The 7 Diabetic Work Boots of 2020

Millions of diabetic patients are consistently limited in their aspiration to contribute their quota at the workplace without worrying about developing blisters that may not heal up after the day's job.

Said otherwise, being diabetic requires making deliberate choices that will make you live and work in a comfortable setting without hurting yourself.

To be able to achieve this, and avoid the blisters and soreness arising from putting on improper work boots, you have to kit up your feet in recommended work boots for people with diabetes only.

Confused about finding which work boots are recommended and help keep people with diabetes safe and active?

Worry no more; our comprehensive guide will help you identify quality options that will make your work-life easy and fulfilling.

These 7 Diabetic Work Boots of 2020 are recommended based on intensive practical tests, consultations, and reviews from real users.

Top of the list is Dr. Comfort Men's Boss Diabetic Boots, chosen for its sophisticated and classic style designed to keep your feet protected.

Are there other competing options that can also keep your feet healthy as you perform routine jobs on sites? Let's take a peek.

Diabetic Work Boots


Made of



Dr. Comfort Men's Boss Diabetic Boots



Drew Shoe Men's Rockford



Dunham Men's Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot



Dr. Comfort Men's Protector Black Steel Toe Diabetic Boots



Orthofeet Highline Black Men's Heel Pain Boots



Irish Setter Men's 6" 83605 Work Boot



Apis Mt. Emey 504 Men's Therapeutic Triple Depth Boots



1. Dr. Comfort Men's Boss Diabetic Boots

Dr. Comfort Men's Boss Diabetic Boots

Since 2002, Dr. Comfort has been a force to reckon with in the therapeutic work boot industry with a focus on quality, comfort, and style.

With a sturdy outsole, durable leather, and rugged good looks, it is the perfect blend of technology and art.

Although you might need to fix some inserts for extra comfort, the padded tongue and collar will ensure you get a snug fit when lacing up.

The seamless construction makes it suitable for work and outdoor adventures, keeping your diabetic feet safe from harm or swellings.


  • Protective and wide toe box alleviates the impact of a foot injury and helps avoid pressure on the foot
  • Breathable leather upper to control heat and keep the feet dry and cool
  • Use of removable footbeds will allow you to add extra orthotics for support
  • Firm heel counter gives additional lateral and medial support as well as balance required for daily activities
  • Top-quality outer-sole makes it long-lasting
  • The lightweight construction helps to reduce foot tiredness
  • Padded tongue and collar reduce irritation and improves on the fitness
  • A durable traditional lace-up frontal offers a comfortable and snug fit
  • A free pair of gel insole is available with the package


  • Weak metal for the laces
  • Absence of steel toe
  • No insulation for cold weather
  • It is not waterproof

Since it is available in different sizes and width, there is a pair for every foot shape to offer relief to those who have diabetes or have Arthritis, Morton's Neuroma, Achilles Tendonitis, etc.

Dr. Comfort Men's Boss Diabetic Boots is a top-quality and functional boot for people with diabetes as far as craftsmanship and technology are concerned.

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2. Drew Shoe Men's Rockford

Drew Shoe Men's Rockford

Drew Shoe is one of the best work boots that provide hours of pain-free support and stability.

This is no surprise; the company craftsmen are masters when it concerns therapeutic comfort work boots.

Its water-resistant leather offers optimal protection when confronting external elements like snow or rain.

This fabulous pair has got a tremendous inner, which is made of soft linings for optimal comfort.

The tempered wide steel shank gives the best arch support and stability to make your feet feel relaxed as you move your foot on the motion.

It is a combination of durability and orthopedic value with a sturdy sole as well as a pull tab to make putting on and off super easy.


  • Use of the Plus Fitting System for extra depth that can contain two removable footbeds
  • Gusseted lace-up vamp promotes a custom and secured fit
  • Roomy toe box allows you to flex your toes with ease
  • Presence of an extended medial heel stabilizer keeps the heel in place
  • Removable dual-density footbed creates depth for orthotic inserts, drains away moisture, and conforms to the shape of the foot quickly
  • A lightweight, durable dual-density polyurethane outsole for stability and traction
  • Certified diabetic boot with the HCPCS code A5500
  • Dupont Thermolite with waterproof membrane lining keeps the feet dry in wet conditions
  • Compact tongue and padded thick collar for ankle and arch support


  • Feels tight in the upper area
  • Toe area wears out fast
  • Inadequate insulation for cold weather

Drew Shoe Men's Rockford boasts of a non-marking, slip-resistant rubber outsole.

