The 7 Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners of 2022

In the early days of running shoes, shoe builders only built them according to the size of the feet of their customers without a care for the physical condition of the wearer.

These days though, as innovation continues to enter the field of sports shoe design, sports shoe builders are starting to get more attuned to the needs, lifestyles, and even the physiological conditions of their customers.

In recent years, there have been innovations in women’s shoe design, and now women can enjoy whatever kind of shoes they want, for work, play, or leisure. However, subsets of women who often get left behind in the quest for sports shoes are women who are heavy.

Some of these women wish to lose weight or to keep fit through running, but more often than not, they find that they are unable to use shoes belonging to non-heavy women because conventional women’s shoes are not designed to carry that amount of weight.

In terms of breathability, the ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 and the Fresh Foam ArishiV1 are the best shoes to buy if you want shoes that are made with the best mesh technology designed to allow air circulation around your feet and not cause your feet to stink.

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Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners

1. ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe

This running shoe is part of a new set of designs from a brand pushing the frontiers of innovation in running shoe design. The shoe is 100 percent fluid fit, and it has a shaft that measures 2.65 from its arch.

It has a fit as expected as an expected percentage of 74%. It is also a running shoe with laces, a mesh overlay for foot breathability, and a sleek and expansible rubber sole.

Part of its design is its rear foot and front foot GEL cushioning device, which is design to reduce shock from the runner’s thread. It also has an x-40 sock liner on the stable fluid ride sole.


  • It provides excellent stability and support for runners. This is especially good for running women who need shoes that can carry their thigh and leg weight.
  • It provides excellent impact protection for long distance runners.
  • It’s fluid fit system means that it can provide good shoe bounce back. The bounce back helps the runner to maintain a balanced gait. This reduces the pressure on the runner’s legs and knees.
  • The gel cushioning also makes the shoe very comfortable and it helps to minimize the effect of gait problems like flat feet and heel problems.
  • Its textured outsole also helps the shoe’s grip, which helps the shoe stay springy even when it is carrying a lot of eight.


  • The shoes can be slightly tight, and make the wearer’s feet uncomfortable if they are listed as the right size. Thus for the runner with wide feet, she must either buy the specially listed “wide” size or buy a size a step larger.
  • The arch around the shoe’s front also makes the toe box of the shoe tighter to the point of being fairly uncomfortable. This might not be good for heavy omen who likely have large feet.
  • The pressure around the tight arch tends to exert much pressure on the heels and make cause them to crack after only a few uses.

2. Salomon Womens Speedcross 4 Trail Sneaker

Salomon Womens Speedcross 4 Trail Sneaker

This running shoe is a fourth-generation running shoe of the Salomon brand. The shoe is 20-30mm high and weighs 260g (which makes it very light compared to other brands). It has an 81% fit as expected average. The shoe also has an anti-debris mesh and a mudguard for muddy trails.

The Salomon Women Speedcross 4 Trail Sneakers laces are minimalist, and they tighten with only one pull. It is designed with the sensifit technology, which allows it to cradle the foot from the midsole and to create a snug fit around the foot.

Apart from this, the shoe’s threads are designed with the contra grip technology, which allows the shoes to grip even muddy ground firmly.


  • It is an excellent shoe for running through jungles, and muddy trails as its contra grip technology ensure that the shoes maintain its grip, even on muddy or loose ground. This is great for women who are on the heavy side as they have a shoe that distributes their weight effectively when they are running.
  • It is a great shoe for hiking and climbing as it gives the wearer a precise foothold.
  • The mudguard also helps keep mud and debris away from the wearer’s legs during hikes or jogs.
  • Its quick lace technology means it is comfortable to pull on and lace and also easy to unlace and pull off.


  • The shoe is great for running on the rough/loose ground but it is not particularly great for smooth surfaces as it loses traction, this might not be okay for heavy women who might want to wear it to the gym or for walking on the pavement.
  • The shoe’s insole is made out of two materials, and they tend to rub together and create blisters around the wearer’s feet.

3. Saucony Women’s Redeemer ISO 2 Running Shoe

Saucony Women's Redeemer ISO 2 Running Shoe

This running shoe, which has a maximum weight of 298g, is a combination of textiles and synthetics. It fit as expected is only 63%. It has a stretchy rubber sole and a shaft that measures from arch to top. It gives the wearer continuous cushioning with its Everrun topsoil.

The Saucony Women’ Redeemers ISO2 also offers an engineered upper mesh to help the wearer achieve an overall dynamic, lightweight lift. This shoe is also great for heavy women runners as its medial posting helps them support their weight and maintain their stability.


  • It is a very comfortable shoe. Its Everrun technology helps the wearer’s feet stay balanced especially if they have plantar fasciitis or any foot or heal problems. For heavy women, it helps redistribute their weight and keep their gait level.
  • It is also very light, the wearer barely feels the weight of the shoe when they are running, for heavier women, and it takes a tremendous amount of weight off their back and their hips.
  • It is also very durable.
  • Apart from its comfortability, it is also aesthetically pleasing, which means that it is not just suitable for running for exercise; it can also be useful for running errands. Or even to work.


