The 10 Best Lightweight Bikes for Women – 2020 Reviews

Riding a bike is becoming a popular form of transportation nowadays.

Because it provides recreational value, burns calories without even having to hit the gym, avoid getting stuck in traffic, and it's environmentally-friendly, too.

Women all over the world are looking for a bike that meets their needs and gives them a comfortable riding experience. It should be easy to get on and off, almost effortlessly.

And what bike is better than a stylish, lightweight bike that not only looks good but is also fun to ride?

Now let's have a look at what defines a lightweight bike?

A bike can be defined as a lightweight when it has a lightweight carbon or aluminum frame with other fewer weight parts. The total weight can be as low as 6.4 kg or 14.1 lbs.

However, we found the average weight of a lightweight bike ranging from 19 pounds (8.6kg) to 30 lbs (13.6kg) during our research. We mostly did the study based on popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Most women prefer lightweight bikes because it is easy to handle (less weight) and has a comfy, upright position.

They do not only provide a comfortable riding experience but also give you a great workout session, which may help to achieve your exercise goals.

Among all the best lightweight bikes we reviewed here, Raleigh Bicycles Detour 2 Comfort Hybrid Bike comes out handy because we found its perfect bicycle for both short and long-distance travel.

Best Lightweight Bikes

Bike Name




Frame Material

Raleigh Bicycles Detour 2 Comfort Hybrid Bike

28 lbs



Raleigh Bikes Circa 2 Comfort Bike

37 lbs



6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Bike

19 lbs



Tommaso Monza Endurance Road Bike

21.6 lbs



Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

27 lbs



Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 Endurance Road Bike

23.5 lbs



Tommaso La Forma Aluminum Hybrid Bike

24.7 lbs



Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike

45 lbs



Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Bike

38 lbs



Kent Springdale Women's Hybrid Bicycle

34.28 lbs



1. Raleigh Bicycles Detour 2 Comfort Hybrid Bike

Raleigh Bicycles Detour 2 is one of the best lightweight bikes for women because it is super lightweight and exceptionally durable.

Made with superior quality aluminum frame and wide tires, this model provides excellent comfort and superior ease of use.

Designed for women’s body structure, the Detour 2 Comfort Bike features a low standover height and has a shorter seat-to-handlebar distance.

It helps to maintain an upright body position that prevents any strain on the lower back and the neck. Because of this unique construction, relatively shorter women can ride the bike with ease and comfort.

The Detour 2 Comfort bike incorporates a suspension fork, suspension seat post, and large, wide wheels to rest your back, hands, and arms while riding the bike. You won’t feel any discomfort riding the bike on any terrain.

Raleigh included Shimano gears to this women’s bike to assure a steady and secure gear shift. It has 21 speeds and a reliable gear shifter, making it a good bike even on hills.


  • The sturdy aluminum frame makes the bike very durable.
  • Shimano components mean a stable ride.
  • The bike weighs just about 27.98 lbs.
  • There is little to no road bump feeling.
  • It includes rim brakes for added safety.
  • It is easy and trouble-free to assemble.
  • The bike has 21-speed changes.
  • It is available in two attractive colors (Blue, Green).


  • Some customers report disappointing after-sales service.
  • Back racks cannot be attached.

It is a perfect commuter for women who desire short rides through the boardwalk or around the neighborhood — the stylish looks and yet functional bike for their recreational rides.

2. Raleigh Bikes Circa 2 Comfort Bike

Raleigh Bikes Circa 2 Comfort Bike

Do you love pulling some sick stunts on bikes? If you do, then Raleigh’s Circa 2 should be at the top of your list.

Its design is minimalistic with a raised handlebar and a saddle that sits low to foster upright riding.

The absence of a suspension does compromise on comfort a little, but the super thick Kenda tires and a memory foam saddle will lessen the riding impact to a certain extent.

Most of the metallic sections, including the crank, are made from aluminum alloy and thus durable and lightweight.

