The 8 Best Running Shoes for Orthotics of 2022

Studies indicate almost all people who look for inserts from over the counter, do not always get a fitting shoe. For many people, it is either they get bigger, and thicker inserts or the shoes are so big for the inserts. Is all hope lost? Hardly!

If by now, you haven’t purchased the ideal shoe, it is time to get the perfect athletic footwear you’ve been looking for. You can now say goodbye to all biomechanics inefficiencies that cause pain on your ankle, footbed, and toe. The best way to feel comfortable when running is to acquire a shoe specifically designed to accommodate orthotics.

Of the seven best running shoes for orthotic wearers below, Brooks Dyad 10 Men’s shoe seems exceptional.

Unlike its predecessor’s Dyad 7 and 9, Dyad 10 has an enhanced mesh top that increases airflow to the foot, a high-quality rubber sole, high-energized internal cushioning, and a roomy interior to accommodate your orthotics.

The list below consists of quality running shoes for orthotics for men and women alike.

Best Running Shoes for Orthotics

1. Brooks Men’s Dyad 10 Running Shoe

Brooks Men's Dyad 10 Running Shoe

It is not always easy to find a shoe that fits all your needs. Many times, it is either you love the fit, the upper or the sole. However, Brooks Men’s shoe seems to have all that you need.

The orthotic footwear has a rubber sole, something that makes the shoe stand out. The upper part is made of breathable synthetic material. At a time, people are worried about buying products manufactured in other countries, Brooks Men’s 10 Dyad shoe is made in the U.S.

With high-energized interior cushioning, a rubber sole, and a streamlined design, the footwear is perhaps one of the best running shoes for orthotics in the market today. With the goodness that comes with the shoe, pricing is also an issue – the shoe costs above average.

If you compare the two shoes, Brooks Dyad 9 and Brooks Dyad 10, the difference is subtle. However, the manufacturer has ensured Brooks Dyad 10 has more padding than Brooks Dyad 9.

Shoe breathability is an essential factor, especially for orthotics. With much care, the manufacturer puts a mesh at the forefoot to ensure your toes get enough fresh air.

The internal saddle is also another key thing that makes Brooks Dyad 10 exceptional. The shoe is fitted with cushioning that is gender-friendly. Thanks to the midfoot saddle, your foot will be comfortable throughout the walk.


  • Sufficient midfoot cushioning for footbed comfort;
  • Genuine rubber sole that prevents skidding;
  • Mesh at the forefoot are to enhance breathability;
  • Streamlined body construction enables for general foot comfort;
  • Measuring only 14 oz makes the shoe ideal for any wearer;
  • Wide enough to accommodate any man’s foot.


  • It is expensive;
  • The shoe leaves streaks on beige carpets;
  • Although soft, Dyad 10 is not any better than Dyad 7.

When you weigh between the pros and the cons, Dyad 10’s rubber sole, streamlined body, internal cushioning, and forefoot breathability outweigh the few drawbacks.

2. Adidas Men’s Solar Drive 19 Shoes

Adidas Men’s Solar Drive 19 Shoes

Confidence is key in everything you do. One way to boost it is through Adidas Men’s Solar Drive 19 Shoes. Coming from a long line of Solar Drive, this shoe sports numerous improvements from the previous models.

On the exterior, the shoe boasts of a breathable mesh put together through impeccable stitching. A textile lining unites the top fabric with Adiwear outsole that not only provides the surest grip but boosts each of your steps.

The midsole (30mm thick from the heel) is quite thick, something pro runners and trainers prioritizes. So yes, the cushioning it provides is of the best level and remains so for longer.

Pronation is a big issue for many people. That’s why Adidas Men’s Solar Drive 19 features Solar Propulsion rail guides to align your foot resulting in a comfy hug. Each step you make is backed by energized responsive rides.


