Expert Review of Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

As part of your mission to bike, whether for its leisure, environmental, or health benefits, you will likely get stuck on a simple yet tricky decision: which bicycle should you buy? There are so many successful manufacturers with brilliant models, Firmstrong being one of them.

With this Firmstrong Urban Bike Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review article, we focus on features and its variants. All designed with the same material, and in the same style, the only difference in the speed like 1-speed, 3-speed, 7- speed, and 21-speed.

With the Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle, Firmstrong offers a bicycle with a classy style that is guaranteed to stay in fashion with its durability and variety of features.

With the Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle offers a classy style that is guaranteed to stay in fashion with its durability and variety of features.

Each variant comes in a wide range of colors, so you’ll surely find one that suits your taste.

Firmstrong Urban Bike Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle
Bike TypeCruiser
Brake StyleKT Coaster Brake
Size15.5 inch / Large
Wheel Size26 inches
RimsAlloy 26″ x 2.125 x 36H
Style Name26″ / 1-Speed

Features of the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Single Speed Bike Brakes

The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle designed with nice back-coaster brakes, which make riding more comfortable and easier than your average bicycle. You don’t have to worry about cables and other parts since this model has no handbrake.

There are no cables hanging from the bike and no complex gear systems to complicate your ride, and it’s just a simple bike designed for your comfort.

Made of Durable Material

Firmstrong aims to provide riders with sturdy, yet comfortable, rides. That’s one reason the Cruiser Bicycle is designed with high-quality steel for the frame and lightweight aluminum wheels. As a result of this design, the maintenance of your bike will below, and you won’t need to worry about it getting rusty anytime soon.

Comfortable Seats

One important thing to consider when purchasing a bicycle is the seat. It’s safe to say Firmstrong had this in mind when designing the Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle, which features a premium, oversized seat.

The seat rests on double-coiled springs, making the ride more comfortable as the spring provides a cushioning effect to any bump when cycling. Further, the seats can support women weighing up to 300 lbs, making it a reliable and comfortable feature for most riders.


Firmstrong uses Kenda white-wall balloon tires. These tires are over two inches wide and have a knobby textured surface for maximum surface grip. This type of tire is made to give you a smooth, safe ride, as they absorb bumps.


The Bicycle features handgrips designed with wide soft foam and stitched leather, ensuring your hands will stay in place during even the roughest ride. The foam grips are also soft to make sure your hands don’t develop cramps even when you ride for a long-distance or period.

Varied Speed Options

The bike comes in 4-speed variants. You have the 1-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed, or 21-speed variant to choose from. Depending on your riding ability, particular cycling needs, and the terrain you want to use the bicycle for, you can choose from any of these speed variants.

The single-speed is best for flat level terrain, while the three, seven and twenty one-speed are ideal for routes featuring more hills and uneven ground.

Color Options

The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycles are designed with an array of colors to suit your taste. Just pick your favorite color, and you are ready to ride. Cruisers come in red, pink, orange, chrome, and baby black.

Cruising Speed

This model is perfect for a smooth, relaxing ride. The single-speed bike can maintain a consistent speed of up to 15 km/h, starting from 3 km/h. The four-speed variant can reach up to 20 km/h, while the twenty one-speed variant takes it to a whole new level of 30 km/h. With any of these bicycle variants, your need for speed will be satisfied.


Although Firmstrong aims to present a simple, comfortable ride without having to disturb your fun with unnecessary features, you can still customize the bike with accessories if you want a more stylish look. The bicycle doesn’t come with a bell or basket, but you can easily add one if you need one. However, you will need to acquire these accessories separately.


  • Suitable for any environment: desert, beach, you name it.
  • Highly customizable and adjustable.
  • An array of size and color options.
  • Affordable price
  • Comfy handlebars and seats.
  • Easy-to-use, simple brakes.


  • Not ideal for people above 6 feet or below 5 feet.
  • The handlebars are more oval than round.
  • Cheap parts.
  • Inconvenient assembly.
  • Rather difficult to park properly.

Does Firmstrong Urban Cruiser Affordable?

One major factor people consider when buying any product is the price. Too high a price is a quick turn-off for most people. With this in mind, Firmstrong released the Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle with an affordable price tag you can easily afford one without putting a dent in your wallet. They start at an affordable rate of $199, while the priciest variation can cost you $425.

Does Firmstrong Urban Cruiser Come Assembled?

The bike comes mostly assembled; however, you will need to attach the handlebars, front wheel, seats, and pedals yourself. You can do this in less than an hour if you follow the instructions carefully.

Buying Tips: According to, this Firmstrong bicycle satisfies the majority of customers who purchased it. All three model variants feature positive reviews. One customer did complain that she could not fit the handgrip over her handlebars. Eventually, though, she was able to get it in with a few tweaks.

Is the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle Ideal for You?

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

If you have ever read any of the Firmstrong Beach Cruiser reviews online, you can tell their bicycles are ideal for casual cycling, and you can use it in practically any environment. Whether you want to casual-cycle on the pavement, beach sand, or in the city, This bicycle can give you the perfect ride.

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Final Thoughts

Due to its style, long-lasting build, affordability, and simple design, the Urban Lady is ideal for women of all ages. Teens, as well as seniors (from 5 to 6 feet tall), will find this bicycle fun, comfortable, and easy to ride.

To conclude, if you are a woman and enjoy cycling on a beautiful sunny day either on the beach or anywhere around town or the countryside, then Firmstrong Urban Lady Cruiser could be a worthy deal for you.

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