6KU Bikes Reviews: Singling Out the Absolute Best Bikes of 2022

Avid bike riders have a thing for fixie bikes because they let them not only feel the rush but wreck the road as well. If you’ve taken on one of these rides for a spin before, then you surely know they have no equal.

What is a Fixie Bike?

This is a bike with no freewheeling and mostly has no multiple gears. The rear wheel, pedals, and the single gear are affixed. This means none of those parts can move independently.

6KU is one of the few bike brands with a solid skill for creating reliable fixies. They don’t just sell you a bike; uh-uh. They give you a machine that fits your style and faces obstacles with enduring optimism.

In this 6KU bike review, we are going to cover a few top options, their core features, buying tips, and throw in a few 6KU alternatives rides so you don’t leave here empty-handed.

Out of the two bikes we have reviewed, we firmly stand behind 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Urban Track Bike. This is because its engineering is a bit advanced and the price is motivating too. Now, let’s jump into the cool stuff so you can see why a fixie should be your next ride.

Things To Consider When Buying A Fixie Bike

Fixies also called single speed bikes are bicycles with no freewheeling mechanism are not for amateur riders. This means without pedaling; there is no motion. In their purest form, they come without brakes and thus rely on your balance and skill for maneuvering and stopping.

If you are looking forward to owning a fixie-the world’s most trendy and antique bike, there is a good way to do it. Here is what matters more when buying fixed gear bikes:

The Strength to Pedal

Fixie bikes aren’t for the weak. Once you get it going, there is no stopping. You have to keep pedaling until when the journey is over. This means anyone who intends to buy such a bike needs to have much strength or be willing to toughen up.

However, since the physical demands of a fixed gear bike can be high, we suggest starting slow. Pick a flat terrain and ride for a few minutes to become one with the bike. Once you feel worthy of tackling demanding cardio, feel free to ride uphill.

They Bear Special Wheels

Many fixed-gear bikes, including those from 6KU bear special tires with a non-standard inflating valve. The conventional valves you’ll get are “French” or Presta valve. They are designed in a way that makes them incompatible with “Schrader” or American valve pump.

If you realize that your bicycle is going to have such a wheel, then place an order for a Presta valve pump or an adapter that will make other pressure pumps useful. Note that your bike will arrive with the tires partially inflated or deflated.

By the way, if you don’t have the bucks for the special adapters, then visit your nearest bike specialist to see if they have one. This will spare you the necessity of purchasing something you don’t have the money for.

Consider Brakes

Fixies come with removable brakes 99% of the time. This should be great for beginners who are still getting used to it. Besides, you might still be used to handbrake from your other bike versions.

For those within the UK and some parts of the world with strict regulations, it might be okay to have some breaks to avoid the legal ramifications of having none. Even for pro badasses, having a backup brake won’t really lower the standards of your hardcore fixie.

Frame Material

It shouldn’t get complex on which type of frame is preferable. For a fixie, carbon frames are not mandatory (and we highly doubt you will ever get such). These bikes are mostly cheap and don’t go over $500. Therefore, the two frame materials available are steel and aluminum. They both work fine.

Flip-flop Hub

Being novice to fixed gear bikes can get you into a lot of trouble. The best way to go about this is to purchase a ride with a flip-flop hub. What does that do? It gives you two choices-to ride with or without freewheeling. Repercussions? Yeah, just two. The bike becomes heavy and will need brakes.

6KU Bike Review

Here are the two best 6KU fixie bikes (with 3 alternatives) others that most devoted riders go for. We hope you’ll like them too.

1. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Urban Track Bike

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Urban Track Bike

6KU Urban Track Bike bears all the features that make it a genuine fixie. Riser bars, removable brakes and a very lightweight, double-butted frame for ease of maneuvering.

Fixies are not supposed to have brakes. However, some countries like the UK have laws that insist on a bike having brakes. Nevertheless, this ride gives you the option to do away with them.

This ride comes with a flip-flop hub that gives two riding options-fixed or freewheeling. Most of its parts including the seat post and Kenda tires-can be fixed, adjusted or removed with little to no hustle.

The beauty and simplicity of 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Urban Track Bike make for effective riding. No need to stress about the gears and shifters. And the best part? The worry-free design with an almost “nothing-will-fail” attitude.

Top Features

  • Double-butted 6061 aluminum frame
  • Removable brakes
  • Novatec flip flop hub
  • 1 & 1/8″ alloy fork
  • 700 x 25C Kenda Tires
  • You can ride in fixed gear or freewheel
  • Riser bars
  • Front and rear caliper brakes

For enthusiastic cyclists, nothing can trump the efficiency of a 6ku urban track bike. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Urban Track Bike, for instance, gives you better speeds, reliable performance, and top-quality frame for longevity. Furthermore, it comes in a wide range of colors so you can pick something that complements your personality.

2. 6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie

6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie

Another 6ku fixie single speed bike worth looking into is 6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Bike. This ride is exceptionally versatile, albeit the absence of multiple gears. You can cruise through city terrains, rough roads, and many other places as long as they remain flat.