  • Very much comfortable; it’s like walking on air;
  • Proper arch and foot support;
  • Impeccable stitching that ensures longevity;
  • Can be used on other occasions too;
  • Multiple cool color options.


  • The outsole can feel a little stiff.

Adidas Men’s Solar Drive 19 is one of the best running shoes that sport a lot of premium technology. That is why the price tag is a little stretched. Nevertheless, there is so much value to get from it than other cheap sneakers.

3. ASICS Gel-Fortitude 8 Men’s Running Shoes

ASICS Gel-Fortitude 8 Men's Running Shoes

Another orthotic shoe you must check out is the latest ASICS Gel-Fortitude 8. A rubber sole, mesh top, and low arch support are some of the things that make the shoe exceptional.

The fore and the rear foot areas of the shoe have extra cushioning to prevent the ankle and the toes from any bruises. Whether you put on your socks or you consider not to, you will still be comfortable.

At the footbed area, ASICS Gel-Fortitude 8 has a midsole dubbed SpevaFoam. The midsole, together with the forefoot and the rearfoot padding, put the footwear among the running shoes for custom orthotics today.

You will not go wrong with the shoe because it is made in a way that ensures wider feet fit comfortably. Besides, ASICS Gel-Fortitude 8 has deeper wear, something that makes neutral orthotic runners comfortable.

Thanks to Gel Technology, it is easy for the feet to pass through several gait cycles while walking in multiple planes. The result of the shoe’s ingenious construction is the comfort, durability, and midfoot integrity.


  • Sufficient padding at the rear and forefoot areas adds comfort;
  • The shoe is ideal for wide feet;
  • Exceptional footbed cushioning gives your foot enhanced stability;
  • The mesh top increases the flow of air to your feet;
  • The shoe is lightweight, something that makes you wear the shoes for long;
  • Impact Guidance System and GTST give the shoe a deeper and stable fit.


  • Available in only two colors;
  • The insoles get off after some time.

ASICS Gel-Fortitude 8 is a shoe you would want to try. The rear foot, footbed lining, and the toe area padding are enough to try this shoe. But, if you are a person of many colors, you should learn to contend with the few ASICS offer.

4. New Balance Women’s W1540V2 Running Shoe

 New Balance Women’s W1540V2 Running Shoe

New Balance Women’s Running Shoes are designed to offer the best performance to the runner. They have a timeless sneaker look to them, suitable for women of all ages.

The outer synthetic material is laid over mesh material. The mesh is there to air the interior to prevent that offensive foot smell. The mesh also makes it easier for the shoe to dry. This way, if you step into water or wash your shoes, they will dry out quickly.

New Balance Women’s Running shoe’s footbed is removable. You can fit your custom orthotics for better support. The midsole is custom ENCAP, with EVA padding. The EVA padding supports your foot’s arch, absorbing the pressure from the terrain to protect your foot from injury.

The heels of these shoes have a ROLLBAR posting system. This technique reduces the movement of the back of your foot. If you are prone to overpronation or supination, then these are the shoes for you.

The ROLLBAR system will protect your feet and keep the soles intact for a long time. The soles are made from rubber. Rubber molds well to surfaces, giving you maximum grip with the ground. You can comfortably run on uneven terrain without worrying that you will fall over. Rubber is also durable, which means that your shoes will last for a long time.


  • Reduced foot smell through the breathable mesh;
  • Lightweight, making them easier to walk in;
  • Fits custom orthotics for better support;
  • Feet are protected from over supination and supination by the ROLLBAR system;
  • Stable ground grip through the treading in the rubber soles.


  • The toe box may be too tight for people with wider feet;
  • They are on the pricier side.

Generally, your foot will not smell thanks to the pores on the upper mesh. You will, however, not be happy with the price.

5. Saucony Men’s Echelon 7 Running Shoe

Saucony Men's Echelon 7 Running Shoe

These shoes are made to offer maximum support for your feet while maximizing comfort. They are designed for runners and for people who spend most of their time on their feet. The shoe has a very plush footbed that molds to the arch of the foot. This support keeps you stable and prevents foot aches.

