The 7 Best Jungle Boots of 2022

Do you have a tactical mission to embark on, and you seem worried if your combat boots have the support and comfort needed for full concentration to meet the challenges head-on?

Does it seem to be an arduous task for you to get the right boot that will provide optimum protection to keep you safe during your holiday trip to the Amazon or Africa’s mighty Congo rain forest?

Be reminded that it’s not a trivial issue! Your life might just depend on the kind of boots you put on for your expedition.

In effect, you need a pair of boots that will cover your calf and ankle, so you stay safe from attacks from ants, insects, ticks, and more vermin during your expedition.

So, we have decided to help you with a compelling exposition on the 7 Best Jungle Boots of 2022 that will help you survive in the wet and wild jungle.

Our top pick?

Under Armour Men’s Jungle Rat Military and Tactical Boot. They have a unique UA storm technology and Durable Water Repellant, which will help to keep your feet dry and safe always.

Which other brands can offer such life-saving features to keep you active and agile on the trail?

Let’s find out below!

Best Jungle Boots

1. Under Armour Men’s Jungle Rat Military and Tactical Boot

This is a lightweight athletic tactical boot that is suitable for warm weather while also looking appealing to the eye.

The use of UA Storm technology and Durable Water Repellant (DWR) finish keeps water away while your feet stay dry and fresh, given that it is a fast-drying product.

The double-stitched style, quick-dry minimalist design, alongside reinforced TPU shank, makes it adaptable to the trails frequented by military officers and others who love the rough jungle terrain.

It has a full ground contact design that allows you to move quickly and with ease through a dense environment covered in shrubs and thick vegetation.


  • 900D nylon textile and leather for a soft, comfortable, and lightweight upper features
  • Full-length Micro G midsole offers proper cushioning and spring to the boot
  • Anti-odor technology on the molded Ortholite sock liner helps keep bacteria-causing odor away
  • The medial side drainage vents promote airflow and keep your foot dry
  • Presence of thin removable insole for arch support
  • Use of low-profile rubber lug sole to boost traction and grip
  • Leather pull-loop at upper rear for easy on and off
  • AR670-1 and AFI 36-2903-compliant


  • Low-quality laces
  • Reviewers complain about the sewing on the tongue of the boot
  • Lack of impact protection features in the midsole

Whether you are walking on a trail with hard-packed rock, loose, unstable gravel, or dry, dead shrubs, Under Armour Men’s Jungle Rat Military and Tactical Boot will serve you well.

This is a military tactical jungle boot that is suitable for extended patrols, heavy training, or intense reconnaissance maneuvers.

2. Rothco Classic Military Jungle Boots

Rothco Classic Military Jungle Boots

Since its birth in 1953, Rothco has been a forerunner in the production of military jungle boots.

They have continued to adopt modern-day technologies to produce stylish, comfortable, and built-in features to manufacture boots of impeccable quality.

With the flexible and breathable canvas (or nylon) used for the construction of the upper, you will enjoy a wide range of motion when on an uneven surface.

Users are guaranteed essential high ankle support thanks to the 8″ height, leather toe, and nine eyelet lacing system.

The dual vent holes promote the aeration that is much needed in hot and humid weather to keep moisture away.


  • Presence of steel shank to reduce pressure on the calf and heel by giving the necessary support
  • Use of Panama sole to keep dirt and debris off the tread while guaranteeing a sturdy grip
  • The drain hole in the arch area ensures water flows out of the boot and lets the vent get dry easily
  • 4mm Memory foam center and insole gives extra support to cushion the impact
  • The sole is vulcanized to the body of the boot
  • Available in 3 colors


  • Low-quality eyelet
  • Large toe box area
  • Factory smell issues

The Panama style sole of the Rothco Classic Military Jungle Boots allows you to move with ease in muddy terrain.

It has become one of the best boots for bands, young marines, hiking enthusiasts, or to pair with camouflage pants during other outdoor activities.

3. Altama PX 10.5″ Men’s Slip Resistant Jungle Boot

Altama PX 10.5" Men's Slip Resistant Jungle Boot

Wearing a pair of military tactical jungle boots through tropical climates will save you from dangerous situations.

