The 7 Best Shoes for Retail Workers of 2022

Do you work in a store? Have you ever suffered any foot injuries due to poor working conditions or wearing the wrong shoes? Well, that is a painful experience. With a wrong shoe, which sometimes is heavy, has a high heel, or a sole that is prone to slipping, you are bound to get more injuries. The good news is the market has dozens of best shoes for retail workers like you.

You may ask, why do retailers need the best shoes? The answer is simple. Retail workers perform a fundamental role. They do a lot of work that involves walking around or standing for many hours. Granted, you are doing an excellent job of serving the public. That is why you need to take care of your feet.

This article will highlight seven brands of shoes you can purchase. Among those 7, Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog stands out. The footwear is inexpensive, comes in a variety of pleasant colors, and offers the flexibility and breathability you always need. For men, New Balance Men’s MID626K2 Slip Resistant Lace takes the lead.

The shoes lessen fatigue, reduce swelling, ensure your feet get the required airflow, and are comfortable to wear and remove. See if you can get a pair that fits you as you carry on your critical retail duties.

Best Shoes for Retail Workers

1. New Balance Men’s MID626K2 Slip Resistant Lace

New Balance Men's MID626K2 Slip Resistant Lace

For men, New Balance Men’s MID626K2 stands out as one of its kind. The top part is 100% genuine leather with laces being the right option to ensure the shoe fits you.

The shoe has a rubber sole. With it, no matter the ground you are stepping on, you are sure of comfort and steady walk. This sole is durable and does not react in any way with the heat or cold of the surface you are stepping.

Although it initially fits athletes perfectly, this shoe is ideal for retail workers. They, too, need a shoe that is comfortable, adjustable, but can fit them perfectly. One important thing you need to remember about the outsole is it comes with a non-marking ability.

Apart from having a rubber sole, New Balance shoe is unique. It has a pad at the heel that absorbs whatever shock is likely to may occur. The trauma may be through the abrupt turn that you are bound to make as a retail worker. When prompted, the absorb crash helps you maintain balance during turbulent times.


  • The top is 100% rubber, which makes the shoe last longer.
  • With high-quality rubber sole, you are sure of a non-slip walk.
  • Lace-ups help tighten or loosen to the desired fit.
  • Available in two mild colors, black and gray, this makes it suitable for retailers.
  • The support, especially the absorb heel feature, is adorable.


  • Available in two only colors.
  • The non-slip grip doesn’t stay in place for long.
  • You will need to add insoles to enhance comfort.

New Balance Men’s MID626K2 is not only suitable for retail workers but also those whose daily routine involves a lot of walking. If you are on a budget but want something durable, this is the right shoe. With its mild color, you can match it with any color of the trouser.

2. Dansko Women’s Pro Xp Mule Shoe

Dansko Women's Pro Xp Mule Shoe

With a heel measuring 1.5 inches, you are sure you are buying a beautiful shoe. The sole is made of rubber; thus, the issue of you slipping is out of the question. While the sole offers the needed resistance, the upper part also contains 100% leather.

Dansko Women’s XP Pro shoe is available in a variety of colors. Some of the colors you can find include Moon Patent, Motif Patent, Brown Floral, and Silver Ornate, among others.

Thanks to its design, the shoe has enough room for toes. When you wear the boot, there will be no moment you will feel your toes suffering bruises. Besides, the inner part of the shoe has the anti-fatigue capability.

For people who work and walk for long hours using these shoes will be ideal. The inner side comes with an iconic cushion that offers the needed comfort throughout the day.

Many ladies who put their money on this shoe do not complain of discomfort. It has one of the excellent arch supports, something most manufacturers do not factor.

Tooled leather is another reckoning feature. The nice design, coupled with proper sizing, makes Pro XP one of the few comfortable work shoes for retail workers.

Although the shoe has many high-quality features, there is no proper circulation of air to the feet.


  • Comfortable interior.
  • The cushioned footbed offers desired comfort.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Ample room for toes.
  • The shoe is affordable.
  • Designing is topnotch.


  • May make one a little taller.
  • The rubber sole doesn’t last for long.

There is no doubt this is one of the best shoes for women whose job forces them to wear shoes for long. The toes will have ample room. If you are looking to increase your height a little bit, this is the right shoe.

3. Crocs Women’s Bistro Clog

Crocs Women's Bistro Clog

Among the sleekest retail women shoe, you will find in the market; Cross Bistro Clog is exceptional. Many reasons make this shoe stand out. For instance, in many online stores, the shoe hardly costs beyond $20, depending on the size. However, it may go up to $85.

