The Best 8 Inch Work Boots for 2022

“Dedicated to the Blue-collar Workers who Build and Protect this Great Nation”

Millions of people across the world go to work daily. From law enforcement to building skyscrapers and the homes of the future, these men and women remain the strength of this Nation.

If you are working in extreme weather conditions from brutal cold to excessive heat, the job gets done. Working long hours takes a toll on the body, especially the feet. Standing and climbing for hours puts additional pressure on the feet.

Foot comfort is essential in any job. If your feet ache, your whole body aches. Wearing the correct work boots to protect your feet is very important.

There are many styles of work boots to select from throughout the Internet. Choosing the right boot for the right job is tough and confusing. Of all the work boots available, the following five boots have been selected as the Best 8 Inch Boots for 2022.

Based on actual consumer use, these boots offer comfort and protection to get you through those long and difficult shifts that never seem to end. Quality and durability are just the beginning of these well-made Boots. Our research confirms 5.11 ATAC 8 Inches Men’s Boot as the top recommended product.

Best 8 Inch Work Boots

1. 5.11 Atac 8 Inches Men’s Boot

5.11 Atac 8 Inches Men’s Boot

Designed and worn by law enforcement and the military. Specialized tactical, rapid response units require support, mobility, and comfort. These eight-inch men’s boots provide that and more. A high eight-inch overall height provides stability with high performance.

Side-zippers allows for easy-on, easy-off. 5.11 Atac eight-inch men’s boots add safety, accuracy, and speed with increased performance to those elite units that have the toughest job requirements. Advanced features make these rugged boots the best eight-inch boots on the market today.

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  • Lightweight for speed and greater traction
  • Semi-rigid heel and toe reinforcement
  • Open-cell foam Cushioned insole for increased comfort
  • Antibacterial moisture-wicking lining


  • Side zipper hangs up once in a while
  • Boots feel more flexible than the need to be

One of the most affordable boots on the market priced to fit into any budget. Available in black or faded military brown. As a preferred boot for those who fight to protect your freedom, these rugged and dependable boots will withstand any harsh, extreme conditions.

From the desert to the streets of your city, the 5.11 Atac eight-inch men’s boot has a long history of supporting those who support you. Built for the harshest conditions, these eight-inch boots will remain a symbol of those who protect your city and the country your forefathers fought for.

2. Danner Men’s Acadia 8” Boot

Danner Men’s Acadia 8” Boot

Danner remains one of the top respected brand names in the boot industry for over 100 years. As a premier leader in the boot industry, Danner takes great pride in all boots produced. Made in the USA, Danner continues to produce boots that withstand rugged wear with added comfort.

Danner’s stitch down construction offers stability with a longer wear factor. The slender profile of the Danner men’s Acadia 8” boot offers a slender profile for a tighter fit. For activities that demand a tighter fit, the Danner men’s Acadia 8” boot is the best. Harsh weather conditions keep feet warm and dry with a waterproof exterior finish.

Vibram Kletterlift outsole absorbs shocks with greater traction on all surfaces. Additional features of this well-constructed men’s eight-inch boot include. You can read more about Danner Acadia from here.


  • Gore-Tex waterproof liners
  • 100 percent denier nylon upper
  • Full-grain polishable leather
  • Lightweight fiberglass shank
  • Thinsulate insulation keeps feet warm in cold conditions

Strong support by present consumers confirms the quality of these boots. Priced well within the quality built-in, these boots remain a good buy. Existing problems reported by consumers include:


  • Tight fit
  • A Long break-in period
  • Not as durable as mentioned

High eight-inch backing gives support to ankles without reducing mobility. Great boot for the active outdoor enthusiasts. Hunters rely on the superior traction of Danner men’s Acadia eight-inch boot.

Backed by a Company with a never-ending reputation, Danner will always be considered a front-runner in the production of quality men’s work boots.

3. Thorogood Men’s Heritage 8” Moc-Safety Toe

Thorogood Men’s Heritage 8” Moc-Safety Toe

Established in 1892, Weinbrenner Shoe Company is credited with the introduction of major safety footwear used today. Tobacco oil-tanned leather allows feet to breathe. MAXWear heel prevents slipping on damp surfaces. Made by US union workers, you are guaranteed quality in all boots produced.

Thorogood is one of the most trusted names throughout the workwear industry. An eight-inch overall height of this superior made boot is comfortable with surprising stability. Flexible allowing free range of movement, ankles remain supported with no side-to-side bending or twisting.

Focusing on quality, these boots wear well in all given conditions. Proudly preserving the American Heritage, noticeable additions on these well-made boots are.


  • Rubber midsole
  • Cotton drill vamp lining
  • Brown trail oil-tanned leather
  • Goodyear storm welt construction for long-lasting wear
  • Removable shock absorption footbed

As noted in the Thorogood 6” Maxwear wedge work boot, there appear to be similar problems with the 8” boot as well. It should be noted that all new work boots will take some time to adjust. Wearing thicker socks during this break-in period is a good idea.


  • Not very good overall comfort while wearing all day
  • A long break-in period

Thorogood men’s heritage 8” moc toe-safety toe boots are the best 8” work boots you can buy. Equally priced when compared to other similar styles, the money spent on these boots is an investment that will pay for itself in comfort. Proudly serving America for over 100 years, the tradition of Thorogood lives on.

4. Bate’s Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot

Bate’s Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot

Multipurpose boots for sport or work, these 8” side-zipped boots by Bates has it covered. Premiere provider of tactical boots to uniformed personnel for ten years. Bates remains committed to providing quality always. These lightweight, flexible work keep feet warm and dry.

The black leather exterior is made for years of daily wear. The nylon side zipper is tangle-free for easy-on, easy-off. Leather and nylon upper allow feet to breathe in all weather conditions.

