Schwinn Fairhaven Women’s Cruiser Bike Review (In-depth & Details)

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When you go shopping for a beach cruiser bike, there are some key features to keep in mind; Design, Frame shape, Frame Metal, Aerodynamics, colors and overall looks are the most of them.

With our research, we found Schwinn Fairhaven could be an ideal choice for women to enjoy the comfortable, relaxing, enjoyable and functional ride. You may like more details about Schwinn bikes to make happy riding

Schwinn Fairhaven Women's 7-speed Cruiser Bike



Bike Type




Wheel Size



65"L x 27"W x 41"H

Number of Speeds

7 Speed


Schwinn Fairhaven Review: What Makes this Bike so Special?

The first thing to look for is the size of the bike you plan to purchase. If you buy a bike that is too big or too small for your body, you will have a difficult time riding it. The material they use to build the bike also matters. The 26” Schwinn Fairhaven Women’s 7-speed Cruiser Bike ranks as one of the best cruiser bikes due to the workmanship.

The comfort and ease of this bike are perfect if you want to have a stress-free, enjoyable and relaxing ride on the beach or anywhere else. The bike has a seven-speed grip shifter that allows you to navigate effectively. You can choose the right speed depending on the road surface and other conditions.

Also, the alloy linear pull brakes provide a confident, highly responsive stopping capability. The updated brakes help you can stop easily at most speeds. If you want to avoid or limit physical strain, the Fairhaven women’s bike helps because it encourages riders to sit in an upright position.

No one wants to ride a bicycle that is uncomfortable or causes pain. If you love to go biking, this bike is for you because you can ride all you want in comfort.

Here are several other structural features that make this bike ahead of the rest regarding comfort and demand:

  • Design: Cruiser bikes are famous for their unique design. This bike has an exquisite, elegant design that is sure to make you purchase it on sight. Moreover, for women, it is a great choice. It is comfortable for long rides, yet they made it for speed. The efficient braking system assures safety, even while riding at top speeds.
  • Frame: Most cruise bikes come in steel or aluminum. Steel frame bikes are less expensive compared to aluminum bikes, but you have to look at the long-term usage. Steel frame bikes are susceptible to rust, while aluminum frame bikes resist corrosion. The Fairhaven women’s seven-speed bike is durable because it is aluminum.
  • Schwinn also focused on the frame geometry of the bike to ensure a comfortable ride, no matter how long it is. An efficient cruiser bike should provide a pleasant ride, even over long distances and high speeds.
  • Comfort: They make cruiser bikes specifically for maximum comfort during riding. Even on an uneven terrain, the bike will support the rider effectively. The 26” Schwinn Fairhaven Women’s 7-speed Cruiser Bike has all these capabilities because of its upright, touring geometry that provides comfort to the rider. If you want to reduce pain and strain in your body and be able to ride for longer distances, this bike will help you do just that.
  • Aerodynamics: The research on air resistance has revealed some interesting information for bike riders. Thanks to modern technology and extensive research, manufacturers built automobiles in a streamlined design to reduce air resistance and wind friction. Bikes are no different than cars. They also face air resistance, just like any other mode of transport. There is a great need for bike makers to build them to create minimal air resistance. Because of that, you don’t have to pedal as hard and become tired faster. Schwinn produced the Fairhaven women’s bike to reduce air resistance through streamlining, which helps to transfer power while riding.
  • Weight: Another important factor to consider in a cruiser bike is the weight. The Fairhaven cruise bike, unlike many others, has a lightweight aluminum frame. Most other ordinary bikes have a steel frame. They are much heavier and provide a rougher ride. Aluminum is light, even when combined with the rider’s weight. The lighter weight makes the Schwinn woman’s bike convenient to ride, even at high speeds, because it reduces strain.
  • Maintenance: Being aluminum doesn’t mean this women’s cruiser bike is susceptible to breakage. Although light in weight, aluminum is strong and durable. Maintenance is another factor when you want to keep anything for a long time. Cruiser bikes like the Fairhaven have fewer components than other bikes. Fewer parts mean this bike requires less maintenance to operate.

Best Features of the Schwinn Fairhaven Cruiser Bike for Women

Some of the top features of the Fairhaven bike include the following:

  • It comes with alloy linear pull brakes. The type of brakes on this bike will enable you to pull over easily, quickly and safely whenever you need to, even at higher speeds.
  • It has a light-weight aluminum frame. Unlike many other regular bikes with heavy steel frames, the Fairhaven cruiser bike has a light aluminum frame that is easy to ride.
  • It requires less maintenance. If you do not know a lot about bike repair and maintenance, this bike is for you. Most people don’t have the time to fix their bike, and the Fairhaven bike requires less maintenance to function.

What You Should Consider Before Buying the Fairhaven Cruiser Bike

If you are looking for a bike that will relieve you of any back pain and stress while riding, this cruise bike would be good for you to use. Read on to learn about the pros of this bike. The only con people reported was the size. Because it is a 26-inch bike, it may not be appropriate for shorter women. The best way to find out is to contact Schwinn or go to the store to see if the seat height works for you.

Major Pros of the Schwinn Cruiser Bike

The Fairhaven women’s bike comes with the following three major pros:

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    It has an attractive design.
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    It is easy for consumers to assemble.
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    It works effectively on a wide range of terrain.

Final Words on the Fairhaven Bike

The 26” Schwinn Fairhaven Women’s 7-speed Cruiser Bike is lightweight and comfortable on any terrain, including sand. It is also durable and will look beautiful for a long time. Although you shouldn’t ride a bike at high speeds, the brakes will stop you, no matter how fast you happen to be going. If you enjoy a daily or even weekly bike ride, be sure to consider the Fairhaven women’s bike.


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