  • The toe arch is too small, so while it is comfortable at the heel, it can be rather tight at the top.
  • Also, because of the tight toe arch, you either have to buy a wider size but one that is one or two sizes larger than you.

4. Brooks Women’s PureFlow 7

Brooks Women's PureFlow 7

The Brooks Women Pureflow 7 is a running shoe that is created to be sleek and smooth. With its minimalist design, it is designed to free the wearer’s natural stride so that movement is easy and control is perfect.

The shoe’s expected fit is 85%. It weighs 212g and has a medium to high arch. The shoe also has a 4mm middle drop, and a flexible, rounded heel. Its BioMoGo DNA is a new technology designed to accommodate the wearer’s stride.


  • Its rounded heel provides a good alignment for the wearer’s fit, relieving the joints of stress.
  • Its flexible sole is designed to disperse the impact of the wearer’s stride away from the body, which is good for the wearer’s knees and back.
  • It is lightweight and thus ensures that the user can run long distances without tiring.
  • It is aesthetically great shoe.


  • Its high arch tends to squeeze the wearer’s fit and tends to cause pain for women with a large fit.
  • The shoes are light, but they are not meant for rugged terrain. It is only useful for running errands.

5. Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 18 Running Shoe

Mizuno Women's Wave Creation 18 Running Shoe

The Mizuno Wave Creation is the newest product in a long line of innovations. It is 100% synthetic and has a 79% fit as expected has a thick and sturdy rubber sole, and it utilizes the Infinity wave technology, which is a new innovative solution in shoe design.

The Mizuno Wave Creation 18 has an articulated front wave to make the shoe more flexible it also has an U4ic Strobel board to provide more padding and support for the foot.

This is in addition to the U4ic midsole, which is designed to give a softer yet more responsive posture and gait. It also features ample reflective detailing.


  • It is excellent for posture, especially for heavier women who might have trouble finding shoes that can effectively distribute their weight and take the pressure of their thighs.
  • The shoe front wave makes sure that it is wide enough to accommodate upper feet and toes without cracking or causing blisters.
  • The U4ic Strobel board and midsole are designed to distribute the wearer’s weight evenly across the whole foot instead focusing it on one side of it. This is very useful for someone with flat feet or someone who tends to stand on their heels. With that board, the heel no longer has to carry the weight.
  • The expected fit is very decent, and as such, you are not likely to face any hassles selecting a size that fits you.


  • The shoe does not have a high impact absorption, which means for heavier women who have plenty of weight concentrated around hips and knees, these shoes are not very useful for them.
  • While the shoe itself reduces eight pressure off the wearer’s body, its Strobel board can sometimes be too heavy for it, creating a situation where the shoe’s soles break at the sides.
  • It is not a super light shoe, so it is not a hoe that you can wear over a long distance.

6. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 33

Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 33

Once again, Nike has created a shoe that combines the legacy of innovation and premium technology to offer maximum comfort to women.

The Airzoom Pegasus 33 is 100% synthetic with an expansible soft rubber sole. Its fit, as expected, is 84%. It has a cushion missile that provides a plush cushioned ride and helps the runner maintain balance.

Unlike some other brands in the review, the Pegasus has a soft thread as well as zoom Air Units, which act as cushions for the foot and helps the shoe distribute impact shocks around the whole shoe instead of to the toe area. The Pegasus is also made to be true to size and provide overall comfort for the wearer’s foot.


  • The shoes are lovely yet functional, and they are not much designed to be used to run through rough trails and climbing up mountains, instead, they are shoes that can be worn for work or to the gym. In terms of aesthetics, they are possibly the most beautiful shoes among the brands listed.
  • If you don’t run, but perhaps you play sports like Tennis or Netball, then the shoe is created for on-court movement.
  • The soft thread and zoom air units ensure a comfy experience for the wearer. Thus the wearer can fit into their size as listed in the catalog.
  • The rubber sole is soft and wraps around the foot. For heavier women and women who stand on their heels, this takes the pressure of their heels, knees, thighs, and backs.


  • The shoe is built more for walking than running, and thus if you are a woman who runs long distances, this shoe will not be durable enough for you to use long term.
  • The threads are too soft for the shoe to be a proper running shoe. For example, it does not have a mudguard and is not waterproof so you cannot use it on a muddy trail.
  • Some models tend to have the soles taper around the middle or have the sole of the shoe tilt sideways, and this can put the wearer’s feet into uncomfortable positions and cause falls during running.

7. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Arishi V1 Running Shoe

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam Arishi V1 Running Shoe

The ultra-cushioned lightweight shoe, with its 84% as expected fit, is built with stability and built to be versatile.

