The Raleigh Bikes Reviews in 2022

Is Raleigh still a good brand? Do they make good bikes? These are merely a few of the questions that may be running through your head. Usually, combing through several Raleigh bikes reviews online should make things clear for you.

Raleigh is a reliable brand and always has been for a very long time. Ever since their first bike came out, the company’s top goal has been to help people enjoy the simplicity of bike riding.

Unlike most brands, they solely concentrate on making top-quality, affordable bikes. With as little as $150, you could get yourself a fantastic Raleigh ride. This, however, cannot be said of brands like Giant, Specialized, and Trek that make high-end bikes.

History of Raleigh Bikes

Raleigh is as old as a fossil. It dates way back to 1885-year, it’s that far back. Then the co-founder Frank Bowden had a very simple idea; help people be happy in the simplest way possible. He made that possible through the establishment of Raleigh bicycles.

Frank owned a small shop on Raleigh Street, Nottingham in England. Together with his team, they named the company Raleigh. The same shop bulged in size to become one of the biggest distributors of bikes throughout the four corners of the world.

Raleigh produced many bikes, a couple of cars and motorbikes during its early years. A few of those include Raleighette (a three-wheel motorcycle), the Chopper, Grand Prix, Moulton, Raleigh RSW and 1970’s Raleigh sports. The Chopper was the first to have featured multiple gears and bore the symbol of coolness.

Lately, the company makes road, recreation, mountain, electric, and urban bikes. They come in a wide variety of styles for men, women, and kids.

Fun fact: in 1887, Raleigh used to produce three bikes a week. Now the numbers are incredibly high. Enough of the past for now. Let’s move forward to the best stuff.

This article comprehensively covers everything you need to know about the best Raleigh bikes. We will also review a few offers, so you have a good place to start. Most of the suggestions discussed are affordable, sturdy, and heavily equipped with the best gear. Get ready to roll at top speeds.

Too short on time? No problem. Take a quick look at our top recommendation: Raleigh Bikes Cadent 3. This is a do-everything and go-anywhere bike that gives you a bit of all other bike types.

Raleigh Bikes Reviews

Are you out and about looking for the most durable and comfortable Raleigh bikes that will not break your bank? Look no more. Here are the top offers from Raleigh that will satisfy your expectations:

1. Raleigh Bikes Cadent 3 Urban Fitness Bike

Raleigh Bikes Cadent 3

Are you an urban rider who likes to ride often? Do you do it for fitness purposes? If you answered yes to both questions, then Raleigh Cadent 3 sports should be on your list. It’s a hybrid bike that sports a sturdy geometry for burning some calories.

As a fitness bike, Cadent 3 bears a thin structure with only the essentials to keep the weight to a minimum. This gives the rider plenty of room for making quick turns and stunts. With a total of 16 gears, you don’t need to burn your energy. Simply switch to the lower versions and pedal with ease.

You also get the best quality hydraulic disc brakes for all-season riding. No friction and no failure. For convenience, the seat post features a quick-adjust lock point. The few things that could be a bit of a setback include the narrow seat and the relatively higher price tag. But hey, the best things don’t come cheap, you know.

Top features

  • Sizing: from 5’3’’ to 6’4’’
  • Arrives partially assembled
  • ProMax hydraulic disc brakes
  • Quick-adjust seat post
  • Flat handlebars
  • Double Wall Disc Rims
  • Shimano Claris shifters
  • 16-speed fitness bike
  • 700x35C 60TPI tires

Raleigh Cadent 3 Urban Fitness Bike is a high-quality, stress-free bicycle. It has many features that favor both seasoned fitness riders and everyday commuters. If you are ready to spend a bit more for a ride that promises 80%+ efficiency, then do not miss out on this one.

Read also: You May Also Like the Raleigh Cadent 2 Review, Another Version of This Bike.

2. Raleigh Merit 3 Endurance Road Bike

Raleigh Bikes Merit 3

If you are a seasonal rider, then you must be very picky about your needs. The one bike that you can rely on for both casual and competition riding is Raleigh Merit 3 Endurance Road Bike. This product is such a big hit because of one reason: it gives you all, so you leave nothing to chance.

