Danner Vs. Red Wing-A Battle to Choose the Right Boots

Danner vs. Red Wing is an on-going battle for footwear supremacy. Both companies have similar long traditions in the footwear industry. Continuation of extraordinary superior, versatile footwear is what makes this footwear manufacturer’s the best in the World.

Superior, versatile boots have a higher price tag. Boots made from premium materials are more comfortable for increased daily wear. Choose the right Boot based on quality, not price. Off the shelf, work boots last less than a year.

There remain distinctive differences between Danner vs Red Wing. Danner focused on active outdoor lifestyles and fashion trends. Red Wing continues to focus on blue-collar workplace environments. Thus, the Danner Men’s Vicious 4.5 Inch Non Metallic Toe Work Boot comes recommended.

Dedication to the consumer continues to rocket this superior footwear company to total footwear supremacy. Danner may soon be waving the white flag in the Danner Vs. Red Wing battle.

History of Danner and Red Wing

Charles Danner founded Danner Shoe Mfg. in 1932. The company moved to Portland, Oregon in 1932.

In 1939, Charles’s two sons John and Bill, integrated into the business. John and Bill began production of work boots in the mid-seventies. First waterproof hiking boots produced in 1979 in cooperation with Gore-Tex.

Eric Merk bought the company in 1983. In 1994, the newly acquired company merged with LaCrosse Wisconsin based Lacrosse Footwear. Danner is a parent company of Lacrosse Footwear, parented by the Japanese company, ABC-Mart.

ABC-Mart relocated the company to its current 59,000 square foot factory. Danner has two brick and mortar stores in Portland, Oregon. A large variety of their footwear is available in hundreds of retail stores and across the Internet.

Military and first responders wear Danner specialized work boots daily.

Charles Beckman established Red Wing shoes in 1905. Minnesota family-owned based company with headquarters in Red Wing Minnesota.

This company continues to meet changing demands as it has for over 100 years. Over one-hundred and eighty styles of footwear available to meet all specific consumer needs. All work boots are hand-crafted with premium leather. Continuing changes is style trends is not a problem for this premier footwear manufacturer.

Over one-hundred and twenty shoe sizes available, the largest in the footwear industry. Over twenty thousand pairs of shoes and work boots continue to be produced daily.

“Word of mouth” is the most popular form of advertising used. The complete line of footwear includes rugged or casual work, service, and women’s footwear. Irish Setter, outdoor hunting and sport boots is a product of Red Wing Shoe Company.

The benefits of the complete line of superior footwear offered lies in quality construction and superior craftsmanship. Quality remains in-house controlled with minimal outsourcing.

Danner Vs. Red Wing

1. Danner Men’s Vicious 4.5 Inch Non-Metallic Toe Work Boot

Danner Men's Vicious 4.5 Inch Non-Metallic Toe Work Boot

The Danner Vicious work boot is the most comfortable work boot offered by this company. This work boot is not your average, everyday work boot. These work boots tackle the harshest work conditions with some quality issues.

Danner has dual-density EVA shock, absorbing midsole for added durability. Outside edges provide extra cushioning and underfoot support — smooth work boot interior for a good comfortable fit.

It has Vibram Vicious slip-resistant outsole for superior indoor and outdoor traction. Nonmetallic safety toe meets and exceeds all ASTM safety standards. These work boots surround the ergonomic structure of your foot — more room in the toe area, allowing toes to move without restrictions.

Constructed Trailguard platform saves weight for increased torsional stability. Durable TPU shank and EVA midsole with superior cushioning properties. Seamless molded midsole to outsole reduces weight and adds strength.

One-hundred percent waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX lining with rugged Vibram outsoles. Rich, full-grain leather uppers for more endurance and better moisture protection. It has cushioned PU insole for comfortable underfoot support.

You might be like our review about Danner Acadia Waterproof Gore-Tex Boot to give you 100% secured from wet.


  • Nylon, flexible shank for lightweight stability
  • Ninety-degree heel for added safety on steep terrain
  • Redesigned forefoot and heel capture for long days on your feet
  • Increased anatomical shape for more comfort and fit
  • Abrasion-resistant heel cap for added durability

Pricing for the Danner Men’s Vicious work boots starts at $145.00 with varying color options.

Four-and-a-half-inch height is lower than the traditional work boots height of six inches. Perfect for work or casual events. A leading competitor in the Danner vs. Red Wing boots market.

2. Danner Women’s Mountain Light Cascade Hiking Boot

Danner Women's Mountain Light Cascade Hiking Boot

These women’s hiking boots are one of the best backpacking styles offered. These hiking boots are reborn for today’s modern, adventurous woman.