The shoe is 10.5 inches wide for Women’s sizes. It is 100% synthetic, has a flexible rubber sole that provides a spongy cushion to support the feet. It also has a fresh foam midsole. Its shaft measures low top from arch.

Also, it is less curvy than most other running shoes of its type. It is built to be durable and sports an engineered mesh upper to give your foot breathability. It has also got super soft soles with super soft threads and smooth finishes, which make them great for workouts and smooth surfaces and court sports.


  • Like the Nike shoes mentioned above, they are especially as they are available in a variety of colors.
  • They also have super soft soles so no more hurting heels for overpronators.
  • The shoe is compact and is particularly useful for people that are constantly on their feet, it helps shift foot balance, and it takes the pressure of legs and knees.


  • The shoe is not a running shoe, and its threads are too soft to be useful in long-distance running or hiking over woody trails, or climbing mountains so it is pretty much useless for the outdoors.
  • Also, the overly soft sole and thread mean that it cracks fairly easily when it has to support a lot of weight. This is not very practical as running shoes for heavier women.

What to Looks Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners

As a heavy woman hoping to get the best pair of shoes that can help you run and keep fit, here are a few characteristics of shoes that you must pay attention to when you are in the market to buy new running shoes.

The shoes must be comfortable, as a lot of heavy women tend to weigh much around their legs. As a result, the shoes she wears must be a good fit for her, especially when running.

Besides, if she is running so that she can lose weight and stay fit, she’ll need as much mileage as possible to achieve her fitness goals. The more comfortable the shoes, the easier it is for her to do that, apart from this, it must also have a strong sole, preferably rubber since it is stronger and more flexible.

Furthermore, the shoe must also have breathability as heavy women tend to release much sweat from their pores when they are running. It must also support the feet since heavier women are technically more burdened on their legs, thighs, and knees.

The goal of the perfect shoe is to improve gait and posture and to reduce the pressure on the knee’s waist and back. Finally, the running shoe must also be of the right size, as heavy women tend to struggle to get bigger running shoes that fit them.

As a result, based on the examined criteria, the following are the best running shoes for women in the market.

Verdict on the Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners

After discussing the pros and cons of each shoe, there is a need to compare and contrast each of the shoes mentioned and determine the best running shoe for a heavy woman to buy.

Based on the characteristics that we have described above, it is noteworthy that the six running shoes reviewed all score high in all the features ranked; therefore the running shoes that a heavy female should buy depends on the kind of runs she does and her body type.

In terms of fit, the Nike Women’s Women Air Zoom Pegasus 33 and the Fresh Foam ArishiV1 clearly have the highest expected fit. This means that if as a running woman, they are the shoes that other women like you have found most comfortable based on reviews, and they are the shoes not likely to need replacing.

The Saucony Women’ Redeemers ISO2 is the least fit, and even though it is a good running shoe, its low expected fit is a cause for concern, especially for a heavy woman with flat feet or other heel or foot problems.

In terms of balance, all the running shoes listed in this review are the best brands in terms of making comfortable shoes.

However, the two running shoes that are best fitted for feet support ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 and The Mizuno Wave Creation 18. Because of their cushion gel technology and Strobel board, respectively, if you are looking for a shoe that can carry your feet over a long distance, you should be looking at either of those shoes.

The aptly named Salomon Women Speedcross 4 Trail Sneaker is the best sneaker equipped for the long-distance runner. With its one-pull lace technology, its mudguard, and its strong thread, it is the dream shoe for the heavy running woman who likes the outdoors and hiking trails.

Finally, in terms of Aesthetics, the Nike Women’s Women Air Zoom Pegasus 33 and the Fresh Foam ArishiV1 are the most beautiful shoes among the reviewed brands. Every running woman wants not just function shoes but shoes that make them feel good about themselves.

Based on the review, the Nike Women’s Women Air Zoom Pegasus 33 is the most all-around most recommended, in terms of expected fit, aesthetics, and all-around versatility. There are concerns about its suitability as a shoe for hard running. It is still the shoe that is one of the best running shoes for heavy female runners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Does the Expected Fit percentage make any difference in how comfortable and functional the shoe is?

A. The expected fit is based on customer reviews, which are based on a whole lot of other things that are different from just manufacturing. A high fit percentage might be the result that the shoe is a popular brand, and more people buy it, rather than it being necessarily more comfortable.

Q. As a heavy woman, is it important that the running shoe I buy be suited to rugged running?

A. As someone who wants comfortable shoes, it is not just for running, you also need a shoe that is light and can be won multifunctional purposes, because as a heavy woman you need shoes not just for running but for other day-to-day activities.


Having examined all the best running shoes for heavy female runners, it is worthy of note that the views in this review are a general description and may not cover defects that may affect individual units or issues that may arise with marketing. Overall, these are the best brands of running shoes for women in the market.

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