Kulana Beach Cruiser Reviews – An User Perspective

Are you a vacationer or like casual riding? Do you leave in a sandy area? Then you should need a beach cruiser and I will definitely recommend you the Kulana Beach Cruiser.

As like the definition of Beach cruiser, Kulana Cruiser Bike has expressive stylish outlook, wide cushioned saddle in a steel body.​

This is extremely easy to handle, assemble and you can enjoy on breezy beach afternoons. Apart from Beach riding, you can use it for daily on-road cycling and even going to your office.

Kulana Women's Cruiser Bike

Why People love Kulana Beach Cruiser?​

Available at a Cheap Price​

​Kulana Beach Cruiser is an ideal bike for casual riding. All features like steel frame, wide ballooning tube in an expressive look are available in Kulana cruiser bike. Moreover, it has a wide and comfortable saddle.

If you search the online market place for the best cruiser bikes, you may get a number of bikes comprising the facilities. However, you have to spend more than $200 for them.

If you get all of them at a price below $100, I believe there are only few reasons to spend extras. In this Kulana Beach Cruiser Review, I can recommend you to save your pocket by wise decision.

​Easy to Assemble and Clean

Kulana Cruiser bike comes in a small preassemble form. Therefore, you need to work a little to assemble this product. In addition, the manufacturer will provide some information of assembly.

From most of the user opinion, it is clear that the bike saddle and fenders are easy to adjust. Therefore, you need to worry a little for size adjustment and of course cleaning.​

Kulana Women's Cruiser Review for Features​

​The Kulana bike comes with a durable steel frame along with different radii wheels for little girls, women, men and young people. I assure you that it has an extremely comfortable seat, which settles well with the handlebars.

This bike has the features the best cruiser bikes for women.

  • Durable steel frame along with different radii wheels of 26”
  • Premium quality extra padded wide saddle for extreme comfort
  • Kulana bike saddle is simply adjustable bike seat and spring to absorb bump
  • Tires were fully covered by metal guards
  • Durable Rubber tire for smooth riding
  • Kulana has coaster brake for stopping without hassle
  • Good welded body
  • Easy to dismantle the chain and sprocket for cleaning
  • Classic blue color give the Kulana bike a perfect look


In this Kulana Beach Cruiser Review, I find out some important facts from my own experience, which will help you to decide for the bike:

  • Metal tires guards protect while riding the wetter parts of the beach.
  • Tire rubber is very durable and has compounds which help them age slowly
  • Kickstand helps to park anywhere
  • Reflector helps to get sufficient light
  • With the manual, it is very easy to assemble the bike without hassle
  • Easily cleaned due to having the easy way to assemble and dismantle


  • Heavyweight bike of 41 pounds
  • Absence of gear and speed option
  • Could improve the construction of its rim part
  • Careful handling is demanded

Final Verdict

This Kulana Beach Cruiser contains many features with the cheapest price, which can easily satisfy your needs. It has the comfortable saddle, steel frame with the best welding, metal fender etc. However, it has some negative points like no gear or speed options.

I myself love my Kulana Beach Cruiser. I would even go forward and recommend it for the whole family as I have bought a whole set. It is really not very expensive and costing something below $100.

I highly recommend you go on and treat yourself with a great Kulana bike ride today!​


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Michelle R Williams

Does the Kulana have tire tubes or is it a rubber tire?

    Robert Hallman

    Hi Michelle,

    Actually, Kulana Beach Cruiser comes with traditional tire and tubes.

    Thank you and have a good one!



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