Its engineering includes a lightweight aluminum frame that ends with a high-tensile carbon fork. This gives you both light and sturdy design for easy controlling. The seat post and stem bear an advanced mechanism that helps to absorb shock. This is an exemplary feature given that most road bikes have narrow tires and no suspensions for impact absorption.

Raleigh Merit 3’s gear components are high-end. Everything from the crank, drivetrain, to derailleur, is from Shimano. Is there anything you can’t do with a 22-speed bike? Nothing at all. The unique handlebar design promotes any riding posture you can think off.

Like most road bikes, Merit 3 features a rather narrow saddle, and that can get uncomfortable with longer rides. The good thing is you can get a replacement easily. Secondly, its tires are well suited to well-paved roads.

Top features

  • Aluminum frame
  • Aluminum and carbon fork
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Quick-adjust seat post
  • 22-speed gear
  • Shimano 105 2×11 STI shifters
  • Tire: 700x28c with puncture-protection belt underneath

A bike that goes for around $1000 is no joke. That’s why Raleigh Merit 3 Endurance is well-suited for extreme riders who want something nearly perfect. It’s a hybrid bike and, therefore, quite versatile except for rough terrains. If you are an athlete who does a lot of urban riding, this should be your go-to ride.

3. Raleigh Women’s Superbe City Bike

Raleigh Bikes Women's Superbe City Bike

Do you appreciate the finer things in life? If you do, Raleigh has something good for you- Raleigh Women’s Superbe City Bike. Incredibly bright-colored with a vintage appeal.

However, this isn’t just about the looks. It comes along with rear and front fenders to keep your favorite clothes dirt-free. The chain too hides behind a guard that prevents your trousers from being smeared with oil or getting nabbed.

As a typical women bike, the frame is a step-through to help you get on and off with ease. The handlebars sit higher than the saddle to keep you comfy so you can focus on the trail. The frame and fork are made from steel, and this is one of the reasons the bike is affordable.

Oh and the basket! What a marvelous addition. You could stash in some extra sandals, your lunch, bike water bottle-anything you want. Unfortunately, the company seems to lack extra when customers as for another.

Speed-wise, Raleigh Women’s Superbe City Bike can’t take part in racing. This is a simple bike for casual rides with your better half within the city. By the way, it’s got super wide 700x35c tires that do well in sandy beaches.

Top features

  • General sizing: 5’-6’4’’
  • Comes partially (85%) assembled
  • Fitted with a chain guard
  • Front and rear fenders
  • Step-through frame
  • 700x35c Kenda tires
  • Steel fork and frame
  • Shimano 7 speed

There are many reliable bikes for women like sixthreezero EVRYjourney Ride in the Park and Critical Cycles Beaumont-7. However, Raleigh Women’s Superbe City Bike outshines them in price even though they share similar structural components.

4. Raleigh Bike Circa 1 Comfort Bike

RALEIGH Bikes Circa 1

If you want a trail bike that isn’t afraid of tackling the most adventurous trails, get yourself Raleigh Bike Circa 1 Comfort Bike. Extremely affordable don’t even need to wait for those days when there is a price drop on Amazon.

The most admirable parts of this bike include the frame, saddle, and tires. The saddle is plush with memory foam padding, so your butt doesn’t take too much heat from long hours of riding. The frame and tires too are well-equipped to absorb bumps.

Circa 1 has been stripped down to leave only the essentials. For serial urban and championship riders, such a lightweight geometry gives them the freedom to accomplish any stunts and maneuvers. However, it’s still got joints for attaching the rear rack and fenders if you need to.

Is it a speed freak? No, it’s not. With a total of 7 gears, you can only get enough to flatten mountains. Nothing fancy. For those with toughened muscles, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you need more gears, take a look at Raleigh Willard 1 review.

Top features

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 27.5 x 1.95” Kenda tires
  • Prowheel alloy crank
  • Comfortable plush saddle
  • Quick-adjust seat post
  • Shimano Revo shifters
  • 7-speed bike
  • Rim clamp brakes

If you want a solid ride with sufficient comfort without spending over $300 bucks, then go for Raleigh mountain bike reviews. The frame is sturdy and can accommodate large riders fairly. The rest of the parts function pretty well even though they are not of a sophisticated caliber.

