Mongoose Bikes Reviews: A Step Closer to the Best Bike

There is a reason why many mountain bike riders from beginner to professional prefer Mongoose bikes. The bikes are solidly crafted, dependable, and capable of going the distance. If you are even remotely considering a mountain bike, you are encouraged to read through this Mongoose Bikes Reviews first.

Many people are starting to realize just how enjoyable it is to hit the trails. Mountain biking allows you the opportunity to explore new places, get loads of fresh air and some exercise all at the same time. The important thing is that you have selected a bike that can stand up to the rigors of this type of riding. A mountain bike is designed for this purpose.

Mongoose is a company at the top of the mountain bike game. They design their bikes solely for train use, and people love them for it. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike is one of the best and the winner here.

This bike has specialized tires, shifters for easy gear shifting, and front and rear disc brakes to ensure stopping power whenever required. Let’s take a look at this amazing company and some of the other bikes they offer.

History of Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose road bicycles began under the BMX label in 1975. The bikes came about because traditional and cantilever frames could not stand up to the rigors of BMX athletes. Traditional bikes were breaking and cracking from the high jumps and fast speeds the athletes were doing.

BMX designers began to notice a pattern in where the bikes broke and manufactured a new frame that reinforced those areas. In 1976, the company began to expand. They decided to set up shop in Chatsworth, CA. The next area of redevelopment for BMX was the wheel.

The Mongoose II was designed to be stronger and lighter and give the rider more control. In addition to more color options, BMX used a higher grade of aluminum and a high-pressure die-cast process.

By 1985, the first mountain bike, Mongoose, was launched, and BMX bridged the gap to mountain biking. Several athletes began to use mountain bikes, which helped to increase popularity.

Pacific Cycle purchased Mongoose in 2000. Later on, it would be purchased by Dorel. This would increase its presence in the international and global markets. By 2005, Mongoose would sign as the official sponsor of the Dew Action Sports Tour.

Over the years, Mongoose was steadily building its roster of athletes. By 2016 BMX has one of the most talent-filled BMX rosters in the world. In 2017, freestyle BMX was added to the 2021 summer Olympics. Mongoose BMX athlete Pat Casey is invited to join the US Freestyle BMX Olympic Team.

Mongoose Bikes Reviews

1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

For starters, the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike is equipped with 4″ thick tires. This makes it easy and comfortable for you to ride on any type of terrain – mountains, snow, mud, or city. The thick and knobby tires ensure extra cushioning for your ride.

This winner also comes with a Shimano rear derailleur with 7 speeds. You will be climbing hills easier thanks to this feature. Thanks to the twist shifters, you can expect to have it smooth and easy while changing gears when riding.

Mongoose designed the Dolomite to include strong, lightweight, alloy rims. This addition helps to keep the weight of the bike down, ultimately increasing your speed and improving your performance.

For the full review of the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike follows this link.


  • The 4″ thick tires allow you to ride on any type of terrain or surface.
  • You will find beach cruiser pedals on this bike, which makes it easy for you to pedal.
  • There is a 7 speed Shimano derailleur, so you can easily climb hills.
  • The front and rear disc brakes guarantee safely stopping.
  • Mongoose uses twist shifter to help you change gears easily and smoothly.


  • The chain guard is made of plastic and cracks very easily.
  • This saddle is not comfortable, and you will be sore after a few miles.
  • Sometimes parts needed for assembly are missing, so you will not be able to finish putting the bike together.

With its extra-wide tires designed to absorb bumpy terrain and the 7 speeds, the Mongoose Dolomite is an all-around great mountain bike. This bike is not only great for the trails, but you can also ride it through dirt, snow, and city streets.

The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike will also be comfortable for you to pedal thanks to the beach cruiser pedals.

If you are looking for a lightweight, comfortable mountain bike, the Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike should be your first choice. It shifts easily and smoothly, thanks to the twist shifters. The front and rear disc brakes ensure quick and precise stopping. This bike has it all.

This bike is an excellent option for a big person who is upper 250 lbs. Here are the more bikes for big men.

2. Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike

You will first notice the strong aluminum full suspension frame. There is also a rear shock and a suspension fork to offer additional support and help smooth out the rough ride. Mongoose has incorporated a 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur with twist shifters. This makes changing gears a breeze.

The tires are just over 2″ and have a knobby texture. This will help you ride smoothly over any surface you encounter. Mongoose has also used light and strong alloy rims to give your bike the support it needs, without adding any additional weight to slow you down.


  • There are classic front and rear v-brakes for precision stopping.
  • The suspension fork helps added smooth out any bumps you ride over.
  • Wheels that are 2″ will allow you to ride over anything in your path.
  • This bike has a strong aluminum frame that will not add undue weight to the bike.
  • Mongoose uses twist shifters to guarantee that you will have smooth shifting.


