Tommaso Imola Road Bike Review (Detailed)

With summer, the perfect time begins to enjoy all the outdoor recreational activities or to shed those few extra pounds that you have been hiding inside your jacket throughout winters. There is nothing such amazing like traveling on the paved road on the Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike.

When I have started searching for the best road bike for me, I have found the Tommaso bikes as the perfect choice for its awesome design, materials, and features.

A thorough look into the design features, its pros, and cons will make you crazy like me, for having the premium quality Tommaso Imola Road Bike.

Tommaso Imola Road Bike Review
StyleRoad bike
Gear24 Speeds
BrakeRim brakes
Weight23.8 Pounds
Maximum Weight Capacity250 Pounds

Be the Proud Owner of the Best Sports Road Bikes

Tommaso Bikes are the best suited for road biking. The aluminum lightweight frame serves the purpose of being the best road bikes, which can maximum energy transfer at minimum weight.

Why the Imola is the Best?

All Shimano mechanism with Ultra-durable aluminum (6061 SLA) frame and TC20 wheels makes it the best among the Imola Models.

Tommaso Imola bikes do not compromise single points of quality to save many bucks. The manufacturer has relied only on the Shimano system for shifter, brakes, and wheels, etc.

Ultra Comfortable Saddle at Such a Cheap Rate

Actually, it is unbelievable that Imola 2016 offers a saddle at such a low price with ultra comfort. You may understand on your first ride. It is quite wide at the rear part with a proper curved shape at the middle.

Moreover, you may comfortably ride for many hours on this without feeling tortured as it has a comfortable saddle.

Tommaso Bikes Review for Main Features

The Tommaso Imola 2016 Lightweight Aluminum Sports Road Bike – Italian Heritage and Craftsmanship, Upgraded Shimano Gears has the following distinct features:

  • Lightweight bike due to the aluminum frame
  • Utmost durability for SST steel combo with aluminum frame
  • Frame & Fork Lifetime warranty
  • Shimano Claris shifters, Derailleurs, and cassette for smooth shifting
  • Shimano Claris Brakes for safely braking at all speed up to 24
  • Shimano Claris Triple Crankset in the front and a 12×25 cassette in the rear
  • Ultra-Compact frame geometry along with solid premium handlebars
  • Durable and lightweight Tommaso 700c wheels


Firstly, I’ll be discussing the positive points of the Tommaso Imola bike reviews:

  • Premium quality Shimano Claris Shifters and Brakes
  • Provide safety in Adventure in riding
  • Premium quality is below $600
  • Available Tommaso bottle cage
  • Comfortable seat


These bikes have fewer cons, but they must be considered before buying it.

  • Required Professional Assembled
  • Not exact round shaped wheel
  • Slight problem with torque needs careful brakes during speeding

Final Verdict

This Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike has a lot to offer within its small price. It is an excellent choice for biking around the town and for occasional rides with friends.

There are a few negative points, but this sports road bike is still better than a lot of its counterparts available in the market.

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