Discs
  • Shifters: RS-700 shifters Shimano M396 brake levers
  • Rims: Maddux DC3.0 Disc rims
  • Kickstand: Yes
  • User Manual: Yes


All the quick series of bikes are specially made for urban people. This hybrid bike has already become a trusted name among bikers.

This bike is designed for city roads and intended to provide you long-lasting experience. Also, the elegant exterior and quality finishing of every Cannondale bikes add extra beauty to your personality. The Quick series bike also comes in different sizes, which you can choose depending on your height.

The frame of the bike is made off C3 aluminum alloy, which has makes this bike lightweight. Apart from this, you will also experience the extra strength of the bike while riding it. However, in terms of comfort does an incredible job.

Currently, they are using Discs brakes on their bikes. Compared to mechanical brakes, Discs brakes are relatively easier to operate with speedier control capacity. Moreover, to give you full control over your bike irrespective of any weather conditions, the shifters come with different brake levers. Performance-wise, the Quick series bike stands out.

Most of the Cannondale bikes carry 700c wheels and are wide enough to move it comfortably. These series wheels have a puncture protection feature and reflective sidewalls. For metropolitan cities where traffic is generally higher, this added security feature with wheels is an appreciable one.

For entry-level users, the Cannondale bike has some setbacks. The features of this bike are suitable for mid-level to advanced users. Also, when it comes to price, it is not the cheapest but a worthy investment. Compare it with other road bikes under $1000 to understand its actual value.

Cannondale Quick series is a great pick if you want to step out of your comfort zone. The bike will give you an amazing experience on a wide range of surfaces. Also, check out other best budget mountain bikes.

Highlighted Features:

Here is a review of each of the features of Cannondale Quick bikes:

Body and Build Quality

Build of C3 aluminum alloy, these bikes are lightweight and ensure that you get a comfortable riding experience regardless of the surface, including mountains. It is advisable to compare Cannondale Quick Series bikes with other lightweight bikes for the best results.


They say that wheels are the soul of a bike. The wheels of these bikes are wide enough to give you extra comfort. Additionally, to make your ride more reliable, the wheels of this bike contain the puncture protection feature. Quick series (except 6) also has sensors that can track all movements.

So, those who are worried about fitness could be the perfect solution for them. Moreover, to keep your ride safe and balanced, these bikes also carry reflective sidewalls. Overall, you can expect a smooth and lightweight rolling experience both in roads and hilly parts.


Sporting Tektro M-285 Hydraulic Discs, Cannondale is designed to ensure that it maintains better-controlling ability. Also, you can operate it with comparatively less pressure than mechanical brakes.


Equipped with Maddux DC3.0 Disc rims, Cannondale has proved its specialty as a road bike. No matter the path you choose for biking, you will have full control of your bike.


Gearing with RS-700 shifters Shimano M396 brake levers Cannondale Quick series bikes give you a reliable and flexible shifting ability. Also, it comes with different speed gearing options, so you will be able to take control of every situation and weather.


Let’s have a look at the negative side of Cannondale bikes:

  • Elegant looking Extremely lightweight so you can handle with greater comfort
  • It comes in different sizes models
  • Wide wheels that contain reflective sidewalls and extra puncture protection which keeps you safe on the road
  • Superior quality brakes with enhanced features and greater comfort
  • Very smooth to ride on uneven surfaces
  • Shifters are superb in quality which gives you instant and immense control over any environment


Though it’s hard to find any setbacks of Cannondale Quick bikes, the following are some of them:

  • It is not suitable for beginner bikers
  • A little expensive
  • Not for extreme level racing

The bike can be used in cities ascidian inexpensive and hassle-free means of transportation. If you are familiar with city streets and also mastered the skills of cycling, then you can consider the Cannondale Quick series bikes. It can also be a perfect solution for people who find it difficult to allocate time to fitness. Overall, as an all-round performance bike, it will meet your expectations.

However, there are other amazing Road Bikes Under $300.

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