Irish Setter vs Red Wing: Difference Between Red Wing and Irish Setter Boots

Yes, it’s true. Irish Setter and Red Wing boots are made by the same company, Red Wing Shoe Company, based on Red Wing, Minnesota, United States.

After introduced in the 1950s, Irish setter boots have gained an increased following due to the overall quality and rugged good looks.

Irish setter’s primary focus was on hunting and trail boots. Since they received an overwhelmingly positive response from hunters and the consuming public, Irish setter soon branched off into specialty work boots called Red Wing.

Red Wing boots are made in the USA. Red Wing American Heritage line offers high-quality work boots, designed and engineered for those who work in the construction industry to elite tactical law enforcement units who need specialized safety boots.

Irish setter boots are known for the latest in technology, which increases the overall quality of these boots.

First, to introduce UltraDry, a moisture management lining keeps feet dry with long-lasting comfort and performance. Also, ExoFlex allowed the boot to expand to the back of the heel, providing a spring with maximum dexterity in every step taken.

Protecting the high wear areas of these boots, ArmTec was introduced to lengthen the life of the boot.

There are some differences in style and contrast stitching between these boot brands, but the main differences are what use are these work boots designed for and the materials used.

Both brands of boots continue to use S.B Foot Tanning leather on the uppers of all boots made.

Boots made in the USA tend to have a higher price range, primarily due to higher living costs. This remains a concern of a small portion of consumers who have little budget restrictions in what has been labeled as “expensive” work boots.

Difference Between Irish Setter and Red Wing Boots

In a side-by-side comparison, the following table highlights some of the differences between these boots.

The following information was collected from numerous websites. Hours of research were needed to provide the most accurate information on each brand available today.

Information taken from these websites is thought to be accurate and updated. Variations may apply depending on the brand and style selected.

ParametersRed WingIrish Setter
Made in the USAYesChina/Imported
ConstructionGoodyear WeltGoodyear Welt
UppersS.B. TanningS.B. Tanning
InsoleLeather FootbedRemovable PU Footbed
Leather PanelingSimple PanelingIncreased Paneling
Rubber wedge soleYesYes
Heat ResistanceNoUp to 475 degrees
Long break-in periodsYesNo
Overall Designed useConstruction/FactoryHarsh working conditions
Safety Toe OptionYesYes
Top Products on AmazonTop Red Wing bootsTop Irish Setter boots

Although Irish Setter and Red Wing offer different models, there remains very little difference in quality and construction.

Besides, both brands offer very similar safety features and styles.

Boots built by Red Wing to have a slightly higher overall price, however, boots built in the USA appear to have a slight advantage in construction quality.

By searching on the internet, you will find websites that offer discounts on either brand. Irish setters, with the applied discount, appear to have a lower price, but once again, it depends on where and under what conditions these boots will be worn.

It comes as no surprise that Irish Setter boots are made in China. Some models of this brand are made in Vietnam as well. Most consumers are customary shoppers. Price appears to be the leading economic factor when purchasing items over $100.00.

The quality, unfortunately, remains a lesser consideration. Through the long legacy of Red Wing shoes, this Company’s stellar reputation has gained global recognition that cannot be compared.

Red Wing builds the highest quality line of work boots on the market. Second, to none, this Company continues to dominate the work boots footwear industry.

For your convenience, we have reviewed the most expensive boots from Red Wing, called Red Wing Iron Ranger review. It’s a clear, concise post that shows the details features, pros, and cons of top-selling Red Wing products available in the market today.

Which One Should You Buy? Red Wing or Irish Setter?

This is a question that is asked many times by consumers looking for quality work boots.

There is no definite answer to this question. Both brands of work boots are constructed with the latest in technology.

These high-quality work boots are designed to protect your feet in a wide range of job requirements. Either the Red Wing Heritage line or the Irish Setter line have it well covered.

Irish Setter appears to be more suited for outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who love the thrill of the hunt. Their reputation for the construction of superior hunting boots dates to the 1950s and continues today.

When looking for quality work boots, stop and ask yourself these very important questions:

What are my job duties?

Is there a chance of serious injury to my feet?

The answer to these questions will hopefully lead you towards the selection of the “right” work boot that will meet all your needs.

Not all work boots offer safety toe protection. Both brands provide exceptional work boots that meet and exceed the minimum safety standards.

Honestly, dollar for dollar, the slight extra cost for either the Irish Setter or Red Wing with safety toe protection is an investment in yourself. Granted, Red Wing work boots are on the higher end of the price scale.

A common mistake made by many in choosing proper, protective work boots comes down to the price. Keep in mind that your feet are an investment in your future.

Severe work-related foot injuries have changed the lives of hundreds who chose work boots based on price. Do not make this same mistake. Your family is counting on it.

Final Thoughts

Decisions are not always easy to make. Poor decisions can affect the rest of your life and the lives of your family.

Your feet are the means to support your family and the education of your children.

Choosing the proper work boots for your needs is not a decision to be taken lightly. Red Wing and Irish Setter work boots offer the protection required with a piece of mind.

Purchasing work boots from a large retail outlet based on price is a decision with negative results.

Do not become another statistic of a severe work-related foot injury. Rely on the quality of Red Wing and Irish Setter work boots. Either choice is a decision you can live with.

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