The 7 BOC Shoe Reviews of 2022

When you’re a busy woman on your feet for most of the day, you want to have to sacrifice comfort for style. It is often a comfort shoe or style, but BOC has created a shoe that gives both. Its elegant design provides comfort while also being the perfect accessory to any outfit.

BOC Women’s Schirra shoe is one of the most popular sellers amongst women. Its flawless design and wedge support make it ideal for busy women on the go. It allows comfort to be had no matter the day ahead. Women everywhere are raving about this shoe.

Even though BOC’s Schirra design is one of the most popular, they also have other styles that are just as comforting. With their wide range of designs and colors, there is a comfortable shoe for every occasion. Women seem to love all the BOC designs.

BOC Shoe Reviews

1. BOC Women’s Schirra

BOC Women’s Schirra

The BOC Women’s Schirra is a comfortable addition to any women’s closet. The wedge design makes it where the shoes can be worn all day without the worry of painful feet. The soft sole provides the support that lasts all day.

The shoe also had a bucket that is large and easy to handle. There is no need to struggle with a small clasp when putting the shoe on or off. The buckle provides security without hassle.

The BOC Women’s Schirra also provides an elegant look that can go with any outfit. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending the day at the beach or a night on the town, this shoe will provide comfort and style.


  • The BOC Women’s shoe is stylish and comfortable.
  • Its strappy design is great with any outfit.
  • It comes in a variety of neutral colors, making it a perfect match for any outfit.
  • Its wedge design is ideal for extra arch support.
  • The buckle is easy to operate.


  • There is a label in the middle of the sole that can leave an imprint in the sole of the foot.
  • After some wear the coloring on the sole of the shoe can come off on the foot.

Overall the elegant design of the BOC Women’s Shirra is very popular among women of all ages. It provides support and a design sense that is always in style. We highly recommend giving your feet a rest while staying on-trend.

2. BOC Women’s Nadiyya

BOC Women’s Nadiyya

The BOC Women’s Nadiyya is a clog like a shoe made with a sleek design. There is no pattern or design on the fabric, making it perfect for a more professional setting. It comes in both black and brown, fitting for any dress pant color.

There is a large heel that provides a few extra inches in height, but can be uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time while sitting up. The shoe also features a quick slip-on design.

The BOC Women’s Nadiyya is known for being a shoe that is a better fit for someone who doesn’t possess high arches. The shoe also tends to run a little a the small side. With that said, those who do find the right fit rave about their BOC Nadiyya.


  • They feature a slip-on design, making it easy to get on and off.
  • They come in both black and brown for more formal attire.
  • They have a large heel to provide extra height.
  • There is no design on the fabric, making it easy to wear to in a professional setting.
  • It has a lightweight design.


  • They tend to run smaller than true size.
  • They can have a chemical smell right out of the package.

Overall the BOC Women’s Nadiyya design seems to be a hit or miss depending on the person. Some with small feet might enjoy the fit over someone with a larger size. If you need a simple shoe for work that provides comfort in the right size, this might be the shoe for you.

3. BOC Women’s Sophina

BOC Women’s Sophina

The BOC Women’s Sophina features a sandal design with a soft sole. It has a strappy design and a pattern on the bottom that makes it comfortable and stylish. It has a traditional buckle clasp to hold it in place.

The sandal can be known to be uncomfortable between the toe until broken in. It also tends to make a lot of noise and develop an odor when wet. For a sandal, they do not appear to be ideal for beach situations.

With that said, they do well in everyday use. They are easy to get on and comfortable when they are worn for some time. They also provide enough support for those days where long walks are a must.


  • They have a sleek strappy sandal design that makes them stylish.
  • There is a soft sole, making them comfortable.
  • The buckle is large and easily done.
  • The design comes in a variety of colors for every outfit.
  • They provide arch support for long walks.


  • They can obtain an odor is gotten wet.
  • They take time to break in when new.

The BOC Women’s Sophina is an elegantly designed sandal built for comfort. It provides enough support for long days and a design that is sure to be on-trend. If you need a sandal that looks just a good as it feels, the BOC Women’s Sophina might be the one for you.

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4. BOC Women’s Virginia Wide Shaft Boot

BOC Women’s Virginia Wide Shaft Boot

The BOC Women’s Virginia Wide Shaft Boot features a tall boot design and buckle design. The boot has several buckles along the exterior meant to serve as a design aspect. It also features a soft sole, which this brand is known for.

