Two Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack Review (Graphite Convertible)

As the years pass by, more countries and people are letting go of the typical vehicle and train transportation while choosing one of the cheapest modes of transport, which is cycling.

This is mostly because of the fun that one can get from riding a commuter bike through the city and the ability to traverse traffic jams on congested towns as well as the body exercise benefits involved.

This has led to the innovation of more suitable bikes than the traditional ones, and various bicycle products like water bottles to drink water while riding, advanced bicycle headphones to enjoy music, GPS to track and analyze your riding experience, and many more.

These bicycle products ensure a smooth and comfortable ride while providing some extra advantages to make the journey more exciting. Among all these bike accessories, the bags used by a cyclist is getting popular day by day.

Unlike the traditional backpack bag, which was carried on the cyclist back, the market has introduced the Two-Wheel gear graphite pannier backpack convertible commuter bag to ease the process of carrying the cyclist’s essentials.

I specifically own a graphite bag. Two Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack convertible commute bag is presented in black, graphite, and waxed canvas form.

The difference is mainly the material used to make it, which is the waterproof TPE coating and 600D polyester for both the black and graphite ones. At the same time, the waxed canvas has a waterproof 10-ounce dry wax cotton/polyester that is blended.

I love the graphite because it is synthetic and said to last for a long time. However, the functionality features are the same for all the 3 bags.

Some of the essential attributes making the pannier backpack convertible commute bag stand out:

Two Wheel Gear Graphite Pannier Backpacks Review

Two Wheel Gear Graphite Pannier Backpacks Review

The design of the bag is utterly comfortable for use by both males and females of all ages. The bag also increases the joy of riding as long as you enjoy commuting on a bike.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going across and within the town, across the country, to work or to campus the pannier zip mounting system that is installed changes the bike pack to a backpack this specifically rocks for anyone because it allows you to hover around with it when you need to.

It’s easy to clip it on and off your bike when in a pannier mode. The pockets on the sides are supposed to be zipped down for you to access the sturdy clips to snap and hitch onto the bike rack.

The video below explains in detail how to convert the backpack to a pannier and back to a backpack.

The bag’s storage space is ample for your tour snack, and all other essentials, the best part is that your 15-inch laptop fits perfectly in the bag.

The bag is also well planned with storage space for every item, and the laptop’s compartment well-padded to secure it when commuting. From my experience, even with the laptop inside the bag is very light in weight which makes it comfortable to move around in.

If you don’t like carrying your iPhone 6 and other mobile phones in your trouser or shirt pockets, I have good news for you; the pannier backpack bag has a safely zippered small pouch on the front for your phone and wallet/ladies pouch.

This is one feature I loved because I had lost my phone and wallet several times while cycling around town because I was carrying them in my handbag and didn’t even realize when and where I dropped them.

My countries weather conditions can get extreme anytime. I adore the material used to make the bag because it is UV protected 600D polyester, and you don’t need to worry when riding in the hot sun.

Below the small pouch zip where you are supposed to put your phone is a bigger zip that has a waterproof cover to help protect your laptop and other essentials when it’s rainy on some days.

After Unzipping for Waterproof Protection

This backpack is also suitable for those students who ride back home from campus late in the evening.

It’s also an excellent option for those who get off work when it’s already dark as the backpack comes with a fluorescent light for your ride and a reflective design to increase night visibility to your fellow commuters, either riding on city-touring bikes or vehicles.

It specifically has two block patterns that are reflective on either side of the bag. Besides, its rain cover is reflective and suitable for the misty days of the year.

The safety of my essentials is one factor that excites me with this product because, unlike other panniers, this one, when clipped properly on the rack, fits perfectly, and you don’t have to worry about the possibility of the bag falling off when you speed.

The bags compartments are suited for every item with the pads protecting the essentials like your laptop and phone.

Furthermore, as a backpack, the bag has the most comfortable handles ever seen. It considers the size of the wearer by making adjustable and padded handles so as to allow you the comfort of carrying it everywhere you go.

The backpack also comes in handy for those who love to drink water because of its two water pockets.

Two Main Benefits of Convertible Pannier Backpack with Bike

It has many benefits, but I find these 2 most appealing:

  • Its weight is taken off your back and to the bike while commuting. Traditionally, bags were carried on the back, making you sweat, tire your back and uncomfortable today, the pannier system is the best because all the weight is on the bike rack. This is further because the bag here is well balanced and light in weight as compared to other bags.
  • The center of gravity is reduced, thereby easing the process of controlling the bike as long as it is well balanced.

In Conclusion

I know the question, “would I recommend this bag to anyone?” are you kidding me? Absolutely yes, look at the features above its convertibility, and wow, it appeals to the eyes. When you first see it, you will know you need it because it’s uniquely designed with its red zips that are a blend of the black color and easy to find.

The backpack is sturdy in nature, too, making it easy to safely store your essentials for your weekend excursions, cycling competition, and campus routines, among others.

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