The tall and rugged look coupled with breathable Cordura and In-step Drainage Vents allows optimal dryness and comfort all day.

The use of the Direct Molded Sole construction technology, which involves molding of the welted upper to the rubber outsole makes it more durable than others.


  • The full-grain leather 1000D Cordura durable material for the upper ensures it lasts long
  • Presence of Lenzi non-metallic anti-penetration board to protect your feet from sharp objects
  • Use of airport-friendly non-metallic construction
  • Non-metallic vents in the instep to allow moisture and water to move out, thereby keeping your feet dry always
  • The custom-molded thermoplastic heel counter and toe box offers lateral support and comfort
  • Use of brass speed lacing hooks to get a secured and snug fit
  • An aggressive Ro-Search Panama tread pattern gives the needed traction and balance when passing through forest floors, muddy water, or dry ground
  • ASTM F2913-11 Slip Resistance certified
  • You will enjoy a 60-day Comfort Guarantee


  • Possible bruises in the ankle area due to a ledge protruding from the inner
  • Insole lacks arch support
  • Comes in big sizes

While the black design of the Altama PX 10.5″ Men’s Slip-Resistant Jungle Boot has a steel plate to protect your feet. The Coyote and Tan color design provide a thermal barrier to keep your feet cool on hot surfaces.

Whereas there is a padded collar for extra comfort, the Gusseted tongue also helps keep out debris and dirt off your feet.



With a world war II classic design, vulcanized rubber Panama combat outsole construction, and unlined inner to promote aeration, you will have a swell time in wet, humid, and hot weather for the fact that it will meet your needs while keeping your feet comfortable and cool.

The long-lasting rubber outsole, which is puncture-resistant, is a pointer to the durability of this lightweight jungle boots and its ability to withstand the roughest of jungle terrains anywhere in the world.


  • Padded insulated comfort linings promote aeration and wick moisture
  • Full-grain leather and canvas-nylon upper ensures it is durable
  • Presence of vent in the inner side helps to drain water and keep the feet dry
  • Use of steel shank for balance and stability
  • The gusseted tongues keep dirt and debris away
  • Unlined inner promotes breathability


  • Wide size for a narrow foot, but you can add insoles to get a snug fit
  • Rubbings on the back of the heel
  • Lack of arch support
  • Short laces

KRAZY SHOE ARTISTS COMBAT Jungle Boot Men in Black has all you need to stay protected and comfortable in very rough terrain.

Whether you are military personnel, hunter, hiker or you just want to perform some activities outdoor, it will serve you well, due to the flexibility and durability – and you can wear it to the office too!

5. Fox Outdoor Products Vietnam Jungle Boot

Fox Outdoor Products Vietnam Jungle Boot

Combat officers and those who love to hike or camp outdoors need perfect footwear that can keep their feet dry in hot, wet, and humid conditions, and this is where this fabulous pair comes in.

Fox Outdoor Products have evolved since 1982 to become a leader in supplying Jungle Boots to its teeming customers.

No matter how thick the jungle you visit for tactical maneuvering, the foot stays comfortable and dry, thanks to the nylon webbing trim on the collar and sides.

The genuine leather upper vulcanized to Panama heel and a steel shank reinforced sole combine to provide the needed support, stability, and durability while on uneven terrain.

Having vents on the sides makes it easy for water to flow out and, at the same time, provides a free flow of air to keep the feet moisture-free.


  • Lightweight construction makes it suitable for different terrain
  • Panama sole and heel allows you to walk through clay and mud without getting bogged down, considering that you will get a firm footing
  • Cotton canvas tongue and shaft aids ventilation
  • Use of removable footbed for extra comfort
  • 10” high shaft offers ankle support
  • The vulcanized rubber outsole gives optimal traction and grip


  • Low arch support
  • Low-quality laces
  • Sole detaches from the upper within a short time
  • It leaves black markings on the tiled floor

Fox Outdoor Products Vietnam Jungle Boot is a lightweight jungle pair of boots available in black and olive drab colors.

It will serve as a matching ensemble for security companies, marching bands, etc., as they move through hot or wet weather conditions.

Among the list of best jungle boots, this is the most affordable that will meet your need for comfort during outdoor activities.