The pullback brakes are work fine during the first months, but as they get chipped out, their stopping ability reduces too.

Raleigh Bikes Circa 2 boasts of 21 versatile gears that make riding on flat and hilly terrains less demanding.

The gear system is composed of the revered Shimano components and thus able to see you through years of riding before replacement is required.


  • Multiple gears to tackle hills and shift riding styles.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Lightweight (approximate weight is 36 lbs).
  • Minimalistic design.
  • Promotes upright riding posture.


  • Doesn’t come with fenders.
  • Equipped with traditional brakes.

Raleigh Bikes Circa 2 is not as advanced as most advanced hybrid bikes, but it might be the best option for those who want something too light to make super quick maneuvers.

So if you do love pulling bike stunts, start looking at Circa 2 before everything else.

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3. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

6KU has become a household name in the fixed gear bike world with the number of bikes they have in the market today.

The 6KU Fixie Urban Track bike is another great product they have that offers you the best parts of street and track, giving you a sort of hybrid bike.

The frame has a track design about it, the rear chainstay is slightly angled, and the flattened tubes give it a pretty nice look.

The frames are made from lightweight 6061 aluminum, welded smoothly to give it that classy look. It weighs about 21 lbs, which is one of its most significant advantages.

The 6KU Urban Track has a saddle that is well designed and padded, making it very comfortable. It is quite easy on the back because of its upright handlebars. Steering will not be a problem because of the soft rubber grips on the handlebars.

The drivetrain of this lightweight bike is one of the features that make it popular among users.

The sealed rear hub prevents moisture and dirt from getting inside while you are riding. You can flip the center around for freewheel riding whenever you want.


  • At just about 21 lbs, it is quite lightweight.
  • It can go at high speed.
  • It has double brakes.
  • Freewheel riding is possible.
  • It has a sleek design.


  • The bike has unnecessarily large pedals.
  • Some users are not really pleased with the saddle design.

Unlike some other lightweight bikes, the 6KU Urban Track makes long rides a breeze because it has more top-end speed than other bikes.

The rear and front brakes make it suitable for use in urban areas. If you prefer your Fixie without brakes, you can remove the double brakes.

Speaking of fixed gear bike! If you want to check out more options, especially from the 6KU brand and some excellent alternatives, then here is an in-depth article to help you to make an informed decision.

4. Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

Tommaso is a brand well-known for its quality road bikes.

The Tommaso Monza, for example, is a top of the line aluminum bike that has a classy design as well as high functionality.

The Tommaso Monza is an aerodynamic bike. It weighs about 21.6 lbs, making it lightweight and easy to maneuver.

The cushioning that the saddle provides makes it suitable for long rides.

One of the advantages of this bike is the HCT Carbon fork that reduces the vibration from bumpy roads, making rides even on rough terrain comfortable.

The Aluminum frames contribute to its lightweight and durability. Its drivetrain is one of the most powerful, offering you 20 Speeds options, which help you ride 10 miles to 100 miles effortlessly.

The Tommaso Monza uses Tiagra brake calipers that give you the confidence to challenge even the steepest of roads.

The saddle is made by WTB, one of the most trusted saddle makers today. With the WTB Volt saddle, riding becomes a pleasant and fun experience.


  • The bike weighs about 21.6 lbs, which is pretty lightweight.
  • HCT Carbon fork makes it very stable, especially on rough roads.
  • Comes with a comfortable saddle.
  • It has up to 20-speed changes.
  • The Tiagra brake calipers make it usable on steep roads.
  • It has a powerful drivetrain.
  • The handlebar is quite soft and well-cushioned.
  • Attractive design and colors (Blue, Matte Black).


  • Some users have complained that it has cheap-looking pedals.
  • It does not come assembled, and you may require an expert to help you assemble the bike.

One downside to this bike is its cheap-looking pedals. However, this should not be a big deal as you can quickly get any pedal you want and fit it to your bike.

When it comes to lightweight bikes, the Tommaso Monza is one of the best you can get in the market today.

