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The 5 Best Three Wheel Recumbent Bikes in 2021

Taking cycling to the next level, three-wheel recumbent bicycles continue to attract the attention of avid cycling enthusiasts throughout the world.

They have the lower easy chair reclining style with the pedals in front, which offer a wider range of flexibility and mobility with significantly improved safety features.

There are two basic types of tricycles available on the market today, non-motorized and motorized. A non-motorized powered by either foot pedals or hand cranks where motorized variations take advantage of electricity or an engine like a small scooter.

Unique, attention-grabbing styling with superior construction is only the beginning of experiencing the most innovative way to receive a complete workout while reclining.

But what are the best three wheel recumbent bikes to buy in 2021?

We have reviewed hundreds of models available in the market today and shortlisted the top 5 three wheel recumbent bikes you can buy in 2021 and beyond. Mobo Triton Pro, Performer JC70, and Mobo Shift Reversible are the name of few!

Among all the available models, Mobo Triton Pro Cruiser Trike remains our top choice due to offers an enjoyable riding experience. If you are looking for a tricycle for your parents or grandparents to rejuvenate in the elderly, check out our best adult tricycle guide.

Best Three Wheel Recumbent Bikes

All of them are humanly driven (non-motorized) and has a distinct difference in a reclining seated position

1. Mobo Triton Pro-Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser Trike for Adults

Mobo Triton Pro

Mobo has introduced the latest in adjustable Hi-Ten steel frame to accommodate the height of riders from 4’2″ to 6’3″.

This versatile adult trike is one of the best three wheels recumbent bikes recommended for adults.

It has 10 adjustable slots to increase riding comfort, so this ultimate three-wheel cruiser offers a variety of positions to accommodate even the most particular rider, which is destined our “Top Pick” spot for success without any limitations.

At a reasonable price, this sleek styled cycle offers the best for less with the following features:

  • Ergonomic seat
  • Chainless design
  • Highlighted fenders for all wheels
  • Available in blue, orange, red and silver
  • Safety flag included for optimal visibility
  • Sporting, stylish appearance
  • Clip-on pedals keep feet in place

The specially engineered steering system eliminates your shoulder and arm stress for superior riding comfort.

A low center of gravity allows for maximum control always, regardless of the road surface. The specially-engineered rear-wheel steering system aids in strengthening arm and leg muscles without increasing fatigue.

This offers a more enjoyable riding experience. The dual joystick steering controls offer more excellent maneuverability with simple wrist and hand pressure.

This durable three-wheeled riding adventure will provide you with years of riding enjoyment with minimal maintenance.

The manufacturer also built this bike intending to provide additional health benefits to individual need riders.

This futuristic three-wheeler has received the following positive reviews from consumers:


  • For special needs children
  • Quality and value
  • Pedals turn with ease
  • A cardiovascular workout on your back and knees with minimal stress


  • Only one speed
  • Not suitable for touring
  • Recommended for flat surfaces only
  • Suggested maximum weight capacity is 260 pounds

With a more satisfying cycling experience, this ultimate three wheel cruiser will set you apart from the traditional crowd.

Take your riding experiences to new heights with less stress on your back by getting a better workout in less time.

2. Mobo Mobito The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser for Youth

Mobo Mobito Kids 3

All grown-up from the first three-wheeler the younger generation experienced, this ultimate three-wheeled cruiser for youth provides a whole new dimension in riding excitement.

With an Hi-ten steel frame to accommodate the rapid growth rates of youths, years of riding enjoyment are attainable without up-grading yearly.

This three-wheel youth cruiser can accommodate riders from three feet to 4’8” inches in height.

The precision engineering of this well-made, durable riding trike can withstand even the most adventurous youths.

Features of your ultimate three-wheel cruiser for youths include:

  • Adjustable six position back support for increased comfort
  • Enhanced rear-wheel steering
  • Ergonomic seat with six adjustable angles
  • Lower center of gravity for increased stability on tight turns
  • The emergency braking system for rapid response braking

The additional safety features like hand-controlled mounted brakes make jumping over makeshift ramps easy on this bike. They also assure younger, less experienced riders of total control.

A slightly larger front wheel offers quick response turning without the danger of overturning.

This three-wheel cruiser offers both safety and affordability for the younger generation across the globe.

The reviews on this recumbent tricycle featuring the pros and cons of this incredible action-filled trike include:


  • A smart choice for special needs youth with enjoys the outdoors
  • Attractive design
  • Quality and affordability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Splash guard on all three wheels
  • Additional accessories available to accent overall quality and appearance
  • Durable, rugged traction wheels for extra stability
  • Chainless drive


  • No flag pole for increased visibility

With increased popularity among the younger generation, this stylish, affordable trike continues to be a favorite.

3. Mobo Shift The World’s First Reversible Three Wheeled Cruiser

Mobo Shift

Thinking outside the box is what makes for a unique feature not on similar manufacturer’s three-wheel recumbent bikes. Mobo designed this cruiser for reverse action without physical movement.

This unique feature is an engineering marvel and the world’s first reversible three wheel cruiser for adults.

This bike has a rugged, dependable frame that accommodates riders from 4” to 6’3.” It is low to the ground, so it is a recumbent tricycle for adults that adds extra enjoyment without sacrificing quality.

The ability to reverse this bike provides increased mobility in tight places. Other features of your reversible three wheel cruiser include:

  • Dual joystick steering
  • Increased stability
  • Real wheel innovative steering
  • Dual steering controls for greater mobility
  • Brake controls easily accessible on steering control arms
  • Available in black, red and blue
  • Free shipping

An adjustable six angle back support allows for increased comfort while riding, providing adequate support where needed.