6. Nike SFB Field 8″ Leather Special Tactics Men’s Boots

Nike SFB Field 8" Leather Special Tactics Men's Boots

Nike combines the traction, support, and durability of a boot with a feel of its sneaker designs to produce a military-style kick.

The upper is made with breathable canvas/leather and lightweight constructed midsole for a comfortable feel while on a mission.

With the semi-adhesive rubber on the front of the sole and sturdier back, you enjoy a firm grip on the ground.


  • Use of a durable synthetic and breathable canvas upper to get a ventilated and lightweight feel
  • A dynamic lacing system alongside an 8″ shaft for efficient support, lockdown, ankle protection, and comfortable on and off
  • Presence of a low-profile material (phylon) in the midsole to help absorb impact and minimize shock while offering cushioning and stability
  • Rubber outsole with reverse edges has an aggressive traction design which will serve well on all surfaces with 360-degree mobility
  • An internal rock shield for puncture and laceration protection
  • A raise in the heel to help with good grip when going up or down a steep hill
  • AR670-7and AFI 36-2903-compliant
  • Available in a wide range of sizes


  • Not enough padding in the inner part
  • Rubbing issues at the heel cup area

The perforations on the medial sides promote aeration, keeping your feet cool and odor-free.

The modern athletic footwear technology used in Nike SFB Field 8″ Leather Special Tactics Men’s Boots allows you to experience a smooth heel-to-toe transition while performing heavy-duty activities.

7. Stansport Jungle Boots

Stansport Jungle Boots

Are you in need of a brand that adopts the latest innovative technologies when producing boots that can serve for military, outdoor activities, and fieldwork?

Stansport is an excellent choice that offers a fusion of high-quality materials used for the upper, midsole, and outsole.

A combination of nylon and full-grain leather uppers and an unlined inner offers exceptional breathability with the airflow.

With its stylish look and colors, you will stand out during a trip to the Amazon – or any other exciting jungle expedition.


  • Use of ventilation panel to remove moisture from the boot
  • The durable leather material used can survive in a tough situation
  • Steel shank in the underfoot for optimal ankle support
  • Lightweight boots with nylon webbing at the side and ankle collar for extra support, strength, and protection
  • Rubber lug outsole gives excellent traction in the jungle – even on rocky terrains
  • Leather insole enhances the comfort level thanks to proper ventilation and drainage in place
  • The gusseted tongue keeps dirt and debris out
  • Quality is equal to the pricing


  • It is not true to size, usually comes in big sizes
  • Black markings on a tiled floor
  • Comes with a chemical smell

During the humid, wet, and hot weather conditions, Stansport Jungle Boots will keep you comfortable, fresh, and dry.

You can get extra comfort in this pair of jungle boot by adding ankle inserts, sole inserts, or gel insoles to prevent bruises and swellings.

Given that they are typically made for broad feet, you should opt for a smaller size if you have small and narrow feet.

What to Consider Before Buying Jungle Boots?


The construction of jungle boots is not like regular boots in that they are designed to offer high-level safety and comfort that combat personnel requires.

They should be durable to withstand the rough surroundings explored during training sessions or active duty. You can find more durable boots review in-depth.

You should ensure it is a vulcanized construction that will aid its longevity and as well keep your feet safe always.


To get the most support from your jungle boot, they must be made from lightweight materials to aid flexibility.

It should fit you well and also have room to wiggle for your toes, even with socks on.

A snug fit does not mean a tight fit; the pair should fit and not too tight such that you become prone to swollen foot, etc.

Proper ankle support will keep strain and stress off pressure points, no matter how long you stay on your feet.

Another significant feature to keep you comfortable is the ability such boots have to keep your foot moisture-free. Vents promote this such that water can pass out through and also allow for fast drying as you move around.

Being wet as you move around will slow down your movement and make you feel uncomfortable.


The jungle boots must not feel heavy or bulky on the feet.

As you move through dense forest, muddy water, and undergrowth, you don’t want to feel like you are carrying a heavy load on your feet.

The best option to select are those made with materials such as nylon and leather, which are breathable, lightweight, and durable.


You should always consider the presence of steel shank in the insole of your choice of jungle boot because of the purpose they serve.