With the cushioning in place, these work boots have enough cushioning to give your feet a pain-free session. It is the perfect diabetic patient's choice.

3. Dunham Men's Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot

Dunham Men's Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot

Dunham created a masterpiece in this pair. Once you find the right fit, you will be able to concentrate on work without the bother diabetic feet can cause.

The nubuck uppers, subtle contrast stitching, and full-grain leather coupled with good looks will allow you to move around in style and comfort, yet, safe and active all day long.

The durability and lightweight build make it versatile for indoor and outdoor activities.

Best of all, it requires zero break-in time to adapt to the foot.


  • The waterproof leather upper fends off moisture, keeping the feet comfortable and dry
  • Use of Tectonic Tongue engineered foam that has three flex points helps with an even distribution of pressure
  • A solid rubber outsole with aggressive tread offers firm grip and traction on rough terrain
  • Stability R-Bar with lateral and medial TPU posts assist with control on the motion
  • Rubber outsole has multi-directional grip configuration which helps with surface contact and optimal traction
  • Presence of premium foam insert with high density dissipates shock and pressure from pressure points
  • Hydro-shield waterproof insole seals water out and keeps your feet dry and comfortable
  • Certified for PDAC/SADMERC


  • Issues with stitches below the grommet of the laces
  • The heel area is a bit wide
  • The outsole gets slippery in water
  • Comes in big sizes

The durable laces, rubber-reinforced toe guard, sturdy seams, and mid-cut collar for ankle support put Dunham Men's Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boots among the sturdiest work boots for people with diabetes.

Your feet will stay comfortable, thanks to the spacious toe box, which allows you to flex your feet without discomfort.

4. Dr. Comfort Men's Protector Black Steel Toe Diabetic Work Boots

Dr. Comfort Men's Protector Black Steel Toe Diabetic Work Boots

This diabetic work boot is a complete orthopedic steel-toe rugged, lightweight boot, which offers comfort to feet with signs of diabetics.

With a padded collar, tough high abrasion, and oil-resistant outsole, your foot will remain well-protected from all external impacts that can cause pain to the arch, heel, or ankle.

The protector promotes aeration, thanks to the top-quality grain leather used for the upper.

This makes it an ideal pair for harsh indoor and outdoor environments.


  • Use of leather lining to air the foot and keep it dry and cool
  • Extra protection from toe stubbing
  • It meets up to the Medicare standard of 7/16 extra depth inch and X-collection double depth boots, meaning you can add orthotics for additional support
  • Presence of a firm heel counter to derive extra lateral and medial stability and support
  • The padding in the collar reduces irritation to the skin around the ankle area
  • Certified by the ASTM F2412-05/ASTM F 2413-05 for electrical shock resistance
  • The padded tongue helps eliminate friction and gives the foot a snug fit


  • Not suitable for the construction industry
  • Not ideal for chilly environments

Dr. Comfort Men's Protector Black Steel Toe Diabetic Boots has a non-skid outsole that has superb grip and cushioning.

They offer protection from Hammertoes, Swellings, as well as support for pronated or flat foot, etc.

The diabetic steel toe work boot protection and gel insert provide the needed comfort to help you stay active, and enjoy a fulfilling pain-free day at work.

5. Orthofeet Highline Black Men's Heel Pain Boots

Orthofeet Highline Black Men's Heel Pain Boots

This pain-reduction pair of boots are designed to provide the best protection and support. It's a functional pair that provides cushioning to promote comfort as you take each step.

The non-binding upper keeps stress off the pressure points while offering a relaxed fit that makes your movement appealing.

Using the mild rocker construction model and the broad base has enhanced stability by reducing stress at the forefoot.

Orthofeet boasts of years of bio-medical expertise that offers therapeutic and orthopedic relief to its wearers.

Its ortho-cushion system is renowned in the boot-making industry.


  • Orthotic insoles have anatomical arch support which straightens the foot, toes, and reduces overpronation
  • The soft and stretchable uppers, non-binding design in the bunion area, and wide toe box reduces pressure on bunions
  • Ergonomic soles with many cushioning layers give protection to diabetic feet by reducing foot pain
  • Extra-depth design of the insole provides space for extra orthotics
  • Presence of extra foam padding and seam-free fabric lining to make sensitive feet comfortable and free from irritation
  • The deep heel seat offers optimal shock absorption and customized support
  • A5500 (diabetic shoebill) and Medicare certified
  • Risk-free 60-days guarantee with a full refund if not satisfied


  • Non-durable sole
  • Limited colors
  • Reviewers complain of the boot tongue shifting to the side
  • Low-quality eyelets for laces

Orthofeet Highline Black Men's Heel Pain Boots for people with diabetes has two sets of removable spacers, which is adjustable to get extra room for toe movement and desired fit.

