The 7 Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel of 2020

After mentioning what tarsal tunnel syndrome is and how it affects one's feet, online health journals Medical News Today and Foot Health Facts agree that wearing the best shoes for tarsal tunnel helps in alleviating the pain.

Foot surgeons believe that apart from the surgical remedy they use on your foot, non-surgical alternatives give good results. Orthotic devices such as supportive shoes and customized shoe inserts are among the non-surgical options you can try.

After extensive research, it is evident that you can find a good shoe that will help you minimize the pressure on the tarsal nerve. However, Gravity Defyer Proven Women's G-Defy Shoe stands out tall among the seven. 

The shoe is designed for women with TTS. Shock absorption technology, roomy toe area, seamless yet comfortable lining, and a removable insole make the shoe the best among all.As a woman, you will find this shoe to be the right footwear for you because it is available in more than ten pure colors.

Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel


Made Of



Gravity Defyer Proven Women's G-Defy Shoe

Fabric and Synthetic


Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men's Diabetic Shoe

Leather and Mesh


Orthofeet Baton Rouge Sand Men's Boat Shoes



Propet Men's Sawyer Boating Shoe



Vionic Women's Brisk Miles Sneaker



Propet Women's Travelactiv Mary Jane Sneaker



Skechers Men's Afterburn Memory-Foam Sneaker

Leather and Synthetic


1. Gravity Defyer Proven Women's G-Defy Shoe

Gravity Defyer Proven Women's G-Defy Shoe

Gravity Women's TTS-approved shoe stands out as one of the reputable shoes for those living with foot pain. The shoe prides with a patented spring technology, which makes it possible for the foot to absorb any shocks.

The shoe has a rocker sole at the front part, which prevents pain on the plantar fasciitis. Gravity Defyer's sole runs to the midfoot. 

The interior of the shoe depicts a soft material, with a removable insole. Taking a low profile and sleek design are some of the things you will appreciate about the shoe.

From the look, you might not agree that the shoe is breathable. However, taking a closer look proves otherwise. The shoe has enough pores that allow sufficient air to pass through to the foot.

Besides, Gravity Defyer G-Defy shoe is lightweight, has a roomy toe area, and above all, has the VersoShock Technology, which is responsible for absorbing any shock.

Currently, the shoe is available in several colors. Some of the colors you will like to include grey, black/pink, white/purple, gray/pink, grey aqua, black/green, and white.

The seamless interior is designed in a manner that helps to alleviate the pain for those living with diabetes and is a good shoe that does not cause foot irritation.


  • The shoe is lightweight, so it doesn’t add weight on a painful foot;
  • Absorbs shocks;
  • Allows for maximum foot breathing;
  • Easy to clean thanks to removable insole;
  • Available in many colors;
  • Versatile;
  • Comfortable seamless interior;
  • Roomy toe area.


  • Expensive;
  • The front part may rub off easily.

You may not like the shoe's high price, but every other aspect is excellent. The shoe has many colors; it has a roomy toe section, a comfortable interior, and absorbs any shock.

2. Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men's Diabetic Shoe

Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men's Diabetic Shoe

The shoe has a mix of leather and mesh fabrics to ensure those suffering from TTS have something to wear. Lightweight, elastic lace closing mechanism, and a sleek design are just a few features you will love about the shoe.

Padded and seamless lining that is ideal for any feet that suffer fatigue supports the top. Dr. Comfort Double Depth is one of the few shoes in the market with enhanced ankle and arch support.

Foot surgeons do not hesitate to recommend the shoe for hallux rigidus, accommodate corns, neuropathy, calluses, and bunions. If you are looking for shoes with an extra room for foot breathability, then Dr. Comfort's Double Depth Therapeutic shoe is the right footwear for you.

Men, who are active and need to attend to his work each time, will find Dr. Comfort to be the ideal shoe. Inside the pack, you will get the shoe with four inserts (two extra).

The most interesting thing about Dr. Comfort Double Depth shoe is its laces. Many times, shoelaces are bound to loosen after walking for some time. However, with Dr. Comfort, the laces are fitted with a clamp at the tip of each side of the lace. See a full list of comfortable and durable shoes for everyday walk here.


  • Affordable;
  • Durable leather top;
  • Offers excellent breathability;
  • Additional interior space for foot comfort;
  • Suitable arch stabilizer;
  • You cannot lose your shoelaces thanks to lace clamps;
  • You will receive additional inserts.


  • Available in very few colors;
  • The shoe is heavy.

Unfortunately, Dr. Comfort Double Depth Therapeutic boots for tarsal tunnel syndrome has limited colors. Currently, the shoe is available two colors, black/grey and black.

