Susan G Komen Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bike Review

Recently I decided to get a cruiser bike in order to get more exercise and to save some money on expensive gas. After searching through the best single speed bikes on the internet, I found a great fix bike that reminds me of simpler times when I was a little girl.

My new bike is the Susan G Komen single speed beach cruiser bike. I love this single speed bikes so much I felt that I had to tell others about it, so I decided to write this review! Check out all the great features that my new best-fixed gear bikes have:

Susan G Komen single speed beach cruiser bike
Bike TypeCruiser
Brake StyleCoaster brakes
Wheel Size26-inch
SpeedSingle Speed

Key Features of Susan G Komen Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bike


The heart and soul of the best-fixed gear bikes are the frames, and the one on the best single speed bikes is a thing of beauty. Kent makes the fixie bikes, and the professionals there really know what they are doing. Every joint on the frame is Tig welded for strength, but the welds are beautiful as well!

The frame and fork are made out of tube steel, so they are super strong and durable. The paint on the frame is glossy white, with some cute floral accents to make it pop. The frame features a step-thru design, so it is easy for us women to get on and off, no matter what we are wearing!


Susan G Komen bike wheels have 26-inch rims with spokes and have some cool looking whitewall tires. The tires are wide and thick, so they really soak up the bumps in the road and make the ride stable. Over the tires, there are some pink painted fenders with floral accents to keep you from getting wet when it rains.

I did not have any trouble with the tires, we just pumped them up, and I went for a ride! They seem to hold air well since I have not had to pump them up, and I have not had any flats yet.

Speed and Braking

I love the fact that the best-fixed gear bikes. I do not have to worry about shifting, bumping the shifters, or the chain coming off at the worst possible time. When I decided to buy a bike, I just knew that I wanted to keep it simple, and the single speed bikes are just that.

Braking is supplied by old-school coaster brakes, as we had when we were kids. You just put your weight on the backpedal, and you instantly slow down (or skid if you want). I will never have to worry about brake pads wearing out or brake adjustments.

Other cool features on the drive train are the Komen pink drive chain and the white 360-degree chain guard with the Susan G Komen logo and cuter floral designs. With this design, I do not have to worry about getting my slacks, dress, or skirt stuck in the chain!


Some nice chrome upswept handlebars supply the steering on the Susan G Komen cruiser. Some super comfortable rubber handgrips help you keep control of the fixie bikes, and help to prevent hand fatigue on long rides.

There are no frills here; the handlebars are just simple and clean looking. I did not have to adjust the handlebars at all because they were comfortable just the way they were. The handlebar is ideal for attaching a beautiful bicycle basket to carry your essentials with style.


I am not joking when I say that this is my favorite part of the best single speed bikes. It seems like every bike seat I have ever used in my life was made for boys or men. This saddle fits me perfectly! It is a well-cushioned and wide seat with plenty of padding and some spring inside of it.

It is black so it looks good, and it has the Susan G Komen logo and the famous pink ribbon on the side. I never knew that they even made the best single speed bikes seats this comfortable, but I am sure glad they do! You can also quickly adjust the height of your saddle with a quick-release lever, so it is super easy.


  • Affordable price and a portion go to the Susan G Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer!
  • Tig welded steel frame and fork provide a smooth ride
  • Incredibly, simple to assemble – takes around 15 minutes
  • Cute yet inexpensive fixie bikes
  • Smooth ride with the 26” wheels
  • This bike will make you feel like a young girl again
  • A comfortable seat for women
  • Good chain guard so your clothes will not be stuck


  • Not good for climbing long or steep hills
  • Floral accents are stickers, so they may peel off
  • Tools required for assembly not included

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a simple, cute, and affordable single speed bikes, I highly recommend you to buy Susan G Komen single speed beach cruiser bike. It looks great, it is easy to put together, and it rides smooth. If you have never had a beach cruiser before, you will absolutely love it!

You will also feel great that this bike is made in the U.S.A., and part of the price goes to the Susan G Komen organization working for a cure for breast cancer. This is a great bike at a surprisingly affordable price, and it makes you feel like a kid again!

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