The innovative pain relief technology embedded in it reduces the impact on the heels and relieves strain on the plantar fascia also.

6. Irish Setter Men's 6" 83605 Work Boot

Irish Setter Men's 6" 83605 Work Boot

Since the '50s, Irish Setter has used only exclusive handcrafted leather to manufacture its work boots.

  • The stylish look, cushioning, comfort, durability, and advanced technology gives it an edge over other diabetic work boots.

Being one of the best Goodyear welt construction designs, its outstanding features include a red russet leather upper, extra-thick sole, and triple-stitched mock toe.

Although it is not made with people with diabetes in mind, it is, albeit, comfortable if you have similar health issues with your foot.

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  • The heel and sole are electrical hazards ASTM F2892-11-certified protect against electrical shock despite being a soft toe work boot
  • A heat-resistant outsole that can withstand working condition exposed to intense heat
  • Padded tongue and collar offer ankle support and protection against rubbing
  • Thick wedge soles provide excellent traction and absorb shock on rough terrain
  • Removable footbed and EVA midsole have enough cushioning to keep your feet comfortable always
  • The rubber outsole is resistant to heat, oil, abrasion, and slip


  • Narrow toe box area
  • Slippery on ice and water
  • Large heel area causing heel slippage
  • Poor arch support
  • Cracking of the sole with use

Considering that the inner is leather, it does not have the necessary insulation required during cold seasons to keep the feet warm.

Irish Setter Men's 83605 Work Boots is more suited to light work or leisure and not advisable for heavy-duty construction sites.

Tips: If you are working on a construction site, then you should go for the suitable work boots for the construction worker.

7. Apis Mt. Emey 504 Men's Therapeutic Triple Depth Boots

Apis Mt. Emey 504 Men's Therapeutic Triple Depth Boots

This is a diabetic work boot with extra depth to accommodate orthotics targeted at different foot ailments ranging from Severe Swelling, Ankle-Foot Brace, Diabetic Neuropathy, Severe Bunions, etc.

The three removable layer inserts will allow you to fit the insert to your comfort level and adapt to your condition.

The Padded suede collar gives better comfort and ankle protection to keep you active and safe at the workplace.


  • Genuine leather upper and lining promotes aeration and flexibility needed by diabetics to be comfortable
  • Lateral counter support and extra length firm medial for optimal support to the heel area
  • An injectable high-density EVA outsole has matching cutline to help with modifying the sole
  • Use of a padded collar to assist with the grip at the heel
  • The inserts are removable to get an adjustable fitting
  • With the seamless lining, no build-up of heat can cause friction
  • High and broad toe box creates room for toe flexibility
  • Workboot zipper gives a snug and secure fit and helps with easy on/off


  • They are not insulated for cold weather
  • Longer laces
  • Wide ankle area
  • Durability challenges

With the soft leather on the interior side of the tongue and boot, Apis Mt. Emey 504 Men's Therapeutic Triple Depth Boots Leather Lace will keep your foot comfortable, well-cushioned, and protected.

This pair of work boots also assist with posture, back pain, and mobility stabilization if you spend a lot of time on your feet at work.

What to Look Before Buying Diabetic Work Boots

Buying guide


Diabetic work boots have certain vital features, added to prevent complications that may arise if the symptoms of diabetes are not giving the proper care and management required.

These features are as follows:

  • Metal plate in the sole
  • Electrical Hazard-compliant
  • Heat resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Insulation
  • Orthotic support
  • Roomy toe box
  • Soft and seamless padding
  • Steel toe, etc.


All diabetic work boots are made from moisture-wicking and breathable materials, which keeps the feet dry at all times.

You must opt for a work boot made with high-quality materials that offer long-lasting comfort for the period you have it on.

The ideal materials are high-quality leather that is stretchable, flexible, and durable such that they can mold to the shape of the feet with constant use.

The use of mesh and moisture-wicking lining helps keep infection away from a diabetic person because they do not heal when contracted.


