Royalbaby Bmx Bike Review: Is It a Kid’s Friendly Bike?

Royalbaby Bmx Bike Review

Whether you want to get your toddler a bike to practice cycling on or it's a gift to your kid. Whatever the reason is, picking the right bike for your children can prove to be a daunting task. You have to check each of the features to ensure overall safety and maximum convenience for your kids.

No parent likes to replace or fix their kid's bicycle over and over again. Children are curious individuals and have a genuine tendency to experiment, which occasionally leads to ruining things.

The ideal bike for them would be a package of the eye-catchy exterior, comfortable grips, quality parts, coupled with a smooth performance.

RoyalBaby BMX Bike is a great choice for kids who want to step in the cycling world, and for the experts too. The most important part of this bike is that it is child-friendly in every aspect, and its appearance is aesthetic as well. Also, check out other road bikes for a great price.

To see whether RoyalBaby BMX Bike would be the right fit for your baby or not let's have a detailed review about it :


Product Name: RoyalBaby BMX Bike
Brand: RoyalBaby
Age: 3-10 Years
Brake: F/Hand + R/Coaster (For 12,14,16,18 inch)
Wheel: Steel 20 hole rims with rubber wide 2.4 inches & training support
Wheel Size: 12-16 inch
Frame: 1. 2mm Pulse TIG welded steel frame
Fork: BMX TIG welded steel fork including leading-edge dropouts
Chainguard: Yes
Pedal: non-slip resin pedal with reflector
Crank: One-piece crank
Saddle: Firmer seat
Colors Options: Blue, Red, Orange, Green, White, Pink, Purple
Others: 1 water bottle, bell, heavy-duty training wheels, and assembly tools
User Manual: Yes


One thing that represents RoyalBaby's specialty is that they specifically make only children bikes, and based on this factor, they are often termed as the specialized producer of baby bikes.

We have reviewed a couple of their other bikes so far, and we are impressed by their overall bike quality.

Following their footsteps of producing high-quality bikes, BMX Bike is off no exception either. Their long heritage of producing world-class bikes also reflects in this specific model.

It comes in beautiful 7 vibrant colors and maintains a quality finishing. It also carries training wheels, which ensures your kid's safety while learning cycling.

According to many, it's a little heavier in weight, but we felt that children would get used to it after a few rides.

The pedals are okay but could have been designed way better. Still, you can replace it if you found any issues with pedals.

When it comes to the saddle, we hold no objection about it. For it is entirely comfortable for kids.

Other parts like frame, brake, and fork are satisfying, and we didn't face any issues from these bike parts.

Another positive side of this bike is that it arrives in 95% assembled condition, and the rest of the 5% assembling is quite easy and doesn't take much of your time. Moreover, it comes with the tools needed for assembling.

Main Features

Build Quality 

Build quality

One of the main reasons to pick this bike over others is its build quality. Each of the parts is designed, putting into consideration the little one's comfort and following the international standards of ISO 4510 or ISO 8098 for kids' bikes.


It is built of a steel frame, which makes the bike lightweight in the feature. You can rest assured that your precious youngster will not feel any difficulties while riding their bike.

Color Variations

One of the highlighted parts of this bike is its wide selection of colors. Your kids have the option to pick their favorite one from its 7 different range of cool colors.


Brakes are the single most crucial elements of bikes for children. To keep your kids safer, it contains front caliper brake, rear coaster brake, and special kids size brake lever.

The outer surface of the brakes is covered by rubber for ergonomic purposes. Also, when it comes to performance, we can say that functions quite faster.



The saddle can be adjusted according to your kid's height level, and comfort, and the seat is really comfortable to sit on for a long time.



It contains training wheels, which are essential for novices. It prevents them from falling while riding. Apart from this, the wheels are made of 20-hole steel rims with a 2.4-inch outer surface rubber body to give the youngster a broader space and to ride their bicycle conveniently.

Easy & Quick Assembling


To ensure a hassle-free and faster assembling experience, it comes in a 95% assembled condition. Make sure you fit the parts accurately while assembling. As it contains a user manual too; we would recommend you to go through it once before you start assembling.


  • Excellent build quality that ensures a long-lasting experience.
  • It is made of high-quality steel, which makes the bike lightweight.
  • Brakes are very much suitable for kids with flexible operating functionality.
  • A total of seven alluring colors available to choose from.
  • Each of the parts passed safety in our test.
  • Assembling is easier, and parts can be replaceable.
  • Very comfortable seat and better than some of the other leading brands’ saddles.
  • It comes with a complimentary water bottle and a bell.


  • Pedals could be better in quality.
  • It could be a little bit more lightweight.
  • Doesn't comes in fully assembled condition.


RoyalBaby BMX Bike is without any minor issues, is one of the well-balanced and secure bikes for kids. In terms of build quality, speed, performance, and design. It's also compatible with many other top branded bikes. It is a worthy purchase if you want a good mountain bike on a tight budget.

No matter what brand or model you choose, make sure you go through its features carefully to provides maximum safety for your children without having much impact on its performance.

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