Saucony Echelon 7’s footbed has an 8mm raised offset, which creates a smooth feel. The shoe is designed to accommodate foot movement, with a wide toe box and base.

Your toes have more room to move around in, something that is needed when running. The soles are made from rubber, which is durable, and shock absorbent. An external support system supports your heels. This is good for runners with supination to prevent foot rolling, which can lead to injury.

To increase safety, the shoes have a reflective element around the heels. This way, you are visible to motorists even when you run at night.


  • Supports custom orthotics for people with foot problems;
  • Increased stability supported by the 8mm platform;
  • Natural toe movement when running accommodated by the wide toe box;
  • An external heel system protects from supination and injury;
  • The extra plush cushioning enhances foot support when running.


  • The shoes are not very durable;
  • They have a heavy feel for smaller users.

Excellent ankle and arch support characterize the shoe. The plush outsole is also a plus on the shoe. The shoe may be burdensome for many wearers.

6. Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 20 Running Shoe

Mizuno Men's Wave Creation 20 Running Shoe

At a glance, you can tell that these shoes are high-quality. They have a sleek look to them, enhanced by the high-quality textile material. The textile overlays mesh material that increases the breathability of the shoes. There is a welded material on the outer side of the shoe. This part serves to make the shoe tighter around the midfoot for better foot support.

Mizuno Wave Creation shoes have a low-top design for maximum ankle support. This goes a long way in protecting runners from injury. Another crucial feature is the tongue, which is soft and padded. The friction between the top part of the shoe with your foot is reduced when you run. This protects you from abrasions that are common in badly constructed shoes.

The sockliner of the shoes is soft and padded, giving you the feeling of walking on foam even when pounding the ground. On the outside, the soles have air cushions. This provides a bouncy feel to your movement, even when moving on hard ground. The heel area has perforations that provide for more cushioning and comfort.


  • The breathable mesh provides odor elimination;
  • The welded external cage gives the shoe a snug fit;
  • Padded tongue reduces friction and abrasions;
  • Perforated heels increase the comfort and support of the shoes;
  • Wide fit around the toe and heels suitable for heavy runners.


  • The toebox width may not be tight enough for people with a smaller fit;
  • They are more suited for on-road running.

Mizuno Wave is one of the best running shoes for orthotics you can rely on. You will particularly love the low upper, padded tongue, and a roomy interior.

7. Saucony Women’s Kinvara 7 Running Shoe

Saucony Women’s Kinvara 7 Running Shoe

Specially designed for women, Kinvara 7 shoes come in a wide range of colors to suit the taste of every female out there. They are entirely made from synthetic material. The synthetic lace material makes the shoes lightweight and breathable. The mesh material on the exterior upper part of the shoes enhances breathability.

The midsole has several layers in order to maximize foot support. The heels of the shoes are fitted with EVERUN cushioning. This cushioning absorbs and returns the energy generated from impact with the ground. This way, you get a boost and do not need to use as much energy. The footbed is removable and can be replaced with custom orthotics.

Kinvara 7’s sole of these shoes is vibrant, contrasting beautifully with the upper part. FLEXFILM technology makes the shoe highly flexible. This enables you to move as one with your shoes, improving your speed.

The outsole uses TRI-FLEX design with a treading pattern that increases stability even in wet conditions. The Grid technology of the soles cushions your feet from impact, reducing the chances of injury when on the track.


  • Lightweight from the synthetic lace material;
  • Cushioning and support enhanced by the multilayered midsole;
  • The extra boost provided by the EVERUN heel cushioning;
  • Adapts to your feet and terrain through the use of FLEXIFILM technology;
  • Deep treads enhance stability even on uneven ground.


  • One may need to order half a size larger than their regular fit;
  • The color contrasts do not suit everyone’s taste.