It is made in the USA with a wider re-designed platform for increased underfoot stability. Subtle Sienna Cache antique color leather variations age with beautiful patina. Smooth, rich leather that ages the more you wear them.

Feet remain comfortable due to improved Dri-Lex lining. Improved lining offers better foot breathability in all hiking conditions and retrofitted one-piece premium one hundred percent leather uppers with flat red laces.

Hand-crafted stitchdown construction for underfoot stability and durability. New Vibram Ketterlift outsole for comfort levels on dry or wet hiking terrain. New outsole is a perfect match for outdoor or casual use.

Danner features 650 EE for a roomier fit without a reduction in boot quality. Specific fit based on former classic styles. Universal fit for everyday casual wear. Boots are non-insulated. No waterproofing or water resistance specified.

Full-length fiberglass shank with a supportive hand-crafted platform. More support for carrying large backpack loads. Vibram Kletterlift shock-absorbing outsole. The outsole is replaceable for extended wear. Available in one color, Sienna Cache brown.


  • Full-grain leather uppers with lace closures and iconic outdoor styling
  • Superior traction on rocky, wet terrain
  • Speed hooks durable extra length laces
  • Stitch down construction for increased underfoot stability
  • Lightweight construction with a better fit for smaller feet

Prices start at $360.00. One of the highest-priced hiking boots on the market with missing features. Less expensive hiking boots are available. Look for reduced pricing across the Internet.

If you are working on a cold or wet environment, then you might like work boots with Gore-Tex feature. These waterproof work boots will keep your feet dry and provide excellent support.

3. Danner Men’s Jag Lifestyle Boot

Danner Men's Jag Lifestyle Boot

Released from the Danner archives, the men’s hiking boots are once again reborn. For over thirty years, these men’s hiking boots supported external frame backpacking. The new and improved Jag is a more versatile version designed for today’s uses.

Comfortable, updated style for use on the trail or wear around town — durable and lightweight materials with an updated EVA midsole. New waffle designed outsole adapts to all-terrain differences.

It has signature one hundred percent waterproof membrane with low breathable mesh lining. Specialized Dry lining keeps heat and moisture out. Lightweight versatility features more room in the toe box.

Then removable Ortholite footbed adds more cushioning to your underfoot. Sporty, sneaker appearing hiking boots fit like a modern sneaker with a lighter feel. The new streamlined Danner Jag features integrated modern materials. It is designed for today’s active lifestyles.

Full-grain leather uppers feature durable nylon for an updated look of inspiration. Reborn and updated Jag is a key source of inspiration for memories from the past. Good color selections to complement many active lifestyles from work to casual events.


  • Two adjustable lacing options for a better secure, comfortable fit
  • Abrasion-resistant uppers keep boots looking like new for years
  • Waffle design outsole for superior traction on trails or slippery streets
  • Padded ballistic weaver uppers with suede detailing
  • D-ring lace-up vamp with notched cuff and padded insole

Average prices range from $100.00-$160.00 with other models and styles available at higher prices. Varying prices at multiple websites throughout the Internet.

4. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Beckman Round 6″ Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men's Beckman Round 6" Boot

Plain-toe work boots with a waxed leather finish and contrasting stitching. Made in the USA. Red Wing Heritage boots are a perfect fit for work or for casual events.

Premium leather with three-quarter Goodyear welt. Puritan triple stitch for durability. Vibram 430 mini-lug sole for all-season traction. Bump, the round toe for more room upfront. Fit a wide range of foot sizes and shapes.

Steel shank for extra support. Flat waxed forth-eight-inch laces. Durable crepe wedge for a stronger foundation. Waterproof premium full-grain leather uppers. Stain and perspiration resistant. Norwegian construction adds durability and strength.

Moisture-wicking lining. Leather footbed conforms to the shape of your feet. Flexible crepe shock-resistant outsole. Six-inch high shaft keeps dirt out in the summer and snow in the winter. Dull gilt hook and eyelet fastenings for a cleaner look. Goodyear triple welt construction. Oil-resisting outsole.

Cushioned insole keeps feet dry and underfoot supported — long-lasting leather insole. Red Wing believes in four basic principles: quality, durability, comfort, and craftsmanship. A clear representation in superior footwear for over one-hundred years.