In the Tommaso bike brand, there is another exceptional choice called Tommaso Imola Road Bike. It's incredibly lightweight due to the aluminum frame and included the latest features that might meet your expectations.

5. Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

When it comes to high-quality road bikes, the Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike is among the best.

It costs less than most of the lightweight bikes in the market today. It's an ideal road bike at an affordable price, and you can be sure of its durability.

It is only 27 lbs, which are suitable as a lightweight bike. The 6061 double-butted aluminum frame contributes to the bike's lightweight.

It has up to 21-speed changes so you can be sure that it will do well in any situation. Its derailleurs and shifters are quite inexpensive, but they work well.

You may want to get better tires as some users have complained that the tires are cheap and do not look very durable. If you ignore this issue, then it is a great bike for you.


  • It is an inexpensive bike.
  • At 27 lbs, it is a lightweight bike.
  • The bike has up to 21-speed changes.
  • Available in three different sizes (50cm/Small, 54cm/Medium, 58cm/Large).
  • Comes with a free padel.
  • It is easily assembled as it will take less than an hour.


  • Some users have complained about the cheap tires.
  • The brake levers are not angled adjustable.
  • Handlebars do not raise.

Vilano is a trusted name when it comes to bike brands. Bikes from Vilano are very versatile, lightweight and comes at an affordable price. One of the main selling points of the Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike is the fact that it comes in three different bike sizes, so you can be sure of getting one no matter what you prefer.

It can be excellent for rides to the beach or around town. It is quite sturdy, so you can also go riding either on a flat track or a more daring hilly track.

6. Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 Endurance Road Bike

Raleigh Bikes Merit 2 Endurance Road Bike

The Raleigh Merit 2 is an endurance bike that can also act as a commuter bike. It offers more flexibility in how and where you can ride it. It is more comfortable to use than most other bikes.

If you want a comfortable ride on a lightweight bike, you may want to look at the Raleigh Merit 2.

The bike has an aluminum alloy frame, alloy road fork, and a double-butted tubing that all contribute to its lightweight as well as its fast performance.

It comes with tires that are slightly larger than what you will find on most other bikes. These larger tires improve the tracking and power transfer, which gives you a smoother ride.

The dual pivot caliper brakes and the comfortable saddle combined with the short drop-style handlebars to give you a smooth and pleasant ride.

The bike comes 85 percent assembled, so it’s easier for you to assemble it or find an expert to complete assembly.

The Raleigh Merit 2 comes in different sizes, so you do not have to worry about getting one that fits you perfectly.


  • It is very light at just 23.5 lbs.
  • It has dual pivot caliper brakes for low maintenance.
  • It comes in different sizes.
  • Short drop-style handlebars make riding a breeze.
  • Larger tires offer you a smooth ride.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame provides strength while riding in rough terrains.
  • It has up to 16-speed changes.


  • You may need expert help in completing the assembly.

While Raleigh is not as famous as some other bike brands, they do make great women’s bikes.

If you are looking for a bike that offers you great value and a comfortable ride, Merit 2 is the right choice for you.

7. Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike

Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike

The Tommaso brand is well-known for its bikes, especially for its road bikes.

This La Forma bike is perfect for recreation or commuting to and from work.

It is lightweight because of the aluminum frame.

The 27-speeds help you get on any road or track quite easily. It has alloy rims that will not bend or break on rough roads.

Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike features 700c wheels, which are larger than some women’s bikes.

The alloy quick-release seat clamp lets you adjust the seat to your desired height.

The linear-pull brakes provide you an excellent response to stopping quickly.


  • Looks great for its attractive look.
  • It provides a smooth ride.
  • The rack on the back of the bike is sturdy.
  • It is comfortable and priced affordably.


  • The brake needs self-adjustment.
  • The bike is heavier than other aluminum bikes.
  • You have to assemble it yourself, and this may require some special tools.

