Schwinn Loop Folding Bike Review (In-depth and detailed)

If you are thinking of comfortability and flexibility, a folding bike can be a good fit for you. And, the Schwinn Loop Folding Bike has some handy features you may love.

While most of the folding bikes manufacturers focus on making it smaller, lightweight, and cheap. But Schwinn nailed it, and they come with the latest features with this loop folding bike.

The bike is suitable for commuting to and from your work. It's also handy when it comes to carrying at your car's trunk and keeping at a small space.

You may be wondering what other factors of the bike will make you jump and buy it right now, or what cons will make you think of anything else?

This Schwinn Loop Folding Bike review comes with pros, cons, usability, and more insights. Let's dig in.

Review of Schwinn Loop Folding Bike:

Schwinn Loop Folding Bike

Schwinn Loop Folding Bike has a sturdy, durable frame. It is a classic-style bike made by a 124-year-old US-based company.

The Schwinn Loop Folding Bike comes up with a comfortable riding facility. That's what you might look for while deciding to have a folding bike for commuting.

The folded size of the Loop bike is 29 by 29.5 by 19 inches. Furthermore, it weighs 33 pounds, and the shipping weight is 52 pounds.

This Loop bike is suitable for adults. Taller or shorter riders can adjust the seat height as they need.

This loop bike has a classical design along with the latest features of folding bikes. This combination is rare in the bike market.

You may notice the handle's size, almost like full-sized bicycles. You can also find that there is a significant distance between the handlebars and the seat.

These make it comfortable for you to ride without having back pain.

Folding bikes with desirable features cost a bit high. Here, Schwinn Loop Folding Bike took the opportunity of their long experience.

They offer the bike at an affordable price. The company doesn't need to compromise with the quality, usability, and durability. They have learned to reduce the production cost over the past 124 years of experience.

Usability of the Loop Bike:

Loop Folding Bicycle

Most of the folding bikes were not suitable for commuting. It is even true since the evolution of modern, small-wheel, folding bicycles. Many folding bikes are too lightweight with small wheels, yet less than 15 inches. These bikes may be useful for fun or some refreshments, but not for riding a long way.

Usability and fun - both have come together with some of the modern folding bikes. You will find Schwinn Loop Folding Bike a usable and functional one.

The folding bike is suitable for frequent riding and commuting. You can also use this for tackling minor hills, RVing, and traveling a bit longer way. Its durable steel hinges keep you out of worriedness while riding.

Core Features and Specifications:

Size when folded: 29 by 29.5 by 19 inches

Weight: 33 pounds

Shipping weight: 52 pounds

Speed: 7

Colors: White, black and silver

Frame: Light Alloy folding frame

Shifter: Shimano RevoShift Twist Shifter

Rear Derailleur: 7-Speed Shimano Tourney

Brake: Front and Rear V Brake

Fender: Full Wrap Fender

Rack: Rear Carrying Rack available

Wheel: 20 inches Alloy Wheels

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

Carrying Bag: Nylon carrying bag

Country of Origin: The USA


  • Alloy-frame makes it durable. While many of the folding bike manufacturers don't focus on durability, Schwinn values this.
  • The adjustable seat fits shorter or taller riders. The adjustability also turns the bike into a small one when folded.
  • Seven speeds with smooth shifter make the riding experience comfortable. It also allows you to tackle small-scale hills and pass across the speedy wind.
  • The bike gives a taste of full-size bikes. Most folding bikes on the market are so tiny that those may feel like toy bikes. But, the Loop bike will give you the experience of full-size bikes. You can ride it with comfort while commuting.
  • Despite having modern features, the bike comes at an affordable price.


  • The folding process is a bit difficult. In the beginning, the folding process of the bike may take several minutes.
  • May feel heavy, including the rear rack and fenders. Hence, it may not be right for you if you are looking for a very lightweight folding bike.

Other Considerations:

Please read these considerations first before choosing a folding bike. These considerations will help you realize how good or bad the Loop bike is.

Ease of ride

Who wants to have a bike that doesn't offer the comfort of riding? Will you want to buy one like that? No. Everyone wants to ride with ease.

Moreover, when it comes to commuting, ease of ride should be the priority for choosing your bike.

Ease of storing and carrying

Folding bikes should have this advantage. You may want to keep it in a small space. Or, you may need to take it somewhere in certain situations.

Ease of folding

Folding bikes should fold and unfold fast. It will be sad if you experience a nightmare while folding or unfolding a bicycle.

Sizing Options

Most of the folding bikes are very small. You need to consider whether it suits your size. Get the right size of bike in this chart, read more

Speed options

Most folding bikes' focus is not on speed. If you need speed options for comfortable riding, then you should include this in the consideration list.

The bike offers ease of ride. But It lacks the ease of carrying for its weight and size. Schwinn Loop's high usability gets a tiny issue- folding difficulty.

But the 7-gear speed options give you more flexibility and comfort of riding when it comes to commuting. You can ride it like a full-size bike and carry store in a tiny space.

Though you found some cons, you can overlook them if you want to have a classic-style bike with folding options and the latest features combined.

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