The 7 Best Shoes for Girls Reviewed in 2022

Picking what to wear can be quite an intimidating task — from your hairstyle to your footwear, especially when you have to make choices for others. From young toddlers who are extremely nervous about their first day at school to those who are more than excited to sprint away on the racing track and win medals.

Young girls are particularly sensitive souls, so it is imperative that you get a shoe that will make their legs comfortable and boost their confidence. Of course, the shoes you get have to be durable, fit perfectly, and they shouldn’t be too heavy.

There are as many shoes on the market as there are sand grains on the beach, and they will all promise high levels of comfort and quality. It is up to you to choose the best ones for your toddlers and teenage girls – no pressure there! Fortunately, we’ve put together a review of the best shoes for girls to help you make a more educated decision.

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Best Shoes For Girls

1. KEDS Daphne Leather-Strap Shoe

KEDS Daphne Leather-Strap Shoe

The KEDS Daphne leather-strap is a classy white leather-strap shoe turned multipurpose footwear and is one of the cutest options available for young girls. It’s available in all sizes, from toddler to early teen. It gives you that crispy touch of luxury in its plain look while considering the size of your wallet at the same time.

The price is quite reasonable. Well-padded, this shoe does not only provide you with some of the best comfort features on the market, but its durability also speaks volumes, and these shoes are bound to last a lifetime – long after the children/teen outgrows them, all things duly considered.

Something worth noting is the leather shoe’s deep flex grooves for maximum flexibility. Its T-strap feature isn’t left out too, as it makes it easier to wear and/or remove at the wearer’s convenience. The leather strap shoe has a quality sole for traction, as well as a good memory foam footbed for all-day comfort and support.

The leather-strap shoe is a neutral piece of footgear; it can be worn and used for many occasions and will fit in effortlessly regardless of the setting. The pair could be used as tennis shoes, school shoes, or running shoes accordingly.

Its strap is quite easy to latch on, and it spares you the time and hassle of having to tie and re-tie shoelaces several times a day. The leather-strap shoe is good value for money and will meet your expectations in the happiest way possible.

2. The Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane Leather-strap

Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane

The Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane leather-strap is the perfect choice for most school uniforms, while also doubling as a versatile everyday shoe. The shoe has a simplistic nature, with its quality rubber sole properly fit to ensure the wearer gets maximum comfort.

It’s a shoe that comes with a bit of variation, from a uniform color of black to a whole new level of the navy.

The shoe has a lightweight outsole for maximum flexibility and easy control. This shoe comes with a padded slip-on feature, which adds a bit more to its total comfort as it makes it easier for the wearer to put it on easily.

Another quality feature we can’t overlook is the Mary Jane closure, with the hook and loop for easy wearing or removal whenever intended. This feature makes it easier to adjust the tightness of the leather-strap to your satisfaction.

It has a grippy outsole, thereby reducing the risk of falling on slippery places to a considerable extent. This feature also guarantees a firmer grip on the ground while walking, hence giving the wearer a little confidence boost as she strides around.

The shoe has a memory foam insole, which gives you daily protection and comfort in the best way possible. It is sturdy to touch but has a tendency to fade quickly.

To take proper care of this durable pair of leather-strap shoes, it’s strongly advised that you brush off dry dirt at the end of each day; use a damp cloth to clean the surface with a bit of mild detergent, and stuff the shoes with a bit of newspaper before air-drying them.

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3. Nike Free Rn Sneakers

Nike Free Rn Sneakers

Nike Free Rn sneakers must-have cool sneakers for girls who either want to look cool at school parties, social gatherings or sprint up and down the football field with minimal effort. It comes in a range of colors, from paramount blue/pure platinum to hyper turquoise or racer pink/black lava glow.

It’s a near-perfect blend of synthetic and leather, with a rubber sole properly fit in for maximum comfort and satisfaction. It’s suitable enough to be used as a pair of running shoes, party sneakers, or worn to athletic events. The shoe’s shaft measures approximately ‘low-top’ from the arch.

The shoe’s breathable mesh upper uses Flywire cables to create a secure, lockdown fit for the wearer, according to the customer’s needs. It also has a new tri-star pattern that expands on impact, and contracts at toe-off, moving with your stride while providing flexible cushioning and durable traction.

Further, these sneakers also boast of a low-profile midsole and well-rounded heel, which encourages a natural foot-strike and running gait. The sneakers are also very comfortable and soft, with the absolute guarantee that the customer will feel a lot more relaxed while having them on.