Extra thick slip-resistant rubber outer sole protects feet from punctures with better traction. Thirty-percent lighter than competing similar styles. These Bates tactical sports boots are ideal for hiking or trail walking.

Providing the best, keeping prices competitive, other features of these multi-use work boots include:


  • Cushioned, removable insert
  • Athletic cement construction
  • Shock absorbing pads
  • Non-metallic stealth components
  • Non-metallic eyelets with speed laces


  • Rubbing on ankles
  • Poor quality stitching

Weighing five-pounds combined is not a lot of weight but more than most of the competing models. Pricing is somewhat confusing.

Looking past the confusing price range, these multi-use work boots remain a very good deal from a company with a rock-solid reputation.

5. Wolverine Men’s 8 Inch Durashock High-Performance Work Boot

Wolverine Men’s 8 Inch Durashock High-Performance Work Boot

Wolverine is an American symbol of superior craftsmanship. Since 1883, Wolverine has produced work boots to take on the worst possible conditions with ease. Durashocks continues to be a top-seller in the long line of superior Wolverine work boots.

Wolverine Durashock providing warmth with an optional steel toe for protection, Wolverine work boots stand alone. Wolverine full-grain upper leather resists scuffs and stains.100 percent waterproof keeps feet dry in wet and cold conditions. 400-gram Thinsulate warms feet in cold, icy weather, allowing feet to breathe. Specially designed compression pads absorb shocks before reaching feet and knees.

The removable high-density footbed is lightweight, weighing less than rubber. However, it absorbs four times the shock. Closed-cell construction adds spring to your step. Assembled in the USA, Wolverine work boots offer features not found on similar competing styles.


  • Moisture managing mesh linings
  • Fiberglass shank for increased support to arches
  • Four eyelets, four-speed lacing system
  • ASTM rated steel toe
  • Available in all sizes with custom ordering options


  • Long break-in period
  • Tight fitting. Order one-half or one size larger for a better fit.
  • Good boot put a poor sizing chart

Priced well within the range of competing for similar styles. Look for work boots that have stood the test of time, Wolverine.

What Are the Best Uses of 8 Inch Boots?

Loggers: Loggers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Loggers rely on safety work boots to keep debris out of their shoes. Snakes and biting insects remain a threat to all loggers. Eight-inch boots prevent serious infections with possible life-threatening results. Two inches taller than the standard 6” work boot, eight-inch work boots may not seem important until you need them.

Tips: You may also try high-quality snake boots to protect your feet from snakebite in the dense forests.

Military: The military is a strong supporter of the eight-inch work boot. A common practice of the military, tucking pant legs into a pair of eight-inch work boots, is a uniform requirement. Eight-inch work boots offer greater support to the ankle during long, hard military training exercises. Military serving in desert conditions often tucks pant legs into their work boots, to keep sand out of their shoes.

Deserts are a common place to find a variety of biting insects and snakes. Tucking the pant legs into a pair of eight-inch work boots prevents insects from crawling into these boots. Military exercises require rapid response.

Military tactical units often travel in specialized vehicles with limited spaces. Tucking pants into their work boots prevents pants from getting caught on moving pieces of equipment. Steel toe tactical work boots prevent crushing severe leg injuries.

Construction Sites: Individuals working in hazardous indoor or outdoor conditions require proper foot protection. Working in wet conditions on construction sites, wet feet often produce other foot problems and infections. Stability is often a major concern when operating large earth moving equipment.

Eight-inch work boots increase mobility with greater stability. Non-slip resistant work boots with Vibram outersoles are recommended for all construction workers.

Eight-inch work boots offer additional support for the ankles when climbing ladders and scaffolding. Climbing to excessive heights, construction workers rely on the increased support of 8″ work boots keeping ankles firm with no side-to-side bending or movement.

Factory Workers: Indoor workers also require proper foot protection. Non-slip protection of eight-inch work boots prevents slips and serious falls. Working around fast- moving machines, eight-inch work boots increase proper foot placement, keeping feet away from fast moving production machines.

Factory workers often remain on their feet for long periods of time. Additional two inches of height on eight-inch work boots offer support to the legs and back, relieving built-up pressure. Workers on assembly lines in auto plants work close to moving metal conveyors. Falls or slips may result in serious leg or other fatal injuries. Eight-inch work boots allow for greater foot placement within a safe range.

Fire Fighters: Firefighters require work boots that offer maximum support. Smokejumpers are the first in, last out in fire-fighting. Jumping from planes hundreds of feet above a fire, smoke jumpers rely on eight-inch firefighting boots to offer support when landing.

Walking for miles to establish a fire-break, firefighters need proper eight-inch work boots that support the ankles. Climbing steep hills for miles, eight-inch work boots keep debris out with less strain on legs. Eight-inch work boots provide stability and comfort when comfort is needed the most.


Work boots protect your feet. Millions of workers suffer job-related injuries each year. In 2013 over 4,600 work-related accidents were reported. 643 of these accidents were injuries to the feet.

Lost time from work is expensive for your employer and you. Wearing the correct work boot is your responsibility. The well-being of your family depends on it.

Work boots that do not provide the protection needed are money wasted. Buying work boots based on price is another big mistake. Cheap, poor quality work boots are an accident looking for a place to happen.

Look for quality, not the price when buying work boots. Good work boots may cost more but offer more than cheap imitations. You only have two feet, protect them with good high-quality work boots.

The work boots outlined in this review provide the foot protection needed. Eight-inch boots have many advantages over other similar styles of work boots. Greater ankle support with increased comfort is a few of these advantages.

Work boot reviews, such as this one, highlight the best 8 Inch work boots to protect your feet.

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