Foot support is the biggest strength of the shoe, which is characterized by a shoe liner with several layers. Heel cushioning is another vital feature you will appreciate. Though, you can use some excellent heel cup for extra support on your heel.

8. ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

These shoes come in over 27 color varieties to suit the taste of every runner out there. This means that both males and females can get a Gel-Venture 6 to suit their preferences. They are made from lightweight, synthetic material. The material overlays a web of mesh designed to aerate the interior of the shoe.

The sockliner of these shoes is removable. You can comfortably fit your orthotics for more comfortable use. As the name suggests, the Gel-Venture 6s have a gel cushioning. This system absorbs the shock from impact and returns the energy to you. This way, you get a boost when running and do not use too much energy. The gel system also eases the transition from softer ground to harder ground and vice versa.

ASICS Gel-Venture 6s are fitted with the trademark ASICS High Abrasion Rubber. This rubber is cushioned and highly shock absorbent. Impact with the ground will not affect your stride or cause you an injury since the rubber protects you. Rubber is also highly durable, ensuring that you will use these shoes for a long time.

Treads of the outsole are designed for any trail. The reversed design gives you a good grip on the ground, whether you are running uphill or downhill.


  • Light and suitable for running long distances;
  • They have gel cushioning that absorbs the impact on hard ground;
  • They can be fitted with custom orthotics for injury prevention;
  • Durable soles made from high-quality rubber;
  • Suitable for any trail due to the reversed lugs treading pattern.


  • The treading pattern makes the sole stiffer;
  • The cushioning may feel insufficient for people who need a lot of heel support.

ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Men’s Shoes features a quality rubber sole, light construction, and gel cushioning that absorbs any shocks. Availability of a wide range of colors is a plus to the shoe.

Considerations Before Buying Running Shoes For Orthotics

Before putting your money on a running shoe that you feel will help you alleviate foot pain, consider the following significant factors:


A shoe’s top is among the significant factors that determine whether the shoe is the best fit or not. If you were to look for a shoe for walking on the concrete, you would start with the sole.

However, you are now concerned about what will help you alleviate the pain and the swelling of your foot. As you may beware, running takes time. When you subject your feet to intense pressure, due to running for a long time, chances of the shoe swelling are inevitable. Shoes for forefoot strikers can help you to deal with this issue.

You need a shoe that allows your feet to breathe. The top part of your choice of the shoe should have a mesh or at least have holes that allow air to penetrate to the foot.


When speaking about the size of the shoe, you consider two possibilities. Your primary concern is if the shoe will fit you perfectly. However, the secondary concern is if the boot will accommodate additional inserts.

In this case, you are tired of wearing traditional running shoes. You now need a running shoe that can help you support your ankle and high arches properly, maybe even more.

The perfect shoe should not make you feel uncomfortable when you put in artificial inserts on top of the in-built inserts. Therefore, you must know your right size and give an additional room for orthotics without compromising your foot comfort.


The weight of the shoe will determine how far you will run. If the shoe is heavy for your foot to pull, you will add the injury to the already paining foot.

Consider shoes for heavy women if you feel you are strong enough to carry whatever shoe weight or decide on shoes designed for all overweight walkers, no matter your gender.

Orthotic Sole

One of the biggest reasons you are reading this article is you are looking for a running shoe that has the orthotic sole. However, the world offers many options concerning orthotic soles.

A quality orthotic sole should support or relief pain on the part of the foot that is aching. Your foot surgeon plays a significant role in helping you decide the right bottom. While the rubber outsole stands out as the right material of the orthotic sole, the quality of the rubber used is critical.

The orthotic sole should, among other things, be soft, 100% non-slip, and durable. Check this list of shoes with quality non-slip soles.


What is the essence of a running shoe that does not allow your foot to breathe? When running, your whole body, including the feet sweats. Body parts release sweat through the pores on the skin.

