The 7 Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats of 2022

Most ultimate Frisbee players wear soccer or football cleats to provide the traction needed on soft and wet grass and to keep ankles appropriately supported. All cleats will provide added support during the play, but not all sports shoes are created equal.

The best ultimate Frisbee cleats will respond to your playing style, overall body weight, and surface on which you play.

Before you shop for new cleats for your ultimate Frisbee game, check out the 7 best cleats on the market in 2022 and what makes them today’s top choices, as well the number one ultimate Frisbee cleat for your game, the Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat.

The Adidas Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat combines comfort as well as maximum durability and responsiveness. For the ultimate severe Frisbee player, you can’t go wrong with this fantastic shoe.

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Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

1. adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat

adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat

The Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat boasts leather uppers with synthetic lining for added comfort when feet get hot from playing.

The shoes are exceptionally soft while rounded stud cleats provide moderate traction no matter your playing surface.


  • Split-suede leather uppers combine comfort and durability. Leather cleats are not likely to shred or stretch out of shape while still allowing the shoe to move with you during play.
  • The synthetic lining allows for maximum airflow, keeping feet cool and helping to wick away perspiration.
  • The shoe is designed to be lightweight, ensuring maximum range of motion when playing along with less muscle fatigue.
  • Rounded cleats allow for tight turns without offering drag or resistance.
  • Relatively high arch support shoes ensures less discomfort and muscle cramps when playing, as well as better balance when on the field.
  • The shoe is made to run somewhat more substantial in size, allowing players to wear thick socks and add to their cushioning and support without abrasions or discomfort.


  • This shoe’s cleats are not removable so they cannot be replaced or interchanged.
  • The turf cleats are somewhat undersized and may not offer adequate support in deep or soft sod.
  • The shoe is made from kangaroo leather, which is often banned in certain areas including California.

The adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat provides a relatively basic, high-quality shoe that should hold up under average wear and tear, and which offers lots of comfort and style.

Leather uppers are durable, and the adidas name is a reputable brand known for quality, making it a durable shoe in the upper range of value.

2. Nike Men’s Mercurial Vapor Xi FG Soccer Cleat

Nike Men's Mercurial Vapor Xi FG Soccer Cleat

The Nike Men’s Mercurial Vapor Xi FG soccer cleat is designed for maximum comfort and agility when on the field, while also providing a bit of style and color not found in other Frisbee cleats!

The shoe is designed for soccer rather than Frisbee but still offers a range of features that make it a great choice, especially for those who switch up their chosen sport.


  • A contoured, perforated sock liner keeps you low to the ground and reduces pressure against the cleats, reducing discomfort and muscle fatigue.
  • The synthetic sole is rugged and durable and meant to last, making it an excellent choice for play on real turf and in less-than-ideal weather conditions.
  • Embossed horizontal ridges along the shoe’s upper portion allow for maximum sensitivity against the turf.
  • A nylon spike plate offers durability and strength, as well as firm resistance when pushing off and running.
  • The cleat plate is designed to mirror the shape of the foot, providing maximum support where needed and reducing resistance along with the ball of the foot.
  • Limited edition Christian Renaldo designs allow you to choose a shoe that is as stylish as it is supportive!


  • The synthetic leather is difficult to clean in some places along the outside of the shoe.
  • The shoe tends to run longer than other styles, making it difficult to size correctly. Added toe space can also cause some discomfort during play.

The Nike Men’s Mercurial Vapor Xi FG soccer cleat is designed for soccer specifically, providing a flat toe box to reach under a ball and embossed ridges for sensitivity against a soccer ball.

While the shoe is rugged and durable and designed to last, someone looking for ultimate Frisbee cleats might overpay for features they won’t need for their game in particular!

3. adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe

adidas Performance Men's Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe

The adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial soccer shoe is made from durable and soft leather, offering a full range of motion that won’t pinch or bind your foot while on the field. The sole is designed to be stiff and strong, giving you maximum support and needed resistance even on soft sod.


  • Leather uppers are soft and comfortable, moving with you and ensuring comfort even during tight twists and turns.
  • The synthetic sole is strong and durable and built to stay rugged for years.
  • The shoe’s synthetic lining provides maximum comfort as well as lots of air circulation that keeps your feet cool and dry.
  • Taller cleats are an excellent choice for soft sod and for added resistance and strength.
  • The die-cut insole is designed to fit your foot as tightly as possible, providing even more comfort and support.


  • Kangaroo leather is often banned in many areas of the world, making the adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial soccer shoe unavailable for shipping to California and other such places.
  • Soft kangaroo leather provides the maximum range of motion but can also stretch out of shape more so than other types of leather so the shoes might feel a bit large after not too long!

The adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial soccer shoe is a basic yet rugged shoe that works well for a variety of sports as well as ultimate Frisbee.

The deep cleats offer plenty of traction on any surface, and the soft leather is an excellent choice for those with wider feet that need shoes to “give” a bit.