This bike is comfortable for all ages including the elderly, and Mobo guarantees relaxation with exhilaration.

One reason is the fantastic and innovative styling and features of this uniquely crafted 3 wheel bikes for seniors.

This three wheel cruiser provides quality without sacrificing safety.

The pros and cons from consumers of this sturdy three wheel trike include:


  • For special needs adults
  • Splash guards on all wheels
  • Easy assembly
  • Stylish looks at an affordable price
  • Quality not sacrificed
  • No neck discomfort
  • No need for special cycling clothing


  • Replacement parts hard to find
  • Recommended maximum rider weight of 250 pounds
  • Requires specialized locks for anti-heft prevention
  • Transportation to parks and riding paths is difficult
  • Single speed

As the world’s first reversible three-wheeled trike, this offer continues to attract the attention of many consumers.

Be sure to advantage of this incredibly low price. Limited stock is currently available.

Leading the way with features implemented, Mobo Shift recumbent bike is for riders who want for quality, durability, and affordability with a vision for the future.

4. Artifice Adult Recumbent Tricycle

Artifice Adult Recumbent Tricycle

Cunning ingenuity describes this foldable recumbent three-wheel trike. You can remove the front wheels for transportation and storage.

This tricycle is for riders who are inclined to ride at an accelerated rate.

The 24 speeds on advanced models of this recumbent tricycle will excite all who dare to push the boundaries.

Top Features of the Artifice recumbent include:

  • Portability
  • Mesh seat for superior comfort and ventilation
  • Low turning resistance
  • Extraordinary higher speed stability

The intercrossing of the steering linkage provides additional stability during increased speeds.

The lockable brakes allow for parking on inclines or steep grades. Steering is precise, responsive, and accurate, too.

Artifice provides advanced models for the more experienced rider. However, this recumbent tricycle for adults offers extra gears with a higher grade of derailleur with decreased mechanical opposition.

The foldable chrome-moly frame accents the 26” rear aluminum wheels with stainless steel spokes. Artifice recommends this bike for experienced riders.

It is for those who live on the edge while appreciating styling with a dramatic flair for uniqueness. Beyond the electric pedal assist, this three-wheel bike also offers many outstanding features.

The rating for this highly crafted bike remains at a rather low three stars out of a possible five-star rating on Amazon. But, the score is merely a reflection of a few individuals who have provided it.

As increased familiarity and recognition of this unique three-wheel trike accelerates, there will be a dramatic increase in positive reviews.

Reviews on riding experiences will bring forth a more educated audience based on the practical riding experience.

Here are the pros and cons of the Artifice adult recumbent tricycle:


  • Electric assist or free pedaling
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Mesh style seat with neck support
  • Sturdy, dependable, lightweight frame
  • Aerodynamic advantage due to partially reclined position


  • Lacking electrical power on inclines
  • Expensive

Perhaps the most expensive of all models listed, this adult tricycle, is for the extreme bicycle enthusiast who seeks performance.

When looking for the best trike that will continually withstand time and frequent usage, the bike is your answer to a new adventure in cycling.

The artifice recumbent trike will help any rider express their approach to freedom with a bolder attitude towards new trends. This product speaks for itself with a flair for independence.

5. Performer JC70 Recumbent Trike

Performer JC70

The Performer JC-70 is one of the best recumbent road bikes for 2021.

Offering eye-catching colors including black, blue, red, orange and yellow, the contemporary design of this sleek 3 wheel recumbent bicycle speaks for itself.

With a massive 70-inch rear wheel Performer designed for speed, this performance selected “Runner Up” is destined for success without limitations.

Continuing to receive the attention of passionate cyclists across the United States and abroad, standard features on this performer JC70 trike include:

  • Hard-shell vented seat for increased comfort
  • Adjustable frame to meet riding requirements
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Five-year manufacturer’s warranty

Read on to get the following recumbent tricycle reviews listing the pros and cons of this highly engineered three-wheel recumbent bike:


  • Easy to ride
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent stability
  • Rugged aluminum frame
  • Affordable
  • Superior quality construction


  • Assembly required
  • Not foldable
  • Transportation from one site to another may be difficult
  • Better performance on flat roadways with somewhat smooth surfaces

Rated as the top performer, JC70 recumbent trike continues to receive the recognition of the public.

Look for the ultimate experience in cycling without the stress and pain associated with upright cycling.

However, this recumbent bike is less expensive than the traditional upright mountain bike, which costs significantly more.

With limited availability, ordering your performer JC70 recumbent trike is a step into the future of cycling with amazing results.

Final Thoughts

Concerning your available funds, you should also purchase a recumbent bike based on the intended purposes.

With styles and configurations to meet any budget, they offer many unique advantages. You can experience total fulfillment in riding that you can’t compare to more traditional means of cycling.

These types of bikes offer an intense workout with the improved cardiovascular flow. These three-wheel recumbent cycles are set for rapid success, especially for those looking for a healthier alternative to indoor, over-crowded gyms.

Going beyond the norm is a set a precedent for others to follow. Purchasing a three-wheel bike is the beginning of a new adventure in cycling.

Your ride can be more enjoyable and healthier, with long-lasting benefits.

By following this guide to the five best three wheel recumbent bikes to buy for 2021, you can choose the best three-wheelers for your needs.

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