Through the same pores, the body takes in oxygen, which regulates and balances the carbon dioxide that is removed from the body during the exercising period. If you close the pores on the skin, carbon dioxide will accumulate inside the body, and the result is death.

Before it gets worse, a foot that is inside a shoe that does not have sufficient holes for breathability swells, with a swollen foot, you cannot step, leave alone run.

When buying a running shoe, make sure the upper has holes. In most cases, it is advisable to go for running shoes with a mesh on the top.

Straight Last

A straight-last shoe is designed to accommodate additional stuff such as orthotics or any other devices that might be prescribed by a foot surgeon. Your interest is the shoe to carry an extra insole or an orthotic device.

Whatever running shoes, you will settle on should be able to have space to carry the inserts and at the same time, fit you.

The good thing about many straight-last shoes is they take up a rectangular shape, which is considered roomy to have room for an orthotic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I know if I need an orthotic shoe?

A. Many people who now use orthotic shoes did not wake up one day and said, “I need to wear an orthotic shoe.” You may be okay when running or walking for many years. Your feet may not feel any additional pain apart from occasional swelling after a long walk or fatigue for standing a lot.

However, the moment you start to experience pain regularly or after a short walk/run, you realize you need an additional device to make your foot comfortable when wearing shoes.

After all, you are not going to step down or walk barefoot all the time. If you have tried shoe inserts and you have not realized any change, it is time you try an orthotic.

Q. Do I need to have a prescription for an orthotic?

A. The most convincing answer is yes; you need a prescription. While you can decide to look for a running shoe that can accommodate orthotics, most registered shoe stores would love to see a medical perception.

It is essential to treat the matter with the seriousness it deserves. Before you know you need an orthotic insert, you must see a physician who, upon examining your foot, prescribes the use of orthotics.

Without a proper medical prescription, perhaps from a pedorthist, it is as if you are treating a problem, which you are not sure if it exists. You think.

Q. What if I go for a fitting shoe, then I customize it to accommodate orthotics?

A. It is a good alternative but with many implications. Ideally, you are saying that you want to buy a well-designed shoe, and then you dismantle it; modify it into a new shoe to adjust to your needs. If you follow this route, chances are the shoe will lose its shape.

While it is possible to modify any shoe, including shoes that you can wear without socks, the best advice would be to look for shoes that are big enough to hold your orthotics.

Q. Can I look for any shoe as long as it is big enough to insert my orthotics?

A. No! Wide feet running shoes are not designed for orthotics but for people with wide feet. Men and women with wide feet may not require shoes that can carry orthotics. Many factors should be put in place when looking for the right shoe for an orthotic. We have discussed most of those factors in the above section.

Wide shoes are indeed the fit for orthotics. Many other things, such as the type of sole, the upper, and lacing matter. Put all the factors together before you categorize a shoe to be ideal for orthotics.

Q. Does the manufacturer guarantee comfort, or I will adapt with time?

A. It is common sense to believe that most of the best running shoes for orthotics are comfortable. Many people don’t regret spending their money on shoes meant for orthotics.

However, different people have different types and sizes of feet. While most shoes will be comfortable, you might take a few weeks before your feet finally acclimatize with a shoe for the orthotics.

One thing you need to be sure about is, the shoes will not cause blisters or any injury to your foot. Perhaps, you have realized that the running shoes for custom orthotics have more interior padding than traditional shoes.


You don’t need to worry that your feet will always suffer excruciating pain indefinitely. The shoes for orthotics, highlighted above, are what you need to end your foot pain. The good thing is that the shoes are not expensive. Most of the shoes are classy, light, and come in many colors.

Whether you are a young, energetic woman, an older person, or a teen, you can get shoes that fit your feet.

Once you find the right shoes, take care of them because they are the reason you enjoy your jogging.

Upon finding the shoe, you might want to make it even more comfortable. A section of the people who need special needs, modify the shoe to make it more customizable for their feet. If this is what you need, speak to your foot surgeon or a pedorthist.

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