  • Since the tires are 2″, they are only intended for trail riding.
  • The handlebars have trouble staying connected, which is extremely dangerous when riding.
  • Pedals sometimes fall off while riding, which can cause you to get hurt.

The Mongoose Status 2.2 is not a bad bike. It is a good option for you if you are looking to occasionally hit the trails for some mountain trails.

You will notice that the company does use a 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur with twist shifters, which will help you to change gears easily and smoothly. The fork suspension is a nice feature to have, as well. This helps keep your bike steady on a bumpy trail and aids you in steering.

As long as you are not looking for a bike that can take you from the mountains to the city and on all surface types in between, Status 2.2 is a nice option.

3. Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bicycle

Mongoose Men's Malus Fat Tire Bicycle

The Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bicycle might be a great option for you if you are looking for an inexpensive mountain bike to ride occasionally. Even if you are a serious rider but will not be riding any difficult trails, you can make this bike work for you. The Malus Men’s Fat Tire Bicycle is a mid-range bike that can be a great option for newer riders.

The Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bicycle can be a solid contender for you if you are looking for a decent mid-level mountain bike.

The first notable feature of this bike is that it is only available for purchase in two colors. Another consideration is that this Mongoose bike is built with a steel frame. This fact makes the bike a bit heavier.

However, the Malus Fat Tire has equipped with 7 adjustable speeds thanks to the Shimano rear derailleur. This feature helps make it easier to shift gears when you are riding up and down mountains. It is important to note that Malus does not have adjustable handlebars. This makes it a more uncomfortable bike for taller guys.

Another notable item is that the seat can be pretty uncomfortable. You might be fine with shorter rides, but longer rides could be pretty uncomfortable. There is always the option of switching out the seat for an upgraded, aftermarket one that is more comfortable.


  • The Malus is a relatively inexpensive mountain bike.
  • This bike has Shimano rear gears with 7 adjustable speeds needed for ease in mountain climbing.
  • It is designed with 4” tires to handle multiple terrains and surface types.
  • Mongoose uses front and rear disc brakes for optimum safety when braking.
  • The company designed this bike on a beach cruiser frame for comfort and clearance when riding.


  • This bike can only be purchased in two colors.
  • The seat is uncomfortable, so it might prohibit you from taking longer rides on trails.
  • The Malus has a heavy steel frame which adds to the bike’s overall weight.

The Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bicycle might be a great option for you if you are looking for an inexpensive bike to ride occasionally. Even if you are a serious rider but will not be riding any difficult trails, you can make this bike work for you.

4. Mongoose Men’s Elroy Adventure Bike

Mongoose Men's Elroy Adventure Bike

The Men’s Elroy Adventure Bike is worth including on our Mongoose Bikes Reviews. There are some nice features to this bike, and we will try and get them all.

You will first notice the steel fork and frame made from alloy. This will help you adjust smoothly from one riding surface to the next. This bike also features a 2×7 drivetrain with Shimano derailleurs. There is also a brake lever combo along with integrated Micro shift shifters on this bike.

The Men’s Elroy comes with plenty of storage space for items while you are riding. There is an integrated frame bag to carry supplies like some spare parts or a bike water bottle. The bike’s front rack is capable of holding two panniers, and the rear rack has to carry capability as well.


  • This bike has room for three water bottle cage mounts so you can stay hydrated.
  • The micro shift shifters/brake lever combo ensures you can change gears easily.
  • You will find mechanical disc brakes to help you stop smoothly.
  • Mongoose incorporates a steel fork in the bike for easy riding over bumpy terrain.
  • The Elroy has plenty of on-bike storage to hold essentials you might need on the trail.


  • The tires can blow out after a few miles, and this can cause you serious injury.
  • Some bikes have been delivered with stripped bolts on the crank arm, another dangerous scenario while riding.

The Men’s Elroy by Mongoose has an impressive amount of storage. It makes it ideal for taking on longer rides. You can keep plenty of water handy, so you will stay hydrated. Just be sure you also pack some spare parts, too.

5. Mongoose Fat Tire Bikes for Kids

Mongoose Fat Tire Bikes for Kids

The Mongoose Argus Fat Tire Bicycle is another excellent reasonably priced mountain bike and is worth a place in our Mongoose Bikes Reviews. It is lightweight and reasonably durable. This bike will hold up to intense riding, but might not last as long as some other bikes.

The Argus comes with a comfortable saddle. You should be aware that the seat is not adjustable, though. Be sure you read the specs first and make sure that this bike will fit you or your child properly before purchasing. The bike has fat tires, so they should perform reasonably well on different terrain surfaces.

Mongoose did equip the Argus with a speed system for climbing, but it offers very little suspension. Without suspension, you can expect a bumpy ride.


  • This saddle is on the more comfortable side, giving you a nice ride.
  • This bike has different speed options to help make climbing easier for you.
  • Since it is constructed to be a lightweight bike, it will be easier for you to manage.
  • This mountain bike holds up well to wear and tear.
  • The hardware needed to finish assembly is included for your convenience.