3. Orthofeet Baton Rouge Sand Men's Boat Shoes

Orthofeet Baton Rouge Sand Men's Boat Shoes

At a glance, this pair of shoes from Orthofeet looks like attractive regular shoes, suitable for any fashionable wear. However, the construction and capabilities make these shoes one of the best footwear for the tarsal tunnel. They are made from high-quality brown leather, which not only makes for a classy shoe but also for a durable one that will last you through many years without wearing out.

The insole of these shoes is where the magic lies. The top layer, the sockliner, is made from leather, which is not only soft but also does not wear out quickly from repeated wearing. The insole is orthotic, built with a cushioning mechanism that molds to the arch of your foot and absorbs the pressure exerted when walking. The heel has a gel padding for maximum comfort and to relieve heel pain.

The inner upper lining of these shoes is seam-free, which means you will not get abrasions on your foot in case you wear them without socks. The footwear is a great option for people who suffer from foot pain from time to time. The sole is ergonomic for comfort and has air cushions that absorb all the pressure from walking, giving you a natural spring in your step.


  • Made of leather for durability;
  • Seam-free upper lining reduces irritation;
  • Air cushion sole adds comfort;
  • Gel padding on heels to relieve pain;
  • Memory foam orthotic insole that molds to foot arch for support.


  • Velcro closure may displease some users;
  • Limited color variety.

Made for the person who is always on their feet, the increased protection offered by the Orthofeet Baton Rouge Boat Shoes is precious. From the seam-free interior to the gel padding at the heels and ergonomic soles fitted with air cushions, you can go about your activities without worrying about any foot pain.

4. Propet Men's Sawyer Boating Shoe

Propet Men's Sawyer Boating Shoe

These shoes from Propet are designed for the individual looking for the best tarsal support from an uncomplicated shoe. The shoes are entirely made from canvas, which is comfortable against the skin and easy to maintain. You can wipe and brush the shoes to keep them looking new. It also goes without mentioning that the canvas is environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.

These shoes are super light, making it easy for you to walk long distances with them without straining your feet. They come in a variety of sizes to suit individuals with even larger feet. This way, you have a wide surface area in places where your foot needs space for flexibility, like around the toes, so that you can move easily and comfortably. These shoes give you a cool, casual look in addition to comfort.

The soles of these shoes are synthetic, which adds to the lightness. The soles are flexible to accommodate the terrain you are on while protecting your feet. The soles are made from smooth rubber. Light treading that does not make a mark on your floors define the sole.


  • The shoe is lightweight thus the wearer does not carry a lot of weight on foot;
  • Made from the durable canvas;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Flexible synthetic soles for ease of walking;
  • Accommodating for areas where the foot needs more movement;
  • Rubber soles do not make marks on flooring.


  • Not suitable for rough terrains due to minimal foot support;
  • More suited for casual wear as they can double up as slippers.

These boating shoes from Propet's are a necessary companion for the person who desires simplicity and functionality. Whether you will wear them in your house, outside running errands or while sailing your boat, you can rest assured that you are well-protected.

5. Vionic Women's Brisk Miles Sneaker

Vionic Women's Brisk Miles Sneaker

This pair has received a seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association, so you can be sure they are suited to your needs. The outer upper side of these shoes is made from high-quality textile fiber that is easy to maintain.

Thanks to the upper material, the shoe is among the most durable shoes in the market today

The mesh design is breathable and makes the interior easy to dry if the shoe becomes wet. The shoe design is stylish, giving it the appearance of a modern sports shoe.

The footbed of these shoes is covered with a comfortable mesh that is removable for cleaning. Being APMA-approved, the footbed is designed by specialists to create a shoe that supports your heel, tarsal tunnel, and foot arch so that you do not exert too much pressure on your feet even when you are injured. The midsole is made from light EVA material that makes it easy for you to move around without being weighed down.

The soles of the Vionic shoes are made from rubber with patterned treading that increases stability even on slippery ground. The rubber is also durable and withstands a variety of terrains without ripping. The ombre sole gives this shoe a stylish design, and the fact that it comes in a wide range of colors means that there is a Vionic shoe for every woman.


  • Made of breathable textile material;
  • Mesh footbed makes it easy to clean the interior;
  • EVA midsole makes the shoe light for movement;
  • Has a durable rubber sole;
  • Stylish, modern design in a variety of colors.


  • The shoe lacks shoe, making them hard to pull up;
  • The lace-design makes them open up often.

Designed by podiatrists, these shoes from Vionics are sure to relieve your foot pain and provide much-needed support for your tarsal tunnel. That way, you can go ahead with your activities looking stylish while being protected.