It’s considerate of your budget too. This pair is also stylish, light, and easy to wear. Its comfort level makes it possible for the wearer’s feet to breathe in it effortlessly, as it is not too tight to cause discomfort and personal injuries.

Nike Free Rn sneakers are durable, flexible, and probably the best you’ll ever come across for youngsters. For young athletes between the ages of 4 and12, wearing these may probably put up the best race you’ve run in a long time.

4. Adidas Original Samoa C

Adidas Originals Samoa C Shoe

The Adidas Original Samoa C is one of those classic footwear items you can never get enough of. They mostly come in black and dark onyx, and they are suitable for those within the age range of 4-8 years, boys and girls alike. The shoe has a synthetic leather upper makeup, with synthetic itself being used for a larger part of the shoe in general.

It has the inbuilt quality of a rubber toe bumper, protecting the toes generally from injuries in case a nasty fall ever happens or takes place unexpectedly. The textile lining of the Samoa C shoe is nicely done, designed to eliminate even the slightest bit of discomfort to the wearer.

The rubber sole feature isn’t left out, as that is a common design to ensure the wearer’s safety from any injury relating to the heels and sole of the feet. It has an EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning, with a trefoil pattern rubber outsole to aid better movement.

This synthetic rubber marvel boasts of a shaft that measures approximately ‘low-top’ from the arch, as well as the company’s iconic classical emblem, which is serrated on it in 3 black stripes. It’s also built to withstand heavy wearing.

Adidas Original Samoa C shoe fits perfectly according to the size you want, with its durability being a long-time characteristic of Adidas, the maker of classic shoes. It can be worn on many different occasions, as its black color gives it a bit of neutrality no matter where it’s being worn.

5. Crocs Girls’ Duet Busy Day Shoes GS

Crocs Girls' Duet Busy Day Shoe GS

Crocs are incredible at what they do. The Crocs Girls’ Duet Busy Day Shoes GS are just the type of shoes for your young girls to wear whenever they want to be simultaneously productive and creative, however messy or fun the activities of their choosing.

This shoe is suitable for girls within the age range of 4-8 years. Its makeup is 100% synthetic, with the shoe’s sole made completely from the same material. The shoe’s shaft measures approximately 2 inches from its arch.

It has a stretchy neoprene upper, which helps in providing the wearer with a comfortable fit. The shoe has a properly designed textile lining and a slip-on design with a stretchy strap for support an easy movement.

It has a Croslite outsole that makes it genuinely and completely lightweight, with the comfortability feature being a thing for the wearer to fully enjoy. The shoe is made to withstand the pressure of constant wear and tear, as its durability is something that’s spoken well of. The shoe fits according to the preferred size of your choice and is reliable to put on. This is a good shoe for girls.

So, be it picnics, running about in the park/garden, or digging up dirt and building sandcastles on the beach, the Crocs Girls’ Duet Busy Days shoe is guaranteed to never disappoint your little girls in the slightest way possible.

6. Smartfit Girls’ Saddle Oxford Shoe

Smartfit Girls’ Saddle Oxford Shoe

Smartfit Girls’ Saddle Oxford shoe is one of the most popular shoes for girls around. It’s suitable for all ages and would fit perfectly according to the size you desire or want for your daughter, whether young or grown up.

If you’re looking for a casual shoe that can double up as something that would go quite well with school uniforms, then look no further. This multipurpose shoe can be worn for more than one occasion or outing.

The classical shoe pair comes in black or white, giving it a neutral stylish look while maintaining uniformity at the same time. Its body is purely synthetic, including a durable faux leather upper feature with perforation details and laces for a snug fit.

It also has a lightly padded insole for comfort, and a flexible skid-resistant outsole to prevent slipping and major injuries. There is enough wriggling space at the shoe’s front for the wearer’s comfort.

The SmartfitGirls’ Saddle Oxford shoe is easily worn and removed without any stress or extra effort on the part of the wearer. Its intricate design is durable too. The shoe is moderately lightweight.

Although the shoe’s surface is most likely to crack if exposed too much to sunlight, its durability is best extended when kept away from it with a bit of moderation. Other than that, this remarkable piece of footwear is budget-friendly.

So, if you’re looking for the right shoes to wear to school or one that’ll outlast the pressures of your growing feet, then this is the one for you. It’s a classic.