  • Excellent wear with a tweed blazer and jeans/khakis
  • Very comfortable with an old school build look
  • Structure, color, and construction remains perfect during and after the break-in period
  • Excellent fit and comfortable as a good sneaker
  • Beautiful leather boots that support your feet and ankles

Prices range from $220-$390.00. Compare these boots to off-the-shelf work boots. One pair of Red Wing work boots are equal to twenty pair of big retail outlet work boots. Expect to pay more for quality vs. quantity.

5. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc 6″ Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic Moc 6" Boot

Red Wing classic moc 6” boot is a staple of over 150 different footwear styles. Moc-toe styling features triple stitching with Goodyear welt construction. All footwear produced by this company features advanced construction for increased wear and durability.

Crepe wedge is the foundation for this durable, handsome moc-toe boot with leather waterproof uppers feature a thick treaded outsole for superior traction. Norwegian welt construction gives a rugged look for added strength and durability.

These boots fit tight on your feet. Ample room for toes to wiggle is a feature of all Red Wing boots. The full-grain uppers, insoles and cork midsole mold to your feet. The more you wear these Red Wing men’s classic six-inch boots, the better they look.

Red Wing has Traction Tread outsole with Puritan triple stitch and distinctive gold laces. These rugged boots feature specialized tanned leather to prevent fading from the sun UV rays — Premium leather from S.B. Foot tanning Co. Leather is water, stain, and perspiration resistant.

Oil-tanned leather remains very durable. For over 110 years, oil-tanned leather continues to be used in all work boot construction.


  • Extra room in forefoot and instep for easy entry
  • Better fit for a variety of foot sizes
  • Durable nickel eyelets for years of dependability
  • Minimal tread depth outsole repels dirt and debris
  • Cork midsoles for superior comfort and support

Prices start at $265.00. Expect to pay more for these work boots. High-quality materials cost more producing higher quality boots. Manufacturer recommends ordering boots half size smaller for the best possible fit.

6. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Roughneck Lace Up Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men's Roughneck Lace Up Boot

Tough working conditions requires tough work boots. Red Wing Roughneck work boots feature full-grain leather uppers and bold stitching; double construction strength ensures a work boot that can take on any tough work site.

Good supportive EVA midsole for increased comfort. Vibram lug outsole provides good traction on any surface. Six-inch height offers support and protection — steel shank for extra support.

Roughnecks feature S.B Foot Tanning leather. Leather is water, stain, and perspiration resistant. The natural beauty of leather is evident, with less finishing applied. Durable full-grain premium leather uppers with one-of-a-kind bold stitching. Goodyear welt and cement construction.

Comfortable leather insole with cork midsole. They have polished durable eyelets — contrasting heavy-duty laces. The leather tongue is soft and flexible. Bump out in toe for more room for heavier socks in colder weather.

Available in three colors. Rustic features are far advanced over competing styles — distressed appearing leather with a unique, beautiful appearance. Leather remains natural in appearance year after year.


  • Steel shanks for excellent support and stability
  • 100% waterproofing keeps feet dry in extreme weather conditions
  • Thicker leather for longer comfortable durability
  • Boots are perfection in quality, stitching, and appearance
  • Well-made vamp, lace eyelet, lug, ankle and heel counter

The price will range from $245-$330.00, which is alarming to some. Your choice is obvious. Buy one pair of “roughnecks’ or ten pair of off the shelf boots with fluctuation prices every six months to a year. Your battle to choose the right boots is now over.

Comparison Between Danner and Redwing

Better Leather

Red Wing leather is thicker, smoother, and built for the harshest of conditions. The use of their own tannery, S.B. Foot Tanning Co, produces footwear with higher quality control.

A large percentage of leather used is oil tanned. The tough and rough leather all work boots receive many applications of oils and waxes for extended wear.

Thinner leather with a velvety appearance is distinct features of Danner boots. Thinner leather is imported from overseas reducing overall quality control. Leather on their work boots is only 1.5 millimeters thick compared to Red Wing 2 to 2.2-millimeter thickness.

Unique Style

Each company has its own distinctive styling. Distinctive white outsoles is a trademark of only one company, Red Wing which is often copied. Red Wing boots and shoes have a cleaner look with a less styling appearance. Construction of footwear with quality, endurance, and durability remains the focus of Red Wing work boots.

Danner prefers to offer boots with more styling and less quality. Dual stitching along the vamp and counter are signs of reduced quality and “short cuts.”

Choose Danner for styling. If quality is important, then Red Wing is the best choice.

Appropriate Size

Danner boots run true to size. Larger sizes are available. Check sizing charts before ordering for the best fit. Sizing continues to be a concern when ordering work boots from this company boots. Work boots reviews continue to state problems in selecting the appropriate size and other quality issues.