6. Propet Women's Travelactiv Mary Jane Sneaker

Propet Women's Travelactiv Mary Jane Sneaker

Another pair from Propet designed especially for women is the Travelactiv Mary Jane sneakers. They are made from textile fabric that is durable and easy to maintain, requiring just a wipe-down to be clean again.

Propet Women’s Travelactiv Sneaker exterior material is perforated to give the interior breathability, and this means that if they get wet, these shoes will dry up quickly so that you can go back to wearing them in no time. No wonder, the shoe has most of the qualities that are present in CrossFit shoes for women.

The strap is stretchy to accommodate any width of feet. The strap closes in a hook and loop fashion. Hook and loop keep the shoes on your feet regardless of the terrain. The low-top design makes these shoes have an official look that you can comfortably wear to the office on days when you need extra arch support.

Proper scrutiny at the shoe shoes the footbed is removable so that you can replace it with your orthotic insoles. The outsole is made from a synthetic material that gives the shoe flexibility for better movement. The EVA design makes the shoe lightweight, and the deep tread pattern makes them grip the ground properly even on rainy days.

Furthermore, the shoes are coated with Scotchgard, making them water-resistant so that you can comfortably walk with them in wet terrain without being inconvenienced.


  • Stretchy strap for a secure, comfortable fit;
  • Removable footbed for orthotic fitting;
  • The perforated exterior makes the shoes breathable;
  • EVA soles make the shoes lightweight;
  • Water and stain-resistant.


  • Deep treads easily pick up mud and small stones;
  • The perforations make the interior easy to get wet.

These Mary Jane sneakers from Propet are designed for the woman who wants to look fashionable without sacrificing comfort. The design is classy and eternal, never going out of style.

7. Skechers Men's Afterburn Memory-Foam Sneaker

Skechers Men's Afterburn Memory-Foam Sneaker

These shoes from the trusted brand Skechers live up to their name and reputation. The exterior is attractive, with the leather material being interspersed with a synthetic and mesh material in an overlay design. The leather makes the shoe durable and suitable even for ragged use, with the mesh helping the interior of the shoe breathable and easy to dry if it gets wet.

Skechers' collar is padded, meaning that any pressure exerted will not hurt your foot to bring you any discomfort. The shoes have a fabric lining that is breathable and easy to clean. Interior designing that is made up of memory foam helps the shoe have a shape that is fit for arch support. The memory foam is air-cooled, adding to the comfort of these shoes.

The sole is made from Skechers' signature rubber sole, creating a shoe that appears bulky be lightweight and comfortable to walk with. The tread pattern is highly-detailed, giving the shoes the ability to grip tightly to the ground to keep you stable even on slippery ground. This pair is suitable for casual wearing and even for more active wearing like hiking.


  • Overlaid leather and synthetic material makes the shoe durable;
  • Outer mesh gives the shoe breathability;
  • Padded collar and tongue relieve the foot of pressure;
  • Memory foam insole maximizes support and comfort;
  • Articu-Lyte rubber soles make the shoe lightweight;
  • A deep tread pattern keeps the shoe stable.


  • Memory foam needs replacing if the shoe is continuously used;
  • Extra padding is needed for better arch support.

These memory foam shoes are the perfect pair for someone who is on their feet regularly and needs extra arch support. The classic sport shoe design means you can make it your casual footwear.

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Consideration Before Buying Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel

Before you spend a dime on any shoe you believe is fit for your tarsal tunnel, you need to look at several factors. Otherwise, you will find yourself spending lots of money on shoes that your doctor will not approve.

The following factors will help you make a prudent decision of the right shoe for the tarsal tunnel:



All people, including those suffering from tarsal tunnel syndrome, need a comfortable shoe. Whether you are walking on tiles, laminated, concrete, or any other floor for that matter, you need to be satisfied.

An uncomfortable shoe, one that doesn't fit or squeezes your foot, is not ideal for your condition. A comfortable shoe should have, among other things, a padded interior, cushioned insole, roomy toe area, and a padded collar.


The type of sole for any shoe is crucial. It determines the far you can walk. Many people who wear shoes with the wrong sole always find themselves with many problems. In most cases, the main problem with many shoes is a sole that does not have the non-slip ability.

People who have tarsal tunnel syndrome need a soft but right sole. The sole should have the non-slip ability because one of the causes of tarsal tunnel syndrome is trauma that may be caused by accident.

You do not want to fall on the ground; thus, you need a slip-resistant sole. In many cases, a rubber sole with a few outsole tractions is ideal for people with a tarsal tunnel. The bottom should be light and low.