While many people think the price is a suggestion of poor quality, you do your research. Bistro Clog is available in a variety of colors. Some of the colors that stand out include Navy, Black, White, and Slate Grey, among others.

Bistro Clog is perhaps the only women shoe designed for all sorts of hard work that involves much walking. Retail workers, as well as those in the hospitality industry and caregivers, use this shoe. Those who offer professional nursing care love the boot, as well.

The design allows the toes to be inside the shoe with ample space for all toes. Contoured footbed, metatarsal area, and the entire upper part give the wearer the needed comfort.

Thanks to its synthetic sole and the 100% Croslite upper, you say goodbye to accidents.

However, you may argue that the synthetic sole will not last. The truth is it won’t last many days. It requires light work, which makes the shoe a bit odd for retail workers.


  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Enables for closed toes thus minimizing toe injuries.
  • Many of these shoes are affordable at around $20 or even less.
  • Light – this is ideal for retail workers, hospitality sector, caregivers, and more.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Eases fatigue.
  • The shoe is affordable.


  • Lacks ankle support.
  • The sole is not 100% non-slip.
  • The size is usually big; thus, you better go for a slightly smaller size. It will fit you anyway.
  • No feet-breathing at all.

After the good and the wrong side of Bistro Clog, a few things stand out. It is easy to clean the shoe. The shoe is very light and affordable. However, you may not like the design, and the sole does not last.

4. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip On

Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Slip On

One of the brands that come in mind when it comes to men’s working shoes is Skechers. The boots offer not only the desired flexibility and comfort but also lessen feet fatigue. Support is especially important for those who stand a lot.

This black shoe is 100% synthetic. The upper part and the sole are made from the same material, creating a unique look.

The shoe has elastic sides that you can pull when inserting your feet. You will do the same when removing the shoe, something that makes the exercise easy and fun.

Skechers come with a soft fabric lining, which explains why many retail workers love this shoe. If your feet suffer from fatigue after wearing shoes for a long time, consider Skechers the best option. The shoes alleviate the chances of fatigue.

With a padded collar that is complemented by stitched seams, you are sure of your feet’s comfortability when working for long hours.

You will love the mesh fabric top, which allows for feet breathability. The result is lessening feet fatigue and bad odor.


  • Allows for airflow.
  • Soft lining enables maximum comfort.
  • Non-slip sole.
  • Good at lessening feet fatigue.
  • Keeps feet warm.
  • Easy to wear and remove.


  • Fairly expensive.
  • The synthetic sole does not offer optimum non-slip.
  • They are heavy.

If you are looking for a working shoe for a few months, this is the right shoe. They are easy to wear and remove, keep your feet warm, and alleviate fatigue. Beware of their weight, though.

5. Clarks Unstructured Women’s Un.Loop Slip-On Shoe

Clarks Unstructured Women's Un.Loop Slip-On Shoe

Clarks does not need any introduction whatsoever. The brand is one of the best shoes for retail workers in the world known for its superior arch support.

The shoes have an excellent design, unmatched comfort, and durability.

One of the things that stand out about these shoes for retail workers is that they are available in many colors. If you like them black patent or navy, you can order them any minute. Other available colors include black leather, bronze leather, and brown leather.

The other thing that will make every woman working in the retail sector love this shoe is the sole. Clarks Women’s shoe comes with a rubber sole. The top is 100% genuine leather. Even if one was to settle for the shoe because of these two features, it is worth it.

With a hell measuring around 1-inch, women can be comfortable even if they wear it the whole day. Why the term Un.loop? Clarks is employing this latest technology in their shoes. The technology ensures all Clarks shoes offer proper foot aeration.

Something you may not like about the shoe, although small, is its weight.


  • Proper airflow to the feet.
  • 100% genuine leather top.
  • The rubber sole is slip-resistant.
  • Detailed with nice features such as seamed stitches.
  • Durable.
  • Several colors to choose.
  • Unparalleled comfortable flex.
  • Nice ankle support.
  • Cushioned interior.


  • A bit heavy.
  • The top leather is stiff.
  • Requires constant maintenance.

You will never go wrong with Clarks. The shoes are very comfortable, have a soft lining, and are durable. Nevertheless, you need to ensure high maintenance for the shoe to last.