Red Wing recommends ordering a half size smaller than your true size. Boots tend to run large in size. Boots need a break-in period. Noticeable and improved better fit after the break-in period.

Traction Sole

Deep traction outsoles are a trademark of Danner boots. The deep outsole is primarily used for hiking, not in the workplace. Inner soles include dependable, lightweight updated EVA midsole. Outsoles have a tendency to fill with mud and small rocks, reducing traction. Reduced traction on slippery trails is dangerous and preventable.

Red Wing work boots offer outsole traction in a waffle design that does not fill with mud or other debris. Outsoles are dependable on slippery workplace surfaces. Work boots are available with optional traction control to meet all hazardous working environments.

Support & Comfort

Support and comfort are mandatory features or all work boots. Danner boots offer better arch support than others. Boots are lighter with nylon, flexible shanks, and they remain the favorite of adventurous outdoor individuals. Hiking requires shoes with increased support.

Red Wing boots offer a steel shank for support and stability. Cork insoles add excellent comfort levels. Consumers report boots are as comfortable and feel more like a good pair of sneakers. There are no negative issues about the slight increase in boot weight due to the steel shank.

Long-lasting Durability

Durability is the heart of any good work boot. Danner offers stitchdown construction that uses only two stitches along the vamp and counter and produces an uncomfortable shelf along the perimeter.

Red Wing boots are triple stitched for extended durability. Work boots lasting fifteen years or more are not uncommon. Durability and dependability remain a strong selling point.

Water Resistance

Danner boots are ideal for outdoor use. Mountain hikers and bikers prefer Danner boot over all others, but not all work boots offered by this company are water-resistant. Hiking boots need to be above all else, waterproof.

Red Wing boots are both water-resistant and waterproof. Check specifics of the selected style before ordering is recommended. Danner boots offer waterproofing or water resistance on a few selected styles.

Danner Vs. Red Wing: Make Your Choice Undoubtedly

Life is full of decisions. Making decisions is difficult. Choosing work boots based on price is a bad decision. Expect to pay more for quality work boots.

Danner boots focus on outdoor activities. Red Wing boots are perfect for the workplace environment. Premium leather is thicker with a better fit. Thinner leather of Danner boots have good arch support but lack the durability for years of extended wear.

Red Wing boots maintain a clean, sophisticated look of quality. Excellent work boots with premium materials and superior craftsmanship.

Danner boots are less expensive due to the lesser quality of materials used.

Resoling of Red Wing boots increases longevity. Danner boots are harder to resolve due to construction and depth of the outer sole. Gather information on Danner vs. Red Wing to make an educated final decision.

Make your choice based on facts, not fiction. Your final decision will become clear with the right decision.

How to Clean Your Boots

Occasional cleaning of your boots is a good idea. Cleaning makes your boots last longer. Clean boots present a better image.

When boots flex, dirt, grit or sand rub on the leather with a sandpaper effect. Mud sucks moisture from the leather. Specialized boot brushes are best for deep cleaning of built-up dirt and debris. Old toothbrushes also work well to remove dirt from hard to reach places.

Remove all laces before cleaning. Remove insoles, set aside, and let dry. Allow boots to dry without the use of any other heat source. Excessive heat weakens adhesives and damages the leather exteriors.

Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for your type of boosts. Boots built with premium leather are the easiest to clean. Do not use dish detergent. Dish detergent contains additives that will damage the leather surface of your boots.

Boots are expensive. Take care of your boots, and they will take care of you. Proper oil for leather can clean your boots and protect the natural beauty of the material.


Choosing good work boots is often a matter of personal preference. Buying discounted work boots on the shelf is never recommended. There are some essential facts to consider when you are shopping footwear such as: what type of boots protect your foot appropriately, is it heavy or lightweight, does it contain steel toe or composite toe, and so on.

The debate of Danner vs. Red Wing work boots is a continuing discussion.

There are two very distinctive differences between these companies. Red Wing focuses on blue-collar workplaces. Danner continues to focus on outdoor activities such as hiking. Select the appropriate footwear based on the intended use. Not all work boots will be adaptable in all work environments.

Danner boots offer more frivolous styling. Red Wing boots maintain a simple, clean, sophisticated look for the workplace. Pay attention to the details when selecting work boots. Quality should be clear upon visual inspection. Clean lines represent unmatched built-in quality.

Do your homework. Look at the history of both companies revealing interesting unknown facts. Base your selection on facts, not fiction. Weighing all the facts in comparison of these two work boots will produce an obvious choice.

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