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RoyalBaby Bmx Bike Review

Most, if not all, children, would love to ride a bicycle. It is part of their journey to adulthood, another step towards independence. As a parent, therefore, we should encourage this.

However, picking the right bike can be a daunting task. You need to make sure the bike is safe and age-appropriate. You would also need to check every part to ensure your child’s overall safety.

Aside from safety, a kid’s bike needs to be durable as well. Children can be rough on their things, and their bike has to be able to withstand daily use. An ideal bike for kids, therefore, would be a combination of the eye-catchy exterior, durability, comfortable grips, quality parts, and smooth performance.

The RoyalBaby BMX Bike ticks all the boxes. It is a great choice for kids. It is child-friendly in every aspect, and it looks great as well. They would be happy to use it and show it off to friends. Check out other road bikes as well if your child prefers them.

To help you decide whether the RoyalBaby BMX Bike would be the right fit for your child, take a look at our detailed review about it.


  • Product Name: RoyalBaby BMX Bike
  • Brand: RoyalBaby
  • Age: 3-10 Years
  • Brake: F/Hand + R/Coaster (For 12,14,16,18 inch)
  • Wheel: Steel 20hole rims with rubber wide 2.4 inches & training support
  • Wheel Size: ​12-16 inch
  • Frame: ​1.2mm Pulse TIG welded steel frame
  • Fork: ​BMX TIG welded steel fork including leading-edge dropouts
  • Chainguard: Yes
  • Pedal: ​Non-slip resin pedal with reflector
  • Crank: ​One-piece crank
  • Saddle: Firmer seat
  • Colors Options: ​Blue, Red, Orange, Green, White, Pink, Purple
  • Others: ​1 water bottle, bell, heavy-duty training wheels, and assembly tools
  • User Manual: Yes


One thing that RoyalBaby is known for is that they specialize in making children’s bikes. They are often known as the specialized producer of baby bikes. We have reviewed a couple of their other bikes so far, and we are impressed by their overall quality.

Like their other products, the RoyalBaby BMX Bike is of high quality as well. It comes in seven beautiful vibrant colors and has a quality finishing. It also has training wheels, which ensures your kid’s safety while learning how to ride.

According to many users, the RoyalBaby BMX is a little heavier than most kid’s bikes. However, children can quickly get used to it after just a few rides.

The pedals are made well, but could the design could still be improved. It can be replaced if you find any issues with it other than aesthetics.

When it comes to the saddle, nothing could be better for kids. It is very comfortable, making for an enjoyable ride every time.

The other parts of the bike, including the frame, brakes, and fork, are also satisfactory. There are no known issues with these parts.

The bike is delivered almost fully assembled (95%). The remaining assembly you need to do is quite easy and won’t take much of your time. The bike also comes with all the tools you need for assembly.

Main Features

Build Quality

One of the main reasons to pick this bike over others is its build quality. Each of the parts is designed and built with your little one’s comfort and safety in mind. RoyalBaby follows international standards of ISO 4510 or ISO 8098 in building kids’ bikes.


This BMX bike from RoyalBaby is built of a steel frame, which makes the bike durable. You can rest assured that it can withstand rough treatment and last for years.

Color Variations

One of the best parts of this bike is its wide selection of colors. Your kids have the option to pick their favorite from seven cool colors ranging from white and blue to pink and purple.


The brakes are the most important aspect of bikes for children. To keep your kids safe, this BMX bike from RoyalBaby uses front caliper, rear coaster brake, and special kids size brake lever. The outer surface of the brakes is covered by rubber for ergonomic purposes.


Users didn’t have an issue with the saddle. It can be adjusted according to your kid’s height level, and the cushion can provide a comfortable ride even for hours.


This RoyalBaby bike uses training wheels, which are essential for those just starting to learn how to use a bicycle. The training wheels prevent them from falling while still learning how to balance. The wheels are made of 20-hole steel rims with a 2.4-inch outer surface rubber body to provide more security for its rider.

Easy & Quick Assembling

The bike has a hassle-free and faster assembly experience, as it arrives already 95% assembled. Doing the rest of the assembly is easy as well, as a user manual is also included. Go through the manual first before starting the assembly to ensure you don’t miss anything.


  • This bike has an excellent build quality that ensures a long-lasting experience.
  • It is made of high-quality steel that makes the bike durable.
  • Brakes are suitable for kids with flexible, functional operation.
  • There are seven vibrant and attractive colors to choose from.
  • Each of the parts has passed safety and quality tests.
  • Assembly is easy, and parts can be replaced.
  • It has a very comfortable seat, even better than other leading brands’ saddles.
  • It comes with a complimentary water bottle and a bell.


  • Pedals could be better in quality.
  • It could be lighter.
  • It doesn’t come 100% assembled.


While far from perfect, the RoyalBaby BMX Bike is one of the most well-balanced and secure bikes for kids. It is best for children in terms of build quality, speed, performance, and design. It’s also compatible with many other top branded bikes. It is a worthy purchase if you want a good mountain bike on a tight budget.

No matter what brand or model of kids bike you choose, make sure to review all its features and look at the quality of the parts to ensure maximum safety for your child.

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