6. Keen Utility Men’s PTC Dress Oxford-M Industrial Shoe

Keen Utility Men's PTC Dress Oxford-M Industrial Shoe

One of the nicely-designed shoes in the market, making it one of the most comfortable work shoes for retail. You are likely to fall in love with its leather top with durable shoelaces whose holes show longevity signs.

The shoe is one of those that meet the high shoe standards put by the ASTM. The midsole is also one of its kind, with EVA compression-molded material. When you fit your foot, you are likely to feel a unique comfort. The shoe’s footbed is filled with memory foam. Due to ingenious design at the footbed, the shoe is support the metatarsal.

As long as you get the right size that fits you, then she has an expected fit percentage of over 88. Only a meager portion doesn’t find the right size.

The sole is synthetic with well-designed ankle support that allows for your ankle and toes to fit correctly. Unlike many other shoes for retail workers, Keen Utility is bold. From a distance, you will notice it is a shoe for workers.

Sadly, there are not many colors. You will only have to settle on black.

For those who prefer memory foam footbed their first like, you might be like more discussion about memory foam shoes in-depth.


  • A bold shoe for male workers.
  • Non-slip synthetic sole.
  • Quality top leather.
  • Nice shoelace attachments.
  • Lightweight – the shoe is hardly 2 lbs.
  • ASTM certified.
  • Impeccable design that allows for optimum comfort.
  • Soft interior enabling foot flexibility and comfort.


  • Only one color.
  • Makes feet to stink.
  • They don’t offer 100% non-slip.

The shoe is generally okay. It fits well, with no complaints of discomfort or loose laces repeatedly. However, be careful if you work in the kitchen. The shoe might not be the right choice following its synthetic sole.

For kitchen workers, you might be like our kitchen shoes review to increase safety in your work.

7. Skechers for Work Men’s Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe

Skechers for Work Men's Cottonwood Elks Shoe

This is the second time Skechers is making entry into these seven shoes for retail workers. It is for a good reason. Like its sister Skechers Slip Resistant Shoe for Work Men, this too is a quality shoe with 100% leather top and a synthetic sole.

The inside of this shoe is fitted with memory foam to help wearers get the comfort they need. Since the shoe is designed for retail workers, the top is water-resistant. Besides, when it is polished, the top leather shines.

The ankle and the toes do not suffer any discomfort because of the 1.3-inch elevation and ample space, respectively.

The shoe’s sides and the back are covered with leather. This soft fabric allows for a comfortable whole day’s work without the feeling of fatigue. Stitching accents around the shoe’s body complements its sleek look.

Although a more significant part of the sole is synthetic, there is a magic part, the nitrile rubber, which forms part of the bottom. This part is responsible for non-slipping ability, thus enhancing the shoe adaptability to slippery ground.


  • Comfortable fit.
  • The shoe is durable.
  • Non-slip resistant thanks to the nitrile rubber sole.
  • Lightweight, weighing 1 pound.
  • Embossed logo for those who want to feel classy.
  • Soft interior thus lessening fatigue.
  • Offers warmth thanks to padded collars.


  • The sole is not 100% non-slip resistant.
  • Comes with short insole.
  • The shoe may peel or fade within a short time.
  • You have to contend with one color, black.

After looking at all the pros and cons, it is not the wrong shoe. Capitalize on the weight, the design, and the comfort the shoe offers. Consider it normal for things such as fading after some time.

Top Features of Shoes for Retail Workers

Foot pain, fatigue, and swelling of the feet are some of the signs retail workers experience. If you do not seek proper intervention, there are high chances of you getting injuries and accidents that will make you lose your job.

Thankfully, all 7 shoes are listed above can play a significant role in helping you alleviate whatever pain you are feeling.

Nonetheless, it is not that easy to find the best shoe for working retail. There are factors you need to look at before you decide. What is more, what looks suitable for your colleague may not be the best fit for you.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when looking for the ideal retail work shoes:


The weight of the shoe is essential, especially for retail workers that suffer from arthritis. Many retail workers who have a bad experience with shoes complain of the weight of the footwear. Note that a shoe might be affordable, have an excellent design, and made of high-quality leather top and rubber sole but have a significant downside.

In most cases, if you look at other features and classify them as essential but set aside weight as less important, you are going to carry a burden. All retail workers, irrespective of the industry stand a lot and do a lot of walking. Lightweight shoes, preferably less than 2 pounds, will do them more good than harm.


An excellent retail shoe should fit the wearer. It bits logic that if one buys a bigger or smaller shoe, he/she will have difficulties in walking. It might not be a challenge if the wearer stands, but nobody will stand forever without making a move.

