The 7 Best Foldable Flats of 2019

When you are on your feet all day, comfort is just as important as fashion. If you are working in the office or running errands around town, comfort is always key. Foldable ballet flats are an excellent way to make sure you are stylish while maintaining personal comfort.

Users prefer foldable ballet flats for several different reasons; they are available in a variety of colors and styles; ballet flats are generally lightweight and they can easily fit inside your bag or briefcase.

When considering purchasing a pair or maybe several pairs of foldable flats, there are many factors you ought to consider.

After considering all of these factors, an overall winner for the best foldable flats is the Lucky Brand Women's Lucky Emmie Ballet Flat. These ballet flats are available in 26 different colors, they are comfortable to wear and are priced right.

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Best Foldable Flats


Made of



Lucky Brand Women's Lucky Emmie Ballet Flat


Synthetic Rubber

Isotoner Women's Sport Knit Foldable Slipper

Fabric or Textile


Ollio Women's Shoes Faux Suede Comfort Ballet Flat



Yosi Samra Women's Samara Ballet Flat


Leather and Rubber

Fit in Clouds Classic Ballet Flats



Silky Toes Women's Foldable Ballet Flat



Shoes 18 Women's Foldable Ballet Flat



1. Lucky Brand Women’s Lucky Emmie Ballet Flat

Lucky Brand Women's Lucky Emmie Ballet Flat

These Lucky Brand ballet flats are iconic and make a great addition to your wardrobe. They are made from leather or fabric depending on which style you choose. These flats are offered in a variety of colors and patterns as well.

The Emmie Ballet Flat features a flexible rubber sole. This is ideal for traction on slippery or wet surfaces. The flat also has a .31-inch heel that will help you stand comfortably when wearing them.

Additionally, the padded foam memory insert helps to give the Emmie a custom fit. This makes the flat comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. They are perfect for everyday use.

These flats from Lucky Brand are $14.99, so you can add many colors and patterns to your collection. They are a dependable, functional, and inexpensive ballet flat. The Emmie lays flat, so you can easily tuck an extra pair in your bag or pack them for a trip.


  • The Emmie is available in a variety of colors and patterns for maximum wardrobe choice
  • This ballet flat comes in either leather or fabric
  • There is a small .31-inch heel on the flat to help keep you comfortable
  • These ballet flats are priced at $14.99 which makes them accessible
  • There is a padded foam memory insert that helps customize the shoe to your foot


  • This ballet flat does not fold up
  • There is virtually no arch support in this flat which can be an issue for some wearers
  • These ballet flats don’t run true to size, so use caution when ordering online

Overall, the Lucky Brand Women’s Lucky Emmie Ballet Flat is a nice ballet flat. You are able to choose different colors and patterns, and at their price, you can add several pairs to your closet. Although these flats do not fold up, they do lay flat, so you can keep a spare pair in your everyday bag.

2. Isotoner Women's Sport Knit Foldable Slipper

Women's Sport Knit Foldable Travel Ballerina Slipper with Carrying Pouch

The Isotoner Ballerina Slipper makes a great travel piece. The sole on these slippers are made of rubber for your safety when on slippery surfaces. The insole is made of a moisture wicking material so that your feet stay dry.

These flats are made of fabric and they are machine washable. Be sure to let them air dry, though. The flats are foldable and come with a carrying pouch. With 3 different colors to choose from, this flat is perfect for traveling comfortably.

The Isotoner Women’s Sport Knit Foldable Travel Ballerina Slipper is priced at $19.79. They will make a great travel companion. They are also the perfect slipper for you to wear when relaxing at home or in a hotel room.


  • These flats are machine washable so they can always look great
  • They are completely foldable and include a carrying pouch
  • The insole is made of a moisture wicking material to keep feet dry
  • They are available in 3 different colors


  • These slippers are not really intended to be worn as a shoe
  • The inside seam can cause irritation to the toes and does bother some users
  • Sizing for these Isotoner slippers does not run true to size

The Isotoner Women’s Sport Knit Foldable Travel Ballerina Slipper is truly more of a slipper than a shoe or flat. They are good to have on hand in your bag while traveling or to wear at home when you are relaxing.

If you are looking for a flat for daily wear while at work or out around town, this is not your flat. If you want to relax at home, then these slippers would suffice.

3. Ollio Women’s Shoes Faux Suede Comfort Ballet Flat

Ollio Women's Shoes Faux Suede Comfort Ballet Flat

These Ollio ballet flats are designed with your comfort in mind. They are constructed of lightweight man-made materials and are offered in a variety of colors.

In keeping with comfort, Ollio has designed these flats with an elastic collar. This collar ensures your flat stay on your foot comfortably. There is also a pull tab on the top of the heel in the back for ease in putting them on. The heel height on these Ollio flats is 0.1 inches.

