Schwinn Wayfarer Review: Is It a Top Performance Bike?

Schwinn Wayfarer Review: Is It a Top Performance Bike

Quality is something that we all seek from any product we purchase. If you are concerned about quality, then Schwinn wayfarer is the bicycle to consider.

When it comes to women’s bikes, Schwinn has set itself among the top-rated bicycles. This bike is designed for ladies who love fun and want to be unstoppable on the road.

Whether regular commuting, exercise to burn off some extra kilo, or just an adventure ride in the city with style, Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle will set you apart from other cyclists with its fascinating design and outstanding performance.

Read on to find out if Schwinn Wayfarer fits your requirements or not.


  • Product: Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle
  • Brand: Schwinn
  • Size: 28" Wheels
  • Frame: Retro Styled Frame
  • Style: Step-through Frame/Step-over Frame
  • Brakes: Alloy Front and Rear V Brakes
  • Gears: 7 Types of Gears
  • Fenders: Rear & Front Fenders
  • Wheels: 700c Wheels
  • Color: Black/Mint/Yellow
  • Gender: Women
  • Kickstand: Yes
  • User Manual: Yes
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty


Combining all the features of a hybrid bike that is suitable for women, Schwinn Wayfarer definitely can be termed as one of the right choices for road bikes.

The most noted part of this bike is its price. As for a lesser price, you get to experience performance similar to that of an expensive hybrid bike.

Design-wise it is just like any other regular bike. Its build quality is another thing to fascinate about as it is durable.

It is very lightweight in feature, and when it comes to performance, we found it quite fast.

If you find this bike too heavy for you, there are other lightweight bikes out there for you.

When it comes to talking about other elements like gear, wheels, brakes, et al., we found it entirely satisfying. Though we feel that in comparison to similar bikes, the gear part can have a much better design, still, it is okay for an entry-level bike.

Unfortunately, it lacks a wide array of colors that you expect in women’s bikes, and its saddle does not ride well with most users.

Regardless of it not performing the task of an all-rounded bike, it’s still suitable for everyday commute and ideal for fitness.

Highlighted Parts

''Schwinn", is the brand that needs no further introduction. Bikes from Schwinn are popular all over the globe for making a wide variety of bikes. No matter the gender and age, they have specialized bicycles for everyone.

If you have budget constraints, but still want to get the best performing bike, then Schwinn Wayfarer bike is the smartest option for you without compromising quality and style.

Want to compare Schwinn with similar affordable bikes? Click the link.

Here are some highlighted points of this Schwinn bike which will help you decide whether to grab it or not:

Frame & Fork

Frame & Fork

Schwinn Wayfarer is made of retro style steel frame and fork, which ensures its longevity. Though its aluminum frame body carries lesser weight than steel, you can still consider it a lightweight bike.


It comes in two styles. One is the step-over frame and measures 18-inches, and another one is the step-through frame and measures 16-inches.



It contains 7 gears, and according to me, it is a disappointment compared to other similar hybrid bikes. While you get a couple of more gears in other bikes, this one has 7 only.


This bike is housed with alloy front and rear V brakes, and in our test, we haven’t found any functionality issues. It is quite fast and comes with great stop/pausing power.

If you know how to ride a bicycle, then its brakes are fine to control.



To experience a smoother ride, a soft and easy to handle handlebars is the topmost important feature of a bike. Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid perfectly provides this feature.

The handlebars are positioned on the right side of the bike and maintaining balance with the saddle to provide an upright riding position.

Overall a moderate pressure is adequate to manage it conveniently.

700c Wheels

700c Wheels

Built with high-quality alloy, the wheels of this bike guarantee you a lightweight and easy to ride experience.

Front & Rear Fenders

This bike comes with front and rear fender and protects your wheel from all sorts of dirt like sand, rain, or mud.



The surface of the saddle is a bit hard. If the comfortability of the saddle matters to you the most, then this model might not satisfy you fully.

If you can overlook the saddle issue or you are absolutely fine with replacing it with a better one, then get this bike.

Easy Customization & Parts Replacing

You can customize this bicycle or even replace any parts according to your choice and convenience.


  • Very affordable and still offers good performance.
  • To ensure maximum comfy, it is designed with both Step-through Frame and Step-over Frame.
  • Rear & Front Fenders safeguards you from mud, sand e.t.c, regardless of any weather situation and road condition.
  • Suitable to ride on any surfaces, whether it is extremely rough paths or over hills.
  • Comfortable handlebars ensure a flexible handling experience.
  • Perfect for both taller and shorter women. Ladies under 5’-00’’ height can also use it comfortably.
  • Wider wheels make it convenient for your legs to move easily.


  • Not compatible with similarly priced bikes.
  • Saddle's quality could have been better.
  • It Contains only 7 modes of gears, and you may get stuck sometimes.
  • Only three-color options to choose from.

Who is This Bike for?

If you are a lady who loves speed and style, then it could be the optimal choice for you. As a hybrid bike at an affordable price tag, this bike is indeed a woman-friendly one. It’s also perfect for fitness if in need to burn calories and shed off some weight.

All these features, including the step-through frame/ step-over frame, handlebars, and rest of the other parts, are included in a way that they bring maximum comfort for women of all ages.

Though compared to some other leading brands and current trends, you may find this bike a little outdated. Also, the saddle, gears, and wheels are not the best performing one. It is a reasonably fine for a bike that guarantees high performance at a cheap cost.

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