5. Raleigh Talus 1 Recreational Mountain Bike


Unlike most bikes, Recreational bicycles are built for one purpose; to have fun-nothing more. Therefore, most offers in this category like Raleigh Talus 1 Recreational Mountain Bike are mostly simple in design.

To enjoy every minute of your time, Talus 1 keeps it weight a bit down and runs on 27.5 shock-absorbing wheels. The seat post can be adjusted in seconds in case you want to alter your riding position.

The upright handlebars and existence of 21 gear options ensure you keep things easy and relaxed for as long as you want. Again, this is a no-frills ride, so it doesn’t include the fenders, racks, and chain guards. Nevertheless, it has slots for any bike accessories you can think of.

Given the simplicity of Raleigh Talus 1 Recreational Mountain Bike, do not expect to part with a lot. However, if your adventures extend beyond the simple neighborhood spin, then you might need to look into Raleigh road bikes reviews for advanced offers.

Top features

  • It comes with a steel frame
  • General sizing: 5’-6’4
  • Arrives partially assembled
  • Rim brakes
  • Quick-adjust saddle
  • Shimano twist shifters
  • Large 27.5’’ wheels
  • Shimano drivetrain with 21 optional gears

Raleigh Talus 1 Recreational Mountain Bike is the best basic mountain bike for those with limited budgets and have a liking for steel frames. It takes a few minutes to assemble if you have all the right tools. If you are not confident enough in your skills, then get an expert’s help.

There is also an updated version of this bike called Raleigh talus 2(Click for full review)

6. Raleigh Bikes Tamland 1 All Road Bike

Raleigh Bikes Tamland 1

If you want to go anywhere and do anything, you need a bike that is exceptional in many ways. One such ride is Raleigh Bikes Tamland 1 All Road Bike. When the road ends, or you get to an “unimproved road” sign, that’s actually when Tamland 1 gets ready to flex its muscles.

This bike’s “can do it” attitude is what many advanced riders love. Any minute, it’s ready to take on the unknowns and come out victorious. Why do you make it sound like a jeep wrangler? Because it offers the same performance. The only difference is that the latter runs on four wheels.

Tamland 1 bears the all-weather hydraulic brakes for effective stopping. So basically, neither the scorching sun nor the never-ending rain will make it falter. It achieves some of the highest speeds thanks to its 22 gear options. The wheels, seat post, and the stem are designed to absorb some of the impacts for a less bumpy ride.

This bike is heavily praised by previous buyers. It’s almost flawless, but as you would guess, such quality comes at a price. The one thing that sucks a little is the warranty. For a high-end bike, it would be better if the company offered an extended warranty period.

Top features

  • General sizing: 5’5’’-6’5’’
  • Custom butted Reynolds 631 steel frame
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Quick-adjust seat
  • Shimano 105 shifters
  • 22-gear options
  • Resin Platform pedals
  • Front and rear Shimano derailleur
  • Carbon fork

Raleigh Bikes Tamland 1 All Road is a bike that can give you a bit of everything. Feels like a hardtail, cruises like a mountain and is comfy like fat bikes. It’s highly recommended not just by us, but other Raleigh bikes review as well.

It comes bearing a classic modern steel frame, advanced gear components, and a relaxed geometry. If you don’t want to go out looking for a bike again anytime soon, then get this beast.

7. Raleigh Detour 2 Comfort Hybrid Bike

Raleigh Bicycles Detour 2

Sometimes shoving out $500+ on a bike can be quite a hurdle for most people. If you belong to that category, you don’t have to worry about finding a reliable ride. One of the few better options worth giving a try is Raleigh Detour 2 Comfort Hybrid Bike.

The Detour 2 is a mid-level offer with everything you need for your commuter rides. And by everything we mean 21 multiple gears, an adjustable saddle, linear-pull brakes, and durable Shimano gear components.

It has a perfect model of classic design with quality parts. The aluminum step-thru frame comes fender and rack-ready. The Aluminum fork with Shimano tourney, a comfortable and well-cushioned saddle that makes it great value, all comes together in Detour 2. It has 700 x 40c tires that keep efficiently rolling and puncture protection who want to ride long distance and city commuting.