Since it is the footbed that gives support and also cradles the foot, it should have many layers of cushioning to absorb shock from impact.

This will help protect the diabetic feet from sharp objects, rocks, and rough terrain. Such protection ensures that you will not feel pain when contact occurs.

The ideal footbed should be made from EVA or gel materials, etc. This should also have anti-microbial elements to prevent the growth of bacteria, which will cause bad odor.

It should be well-insulated boot against cold conditions by keeping heat in and preventing cold from penetrating the interior of the diabetic steel toe work boots.


Getting comfort from a diabetic work boot is essential so that your feet will be healthy and safe from an amputation that might arise from diabetes complications – if the wrong boot is used over time.

Your feet must be comfortable, no matter the number of hours you spend at work or on your feet. This will prevent sores or swellings from an ill-fitted or poorly designed work boot.

The proper arch, ankle, heel support, materials for the upper and inner, insoles, toe box, width, and height should combine to accommodate the peculiarities of a diabetic patient.

The soles should have the right grip, traction, and resistance to protect you from falls, electric, or fire hazards.

Orthotic sole

This is an essential part of boots for diabetic people due to the therapeutic and orthopedic succor it offers to the feet.

You should use orthotic soles that suit your foot condition and arch shape.

It should be shock-absorbing and pierce-resistant to give protection against sharp objects.

The right orthotic sole must be well cushioned and padded to give the extra support needed by a person with diabetes.

This is why boots designed for diabetics have a deep depth to accept extra inserts required to be comfortable and focus on your work, pain-free.

Toe Box

The toe box must be spacious to allow you wiggle your toes.

A tight-fitting work boot will affect blood circulation to your toes, which will be harmful to a diabetic patient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. Why do you need diabetic work boots?

A. Diabetes affects the nerves, making you not notice or feel pain from an injury.

As a handyman or foreman in the workplace, different dangers could arise from falling objects and other accidents.

It is also important to properly secure your feet ahead, so you don’t aggravate a condition that is being managed.

Owning a pair of the best diabetic work boots will prevent you from getting sores and infections that will not heal.

Q. Is orthopedic required in a diabetic work boot?

A. Since Diabetics neuropathy causes loss of sensation from blisters and sores on the feet, therapeutic or orthopedic features are in work boots to prevent blistering of the skin.

They help to support your weight as you spend hours on your feet, so you do not develop knee or back pains.

Q. How do you choose the right diabetic work boot?

A. It may seem a bit difficult to get the pair that will help you stay healthy and blister-free for long.

With the different brands of work boots on display, you need to put your comfort and safety in mind. When picking, think of design, quality of materials used, or even the price.

However, never choose based on price while compromising on fitting and sizing.

Tips: What type of footwear protects your whole foot and consider choosing? Read here

Q. Is steel toe compulsory in diabetic work boots?

A. It is part of the features required for safety and health reasons in most industries; work in warehouses, heavy-duty factories, and construction sites need such boots to avoid injuries.

While you may be required to use work boots that have steel toes in your workplace by law, your doctor might state otherwise due to diabetes symptoms.

The critical thing is to discover the most suitable diabetic steel toe work boots that will make you feel comfortable throughout the day.

Q. How do you break-in your new diabetic work boots?

A. Every diabetic work boot should feel comfortable when you put them on. But you can break it in bit by bit even if it is a perfect fit.

This is achievable by spending an hour in it in the morning and another hour by evening for three days.

You can increase the hours daily till you get a snug fit with wiggling space for your toes.

Q. How Do You Make Your Diabetic Work Boots Last Long?

A. Ensure your feet are dry before you slip on your work boot. Better still, put on a pair of socks.

Sweat build-up is avoidable with the moisture-wick lining material used for the inner to promote ventilation.

  • Always wear clean and dry socks at all times.
  • Air it out to dry after each wear to prevent the accumulation of odor that can cause infections.
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth.


Beyond following a disciplined lifestyle, diabetic patients need to exercise extra precautions when selecting boots for the workplace.

To prevent complications such as Calluses, Strain, Foot Ulcers, or in the worst-case scenario, amputation of the feet due to the improper circulation of blood.

You need to wear the proper boots for diabetic, which is a function of the depth, width, seamless design of the material, orthotic soles, etc.

Your mobility gets improved on since you will no longer be prone to foot injuries.

This review of the 7 diabetic work boots of 2020 is intended to help keep your foot well-protected to enable you to perform better than ever at work.

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