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7. Hush Puppies Reese Mary Jane

Hush Puppies Reese Mary Jane

Hush Puppies Reese Mary Jane is an instant classic when it comes to school footwear. It’s suitable for those within the age range of 4-12 years. It has a durable genuine leather upper, with a Velcro hook and loop closure feature for easy wearing or removal.

The shoe fits according to the preferred choice size. Its stylish look gives it a graceful appearance, as it adds more value to the amount spent on its purchase, making it worth the price. This pair is up there with the best shoes currently available for girls.

Known for its unique design and exceptional standards, Hush Puppies Reese Mary Jane also comes with a non-slip design at its outsole, thereby reducing to a considerable extent the chances of falling or sustaining foot-related injuries.

The wearer’s hygiene isn’t left out too, as this shoe boasts a mesh lining with antimicrobial treatment for breathability and odor-prevention. Alongside, it comes with a quality cushy memory foam footbed for all-day comfort and support. This classic school shoe is durable, lasting even once you’ve outgrown your school days.

It has a rubber unmarked outsole to aid movement, with the shoe’s surface completely made of leather. The shoe can withstand the pressures of constant and wear and tear, and can also be worn to many other occasions and events because of its uniform color. It’s a wallet-considerate and doesn’t cost much.

Although the comfort of this shoe cannot possibly be overemphasized, it may not necessarily do well in extreme weather conditions.

What To Consider When Buying Girl Shoes

Don’t know what to consider when buying shoes for girls? Here a few key tips that could serve as defining factors:


You definitely want to get something that fits perfectly. A shoe that is not too tight, but would do just right for your girl. This is extremely important, as there is no point investing in a shoe that will prove challenging before your girl even gets to stretch her legs.


There’s nothing worse than having to wear shoes that are so heavy. Lifting them alone is nothing short of an energy-draining exercise. So, for your little girl or teenage daughter, it is best you get them something that is not far from the word ‘light’. This is also vital.


Above everything else, this is paramount. Your girls will definitely want something they can move freely in, run in, or even dance in, without the slightest bit of discomfort. So, getting a shoe that will make them comfortable should probably be at the top of your priorities.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a pair of shoes you can wear for multiple occasions? So, whenever you’re looking for shoes that’ll suit your girls, ensure they have the right color and style to fit into a range of situations.

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There are shoes that can’t be worn on rainy days, and there are others that shouldn’t get too much sun exposure. Be sure to pick shoes that are durable, and made to withstand different weather conditions.


When buying a shoe, you’d obviously like to know just how long the shoe in question is going to last. This isn’t a problem. Knowing the materials used in making the shoes you’re interested in buying can give you quite an edge: hopefully, this article has helped to expand your understanding in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I figure out the correct shoe size when I order online?

A: Online shopping can be very stressful when you don’t know precisely what you’re looking for, and even when you do, not knowing specifically what type of that product/service you want would make your experience altogether unbearable. Now, when it comes to ordering your correct shoe size online, there are two things to consider:

  • Size variation with different footwear: With various shoe manufacturers and designers around, there’s a tendency that not all sizes are the same, although their descriptions might say so. Hence, your measurements may vary with each shoe you buy. Be sure to check the measurements listed on the product description, rather than blindly trusting the size the shoe claims to be.
  • Opting for a safer brand: A lot of time and money can be saved if you use a brand you trust or have used before. Size variation does not regularly occur within the brand itself.

Q: What to choose, Floaters or Sneakers?

A: It depends on choice, but if you are to consider the options in terms of durability, among other factors, sneakers are better.

The reason being that floaters tend to wear out faster since they’re worn more frequently, while sneakers are worn occasionally for sporting events, so they tend to last longer.

Q: What’s the best site to order shoes from online?

A: The internet is a pretty vast place to find anything you’re looking for. There are lots of recommendable places to shop online, but Dillards would be the best choice and safest place to get value for your money.


The 7 shoes listed above are some of the world’s best shoes for girls, has garnered considerable attention in the eyes of the public. Not only do they give buyers value for their money, but they also ensure that the young girls who wear them are comfortably satisfied with the type of footwear they put on.

The durability and flexibility of the listed shoes cannot be overemphasized, as they’re bound to last long enough for their wearers to completely outgrow them with minimal wear and tear. Accident rates are also drastically reduced with the inclusion of rubber soles, which prevent the wearer from falling unexpectedly on slippery surfaces.

The inclusion of memory foam footbeds also helps in keeping the wearers comfortable all-day long. Girls who love running would also gladly enjoy the lightweight feature, as it makes it easier for faster and effortless movement.

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