Cycling Nutrition Tips: Top 7 for Women Cyclists

I am a cycling enthusiast, and a few months earlier, I have attended a cycling camp. I was talking to one of the female cyclists while we were riding down a steep hill. We exchange different ideas on the best cycling nutrition tips, among other important information.

After covering a distance of three hours, she started complaining of stomach upset. I was worried, and I asked her what she had eaten before the ride. She mentioned five different types of foods, and this was awful. She had been taking too much food and drinks, which is not an ideal cycling diet plan.

For cyclist women, taking the best cycling nutrition will help you improve your performance on the road for a pleasant ride. For cyclist nutrition, it is important if you learn how, when, and what you should eat.

Recommended 7 Cyclists Nutrition Tips for Women

After long research, carried out by the American College of Sports Medicine recommends that athletes should take 30-60 grams of carbohydrates every hour of exercise.

Anita Bean, Food Fitness Author, also recommends cyclists to take 150-200 grams of carbohydrate when you are covering long distances as cycling tips.

There are many sites offering cycling nutrition tips for women. The information can be crushing. I have made the biking tips simple and present you with 7 top quality cycling nutrition tips that every woman should adopt.

Consume Many Beets

Beets have become the most common vegetable among many athletes and cyclists. According to studies carried out, beets contain high nitrates, reduce oxygen cost, and lower blood pressure, among other advantages.

There are different ways in which you can take beet, for instance, juicing, powder, or cooked. You can also eat them raw, and you will be providing your body with so many profits.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Keep Your Body Hydrated

For getting the best riding, women need to keep their bodies hydrated. Whether you are riding or not, you should make it a habit of drinking more water and other fluids to keep your body well hydrated.

For instance, you might be cycling on a sunny day. The expected result is sweating, which makes your body lose more water. When your body is dehydrated, you lose your best performance.

Another important reason why you should take more water is that it helps in carrying the nutrients in your body as well as controlling your body temperature.

Eat Food Often​​​​​

Good cycling nutrition tips are all about the practice of taking food in a small amount frequently. You do not have to wait until you feel hungry so that you can eat your food.

If you are so much into cycling, it is very important if you eat regularly to maintain the desired energy levels and never leave your stomach empty.

Know when to eat is very crucial when you are cycling. For instance, if you wait to wait for a lot of food, then takes your bike, you might end up experiencing stomach problems after covering a short distance.

You can eat foods such as energy bars, high crab, dried fruits, and low-fat snacks to get the needed energy without feeling bloated.

Eat Nutritious Foods

This is another important cycling nutrition tips that most women should adopt. As you know, many females are fond of eating things like cookies and other types of snacks that are full of calories and contain fewer nutrients.

If you keep foods that contain more water and fiber, you will enjoy a healthy cycling lifestyle. For those foods that contain more calories, they are important too, but you should take them in moderation.

Breakfast is Important

Breakfast is Important

Most of the women end up adopting the wrong cycling nutrition tips because they do not have the right biking tips. For instance, if you love morning training, you can get the best results when you eat something in the morning.

Breakfast is an important meal to start your day, so you should not even think of skipping. You should note that when you are sleeping, the liver depletes the store of glycogen hence lowering your blood sugar level. You eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, low fat, among other nutritious foods.

Again, when you are on the road, you can eat easy foods such as a sports bar or sandwich to add more energy to your body.


There has been a debate on whether women who are cycling should use caffeine or not. There are those people who are for caffeine, and others are against it. According to research carried out by different organizations, taking a little caffeine provides enhanced performance.

If you want to boost your ride performance, taking a little caffeine will be of great importance. However, if you have some conditions such as high blood pressure or a heart condition, you should avoid taking caffeine.

It is important if you check with your doctor to ensure that you have no condition that will affect your intake of caffeine.

Recovery Foods are Important

Recovery Foods are Important

After riding for many hours, your body loses a lot of energy, and you need to reinstate back. It is wise to look for foods that will help you restore the lost energy.

Eating food rich in carbohydrates, and proteins help to recover your muscle and reduces your chances of getting injuries. When you take foods that aid in muscle healing, you get enough energy for the next cycling session.

Final Verdict:

For those women who are passionate about cycling, adopting the above cycling nutrition tips will provide you with the required levels of energy required during a ride.

Knowing the type of food and your consumption limit is an important step to achieving enjoyable and exciting cycling moments.

You will not suffer from eating too much or too little when you are attending any cycling camp or just riding for recreational purposes. You may also consider it as cycling fitness tips.

If you adopt the above cycling nutrition tips, you will always have a great time on your bike. It does not matter what type of bike you have; all the tips will apply to any woman who is up to cycling. Remember, not only is cycling fun, but it also greatly helps in keeping your body fit and healthy.

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