  • The Argus bike has unreliable brakes, which can be dangerous for you.
  • This bike offers little suspension, so your ride will be bumpy and uncomfortable.

The Mongoose Argus Tire Bicycle is a great bike for a beginner rider. It is designed to let you experience most types of terrain. This entry-level bike will also be able to help you to know exactly what you are looking for in a mountain bike before spending a lot of money on one.

What to Consider When Buying Mongoose Bikes

Before you purchase a Mongoose bike, it is a good idea to be familiar with the materials and options that the company uses. Here is a handy reference guide to help you with the buying process.

Frame Material

The frame material is an important aspect of a bike. The frame needs to support the rider without adding too much weight. Mongoose uses four different types of frames, depending on the bike.

  • Tectonic T1 Aluminum Frame
  • Tectonic T2 Aluminum Frame, which increases strength and decreases weight
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Steel mountain style Frame


Bike suspension is another key factor. Suspension helps the bike to absorb the impact of rocky or bumpy surfaces.

Some bikes use a suspension fork. The fork is generally placed over the front tires and has shocks inside. This helps the bike to absorb the bumps.

Gears and Shifters

Gears and shifters are essential for mountain bikes. They are the components that will pick up power for you when your energy runs out.

Many bikes will have a rear derailleur. And the cable is connected from your shifter to the derailleur. When you press on your shifter, it moves the derailleur so that the chain goes where you want it to.


Tires on a bike are important, and you need to know what type of riding you will be doing.

Regular bike tires cannot be used for mountain trails. They are not wide enough to balance on rocky areas, and they are not big enough to absorb impacts.

Most Fat tire bikes are generally four inches wide and have a textured pattern. These tires are ideal for mountain trail riding as well as through mud, sand, or on sidewalks.


Stopping is pretty important, so brakes need a hard look. You have a few choices when it comes to brakes.

Some bikes use a traditional front disc and rear V-brake system. Other bikes might use hydraulic rear brake and front disc brake. You need to determine what kind of riding you will be doing so that you get the proper brakes for the terrain.


Mongoose bikes have a wide price range. Generally speaking, the more options and features your bike has, the more expensive it will be.

Entry-level Mongoose bikes start around $150.00. You can expect to pay $2500.00 for a top of the line back, before any aftermarket modifications you might make. Luckily, there is a wide range of price points in between.

Why is a Mongoose Bike Best for Hard Trail Riding?

The idea for Mongoose bikes came about specifically so that there could be a bike capable of riding the trails. The very purpose of a Mongoose bike was so that it would be durable enough to last on mountain trails.

Mongoose bikes are all constructed using frames that will offer the best support for the bike and rider, without breaking down at the usual weak spots. The frames are meant to be sturdy and lightweight.

Bikes that have lightweight aluminum frames have an increase in strength and a decrease in weight. This combination makes the bike more responsive and comfortable to drive.

You will also find suspension support on Mongoose bikes. Most of them will utilize a fork. This helps the front end of the bike to absorb the impact of riding over rough and bumpy trails. To complement the suspension system, Mongoose uses fat tires on many of their bikes.

Mongoose also manufactures their bikes to have gears, derailleurs, and shifters that make climbing mountains easier for you so that you can go longer.

How to Maintain a Mongoose Bike?

Once you have taken the plunge and purchased a Mongoose bike, you want to be sure to take care of it, especially after a hard ride. Simply follow a few basic steps, and you will help extend the life of your bike

1. Use a gentle cleanser and a bucket of water

Use a soft rag to clean all the parts of your bike. Make sure to remove all dirt and debris. Gently rinse away the soapy water when you are finished.

2. Check your brakes

It is a good idea to inspect your brakes. Check the pads and all the surfaces that touch. Brakes will wear down with time, so be sure to replace them.

3. Inspect the rims

Since the rims hold your tires in place, be sure to check them for any damage. They should not rub against the tires. If you notice dents, you might want to replace them.

4. Check the drivetrain

These parts are crucial. Be sure to check the pedals, chains, and derailleur. Make sure there are no loose parts or parts that have slipped out of place.

5. Look at the tires

Make sure there are no leaks, and your tires are inflated to the proper pressure.

6. Check the cables

The cables connect the handles and brakes. You want to be sure that these parts are all in working condition and properly attached.

7. Add oil

It is a good idea to add lubricant to the chains. This will help keep the pedals turning smoothly.


Mountain biking is an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone. It is a great way to get outdoors and explore the trails. Anyone from a beginner to an advanced rider can have fun mountain biking.

Mongoose bikes are the definition of mountain bikes. They have a rich history in the biking industry. These bikes are designed to go the distance. No matter what your budget is, you can be sure that a Mongoose bike will hold up.

You need to figure out your experience level, your budget, and where you plan on riding. Then you can select the perfect Mongoose bike to fit your needs. Take your time and pick the right bike, and you will enjoy riding for a long time.

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