With a rounded toe and a foldable style, these flats are a great bargain at $24.99.


  • These flats have a rear tab to help you pull them on comfortably
  • The Ollio flats are available in many different colors
  • The ballet flats are reasonably priced at $24.99
  • The Ollio ballet flats are constructed of breathable man-made material
  • These flats run true to size so you can order with confidence


  • The front seam around the toe area can rip over time
  • The glue that is used to attach the heel to this flat can weaken over time, and the heel can come loose
  • The elastic edge around the top of the ballet can be irritating to some wearers

The Ollio flat is a definite contender among other foldable ballet flats. It is a stylishly designed and comfortable shoe. You can fold this flat up and tuck it into your bag or tuck away at home for easy storage. The Ollio Comfort Ballet Flat is available in many colors, and at $24.99 they are priced reasonably.

4. Yosi Samra Women’s Samara Ballet Flat

Yosi Samra Women's Samara Ballet Flat

The Yosi Samra Samara Ballet Flats are an all leather and fur flat. There are a few different colors and patterns available to choose from, so you can mix and match them to your wardrobe.

These ballet flats are constructed with an insole that is 5mm thick – it has a 3 mm memory foam layer and a 2 mm antibacterial ortholite padding layer. Since feet can get sweaty in these, the antimicrobial layer is a nice touch.

These Samra ballet flats feature a rubber sole for traction and safety, and they fold flat for ease in toting them. They weigh 9 oz, so they are certainly lightweight. The Yosi Samra Women’s Samara Ballet Flats cost $44.40.


  • These flats contain a 5mm insole with memory foam for comfort
  • There is an antibacterial lining to prevent odor and bacterial growth
  • The flats are available in various colors and patterns
  • They have a rubber sole for safety
  • The flats are foldable


  • The Samra ballet flats cost $44.40
  • These flats do run small, so be careful when ordering online
  • They can start to fall apart at the seams after a while

The Yosi Samra Women’s Samara Ballet Flat seems to be just an ok flat. They are a bit more expensive than other options and brands, but they do not necessarily hold up or wear better.

These Yosi Samra Samara flats also tend to fall apart at the seams over time. The also run smaller, so you need to check the shoe size chart before ordering. Caution should be used when ordering these flats.

5. Fit in Clouds Classic Ballet Flats

Classic Ballet Flats That are Foldable fit in a Carry Pouch

These Classic Ballet Flats by Fits in Clouds is a well made foldable ballet flat. These flats are made with patent leather across the upper, which help the flat to have some give in the toe area. This helps prevent your toes from being cramped and developing blisters.

The insole of these ballet flats is cushioned and it is constructed with a split sole design. This design allows the flat to truly fold in half. These classic ballet flats fold in half and fit in the included pouch for ease when taking them with you in your bag. The outer sole is rubber for safety when wearing.

These Classic Ballet Flats are available in two different colors, black and nude, to accommodate a wide variety of wardrobe options. They are $25.95.


  • The patent leather upper allows the flat to have some give for comfort in the toe area
  • The split sole design allows the flat to truly fold in half
  • These Classic Ballet Flats have a rubber outer sole for your safety
  • They are priced nicely at $25.95
  • The Classic Ballet Flats run true to size for confidence when ordering


  • These flats are only available in 2 basic colors
  • The split sole design can make the flats seem more like a flip-flop then a shoe

6. Silky Toes Women's Foldable Ballet Flat

Women's Foldable Portable Travel Ballet Flat Roll Up Slipper Shoes

These foldable ballet flats by Silky Toes is a winner in the field of foldable flats. The flats are designed with an elastic at the heel to help keep the flat in place comfortably. They are also available in 26 different colors so that you can have a pair for just about any outfit in your closet.

Silky Toes ballet flats are perfect to take with you to the office, parties or weddings. They are foldable and come with a little carry pouch so you can easily keep a pair in your purse or bag. They are also comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

There is also an option to add a matching hair bow for the pair you choose. This makes the Silky Toes Ballet Flat a great gift idea for wedding parties, office parties, and birthdays. They are priced at $9.99, so you can have every and any color you might want.


  • These ballet flats are priced nicely at $9.99
  • The flats come in 26 different colors to match any outfit or occasion
  • You have an option to add a matching hair bow if you would like
  • They included a carry pouch for easing in toting them with you
  • The flats have an elastic heel to help ensure the flat does not slip off


  • These shoes are sized Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, so it may be trickier to find the right size
  • These flats tend to run narrow, so if you have wide feet you need to keep this in mind when ordering

The Silky Toes Women’s Portable Foldable Ballet Flats are a clear winner. These ballet flats are offered in a myriad of colors to compliment any outfit you might have at home.