The frame comes fender and rack-ready. Unfortunately, there are a few things that might discourage pro-riders. First, it doesn’t have any suspensions. Secondly, the linear brakes that it comes with are not as effective as mechanical varieties. Nevertheless, most of us grew up (and still are) using those types of brakes. So it isn’t too much of an issue.

Top features

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 21 gear options
  • Wider, spring-supported saddle
  • Traditional linear-pull brakes
  • 700x40c tires
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Shimano Altus derailleur
  • Shimano crank
  • Step-through frame

Raleigh Detour 2 Comfort Hybrid Bike is an ideal machine for those who don’t want to spend more than $500 on a bike. It’s got everything you need from multiple gears with quality components to a multi-purpose design that supports many activities.

Top Features of Raleigh Bikes

You must know what a bike is made up of before you shove out your credit card. A few minutes of research can save you from throwing away money on something that might not fit your needs. If you are into Raleigh bikes, then check out some of their top features:

Frame Material

Raleigh bikes feature all the common types of frames. Depending on your budget, you can get a steel, carbon, or aluminum frame.

What’s the difference between steel, aluminum, and carbon frames? The difference lies in quality.

Carbon fiber frames boast of perfection. They sport high tensile strength with the ability to accommodate heavy riders comfortably. These frames are ultra-lightweight and corrosion-resistant. But there is a catch, of course. They cost a lot and are susceptible to scratches and dings.

Aluminum is the most common material. It gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to endurance strength and price. A big number of bikes you see in the market are made of this material. Its qualities include super lightweight, corrosion-resistance, and cost-effective. Downsides: It weakens with time.

The last in line is steel. With proper care, it can live long enough to see you through many good times. Due to its density, it’s more effective in absorbing shock and comes at affordable prices. The cons? It’s the heaviest bike frame material and rusts very fast if you ignore to repaint dinged surfaces.

Frame Shape and Size

Like clothes, bikes too don’t come in a one-size-fits-all design. This means you need to choose what feels right in your hands. Raleigh makes bikes for both kids and adults. Therefore, the frame sizes vary wildly.

While it’s hard to be specific, we’ll give you something to work with, okay? Most adults (men and women) have a height range of 5’’-6’5’’. And Raleigh’s common rides come with frames that fit individuals within the said range. In short, everyone can get a ride that fits impeccably.

As for frame shapes, the two popular ones are the regular V (stand over) and step-through women designs. It’s hard to go wrong with step-throughs as it’s effortless to get on and off.

To get the correct V frame size, make sure your inseam measurement is more than the standover height of the bike. This will allow you to rest your feet on the ground while stopping for something.


As discussed above, a bike will weigh much or less, depending on the frame type. Additionally, the number of components it pops around with can hugely push the digit far up. However, most Raleigh bikes (road, urban and hybrid) have a lightweight stripped down geometry.

If you don’t like the weight that your ride comes with, simply get rid of some parts. If you lose the fenders, racks, and gear components, it would be effortless for you to make quick turns and maneuvers during a racing competition.


Raleigh has both single-speed and multi-speed offers. The essence of the gears is to help you climb up the hills with minimal effort. When the terrain starts rising, switching to the lower speeds mean expending less energy. However, on flat grounds, a single-speed or higher-gears give you more flexibility.

The gear components vary depending on the price or use of the bike. Some rides feature both front and rear derailleur while others have only the rear. Additionally, the number of cogs and chainrings differs from one bike to another.

Bikes with two chainrings are called doubles while those with three triples. You need to be a pro-rider to know what type of gear components could be massively useful. Nevertheless, the more complex they are, the more maintenance the ride will need.


There are two types of wheels Raleigh bicycles come with-large and small. The standard dimensions you get on many rides are 700c x26’’. Otherwise, you will get other variations like 18, 27, 27.5, and 29 inches.

Which is better between smaller and larger bike wheels? No matter how extensive you read on this, it will come down to one thing-preference. Some people like the smooth ride of larger tires because they glide over obstacles easily.