4. Under Armour Men’s Nitro Low Mc Football Shoe

Under Armour Men's Nitro Low Mc Football Shoe

The Under Armour Men’s Nitro Low Mc football shoe is designed for maximum comfort and durability along the sole and underside, with a support cage that envelopes the foot with breathable fabrics.

The hard plastic underside is perfect for soft sod while the cleats might be a bit undersized for some players.


  • The mesh tongue with open-hole design offers more comfort and breathability, an excellent choice for playing in hot summer weather or for players who need a bit more air circulation to keep their feet cool.
  • The shoe’s heel clip provides added balance and support.
  • A rounded, molded toe cup creates added sensitivity against the dirt and provides more control for soccer, football, and other such sports.
  • The die-cut sock liner provides maximum comfort and support along the sole.
  • Rounded cleats allow for tight turns while still providing added support and strength.


  • Undersized cleats might not offer the support needed in soft sod or wet dirt.
  • The tongue might be a bit undersized for some players, creating a lack of protection along the front of the foot.
  • The human-made material is a bit stiff and doesn’t offer the same “give” and flexibility as leather and other softer fabrics.

While the Under Armour Men’s Nitro Low Mc football shoe offers excellent traction, it’s not the most comfortable shoe on the market.

Anyone looking to play longer games or who plays day after day might find that these shoes are less-than-ideal when it comes to foot fatigue and stiffness.

5. PUMA Women’s Universal FG Soccer Cleat

PUMA Women's Universal FG Soccer Cleat

The PUMA Women’s Universal FG soccer cleat offers a durable shoe and underside that is an acceptable option for most gameplay, but many women might find the synthetic uppers a bit unforgiving and the cleats undersized.


  • The padded collar and tongue provide added cushioning and support, reducing the risk of blisters and abrasions.
  • The shoe is designed to conform to the natural curves of the foot, providing added support and less movement of the shoe during play.
  • The shoe’s synthetic sole is sturdy and durable and should last even under excessive wear and tear.
  • Round cleats are responsive during tight turns.
  • The colorful designs offer lots of style along with durability.


  • Undersized cleats might provide little traction in soft soil and mud.
  • The shoes tend to run small, and the synthetic material doesn’t offer much “give,” increasing the risk of blisters and especially for women who prefer thick socks.
  • Synthetic materials tend to trap heat and sweat, making the shoes uncomfortable in hot weather.

While the PUMA Women’s Universal FG soccer cleats are durable, they offer very little by way of added quality for serious ultimate Frisbee players.

Undersized cleats and an essential sole provide only minimal traction and support, and the shoe itself can feel uncomfortable during more extended gameplay.

6. ASICS Men’s DS Light X-Fly 2 MS Soccer Shoe

ASICS Men's DS Light X-Fly 2 MS Soccer Shoe

ASICS Men’s DS Light X-Fly 2 MS soccer shoe is durable and rugged, but the synthetic material takes away from a player’s comfort and the primary cleats might not offer the traction and grip needed for severe gamers.


  • The seven-eye lace enclosure keeps shoes tight and in place even during active play.
  • A padded topline avoids friction when twisting and turning on the field.
  • A low-profile cleat design can reduce wear on the ankles and is an excellent choice for indoor play or any artificial surface.
  • The shoe weighs just 7 ounces, keeping it lightweight and manageable no matter your size and for more extended gameplay.
  • The outsole made with a strong polymer that keeps the foot and ankles strong when running or turning.


  • Synthetic materials often trap heat and moisture, increasing the risk of added discomfort during play.
  • The shoe’s low cleat design is optimal for lots of stops and starts but might not offer the traction needed in soft soil.
  • The shoe’s tight fit and low toe profile meant for soccer so that an ultimate Frisbee player might be paying for features not needed for their sport!

While the ASICS Men’s DS Light X-Fly 2 MS soccer shoe offers some basic support and function, its synthetic material might be overly constrictive and lack air circulation, and the low cleats are designed for indoor use or play on artificial turf.

7. Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio II Leather Fg Soccer Cleat

Nike Men's Tiempo Genio II Leather Fg Soccer Cleat

The Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio II Leather FG soccer cleat offers lots of comfort and style as well as a durable design meant to last.


  • Leather uppers and a rubber sole allow the shoe to bend and flex with you, for maximum comfort.
  • A thin tongue means less pressure on the front of the foot while also offering full coverage.
  • The shoe’s lining is fully padded and breathable, helping to reduce the amount of heat and perspiration trapped along your feet.


  • The soft leather and rubber that offer comfort can also mean less support during gameplay.
  • The one-piece molded underside means you cannot replace the cleats as needed.

The Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio II Leather FG soccer cleat is a comfortable shoe that moves with you while also offering a durable and robust underside that holds up game after game.

The Nike name is also synonymous with value and quality, making the Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio II Leather FG soccer cleat a rugged shoe that should last for years.

What to Look Before Buying Ultimate Frisbee Cleats?

To ensure you get the best Ultimate Frisbee cleats for your gameplay, check out a few vital features to look for before buying:

Type of cleats

Rounded cleats allow for pivoting and turning, whereas oval-shaped studs provide added traction against turning.