According to doctors, one of the major causes of tarsal tunnel syndrome is the pressure that is mounted on the tarsal nerve. It is easy to exert immense pressure on the tarsal nerve, especially if you wear heavy shoes. However, if you are overweight, look at this full list of shoes you can wear

To avert any injury that might reach the tarsal nerve, doctors recommend wearing light shoes. When choosing the kind of shoes to wear, you need to consider all the materials from the sole, upper part, the insole, and the padding. The materials need to be light.


One of the reasons you are suffering from tarsal tunnel syndrome is something terrible that happened to your ankle and arch support. As mentioned earlier, if something happens that triggers the tarsal nerve, chances are you will suffer a lot of pain for many days.

But do not worry, whether you have an arch or you have flat feet, you can get the relief you need for your endless pain.

Shoe manufacturers continue to design quality shoes for ankle and arch support that you can purchase to alleviate the pain.

Shock Absorption

Shock Absorption

Remember that your tarsal nerve suffered from a trauma that led to your current problem. To curb the problem, you need a shoe that has a combination of several features. Shock absorption is one of the features you should look at.

A shoe with shock absorption has a special insole, which, combined with a quality orthotic insole, will alleviate the foot pain. The shoe lining, the tongue, and the collars should all combine to help your foot absorb any shock.


How can you tell a shoe is weak? From the design, a shoe that is designed for people suffering from tarsal tunnel complications should offer the needed stability. The upper should be attached correctly to the sole.

The lacing part, if any, should also be stable. Arch and ankle support should give the wearer the needed support and comfort when walking. A stable shoe will not make you skid or on slippery ground.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do I need to have a special insole if I feel comfortable wearing shoes?

A. Comfort is one of the things that concern people with TTS. If you feel comfortable when you wear your shoes, there is nothing to worry about. However, you need to be cautious of the pain recurring, especially if the presence of underlying causes remains. Therefore, you may consider having a proper insole that is customized for you.

Q. I don't have an arch; do I have to worry about TTS?

A. If you have never suffered foot pain, you shouldn't worry about TTS. Your surgeon will conduct a proper examination of your foot whenever you feel the pain. In most cases, people with flat feet are more vulnerable to TTS as opposed to their counterparts with an arch.

But, Unless you feel intense pain at your footbed, you should not worry about TTS whether you have an arch or a flat foot.

Q. My shoes squeeze me at the toes, but they are very comfortable at the ankle. Are they the right shoes for my TTS condition?

A. Although your foot surgeon will have a more considerable say in this, it appears they are not the right shoes for your condition. TTS needs exceptionally comfortable shoes. If the current shoes are tight and do not offer your toes room to breathe, it means you have difficulties in walking.

The right she for tarsal tunnel syndrome should be comfortable, offer proper foot support, roomy toe area, and fit you properly.

Q. Can I wear a shoe, yet a surgery was done on my foot a few weeks ago?

A. It depends on a few things, namely:

  • When was the surgery done?
  • Have you found the right shoe(s)?
  • How does your foot surgeon advise?

On many occasions, foot surgeons advise TTS patients to wear comfortable shoes a few days after the surgery. Depending on the level of the suturing site, you can look for a shoe with an orthotic insole or any other special insole. Wearing shoes meant for those with arthritic feet can be another alternative.

The shoe aims to help you cover your foot, especially the operated area. Also, you need to walk to and from work. You cannot walk barefoot. If you decide to wear a shoe, make sure it has the right sole that will not worsen the pain but help in the healing process.

Because a clip bandage will be wrapped on your foot, you need to look for a shoe that is bigger than your standard size.

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Q. I have tried several brands of shoes, including best running shoes for tarsal tunnel, but I still feel the pain every time I wear a shoe. What can I do?

A. It is normal to feel pain from time to time if you have TTS. Wearing the best shoes for tarsal tunnel syndrome alleviates the pain. The pain is bound to reoccur. You can try to customize your footwear or put on shoes for fallen arches to see if you can feel any difference.


Living with foot pain due to tarsal tunnel syndrome is one of the excruciating things you will go through. The good thing is that you are not left without relief. Remember, before foot surgeons recommend for foot surgery, they prescribe 'non-surgical' alternatives. The top seven shoes listed above is one of the many non-surgical options you can pursue to reduce your foot pain.

By looking at all the seven best shoes for tarsal tunnel syndrome, you are showing your readiness to fight your TTS problem. Let nothing stop you from getting the right shoe for your problem.

For now, as long as you consider top factors such as comfort, support, shock absorption, and the weight of the shoe, you will go away smiling because you will find the shoe you have been looking for.

However, if you recently underwent a foot surgery due to TTS or any other foot problem, there are shoes specifically designed for you.

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