On the flip side, they are heavy and make quick maneuvers impossible to execute. Smaller wheels bear negligible weight. This provides for a fast ride that can cut through thick traffic with grazing people or cars. So the bottom line is, each wheel size has its pros and cons. Only the type of riding, your weight and terrain can help you make the best choice.


Raleigh makes all types of bicycles. They stock mountain, hybrid, urban, road, electric, and triathlon bikes. Some of these rides pop up in other designs such as hardtails and full-suspension. Price-wise, their budget collections cost between $200 and $500.

Midrange options go for around $500-$1000 while the expensive models swing between $1000 and above. Raleigh’s high-end collections include electric bikes, triathlon, and advanced road and mountain bikes.


There are two types of brakes bikes come with; rim and disc brakes. Raleigh uses rim brakes for lower-end bikes. Contrary to many beliefs, they are effective though not as good as the disc varieties. They are designed for smooth paved roads and dry trails.

Disc brakes provide a far better-stopping power than rim brakes. Extreme road riders love them because they are reliable in any weather. Unfortunately, they can be too tough on the wheel and cause problems. That’s why the next version is the most recommended.

The third and most effective one is the hydraulic disc brakes. It’s far superior to the first two. Unlike mechanical disc brake, this one provides smooth but efficient stopping power without causing too much friction.

The last two can push a bike’s price a little higher. So if you ride on smooth pavements and don’t weigh a lot, then there is no need to overspend on the finest brakes.


Raleigh works hard to give you the best biking experience. But since preferences differ, most bikes will come stripped down but with joints for attaching other parts such as racks, fenders, and water bottles.

Most budget bikes don’t come with suspensions. Even if they do, some people choose bikes without them because they might need frequent maintenance. In place of suspension, you’ll note that some Raleigh rides feature a seat post and stem that is equipped with vibration absorbing technology. This makes riding on suspension-free bikes less straining.

If you comb through this and other Raleigh bike reviews, you will realize that the company is indeed worth it’s salt. Read on to know how this brand’s offers compare with others.

Comparison Between Raleigh Bikes and Others

Obviously, Raleigh isn’t the only company making bikes. There are many other out there. A few choices worth mentioning include Diamondback, Trek, Schwinn, Specialized, Vilano, Lemond, Mongoose, Klein, Giant, Fuji, Huffy, and Cannondale.

Raleigh is neither the cheapest nor the most high-end. Brands that sell costly bikes include Cervelo Bikes, Derosa, Colnago, and Litespeed. So how does Raleigh compare with the rest within its space?

One thing you’ll note is that Raleigh’s prices are considerably lower. It almost ties with Diamondback and Schwinn. So if you want to save yourself some bucks, you know which brand to pay more attention to, don’t you?

How To Choose The Right Raleigh Bike?

How do I choose the best Raleigh bike? It’s simple to choose the best ride once you know what your needs are, how much you weigh, your height, the nature of riding, and the terrain of your place. This is the best and most accurate answer you can ever get.

If you are plus size and tall, one thing is clear; go for rides with larger tires. The bigger the wheels, the easier it will be for the bike to handle your weight for many years. No one is saying small-wheeled ones cannot suit you. The problem is they won’t hold up for long.

Medium weight riders, on the other hand, have the advantage of choosing between both wheel types.

The rest of the factors from gear components, the number of accessories, frame material, and bike model will depend on how much you are willing to spend. To make this short, the more you are willing to pay, the easier it will be for you to get the best deal.


Do you know why people prefer either Apple or Samsung products over other companies? Yes, it’s because of their consistency in producing the best deals. The same can be said of Raleigh bikes. You can never go wrong with their offers.

Since the beginning, the company expanded its line of products to make bikes for pro athletes as well as other enthusiastic riders. As highlighted in this and other Raleigh bikes reviews, you can get anything you want from this brand-be it a hybrid, mountain, road, urban or triathlon bike for both kids and adults.

Why bother trying out other companies with questionable reputation when Raleigh has everything for you? If you don’t know where to start, the few offers reviewed in this article will suffice. Have you used a Raleigh ride before? What’s your take about them? Let us know your sentiments in the comment box below. Happy hunting!

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