The 7 Best Work Boots for Wide Feet of 2022

Millions of men, women, and even children suffer from a foot condition known as wide feet. Wide feet conditions are not medical issues; moreover, a genetic trait passed down from ancestors.

Wide feet is not an abnormality of the foot but simply feet that are slightly wider in relation to other feet. What determines or defines the terminology of wider feet is left to the individual.

Those with wider feet require footwear that allows for additional room in width to accommodate for an increase in overall width. Diabetes is often related to wider feet.

Throughout this review, these seven best work boots of present options for those with wider than average foot widths.

Based on features and comfort levels, the Wolverine Men’s Harrison Lace-Up 6″ Work Boot stands apart from all others based on quality durability and history in the production of quality footwear.

Best Work Boots for Wide Feet

1. Wolverine Men’s Harrison Lace-Up 6″ Work Boot

Wolverine Men's Harrison Lace-Up 6" Work Boot

Rugged and good-looking is only a few of the features offered by one of the leading manufacturers in the work boot industry.

Oil-leather exterior results in lighter materials that make these boots for wide feet comfortable, durable, and affordable.

A full-cushioned removable footbed with a lightweight nylon shank keeps your feet protected and helps ward-off that three o’clock fatigue feeling during the day or overnight shifts.

Comprised of full-grain premium leather gives this dependable footwear offers a premium look with a waterproof membrane that will keep your feet dry in the wettest conditions.

Single density polyurethane midsole cement construction assures you of work boots that can withstand the test of time for increased wear year after year.

Nylon shank of this exclusive footwear offers just the right amount of support in areas of your feet that often hurt the most. The wider available width of these quality boots provides a perfect fit.

The casual height of six overall inches provides proper comfort levels with a relaxed fit that is not overpowering or overbearing.


  • Air mesh and mesh lining for superior dry comfort
  • Oil, abrasion, slip, heat, and chemical resistant for more extended wear
  • One-hundred percent genuine leather exteriors
  • Cushioned contrasting collar and tongue for a better, more secure fit


  • Sizes of boots are much larger than expected
  • No other negatives currently listed at this time

Concerned about finding the right work boot for wide feet? Look at other options that are available below.

2. Skechers Men’s Verdict Men’s Boot

Skechers Men's Verdict Men's Boot

The verdict is in and ready to help you in selecting one of the most comfortable boots for wide feet. These rugged and dependable work boots have an oil leather upper that is tough as you are.

Reinforced seam construction of these reliable heavy-duty boots assures you of boots that will get you through the harshest conditions without separation of outsoles.

The mid-rise design carries an impressive look that is designed to be comfortable with a casual feel. Waterproof nubuck uppers include a six-eyelet adjustable closure perfect for wide feet.

Available in sizes up to fourteen extra wide (14 X-Wide) you will find just the right fitting work boots that you thought you would never find.

For those that prefer a little variety in their work boots, these highly constructed work boots also are available in additional colors with the same unique features that these boots are known for.


  • Rugged and dependable lug traction outsole with anti-slip technology
  • Cushioned insole provides excellent comfort levels when standing all-day
  • Smooth fabric lining is relaxed and comfortable with no rubbing on ankles
  • Three-quarter shock absorbing midsole lasts under all conditions


  • These boots are stiff and require a break-in period
  • Boots feel heavy after four to five hours of continuous wear
  • Boots are tight in all the wrong places with little to no arch support

No need to feel guilty for having wide feet. Take a peek at the other styles that will be a blessing in disguise.

3. Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge Wide ST Work Boot

Dr. Martens Men's Ironbridge Wide ST Work Boot

The doctor is prescribing these work boots for wide feet. Only the doctor knows his patients and the difficulties involved in finding a good pair of work boots for wide feet.

These boots are very comfortable for those with wider than average feet. Constructed with the highest in standards and materials make these boots a good choice.

The water-resistant uppers of these boots are comprised of one-hundred percent durable leather that resists abrasions while maintaining overall good looks.