The stripped-down nature of this bike makes it super lightweight for doing anything you want. This ease in which it abides by your needs creates the kind of connection you can never get with mountain and other hybrid bikes. Furthermore, if you live on the top floors, carrying it with, you won’t be a problem.

6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie carries reliable pull brakes that can be detached. The flip-flop hub gives you the option of riding on a freewheel or a fixie. This ride pops in several attractive colors as well.

Top Features

  • High-tensile steel frame
  • Two riding options-freewheel and fixed
  • Flip-flop hub
  • Top-quality aluminum components
  • Removable brakes
  • Multiple color options
  • Quick-release seat post riser bars
  • Riser Handlebars

6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie, a better alternative to the first one of you, are looking to spend less than $250. Through quality-controlled manufacturing, this ride packs just as much clout with better features that guarantee the best performance. The only reason the price is lower is because of the steel frame-instead of the usual aluminum.

Nevertheless, the frame is ultra-durable, which makes the bike more versatile.

Best Alternatives To 6KU Bikes

6KU may be known for producing affordable bikes, but it’s not the only brand in this space. Retrospec, Pure Cycles, and Golden Cycles are reliable options too. If you want a few more 6ku alternatives, then check these out:

3. Retrospec Harper Urban commuter Fixie

Retrospec Harper Urban commuter Fixie

Another solid grab on this list is Retrospec Harper Urban commuter Fixie. Unlike the rest, this one strives to give you a genuine fixie experience without having to pay so much for it.

Some of its features include front and rear pull brakes, flip-flop hub, quick-release seat post, steel frame, and riser handlebars. As you can see, it hardly differs from the rest. With its weight being considerably low, it makes the best partner for workouts, work rides, and around-the-block casual rides.

With a flip flop hub, you can keep swapping the wheel from a fixie to coaster bike and vice-versa.

Top Features

  • Steel frame
  • Quick-adjust seat post
  • Rear and front pull brakes
  • Flip flop hub
  • Riser handlebars
  • 30mm deep-v rims
  • Kenda tires-700 x 28c
  • VP Freestyle Pedals

There are a couple of one-star reviews for this bike on some platforms. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll realize that some of their problems were either due to shipping or poor assembling. Besides, the bike is actually a steal at its suggested price point, and no one would mind throwing in a few bucks for upgrading.

4. Pure Fix Original Fixie Bike

Pure Fix Original Fixie Bike

Pure Cycle is a dominant participant in the bike world, and their long-lasting reputation goes way back to 2010. One of their minimalist design bikes for road cruising is Pure Fix Original Fixie Bike.

This ride is highly praised for carrying formidable and lightweight high-tensile steel frame. The rest of the metallic parts bear remarkable characteristics as well. For instance, the steel fork and alloy brakes are extremely defiant to rust and other extreme conditions.

The standard 700 x 28 tires are ideal for city and neighborhood leisure rides by providing a sufficiently stable contact with the ground. Like other modern fixie bikes, Pure Fix Original Fixie sports a flip flop hub that allows you to swap between a fixie and freewheel mechanism.

This bike is also praised for its stylish design that comes in numerous color choices. During shipping, the bike will arrive partially assembled. So be sure to have tools or an expert for complete assembling.

Top Features

  • Flip-flop hub
  • High-tensile steel frame
  • Quick-release seat post
  • Tires: 700 x 28C
  • 40mm deep-dish wheels
  • VP Freestyle Pedals
  • Drome saddle
  • Linear pull front brake

Pure Fix Original Fixie Bike is one of the most bought fixies out there. Its lightweight and durable design make it versatile on a wide array of terrains. However, it does cost a little more than others in this 6KU bike review.

5. Golden Cycles Single-speed Fixie

Golden Cycles Single-speed Fixie

This is quite a unique fixie bike with both front and rear linear-pull brakes. They are a nifty addition, especially in times when you forget to backpedal for stopping.

Brakes aside, Golden Cycles Single-speed Fixie integrates some seriously components of an insane quality. We are talking about high-tensile steel frame, Tig-welded fork, alloy riser bars, crankset, and rims. So, no matter the conditions your ride will pass through, it will indisputably survive over and over again.

The riser bars, ultra-slim wheels, and absence of accessories make this ride super lightweight. Moreover, it comes in so many eye-candy colors. It’s you to pick the one that lines up with your personality.

Top Features

  • High-tensile steel frame
  • Tires: 700cx25mm Kenda
  • Flip flop hub
  • Riser bar alloy handlebars
  • Quick-release seat post
  • 45mm Deep Alloy Rims
  • Multiple wonderful colors

With precise stopping mechanism, durable steel frame and alloy parts, there should be no reason to worry about both the performance and longevity of Golden Cycles Single-speed Fixie.

Top Features of 6KU Bikes

It would be a pity if a 6KU fixie bike review should end without addressing the core features of those rides. In case you are new to them, read on to know what exactly it is the pack.