Good shoes should fit your foot without feeling the pain at the ankle, the footbed, and the toes. The shoelaces or the buckle should help you tighten or loosen the shoe to fit you.


The aim of buying a shoe is to help you carry on your retail work comfortably. Retail workers specifically need shoes that offer maximum comfort. The footbed needs to have cushioned or foamed pads with a spongy fabric that will give them a soft feel.

The interior upper site, the ankle, and side leaves need to be soft to massage the foot’s feeble sides. Many retailers workers who make the wrong choice find themselves pained each day because the shoes they decide on do not give them the soft touch.


The arch needs sufficient support. A shoe that does not have support, especially at the ankle, is not viable for a retail worker. Because of the support, you will be able to lift your foot fast, make quick and needed strides as you carry on with your duties. Shoes with proper ankle supports tend to last longer.


This is, perhaps, the foremost consideration. As it were, retail workers do a lot of work mostly in environments filled with obstacles. Some of the things that make their work hard are slippery ground in the kitchen, fallen particles on the floor, and other substances that might make the floor fatal.

To minimize the chances of injuries, comfortable work shoes for the retail need to have a non-slip sole. The highly-recommended bottom is rubber.


Quality retail workers’ shoes are designed to offer the wearer enough airflow. Because of the nature of their labor, retail workers’ feet can sweat, swell, or develop bruises. A quality retail shoe has air poles that allow air to flow to the feet. Others come with a mesh at the top and the sides to accomplish this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How many hours does a typical retail worker stand?

A. While it is easy to say a retail worker stands for as long as the shift lasts, some estimates help us understand the length. The primary responsibility of any retail worker is to greet the client.

When retail workers serve clients, they do so while standing, and to listen to what the client wants. If the client needs something, the retail worker will need to get the item to the client.

Depending on the number of things the client needs, the worker will continue to serve the customer until he /she is satisfied. Many other clients who need services will come the same way. It is estimated that before the shift ends, a typical retail worker would have walked approximately 3 miles.

Q. Why go for comfort instead of something appealing as heels?

A. Retail work doesn’t require appealing shoes such as heels. There are jobs such as dancing showbiz that may need heels. When dancing, performing, or posing for a photoshoot, you can wear whatever you want.

Retail work does not give the wear of the shoe the convenience and the liberty to do, as they want. The work is demanding. You have to run up and down when serving clients who sometimes do not have enough time for their indulgencies.

Q. Are there worst floors for retail workers to stand on?

A. There is typically no right floor for a retail worker. Whatever the floor is made of, a retail worker is going to stand for long hours. Whether it is concrete, terrazzo, tiled, or laminated floor, a retail worker will feel the pain, fatigue, and all sorts of discomfort if he/she is going to stand for long.

The only thing that will alleviate the pain and fatigue that comes with standing for long hours is the type of shoes the retail worker wears. Of course, different floors react differently to other agents or obstacles. A wet tiled floor, for instance, will be more dangerous for a retail worker wearing synthetic-soled shoes as opposed to a wearer of a rubber-soled shoe on a terrazzo.

Q. Between laces and buckles, which is better for retail worker shoes?

A. It depends on one’s preference and taste. One retail worker feels better in shoes with laces while the other prefers buckles. The most important thing is the shoes fit the wearer. Some boots have an excellent design with buckles, and others finished with laces.

Q. My heels hurt a lot, especially when I stand for long hours, is there something I can do?

A. There are a few options for this. First, take off your shoes. Let your feet relax for some time if this is applicable at your place of work. The second option is to change your shoes.

Sometimes, certain shoes can cause your feet to swell, feel numb, or even get bruises. Before it gets to that, try a different type of shoe. You can try a shoe with a low heel or no heel at all, cushioned footbed interior, rubber sole, and a mesh for ventilation. Lastly, you can seek medical advice.


Retail workers perform a vital role in society. Without their noble work, most people would have trouble finding a motor vehicle spare part, exchange gas cylinder, and buy drugs over the counter and many other valuable things.

For you to do your job as required, it is in your best interest to invest in the best shoes for retail workers. The shoes don’t have to be many, but at least a few flat pairs that can help you maintain a casual/professional look. The important thing is your health and the safety of your feet. Make sure you take your time when making a choice, for it is not easy.

Nonetheless, the brands mentioned above are some of the best shoes that can help you with your daily chores. Your decision to get one from the list is a wise move because the shoes are helping millions of other retail workers like you.

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