They are foldable and come with an easy to tote pouch so you can always have a pair in your bag. The company also offers a matching hair bow if you are interested. At $9.99, these classic foldable flats are a great choice.

7. Shoes 18 Women's Foldable Ballet Flat

Shoes 18 Women's Foldable Portable Travel Ballet Flat

These foldable flats are another great option. They are made out of cotton and have a soft microfiber interior. Shoes 18 designed these shoes to be an easy slip-on flat for maximum comfort.

The company has made this classic flat in 43 different colors. This makes it possible to have the right color, no matter what outfit you are wearing. Also, since these flats are priced at $5.99, they are extremely feasible too. Also included in your purchase is a matching zippered carrying pouch.


  • These classic flats come in 43 different colors for maximum style options
  • There is a matching zippered carry pouch included with the flats
  • The foldable flats are made out of cotton for breathability
  • The microfiber inner sole adds comfort
  • Shoes 18 priced these flats right at $5.99


  • There is not much arch support to these flats, which can affect some wearers
  • These flats are not intended to be long wearing shoes at the office, school, etc.
  • The classic flats do run small, so keep that in mind when ordering

Overall, the Shoes 18 Ballet Flats are a nice flat to have on hand. They come in several colors and are perfect for bringing to parties or for wearing while traveling. With the inexpensive price, it is certainly an option to have one in every color.

What to Look for Before Buying Foldable Flats

A pair of foldable flats offers many advantages. They are often lightweight, comfortable, and come in many different colors and prints. Foldable flats are also a nice item to have tucked into a purse or bag. You can wear them at work, at home, at weddings or parties or while traveling.

However, before purchasing a pair of these flats, there are several factors you should consider. Since there are so many brands available, it helps if you consider the style, materials, comfort, quality, size, and price when purchasing them.


Style is important. There are some flats with pointed toes and others with a more rounded toe box. You should take the shape of your foot into consideration when selecting a style. Wearing the wrong style for your foot can cause discomfort and possibly blisters.


When you are considering the foldable ballet flats, consider the material as well. Some flats are made from synthetic material and some from leather. These materials can sometimes cause your feet to sweat.

If your feet start to sweat, they may swell. At this point, your feet will not be fitting comfortably in the flat. Some flats are designed in cotton. This is a more breathable fabric, but it may not hold up as well.


The quality of a foldable flat is another consideration when making a purchase. Look at the stitching on the seams and make sure they are neat, even and not pulling apart. You should also look at the elastic that may be around the top of the flat.

Check to see that it is sewn well and won’t have rough edges that might irritate your foot. Another point to check is the heel. Look to see that no glue shoes and that it seems to be securely attached to the flat.


Not all companies size their flats true to size. So be sure you know what size you should get before ordering them. You may need to go up a size, especially if half sizes are not offered.

If you need to use arch support and want or need to wear an insert, make sure that the flat you are considering purchasing has room to fit this for you. And always check the return and exchange policy too.


And when looking for the best foldable ballet flats, price is also a factor. Some flats are more expensive than others, but that does not mean it is a better quality flat.

If you are looking for an inexpensive but comfortable flat to wear with different wardrobe options, then a less expensive flat can allow you to purchase more in different colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use inserts for arch support while wearing flats?

A. If your foot tends to feel discomfort when wearing flats, you may need some arch support. Over the counter arch supports should generally help. Depending on the brand of flat you are wearing, this type of arch support should fit.

Q. Are my foldable flats washable?

A. Some brands are machine washable. This allows you, and it helps eliminate foot odor and bacterial growth. Be sure to read the manufacturer's label first to be sure you can wash them and what temperature and detergent are best to use.

Q. How should I store my flats?

A. If your foldable flats come with an included carry pouch, store them in that. This way, you always have the pair together and folding them will help them retain their compact shape.

Q. How will the heel height affect my comfort level?

A. While flats will not have a high heel, they will have a little bit if height. Each company will have its height. Even the slightest bit of heel height will help take the pressure off so that you are not walking flat-footed. Slight heel height is meant to add to the wearer's comfort.


Foldable ballet flats are a versatile tool in any wardrobe. They are available in many different colors and patterns to meet most wardrobe needs. They are designed in both rounded toe and pointy toe options. This allows you to fit the flat to your foot shape.

Many of them will have elastic around the heel, which helps keep the flat on your comfort. It is a great idea to keep a pair in your bag. You can change into a more comfortable pair of shoes at work, at parties or while traveling.

Some flats have better arch support and heel height. These features will enable you to wear flats for a longer time and still be comfortable.


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