It is useful for riding around town or commuting to work. The riding position is comfortable and keeps you upright while in use. Tommaso La Forma is a great option to choose as an ideal lightweight bike.

8. Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike

The Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike is for you if you are looking for an everyday bike that is beautiful, comfortable, and yet in your budget.

You can enjoy an incredible, performance-packed ride with this sturdy aluminum frame bicycle. It's strong, durable, and super lightweight.

Most women prefer lightweight bikes as they are comfortable, safe, and deliver a pleasant riding experience.

Speaking of safety measures, the Schwinn Hybrid assembled with both front and rear ProMax alloy pulls brakes in addition to the signature Schwinn alloy cranks, making it stop immediately the moment you want.

Another great feature of this hybrid bike is its exceptional performance. It ensures a relaxed and enjoyable ride regardless of bumps in the road.

Equipped with 700c solid tires and 21-speed gear shifter, you can enjoy super-fast speed yet experience stability and balance even on the most unpleasant terrain.

Looking for full discussion on this bike? Here is the in-depth review of Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike.


  • The frame is aluminum, making it lightweight and durable.
  • The bike has an attractive-looking back rack.
  • It has a relatively affordable price tag.
  • The bike includes an incredibly soft saddle seat.
  • It provides the best value for the money spent.
  • This bike offers incredible safety features.
  • Protected by a lifetime warranty.


  • Little parts unscrew quickly and often fall off.
  • The seat height makes it difficult for shorter women to ride the bike.
  • Not appropriate for off-road riding.
  • Available only in one color.

The signature suspension fork from Schwinn escalates bike response rate and makes it almost impact-free so that your body doesn't have to suffer from road bumps wherever you may be riding.

9. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Step-Through Cruiser Bicycle

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 26-Inch Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

Many women prefer eye-catching, dazzling colorful rides to match their style. If you are one of them, Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is for you!

Sixthreezero markets a wide range of stunning color combinations for their lightweight EVRYjourney hybrid cruiser bike.

The premium aluminum step-through frame of this women’s bike finished with shiny chrome accessories and faux-leather grips and seat with dual spring for exceptional style and additional comfort.

In short, this Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle is super chic yet very lightweight.

This lightweight women’s bike, however, has more to it than just beauty and class.

It is pleasant on the body, safe, and you can ride it on almost every terrain.

Sixthreezero carefully installed several safety features on this bike, which includes wide semi-slick tires and both front and rear V-brakes.


  • The has a lightweight aluminum frame for long-lasting service.
  • It is suitable for every kind of ride, from uphill riding to long-distance tours.
  • It comes with matching fenders and includes a back rack.
  • The bike can be fully customized according to your preference.
  • It is available in a variety of gorgeous colors.
  • Available in different speed range options, from 1-speed to 21-speed.


  • Many users faced difficulties assembling the bike.
  • It is comparatively a bit pricier than other lightweight women’s bikes.
  • Their customer service needs improvement.
  • Ride geometry doesn’t suit everyone as the bike is available in only one size.

While the wide tires ensure skid-free, safety control, and cushioned ride on all types of tracks, the hand brakes also maximize your ability to stop the bike quickly. You will find more details of Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s bike here.

10. Kent Springdale Women's Hybrid Bicycle

Kent Springdale Women's Hybrid Bicycle

Are you looking for an affordable, lightweight women's bicycle for recreational riding?

There's one bike that meets your requirements perfectly: the Kent Springdale Women's Hybrid Bicycle from Northwoods.

This budget-friendly women's bike specially designed for women's body types. It has some fantastic features that make it a top choice for women.

The Kent Springdale is an aluminum-made bicycle. You can read further detail reviews here.

It's a stylish bike that is extremely lightweight yet very safe to ride because the 700c tires that are attached to the bike frame have exceptionally powerful grips which assure a skid-free ride.

This bike includes 21 different gear-shifting choices, too, so that you can experience and enjoy high speeds if you want to.


