Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Review: 24″ vs. 26″ Head-to-Head

Bicycling is one of the best ways to exercise while enjoying the beauty of nature. Enjoying some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable, bicycling rejuvenate your whole body, mind, and spirit. For seniors and those who look for an optional form of bicycling, the tricycle offers the best of the bicycling adventure on three wheels.

Riding on two wheels is not for everyone. Balancing on two wheels can present a problem with some individuals who are unsure of their stability. For them, an adult tricycle is a good option as it assures balance, dexterity while enjoying the freedom of riding. With no gears to shift and a pedal at your rate speed, the tricycle is your best mode of transportation whenever you are ready to go.

Ideal for shopping with the included foldable rear basket, riding the Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle will take you back, recounting many cherished childhood memories.

Bike TypeTricycle
ColorSlate blue, Black, Dark Silver, Green, Whit
Wheel size24/ 26 Inch
BasketFolding (Large)
Item Weight73 pounds
Warranty5 year limited warranty

Features of Schwinn Meridian

Designed and built by a company with an impeccable reputation for the production of bicycles that have withstood the test of time. This three-wheel tricycle is constructed to perfection to ensure the highest of safety and riding standards. Offering features that are often considered “options” on other similar styles, this tricycle carries a long and trusted tradition forward.


Built for rolling stability with easy pedaling, this 26-inch tricycle is the perfect size for anyone to ride, from 15 to 55 and beyond. For smaller, petite riders, the 24” tricycle is also available. Improper sized tricycles distract from the overall riding experience, which may result in possible injuries.


The Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle has only one speed. You, as the rider, determine how fast or slow you wish to travel. The operation of this bicycle is easy with standard pedaling; however, it has no coaster brakes. No need to fear falling or to tip. The one-speed design allows for easier riding with minimal maintenance.


Both front and rear linear brakes are applied with gripping motion. Brake levers are conveniently mounted to the front of both handlebar grips with limited hand motion required for a complete stop. Stopping power is provided by thick brake pads located on either side of the front wheel and to the left rear wheel.


Equipped with alloy lightweight rims and steel spokes for longer longevity. Three, 26″ x 2″ wide tires smooth out any road for an incredibly comfortable ride. Wider tires increase the stability factor of this three-wheel adventure rolling over bumps and obstacles with ease. Wider tires also allow for better cornering.


The aluminum 17-inch frame makes this bicycle lightweight and comfortable. Step-through design allows you to get on and off easier. While stopped, the stand-over height of this 26′ tricycle is perfect, allowing the rider to maintain balance and control of the tricycle at all times. The frame is rugged and durable, backed by a 5-year warranty.


Ergonomically designed and padded spring cruiser saddle is larger and wider. Quick seat release for proper rider height adjustment with no tools needed. Heavy-duty dual springs absorb shocks smoothing out bumpy roads. The saddle has a slight rise to the front for the stability of feet on pedals.


Swept-back adjustable handlebars keep the rider in the perfect upright position and well-balanced. Also equipped with quick release, handlebars adjust from 37 to 40-inches within minutes, with no tools required, to accommodate a larger variety of riders. The swept-back design keeps back straight with improved overall posture.

What We Like

Available in six distinctive and attractive colors is only one of the features offered on a tricycle that has improved throughout time. These tricycles are also easy to ride. Stopping and starting is no problem, keeping your feet firmly in place on the pedals.

This tricycle is well balanced due to the configuration of the frame and wheelbase. The large collapsible basket is removable for installation of an additional seat for a small child.

Front and rear fender guards are a nice feature, keeping mud and debris off clothes. This tricycle is comfortable and affordable, providing a means of staying active and healthy with dignity and pride.

What We Don’t Like

Riding this tricycle will seem a little unusual during the initial debut. With tendencies to lean one way or the other riding the traditional two-wheel bike, riding a tricycle requires no leaning to navigate corners. Tricycles are controlled by the movement of the handlebars in either direction, which may take a little time to adjust to.

Tricycles are heavy. The combined total weight is approximately 70-pounds. Storage appears to be another issue with tricycles as they are not foldable and may require an exterior enclosure to keep your bike protected from the elements.

Differences Between Schwinn 24” vs 26”

Contrary to popular belief, there are very few differences between the Schwinn 24-inch and the 26-inch Meridian Adult tricycle. The main noticeable difference is the size. 24-inch tricycles are usually for smaller riders and have often been associated with a child’s two-wheel bikes. Reduction of the overall weight of approximately four-pounds from 70-pounds for the 26-inch to approximately 66-pounds for the 24-inch is a small but noticeable difference.

With less weight a reduction in overall size, the 24-inch is better suited for smaller riders who feel more comfortable on a smaller tricycle, especially when riding for the first time.

Smaller 24-inch tires are also another difference between the 24-inch and 26-inch Schwinn Meridian Adult tricycle. Leaving out no differential features from the 26-inch, this 24-inch remains a popular choice for those who are less inclined to have the ability to get a larger tricycle moving, with respect to women riders.

Personal preferences often determine the comfort level of tricycle riders. Taking into consideration the age and physical capabilities of the rider will often dictate the correct tricycle bike size. The number of tricycle riders continues to grow each year. Both the 24-inch and the 26-inch Schwinn adult tricycles offer increased mobility when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How hard is the bike assembly? Can I assemble it myself?

A. This tricycle is shipped with complete, easy-to-read assembly instructions. Since there are fewer moving parts, the assembly is quite easy, taking approximately 45 minutes. Depending on your mechanical ability, you should have no problem. After all, if a 50+-year-old woman can assemble her tricycle, you probably can too.

Q. This bike looks like it is pretty wide. Is it hard to store?

A. Keep in mind that this bike is not foldable. The total width of this bike is 28,” which should fit through a standard 32-36” door frame, depending on the thickness and width of your door jambs and trim. If you live on the second floor of an apartment building, the same will apply. Having an elevator in your building would certainly be a plus.

Q. How heavy is this bike? Can I carry it up a flight of stairs?

A. This bike fully assembled weighs roughly 70-pounds give or take a few pounds. Probably not a good idea to carry it up a flight of stairs. If you succeed, I would imagine going down the stairs with the bike would even be more interesting and possibly dangerous.

Q. How does this bike ride and handle on uneven terrain?

A. Really not made for rough terrain. This bike is better suited for riding on smooth roads with some uneven areas. The description of rough or uneven terrain covers a wide range of road conditions. Simply put, this bike is not designed for cross-country riding or careening down mountain trails.

Q. What is the maximum weight that this bike will carry?

A. Maximum weight capacity is 350-pounds. Exceeding the maximum weight limitations will not only void your 5-year warranty but may cause permanent frame and wheel damage.


Tricycle were introduced over 100-years ago. Through product innovation and the discovery of a new interest in three-wheel cycling, the born- again tricycle has brought about a new generation of bicycle enthusiasts.

Although designed to accommodate a larger variety of riders, today’s tricycles are designed and engineered for those whose mobility may be somewhat restricted, who choose to ride tricycles for daily errands and occasional leisure riding.

The Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle is designed for safety with an emphasis placed on rider comfort. Add personalized accessories to make your tricycle one-of-a-kind. Visiting friends while staying active is the key to continued good health with better joint mobility when riding a three-wheel bicycle.

Reasonably priced to fit well within all current budget restrictions, this tricycle imprints your carbon footprint showing concern for the eroding environment. Replace your gas-guzzling car, for trips to the local grocery store, with the freedom of mobility on a three-wheel tricycle.Check Latest Price

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