Soccer players, footballers, and other gamers who play sports that require lots of tight twists and turns might need rounded studs, but ultimate Frisbee players might appreciate the resistance of ovals or I-shaped cleats.

Note whether or not the cleats meant for indoor-outdoor use. Granules or texture at the bottom of the cleats can provide more traction on artificial turf and indoor flooring, whereas smooth studs might increase the risk of slipping and sliding on slick surfaces.

Better traction not only decrease the risk of slipping but also makes you steady in the game. So, better to use the non-slip shoes offers you hold up game after game.


Note the weight of your preferred ultimate Frisbee or soccer cleats in ounces and opt for something as lightweight as possible. It might not seem like it could make much difference, but a few extra ounces of weight around the feet can cause muscle fatigue and soreness.

Overly heavy shoes can also be made of synthetic materials that don’t allow for air circulation, increasing heat and perspiration around your feet. Materials with lots of holes create a more comfortable feeling when playing in the hot summertime sun, and as your body temperature rises.


Note the material of various cleats. Leather is very durable even when exposed to mud, rain, and other harsh playing conditions. It also doesn’t tend to shred or tear and is easy to clean.

Check the underside or soles of the cleats as well. Thick plastic is more durable than rubber and isn’t likely to shred or suffer cuts and tears.


Ultimate Frisbee might not require as many twists and turns as soccer, football, and other sports, but shoes should still be flexible so you can stop and start without resistance. You also need to be able to move freely without resistance from a shoe’s uppers or soles.

Check if your cleats can bend easily and if the material is soft and supple, allowing for some “give.” This will ensure you can run and twist as needed and without the risk of resistance or potential injury.

You may also try shock absorbing shoes to lessen body pressure on your feet in the middle of the sports, and avoid injuries like foot pain, soreness.


The soles of ultimate Frisbee cleats need to provide comfort and support for every part of your foot’s underside, although they should help alleviate pressure around the ball of the foot. Note if the soles are shaped and molded to fit the curve of the feet and if they allow for less stress along the base of the toes.

Soles should also be thick and durable, to hold up under tight wear and tear as well as less-than-ideal soil conditions. Thin, lightweight rubber or plastic might wear out quickly, leading to cracked or worn soles and shoes that need replacing.

Best Brands

Brand names often have a reputation they need to protect, which is why it’s good to invest in a high-quality brand of soccer cleat with a proven track record of performance!

Consider the overall value and quality of a brand as well, so you know if they have a reputation for quality products in everything they produce.

As an example of the best brands to consider, adidas and Nike have been in business for decades and have been known to produce clothing and accessories as well as footwear that stands the test of time.

Brands like Under Armour and Puma are known for relative quality but not necessarily the durability of other top-rated names.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best types of cleats to buy for ultimate Frisbee?

A. Since there are few shoes made for ultimate Frisbee in particular, you might need to shop around various other styles of shoes, designed for other sports, and choose what works best for your game.

  • Soccer studs are lightweight but are typical without a toe stud, limiting your control of movement.
  • Rugby studs offer excellent grip on muddy fields, but these cleats are often oversized and might weigh you down when playing ultimate Frisbee in particular.
  • Field hockey shoes usually provide lots of cushioning and support but might have higher soles for running, limiting your ability to pivot and turn as needed.
  • Handball or racquetball shoes are an excellent choice for indoor play as they provide cushioning for stops and starts and tight pivots.

Q. Which is better for buying cleats, online shopping, or shopping in-person?

A. The advantage of shopping in-person for your ultimate Frisbee studs is that you can try on both shoes. Most people have one foot slightly larger or longer than the other, so you want to ensure the brand you choose fits both your feet!

It’s also good to consider if a shoe has lots of “give” so you don’t suffer blisters and abrasions while trying to soften the shoes or “break them in.”

On the other hand, online shopping allows you to check consumer reviews and ratings from real shoppers. You can then avoid low-rated shoes and sellers with poor reputations when you shop online.

Q. How long should you expect cleats to last?

A. The expected lifespan of your ultimate Frisbee shoes will depend on your average use, including how active you are when you play. Added bodyweight also puts stress on the seams of shoes and can cause them to wear out early.

Playing in wet dirt can soften the stitching of shoes and cause them to fall apart sooner than expected. Low-quality shoes also tend to wear out quickly, coming apart at the seams or simply shredding along with the shoe’s uppers.


To ensure you get the most use out of your new ultimate Frisbee cleats, invest in high-quality name brand shoes and ensure you opt for cleats that will support your playing habits, including indoor playing versus outdoor.

Note the flexibility and comfort of the shoes as well as their durability, as it does no good to choose shoes that last for years if your feet hurt after every game!

Choose shoes that fit your feet in particular, without worrying about the actual sizing number. For example, if some shoes tend to run small, don’t worry that you need to get a size larger than you would get otherwise, and especially if you wear thick socks when playing.

Your comfort and the health of your feet are paramount when choosing ultimate Frisbee cleats!

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