  • Super lightweight as it is constructed from the finest quality hand-crafted aluminum alloy.
  • Features rise handles for an upright, relaxed posture.
  • The comfortable seat ensures a bump-free ride.
  • It is made for both smooth and rocky, bumpy road rides.
  • The bike is a shock- and impact-resistant.
  • It has progressive brakes for additional safety.
  • The budget-friendly price range makes it affordable.


  • The company doesn't include a complete toolkit.
  • Not the best bike for relatively shorter women.
  • It has defective gear-shifts.
  • The user manual is universal, not specified for this particular model.
  • It is available only in white.

High speeds can be a cause of accidents, so keeping that in mind, Northwoods added advanced linear-pull brakes to this bicycle so that you can stop the bike quickly whenever needed.

The 21-gear shifter combined with wide tires and rear derailleur from Shimano ensures that the bike is suitable to ride on any terrain.

What Makes A Bike Lightweight & Comfortable for Women?

The best bikes for women should prioritize comfort and safety. There are different bikes for different types of terrain, and knowing what bikes are available will assist you in your decision, especially if you are new to cycling.

Some bikes work on roads, mountains, and both; a mix thereof hybrid version of the road and mountain bike. The best bike will let you ride where you want to without worrying if the bike can handle it. The bike should have any features you wish to that will maximize your riding experience.

Must Have Features Of Lightweight Bikes?

A woman’s bike should have a wider saddle to provide more comfort while riding. These lightweight bikes for women have a beautiful seat design, which fits a woman’s body better. The seat is not as high as a man’s bike, making it easier for a female to use. The saddle is one of the essential features of a woman’s lightweight bike.

The frame geometries of women’s bikes should also be smaller than a man’s bike. It helps women to sit better on the bike and reach the pedals easier. The distance from the saddle to the handlebars is a little shorter. A smaller bike is perfect when searching for the best lightweight bike for women.

If you are using a bike that does not fit you, it can become an issue, and you may injure yourself while using it. Are you worried about the best size of the bike for you? Please read the bike size for women.

You may also want an extra feature or two. A basket, for example, is an excellent place to store your purse, any electronic equipment, or whatever items you may want to bring. It allows you to focus on riding the bike without having to hold something in your hands.

What is the Weight of a Lightweight Bike?

Usually, bicycle frames are built with heavy metals for several valid reasons. But these heavyweight cycles are not easy to ride and often not suitable for everyday use.

It is certainly not appropriate as well for women to ride on. For such reasons, people started to look for bikes that are light in weight and super easy to ride around in any terrain. Seeing the demand, manufacturers quickly began to make bike frames using fine metal alloys, like aluminum, titanium, and even steel.

These alloys are generally used because they are sturdy, easy to shape, relatively inexpensive, and most importantly, they make the bike super light in weight. When a bike frame is made from such metals, they are considered as lightweight bikes.

Aside from the frame, a bike consists of many other parts as well, and these parts also need to be as lightweight as possible to make a bicycle genuinely deserving to be called lightweight.

An ideal woman's bike should not weigh more than 30-35 lbs as a lightweight bicycle is intended for comfort and ease of riding. The lighter the weight of a bike, the more speed it can generate in a short period.

Why Women Need a Lightweight Bike?

For quite a few years, women have become health conscious. Due to their busy schedule, however, it’s not always possible for them to hit the gym and burn some calories.

An easy solution for this issue is riding a bike at a convenient time. Women can ride a bicycle when they go to work, bring their child to school, or go grocery shopping. Even going for a leisurely ride or hill biking on weekends can be possible with a lightweight bike.

A lightweight bike is the most suitable bike for women because it is easy to control, has superior comfort levels, and, most importantly, offers an upright riding position. As a result, your back doesn’t get strained from stretching forward to reach the handlebars.

Factors You Need to Consider Before Buying a Lightweight Bike

There are several factors that you must consider to make sure that you buy one of the best lightweight bikes on the market today.

Frame material: The material of the bike’s frame is an important aspect to consider because it’s what determines the weight of a bike.