The boot stops right below the knee and comes in both black and brown. It also has a small heel for just a few extra inches in height. This shoe is perfect for those wanting a little extra lift.

The calf fit can be a problem for some people. There have been complaints that it is too tight to wear and doesn’t provide any stretch. The material is also known to cease very easy, giving your boots that worn-in look very early.


  • It has a trendy buckle design that makes it stylish.
  • They have a soft sole that provides extra support.
  • There is a zipper for easy on and off.
  • They are made out of easy to clean synthetic material.
  • The design comes in both black and brown.


  • They cease easily giving it a worn-in look.
  • They can also have a tight calf opening that can be difficult for some people.

Overall, BOC Women’s Virginia Wide Shaft Boot is a great solution for most people looking for a comfortable boot. It has a soft sole for comfort and a design that is sure to catch compliments. If you are someone with a larger calf, BOC Women’s Davis Ankle Boots might be the solutions.

5. BOC Women’s Davis Ankle Boots

BOC Women’s Davis Ankle Boots

BOC Women’s Davis Ankle Boots are the perfect solution for someone looking for a smaller boot option. It provides a soft sole like all the other BOC designs and comes in either black or brown. It also has a side zipper to make it easier to get in and out of.

These boots hold up to dirt with easy to clean materials and possess a strappy design. There is also a short heel. These boots are a great option for the spring.

Some complaints about the boots have to do with the sizing running a little large and the sole being too soft. The boots can be uncomfortable if they don’t fit right as well.

Gone are the days of lacing up work boots, you might be like more discussion about zipper work boots to save extra time from lace up your boot.


  • They feature a strappy buckle design to keep them stylish.
  • The soft sole makes them comfortable.
  • They have a zipper design to make them easy to get on and off.
  • The synthetic material they are made of is easy to clear.
  • They come in both black and brown so they can match any outfit.


  • Their sizing runs a little big.
  • The sole can be too soft and doesn’t provide enough support.

The BOC Women’s Davis Ankle Boot is the perfect option for someone looking for a short boot during the season. It is essential to make sure you get the right size in order to experience the comfort that soft sole is meant to provide. The BOC Women’s Ankle Boot can be the right shoe for any outfit.

6. BOC Women’s Alicudi

BOC Women’s Alicudi

The BOC Women’s Alicudi features a design that is not quite as tall as BOC Women’s Virginia Wide Shaft Boot but isn’t as short as the BOC Women’s Davis Anklet Boot. The design’s height stops just an inch or two above the ankle.

This boot has a high arch and a thick heel for extra support. It will provide both height and stability. It is available in a taupe color, brown, and black, making it great for any occasion.

The boot is known to be comfortable, but it has also complained that the toe area tends to run a bit large. This can make for an uncomfortable fit and defeat the purpose of the soft sole.


  • They have a comfortable sole if in the right size.
  • The design comes in three different colors.
  • They possess a thick heal to give extra height.
  • They have a zipper for easy on and off.
  • They feature a thick rubber bottom for slip protection.


  • The sizes tend to run a little big.
  • They are not meant to be worn for long periods of time as it can hurt feet.

All in all, the BOC Women’s Alicudi boot is more of a fashion boot than a boot for comfort. It can look good, but it is not meant to be worn for long periods of time. If you are looking for a more comfortable boot, the BOC Women’s Davis Ankle Boot can be the boot for you if you get in the right size.

7. BOC Women’s Peggy

BOC Women’s Peggy

The BOC Women’s Peggy features a design very similar to BOC Women’s Nadiyya. The significant difference between the two is the design of the material of the shoe. The Peggy has a sort of lefty print all around the surface.

This design also comes in a lot more colors. Over fifteen different colors to choose from, this shoe will go with any outfit. It also has an easy slip on and off the design. In BOC Clog reviews, BOC Women’s Peggy is a favorite among women.

Just like the Nadiyya, it does have a few flaws. It runs larger in size and tends to give a very bulky feel. It also can have an odor when removed from its packaging.


  • It has an easy slip on and off the design.
  • The sole is very soft and comfortable.
  • It has a small heel for extra height.
  • It possesses a stylish pattern.
  • Its bottom has been made of a thick rubber that provides protection against slick surfaces.


  • It can have an odor when removed from the package.
  • The sizing tends to run big, making it feel bulky.

The BOC Women’s Peggy is great for someone looking for that clog feel but still wanting to remain stylish. The design allows for the owner to wear it with ease and comfort. It is ideal for someone who wants more than just comfort from their shoe.