Steel/Aluminum Frame

6KU makes their bike with affordability in mind. Their fixie single-speed rides bear either aluminum or steel frame. Depending on one’s budget, these frames can be advanced further through the addition of alloys.

Generally, most bikes feature either steel or aluminum. Carbon is costly and has serious flaws no one expects after paying exorbitant amounts. However, it’s not strange to find a few 6KU bikes with a carbon frame.

Friendly Handlebars

The shape and design of handlebars can enhance or impair your performance. 6KU sticks to the riser and dropping bars as they promote swift maneuvers for dodging thick traffic. These bars can be replaced with something of your liking.

Removable Brakes

Advanced riders love their bikes scaled down to the simplest forms. This is why 6KU is currently adding removable brakes to their products. This happens mostly with fixie bikes.

Without brakes and shifters, you don’t need to keep looking at the handlebar or tracing any accessory.

Saddle and Seat Post

You will find a wide range of saddles on 6KU bikes from narrow types to wider ones with thick foam paddings. These are usually replaceable because we all have unique needs. The best thing about the seat post is that it comes with a quick-release lever for quick height adjusting. You find good quality saddle here.

Wheels and Tires

The kind of tire your bike will have depends on two things: the nature of its activity and type. 6KU mostly deal in urban, and fixie rides with tires measuring up to a max of 700cx28mm and a min of 700cx23mm.

Their wheels are majorly deep v-fitted with unique valves for inflation. If you have a Presta valve pump, you may be ready to own a 6KU bike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are FAQs about fixie bikes to solidify your knowledge of them:

Q. How do you stop a fixie bike?

A. Pure fixies don’t have hand or foot brakes. To stop, you need to pedal against the motion cautiously until it decelerates. However, if you were not prepared to brake and it happens the momentum of the bike is too high, you’ll get thrown off of it.

There are two more ways to stop a single speed bike. The first one is through skip stopping. This is performed by gradually skipping on your rear wheel. When the bike lands, it will decelerate with each skip. Do not do this technique on extreme slopes-it’s easy to get thrown off.

The last method is called skid stopping. To do this, rise from your seat to lower the load on the wheel. Then get the pedals to a horizontal position, and the bike will skid to a halt. As you can bet, your tire gets eaten up in the process. However, it’s better than crashing, right?

Q. Does a fixie have brakes?

A. Yes, latest models with flip-flop hubs come with brakes for stopping. Such a design fits amateur riders who are not used to backpedal stopping. The brakes are (most of the time) removable so you can do away with them later.

Q. What is a flip-flop hub on fixies?

A. A flip-flop hub comes with two cogs on both sides hence the name double-sized hub. One hub is for freewheeling, and the other is fixed. To switch from one to the other, simply loosen the nuts, remove the chain, lose the tire and flip it over to switch cogs and tighten the bolts back. Easy peasy.

Q. What is the difference between a fixie and road bikes?

A. The best answer is simplicity. Road and urban bikes may feature multiple gears, brakes, and at times shifters. Fixies, on the other hand, have none of those. Just a pure bike with zero accessories.

What Do The Experts Think About 6KU Bikes?

There are a lot of opinions about 6KU bikes. Some are good, and others are discouraging. Nevertheless, all the sides of a coin are essential when it comes to making sober decisions, right?

Here are a few sentiments about 6KU bikes you will come across;

Coasting is not ideal for you-this feeling is supported by Sheldon Brown (RIP) a fixed gear bike enthusiast and mechanic, and Stephen Regenold of Geajunkie.com. According to the content on Sheldon’s site, no one below 45 years should rely on the “artifice of a derailleur.”

He and Regenold believe that people are getting softer with time, and that is why they can’t appreciate the simplicity of fixies.

When comparing them to other bikes, these gurus admit that no two-wheeled machine syncs with the body better than single-speed fixes. How is that so? Because for you to ride this bike safely, you have to learn how to stop it when conditions change abruptly. The connection should obviously be deeper.

Scott Rosenfield (once an editor of outsideonline.com) agreed that fixies possess a certain appeal. He liked their simplicity and aesthetic charm. However, he added that when the brakes and coasting are removed, they cease to be safe machines.

His sentiments are valid to some extent. As you know, some terrains are unpredictable, and even when you think you know where you are going, you certainly don’t know what might be crossing ahead. Thus, having brakes is something not to take lightly.

But as you may have noticed in this 6KU bike review, all the two options we listed have brakes that can be removed. So, for now, we can confidently say the dangerous aspect of them is averted.


Fixies of the ’90s are totally different from what is on the market today. As you learned in this 6KU bike review. The current models give you an offer to choose between a fixie and a coasting ride. To add the cherry on top, they throw in one or two brakes for effective stopping.

If you are a fixed-gear diehard, then you will love the two 6ku fixies reviewed in this piece. But before you make a purchase, make sure to know your needs, skills, the terrain ahead and your strength. This will help you to make sober decisions.

Not into Fixies? No need to worry. Take a look at other 6KU alternative bikes listed in this article for a better experience. Otherwise, all the best in your hunting efforts.

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