Lately, bike manufacturers are using light aluminum, high-tensile and chrome-molybdenum steel, carbon fiber, and titanium alloys for constructing bike frames. These materials are lightweight yet very strong and durable. Choose a frame that suits your riding requirements and body mass.

The frame geometries are also important to consider. It helps women sit on the bike better and reach the pedals and handles with ease. The frame geometries of a woman’s bike should be smaller than a man’s.

Weight: A woman’s bike that is intended for daily use or recreational activity should be lightweight, between 30 to 35 lbs. A lightweight bike provides more control and comfort to the rider. But again, choose a weight range that suits your height and body density.

Speeds: Most of the best lightweight bikes for women consists of several gear shifters, which contributes to the speed you want to attain. For a better speed range, it is advisable to buy a bike that has a higher count of gear shifters.

Tires: The wheel size of a bike is also an essential factor to consider before buying a bicycle. You need one that provides suitable shock absorbents and delivers an excellent grip on the ground so that you have more control over the bike and can avoid unnecessary slipping and sliding.

Most of the lightweight bikes in the market today are equipped with wider tires of 20-26-inch 700c. So if you want a stable, accident-free riding experience on all kinds of terrain, it’s better to buy a bike with wide tires.

Suspensions: Lightweight women’s bikes are available in 3-suspension systems: Front Suspension, Full-Suspension, and No Suspension. Find a bike with a full suspension system as they result in increased traction and nearly shock-free rides by reducing the impact of riding on bumpy roads.

While front suspension only uses the front wheel to absorb road shocks, No Suspension absolutely does nothing to reduce shocks, and therefore bikes with No Suspension are not recommended.

Gearing: In recent years, most of the best lightweight bikes for women come with 27-speed gear shifters. The 18, 21, 24, and even 7-speed gear shifters are available as well. If you want to ride on hilly, bumpy terrain, choose a quick gear shifter, for everyday riding activity on flat roads, less speed is sufficient.

Brakes: Safety always comes first for everybody, so you need a lightweight bike with excellent brakes. There is a variety of brakes for you to choose from, from rim brakes and disc brakes to coaster brakes.

While most women’s bikes use rim brakes as they are cheap and provide precise stops, some bikes also include disc brakes because they have better halting ability on a wet surface.

Another aspect you should look for in a bike is if it has both front and rear brakes. Both these brakes stop the bike smoothly and provide ultimate safety measures for any riding trip.

Seats: The seat saddle is one of the most important features of a woman’s lightweight bike. If the seat is not comfortable, you won’t enjoy your ride regardless of how great the bike is.

Choosing the right seat saddle is important. Look for wider, well-cushioned, faux leather seats because they are pleasant, comfortable, and provides bump-free rides.

Additionally, before buying the bike, make sure that the seat offers an upright sitting posture as it fits women’s body types perfectly and is easy on the body.

In addition to the above features, you may want some extra ones, too.

A bike with a basket could be useful for you because it provides an excellent place to store your purse, any electronic equipment, or whatever item you want to bring with you. Putting your things in a suitable basket allows you to focus on riding without having to hold something in your hands.

A proper bicycle bell is another essential part when it comes to safety features. The bell emits a loud, distinct noise to notify others of your presence so that they can move aside from your riding trail. It helps to reduce accidents and ensures a safe ride.

Final Verdict

If you are a bicycle enthusiast and are determined to buy a new bike, it is advisable to buy one of the lightweight bikes, as discussed above.

Among all the bikes we reviewed here, two bikes come out highly recommended, compared to the others in this review.

As we stated earlier, Raleigh Bikes Venture Step-Thru bike is our first choice. But 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Bike deserves the second spot because it's durable, lightweight with the excellent comfort level and safety features within a very budget-friendly price range.

These two would provide you with the best value for your money, and we can assure you that you won't be disappointed with your new ride.

Then again, it's up to your personal choice and requirements about which bike would suit you the best.

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