Things You Should Consider Before Deciding Which BOC Shoe to Buy?

Not all of BOC Shoes are designed equally. It is important to read BOC Shoe Reviews to know all the details before purchasing an item.

Here are some things you should consider before deciding which design of BOC Shoe to buy.


Each design comes with its unique design. Do you want a sleek and professional shoe, or do you want a shoe that is more for style? What about a summer shoe or a fall shoe? BOC has open toe and boot designs that are not right for every season. It is essential to know which one you want.


Not all of the designs come in a wide range of colors. Do you want something in a traditional black or brown, or do you want something that comes in a larger variety? Sometimes people want more than just traditional colors when they are going out. Are you one of those people?


Some designs are more comfortable than others. Do you want a comfortable shoe or something more stylish? Can you have both? Some of the BOC Shoe reviews showed that not all their designs are comfortable. Some even need to be worn in before going on long walks. Is this something that matters to you?


Some of the soles are softer than others. Do you need a firm sole for your walking needs, or do you need something a little softer? The type of sole you need depends widely on how you hold yourself. It is essential to know the type of sole you need if you are going to b wearing the shoe for an extended period of time.


Some of these designs possess heals that make them less stable. Do you need a flat for more, or are you looking for something with a excellent higher heel? Do you have difficulty walking in heels? Are you planning to go somewhere where wearing heels would not be a good idea? Make sure to explore all the possibilities before you make a decision.


Most of BOC Shoes provide quality support, but some are not designed for people with high arches. Do you need more arch support? It is essential to get the right support for your arch for long term foot health. If you get the wrong type of support, you can end up.


Some of BOC Shoes are priced more affordable than others. Is price a factor? Do you need a more affordable shoe, or are you looking strictly for design and comfort?

BOC Shoes offer shoes that are comfortable and stylish, no matter the budget. Their prices can range anywhere from the mid-twenties to just over a hundred dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is there a problem with the sole cracking on some of the designs?

A. Yes. Some of the bottoms on a few of the designs are prone to cracking. These designs include the BOC Women’s Peggy and the BOC Women’s Nadiyya clog style shoes.

If the shoes go through a daily routine, after a while, they do begin to shoe wear. It is important to know when it is time to buy a new pair.

Q. Can you wear socks with these?

A. All of the BOC Shoes are designed to wear socks except for the sandals. It is advised to wear socks with shoes to avoid sweating and odor. The synthetic material can be very hot if worn without socks.

You might see our review wear shoes without socks that provide protection and support for your feet.

Q. Can I wear the boots out I the rain without destroying them?

A. The boots are made out of a synthetic material that makes them easy to clean. They can be worn out in light rain with no consequence, but it is recommended to wipe them off after.

The BOC Women’s Sophina is not recommended for rain as they inside can become slick and cause injury.

Q. Would you recommend wearing the BOC Women’s Sophina all day for sightseeing?

A. The sandal is known to hurt some people’s feet in the beginning. It is advised to take time to wear the sandal before going on long walks. This is not the case for everyone, but it is something to be advised of.

Q. Do the BOC Women’s Virginia Boot have traction for snow and ice?

A. The BOC Women’s Virginia Boot does not have a smooth sole, but they are not ideal for snowy conditions. The material makes it easy to clean snow from them, but they can become slick and unsafe during a heavy downpour. If worn out in the snow, they can cause injury.

With a good pair of snow shoes, you can comfortably wear while walking on ice and snow.

Q. Do the BOC Women’s Schirra fit a high arch?

A. The BOC Women’s Schirra is a great fit for a high arch with its wedge design. It provides support throughout the shoe’s sole, giving comfort to people with a higher arch than others. The right support is important for people with a higher arch to provide the right comfort level.


BOC Shoes provide both comfort and style to women who are constantly on their feet. Wives, mothers, teachers, and just your everyday women can have a lot on their plate. The last thing they need on their mind is how bad their feet hurt.

With BOC Shoes, women can have it all. It doesn’t matter if they want a sandal, boot, or something more formal for work. BOC Shoes has it covered. They are known for both comfort and design.

As great as they might sound, they are not without flaw. Some designs tend to run a little bigger in size. Some only offer a short range of colors. Others are just not made for every person.

It is essential to know what you are looking in a shoe before you buy it. Know what features are essential to you before you make your decision. Don’t waste your money on something that’s not the right fit.

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