Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike Review (In-depth and Unbiased)

If you like riding on hilly terrain, in the snow, or on beaches, there’s only one kind of bicycle for you: a fat tire bike. The bike’s wide tires can take on these challenging surfaces quite easily. Of all the fat tire mountain bikes available in the market today, we can definitely recommend the Mongoose Dolomite Bike.

In this Mongoose Dolomite review, you will find in-depth and detailed information about the fat bike. Read this unbiased write-up to give you an idea whether this bike is a good fit for you or not.

Mongoose Dolomite Bike

Features of the Mongoose Dolomite Bike

  • Frame size: 17 inches (from the cranks to the seat tube)
  • Material: Solid steel frame
  • Type of bike: Fat tire mountain bike
  • Weight: 48 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 59 pounds
  • Shipping box dimension: 55.9 inches (Length) x 7.87 inches (Width) x 27.16 inches (Height)
  • Wheel diameter: 26 inches
  • Tire width: 4 inches
  • Rims: Lightweight Alloy Rims
  • Brakes: Front and Rear Disc Brakes
  • Derailleur: Shimano Rear Derailleur
  • Speed: 7 speeds
  • Shifter: Twist shifters
  • Crank: 3-piece crank with 36 teeth
  • Colors: Light blue, navy blue, and red
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

Core Features

Style and Look

The Mongoose Dolomite bike has plump tires that make it look clunky. However, it’s offset by its three color options–red, navy blue, and light blue–that make it look stylish. It has beautiful paintwork, too, that a lot of users love.


The Mongoose Dolomite is heavier than regular road bikes. It’s also a little more cumbersome than most other mountain bikes.

However, you do need a bicycle that’s strong enough for hill climbing or stable enough for riding on soft terrains. The solid steel frame makes it heavy, but it gives you a lot of advantages on unstable surfaces like beaches and snowy roads.


The Dolomite Fat Bike frame is made of high-tensile steel, making it sturdy and durable. It makes the bike heavier than others but also gives the bike more stability.

Wheel and Fat Tire

The bike features wheels of 26-inch diameter. This size is suitable for use on unstable surfaces. The 4-inch thick tire will let you tackle any terrains with ease and comfort.

Disc Brakes

The mechanical disc brakes are a necessary feature when it comes to ensuring safety while riding on rough terrains or climbing hills. This braking system makes your biking experience safe and smooth.


Biking on Mountain Trails

If hill climbing is your purpose, this Mongoose Dolomite Bike is a great choice. The company made it for trail riding. The strength of the steel frame, the 4-inch tires, and the cruiser pedals are all meant for taking on hills.

Biking on Bumpy Terrains

This Mongoose bike is also suitable for riding on bumpy terrains. The thick tires and heavy steel frame give you the stability and comfort you need when taking on these kinds of trails.

Biking on Snow

Biking during wintertime can be dangerous because the snow makes the road slippery. With this Mongoose Bike, however, winter biking is no problem at all.

The tires are thick, and the wheel’s diameter is 26 inches. This size is suitable for riding on the snow as it makes the bike stable even on slippery surfaces.

Biking on the Beach

The width of the wheels, coupled with beach cruising pedals, make beach riding easier. Not all kinds of sand are good for biking, though, so test your bike first on a small stretch of the beach before you set out.

Why is the Mongoose Dolomite Bike Best For

Height of the Biker

This bike is suitable for taller riders. However, these seat is easily adjustable to accommodate users of different heights. If you are around 5 feet 6 inches to over 6 feet, this bike is for you.

The Health of the Biker

The Mongoose Dolomite Bike is heavy, so it needs someone with enough strength to be able to handle it. This mountain bike weighs 48 pounds, so make sure you can carry it if needed.

If you’re not confident about your strength, you can consider these mountain bikes with the folding feature as they are mostly lightweight.

Weight of the Biker

Because of its big tires and solid steel frame, the Mongoose is a great choice for riders who are heavier and taller. The tires can easily handle more weight than regular bikes, making riding comfortable. Even if you are 350 lbs or more, you can ride this bike with ease.

Gender of the Biker

Anyone can use this bike, both men and women alike. It is available in several color options that would please both.


  • The solid steel frame makes the bike durable and strong.
  • The bike’s fat tires allow riding on dirt, mountain trails, snow, sand, etc.
  • It has a secure chain functionality.
  • The 7-Speed Shimano Rear Derailleur makes hill climbing easy.
  • The Twist Shifters supports quick gear change.
  • The bike’s beach cruiser pedals make riding comfortable.
  • The mechanical disc brakes ensure a safe ride.
  • This Dolomite bike can carry heavier and taller riders.
  • It is an affordable fat tire mountain bike. Even with its durable steel frame and several useful features, it is not pricey at all.


  • The pedals are small. The grip may be uncomfortable when riding on hilly terrains.
  • The narrow saddle is not comfortable. You may find it painful on long rides.
  • It is a heavy bike, so it is not suitable for everyone.
  • Beach sand riding experience may not be very pleasant as it is heavy.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Mongoose Dolomite Bike

Lack of Suspension Fork

Most mountain bikes feature double or at least single suspension. This fat tire mountain bike from Mongoose doesn’t have a suspension system. This may make your ride a bit rougher when riding hills or uneven roads.


Speed is not the core focus of fat tire mountain bikes. If you want more speed and ride on smooth roads, consider other bikes rather than this. Here you can see ten road bikes under $500.


Is commuting your reason for choosing a bike? You can look for simpler mountain bikes. This Mongoose Dolomite is meant for riding in challenging terrains. These commuter bikes under $500 can suit your purpose better.

However, if you see yourself using this for commuting on the weekdays and hill riding on the weekends, then go for it. This Mongoose bike is flexible that way.


A mountain bike’s braking system is essential, especially when it comes to riding in challenging terrains. This Mongoose bicycle features mechanical disc brakes that ensure better and more seamless control even on unstable surfaces.


Considering all aspects of the bike, you can go for the Mongoose Dolomite for several reasons stated above. If you are in good health, a little taller or heavier, and want to ride on challenging terrains, this bike is definitely for you.

The fat tire of the Mongoose Dolomite will take care of the potholes, dirt, snow, sand, and uneven and hilly trails. The mechanical disc brake will give you better control over your bicycle. Its fat and plump tires and solid steel frame can take you places where smaller bikes can’t.

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