Welted construction footbed consists of a classic air-cushioned outsole that is durable, supportive with an innovative wooden shank for improved mid-foot rigidity.

The quality of these boots is apparent The uppers and outsole sewn together for years of continual wear. Z welt-stitch construction and the heat-sealing process is a long-lasting remedy.

Offering better slip resistance with a higher degree of oil and abrasion resistance, the good doctor also includes first-class energy absorbing qualities in the heel strike area.


  • Additional insulation for protection against electrical charge
  • Welted construction footbed for exceptional stability and durability
  • Padded tongue and collar with front lace-up adjustable closure
  • Moisture-wicking lining and anti-bacterial insole
  • Rugged steel toe prevents crushing and falling injuries


  • The steel toe area is tight with no room for toes to move
  • Boots are heavy after walking all day on construction sites
  • Not fit to size. Too narrow and small for wide feet

No appointment is needed to schedule an in-home review of these doctors recommended work boots for wide feet. Continue on and discover more solutions for proper footwear for wide feet.

4. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

When it comes to building heavy equipment, only one name bares mentioning. Backed by decades of building machinery and a reputation for quality comes the second shift work boots.

The latest in rugged durability and the ability to meet all the needs for a good pair of work boots for wide feet is perfected into one well-made work boot for of all sizes.

Offering a different approach to the control of built-up moisture inside your work boots, this company has developed Climasphere insole that has proven to be extremely effective.

Goodyear welt construction is perhaps one of the best-known methods in the footwear industry for the production of work boots that are capable of taking on the worse but producing the best.

These are one of the most comfortable boots for wide feet that offer the best in steel toe protection from falling objects or crushing injuries.


  • Hex-shaped grommets with adjustable speed lacing at shaft
  • Nubuck leather for added breathability and comfort
  • Steel shank for added support to the arch area of your feet
  • Removable polyurethane sock liner for adjustable comfort levels
  • T720 rubber outsoles have the superior gripping ability on wet or snow-covered surfaces


  • Diminishing quality when compared to previous styles
  • Issues with continued sole separation need to be addressed
  • Boots may require an additional break-in period

Cats have a way of landing on their feet, and so will you when wearing these best work boots for wide feet. Continue on; only a few more options are available.

5. Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot

Irish Setter Men's 6" 83605 Work Boot

Anyone familiar with work boots will immediately recognize the name of this company. From the land of 10,000 lakes, this company continues to step into a league of their own.

The trout brook leather of these dependable work boots is crafted by a company with over sixty years’ experience in crafting some of the most beautiful leather known to exist.

Features of these work boots are designed to provide the protection and additional room needed for a superior fit the first time without needless and endless repetitive shopping.

Distinctive red russet leather exterior with the white outsole is a clear indication that you have just purchased a pair of work boots that you can depend on today and for years to come.

This heat-resistant outsole is capable of withstanding temperatures of over 475º Fahrenheit. Your feet remain comfortable all day, every day due to nylon vamp lining.

Backed by an unconditional guarantee from the manufacturer, these hi-quality work boots remain one of the most comfortable boots for wide feet that you will possibly ever own.


  • Rear pull loop for easier on and off
  • Removable polyurethane footbed for adjustment to perfect comfort levels
  • EVA midsole provides superior comfort levels
  • Traction tread outsole is designed for all slippery surfaces
  • Full-grain leather upper is easy to clean and maintain


  • The toe box is too small and restricts toes to uncomfortable levels
  • Outsoles have a tendency to crack after a few months of wear
  • Outsoles get very stiff when wearing in cold weather

Read on and discover what other manufacturer has to offer.

6. AdTec Women’s 6″ Steel Toe Work Boot

AdTec Women's 6" Steel Toe Work Boot

Constructed to be comfortable while withstanding all the extremes in elements, these women’s shoes offer a higher level of confidence and dependability that is assured and guaranteed.

The dependable steel toe box of these boots for wide feet, offer more room for wearing of thicker socks as needed during colder temperatures.