They are a form of protection to keep your feet safe from sharp and dangerous thorns, rough objects, stones, and even deadly insects and reptiles that may harm you.

If you perform heavy-duty activities or put a lot of baggage on your back while moving on a trail, the shank will provide torsional stability and excellent ankle support to keep you stable all day.

The sole should also offer the necessary protection and support to keep you safe on tactical missions.

Having such a level of protection will boost your confidence.


Your final choice in jungle boots should be able to repel water in wet conditions.

This will keep your feet protected from moisture, which can lead to infection or skin reactions owing to bacteria build-up.

Go for a brand that uses a breathable and waterproof lining that will prevent water from entering the boot.

Also, look for those with vents that help with drainage of water and free flow of air, which allows them to dry faster.


Durability is a crucial factor in choosing the excellent jungle boots so you can get value for money spent.

Always opt for a brand that makes use of high-quality materials during construction.

This will help minimize issues of tear while on a mission.

The upper, laces, inner, midsole and outsole should be made from materials that can withstand wear and tear for some considerable period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. Why do you need jungle boots?

A. Unlike your regular boots, this hot weather boots offer more protection against the elements while moving in a hot or humid environment.

It has features that will help you survive in tough terrain, features that rubber or work boots do not have.

The specialized Panama sole used for most jungle boots has wide grooves that will make it easy for you to wade through clay and mud.

The leather, nylon, or canvas used for the upper are breathable, and they mostly have drainage vents that promote fast drying.

Q. How important is the height of your jungle boots?

A. The height of Most Jungle Boots ranges from 6″-10″ and this is necessary for support and stability.

The proper height is also required to protect the feet from bugs, ticks, leeches, insects, ants, and deadly reptiles.

It will cover a good portion of your leg, and you can tuck in your pants so you can move faster.

Q. What type of sole is ideal for jungle boots?

A. Due to exposure to heat while on a trail, it is vital to own a pair that has a high-quality rubber sole that will last long.

You should be able to use them on dry, flat, muddy, and uneven surfaces that you will come across during your expedition.

Most use Panama soles since they have sharp lugs that offer excellent grip on slippery terrains such as marshes and wet boulders.

With the proper jungle boots on, you should have no fear of sliding on slippery inclines. So, slip resistant boots with excellent traction can be a great feature for jungle boots.

Furthermore, you can clean off the mud that clings to the grooves with ease because it is deeper.

Vibram outsole will also serve you on sandy, rocky, or hard terrains.

The type of surface you will get exposed to will determine the type of sole you will opt for.

Q. What is the best material for jungle boots?

A. The most durable jungle boots are made with materials that are breathable, lightweight, and waterproof.

The materials used for the uppers are a combination of nylon and leather.

As such, they offer proper aeration and durability, so the product does not fall apart after a few periods of use in a harsh environment.

The calf and ankle area can be of Gore-Tex material, which will keep water out. Also, the sole should be made from durable rubber that can survive harsh terrain.

Q. How do you maintain your jungle boots?

A. The secret to getting the best out of your Jungle boot is to clean it properly so it can stay in shape.

Break it in by wearing it for a few hours a day until it feels comfortable on your feet.

Always check the sole to know if the traction is still good.

Most importantly, you have to clean it properly after each use. A definite guide to cleaning boots might help you in this regard.

Tips: You can use good leather oil to shine your boots like new.


Veterans, outdoor activities enthusiasts, and military personnel are always in need of sturdy tactical boots that will serve them in the deep jungle.

Some brands, like the ones reviewed above, have become specialized in producing designs that suit such environments.

With features such as air vents, steel shank, Panama sole, comfortable height with laces, vulcanized construction, alongside a leather/nylon upper, your feet will stay safe, dry, and protected from the elements.

Going for any of these options will reduce stress on your feet.

Whether you are on a heavy-duty trip, hiking, or learning tactical maneuvers, any of the products that made our ultimate list will keep your feet moisture-free and safe in a hot and humid environment.

Wearing best jungle boots will reduce the risk of blisters, deadly stings and bites from jungle-dwelling animals, and other foot conditions that can put you out of commission or in more life-threatening risks.

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