These work boots are made from premium leather for a longer wear factor.

Available in a broader range of sizes and berths, all women can be assured that there is a size that will fit perfectly from small narrow feet to feet requiring a little extra width.

With over thirty-million pairs sold in the US alone, these six-inch women’s work boots continue to gain recognition from a supportive consumer base from women coast to coast.

These women versatile boots include all the latest in features from the front adjustable lace-up, padded collar to the cushioned insole. Goodyear welt construction is also a strong selling point.

Click through to find more about high-quality work boots for women now!


  • Round toe configuration exemplifies the overall high-quality construction
  • Comfort cushioned insole is more natural on feet
  • Oil and the slip-resistant outsole is ideal for slippery surfaces
  • Available with steel or soft toe configuration
  • Many wide width sizes available


  • Insoles are very hard and uncomfortable
  • Overall quality appears to be very poor for non-labor-intensive positions
  • Boots do not bend well with your foot and require a lengthy break-in period

Sorry ladies, only available in one color! Take a look at the last work boot in this review. Sometimes the best is saved for last!

7. Propet Men’s Cliff Walker Boot

Propet Men's Cliff Walker Boot

Take one look at these men’s boots and see the real quality that is clearly present. These boots are designed for outdoor adventures, or anywhere additional foot protection is needed.

If you are looking for a pair of dependable boots that are not only good looking but e available in three different sizes for wider feet, then your search is finally over.

These boots offer a more extensive range of incredible features not typically found on boots with a lower overall cost. Weather-resistant and lightweight make these boots a preferred choice.

Sealtex waterproof technology will keep your feet dry in all weather conditions from rain to sloppy wet winter streets from melting snow. Removable footbed adds to versatility and design.

Coded for reimbursement under the Medicare Therapeutic Shoes for Person with Diabetes Benefit, these boots for diabetic foot are often sought out for those with wider feet due to diabetic conditions.


  • Self-cleaning tread keeps your work boots cleaner with less tracking of debris
  • The breathable nylon mesh lining keeps feet very comfortable throughout the day
  • Efficient hook and lace system is adjustable for a preferred fit
  • Flexible rubber outsole moves with your feet, not against
  • Specially designed footwear for men with foot conditions


  • Hard, solid ridge at the lower heel area becomes exposed after years of wear
  • Not the right shoe for rocky trail climbing
  • Inconsistent sizing of these boots is both frustrating and annoying

All good things must come to an end, and therefore, this is the last shoe in this review.

What to Look For Before Buying Work Boots for Wide Feet


Finding the correct size that is comfortable and supportive for wide feet continues to be a problem for millions of individuals.

Footwear manufacturers continue to make attempts to produce the appropriate footwear that is designed to accommodate those with wider than average foot widths.

Wide feet are never precisely the same width. Therefore, wider feet sizes also come in a variety of widths, which add to the difficulty in finding good fitting work boots for wide feet.

Often frustrating after several attempts made to find the right size work boots with no solution, choosing the wrong fitting size leads to increased pain with higher levels of discomfort.


Comfort is a feature often included the latest in technology designed for an appropriate fit as the main focal point.

Features such as resistance to abrasions, scrapes, and cuts, should remain secondary but an integral part of a good work boot required to last longer than the average work boot.

Work boots for those with wide feet need to be durable with the construction that is capable of handling the most extreme conditions from construction to indoor industrial situations.

With more injuries reported to the feet annually, the best steel toe boots for wide feet are a feature that cannot be overlooked.


Comfort is critical in any pair of work boots. Wearing uncomfortable work boots makes a long day seem much longer.

Comfort levels vary greatly. Not all comfort levels are ideal for all individuals. Typically comfort levels include an industry standard amount of cushioning, support and breathability.

Finding the right amount of comfort levels for a specific purpose remains one of the main challenges in the most comfortable boots for wide feet.

From steel shanks to adjustable front lacing, finding the best comfort level for you will take patience and reviewing all available options.


Work boots need to be constructed with materials capable of withstanding the worst possible scenarios.

The best work boots for wide feet/ are typically constructed from one-hundred percent premium leather designed to protect your feet from a variety of work hazards.

Steel or composite toe is a must for those working in employment positions where crushing injuries to the feet are ever present.

With a wide selection of work boots available today, select the right pair of work boots that are intended for your employment position with materials that are of the highest quality available.


Buying work boots that only last for a few months is throwing your hard-earned money away. Durable work boots should last for years with proper care and occasional cleaning. Click through to find oil for leather boots to clean and keeping your boots like new.

The outsole of these work boots are best for wide feet should be durable enough to handle a variety of worksite conditions from slippery surfaces with higher resistance to chemicals and wet conditions.

Purchasing work boots that may be a little higher in price but offer a higher durability factor is an investment in yourself that will pay dividends for years.

Skimping on quality and durability will eventually cost you more than a few extra dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What causes wide feet?

A. Nature and family genetics is the most common cause for wide feet. Some individuals are simply born with wider feet than others.

Physical differences are one of the main reasons for the development of wide feet. Some inherit wide feet, while some cause these biological differences through poor health choices.

If you are overweight, you are more prone to having wider feet. Additional weight redistributes the weight of your body evenly in order to balance, thus developing wider feet.

Unfortunately, shoe manufacturers have not fully recognized the difficulty associated with finding proper fitting footwear for your wider feet.

Q. How do I know if I have wide feet?

A. Visual appearance is not always the best way to determine if you have wide feet.

Some physical signals must not be ignored, especially when you start feeling discomfort with your present shoe size and width.

Pay attention to the overall condition of your feet. Cornscallusesblisters, and friction between your toes are a good indication that your present shoe size and width need to be reconsidered.

Hammertoes often develop when your present shoes are too narrow. Hammer’s toes do not develop overnight. Seek proper medical advice if changes begin to appear over time.

Q. What Are The Problems Associated With Wide Feet?

A. First of all, having wide feet is not a significant medical condition. You can continue to function normally leading an active and productive life with wide feet.

Having wide feet does not mean that you will be appearing in a circus sideshow for a cosmetic deformity. Women consider wide feet to be ugly; however, beauty is really skin deep.

Women have a tendency to force their wide feet into narrow shoes for appearances. In reality, this causes more severe foot problems that should be avoided by wearing the correct shoes.

Even a few Hollywood starlets have wide feet.

Q. Do I have to buy specialized shoes if I have wide feet?

A. Yes, it is highly recommended. If you are on your feet all day, wearing the most comfortable boots for wide feet will undoubtedly keep you on your feet.

Shoes manufactured for wide feet are in effect “not specialized” as mentioned. These shoes or boots are made with features that are designed for those with wider than average feet.

There are medical conditions where wide feet causes severe other foot conditions that require the wearing of “specialized” orthopedic inserts or orthopedic work boots for proper foot support.

When in doubt, consult a qualified orthopedic specialist for a complete foot examination and put all other concerns to rest.

Q. Are there any serious medical conditions that are associated with wide feet?

A. If your feet hurt all day, every day, then there is a definite problem that needs to be addressed. Hoping that your foot pain will eventually go away is never a good idea.

In sporadic cases, foot surgery may be required for those with much wider than average feet.


Sneakers are the most commonly chosen shoes for wide feet.

Individuals with wide feet often find it challenging to find shoes that are comfortable with the appropriate fit and support. Buying narrow shoes for work boots is not the answer.

Paying particular attention to the manufacturer’s descriptions when ordering work boots designed for wide feet is of the utmost importance. Look for EW (Extra Wide) or WW (Double Wide) when ordering.

Wearing footwear designed for extended width of your feet that does not offer the support needed may cause your feet to roll to the outside, referred to as “over-pronation,” a common problem for those with wide feet.

Through careful deliberation, due diligence, and conducting the proper research, finding the appropriate fitting work boots with wider widths may be easier than you think.

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