The 7 Best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet of 2020

Shopping for dress shoes is no picnic- especially if you have no prior history of wearing them. There are tons of brands to choose from and so many factors to put into mind. And if that doesn’t drop your spirits, the task is even more herculean if you are flat-footed.

Flat-footed people have to be extra keen when shopping for shoes as they try to find shoes that will be comfortable for them. Picking the wrong shoes could see them develop blisters, leg, and even back pains at the end of the day or general discomfort. The fact that some have to work for over 8 hours in these shoes means that the search has to be overly specific.

The key to finding the right shoes is to find those that have plenty of toe room and wiggle space, among other factors. We compiled a list of the 7 best dress shoes for flat feet men and women. For men, the Stacy Adams Men's Dickinson Cap is the best while the Dansko Women's Loralie Wedge is the best for flat-footed women.

Best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet


Made Of



Stacy Adams Men's Dickinson Cap



ECCO Men's Helsinki Oxford



Clarks Men's Tilden Walk Oxford



Alegria Women's Paloma Flat



Naturalizer Women's Michelle Dress Pump



Rockport Cobb Hill Women's Adele



Dansko Women's Loralie Wedge



1. Stacy Adams Men's Dickinson Cap

Stacy Adams Men's Dickinson Cap

When shopping for dress shoes to wear during formal events, you can never go wrong with Oxfords, and this shoe is no exception. Made from 100% leather, it is the ideal event for black tie events or even weddings.

It has a classic style to it from its cap-toe with perforated trims and blind-eyelet lacing. It also has a non-leather sole that is quite deceiving as it has the impression of a leather sole. The heel is stacked and has an integrated heel tap.

The heel is made from high-quality material that makes it durable and adds to the shoe’s comfort.

The shoe is quite good looking, and this is not surprising considering how detailed the makers are. For instance, there is a shadow in the brogue edges and enough burnishing on the toe and heel.

The shoe is quite comfortable as it has memory foam which forms to one’s foot. This ensures a custom fit and comfort that is just for you.

Also, read more about the excellent memory foam shoes.


  • The shoe is stylish from the cap-toes with perforated trims as well as blind-eyelet; this is no doubt a stylish shoe
  • When sizing is right, the shoe fits like a glove as there’s no problem trying to break-in
  • It is well made as there’s attention to detail from the burnishing to shadowing
  • It is durable as it is made from high-quality leather and the rubber soles are durable
  • It is quite comfortable as a result of the memory foam that is soft on one’s feet


  • May be stiff at first but the breaking-in period is short
  • Has little arch support for people with arched feet

This is a beautiful shoe that retails at a reasonable price. It will complement your formal look and make you stand out from the pack. The shoe is also durable, which means that you won’t have to hit the stores anytime soon to get another pair.

2. ECCO Men's Helsinki Oxford

ECCO Men's Helsinki Oxford

When shopping for dress shoes as a flat-footed person, it's important that the shoe has a lot of wiggle room in the toes area. This particular dress shoe is fashioned with that in mind.

First, the shoe is made of 100% leather. The leather is gotten from ECCO's own tanneries, where they process their leather and hides. For this reason, they ensure that their shoes are made from the highest quality leather. The hides are subjected to advanced treatments that can be seen on the finished product.

It has a synthetic sole made out of polyurethane, which is an alternative for rubber. However, it is more long-lasting. The PU in the soles makes the shoe more flexible and able to absorb shock. It also means that it doesn't take long to break-in. The wearer is also very comfortable even after wearing shoes over extended periods of time.

This shoe has a roomy toe box giving more wiggle room, especially for flat-footed people. The toes are able to spread naturally. This ensures that you walk comfortably and that your feet are able to support your weight. It also fits narrowly from the toe to the heel and is ideal for most widths.


  • Is made of high-quality raw materials that are long-lasting
  • A roomy toe box and a flexible and shock-absorbing heel ensure the shoe is comfortable
  • It fits narrowly but can expand to accommodate feet of different widths
  • The leather is not stiff, which shortens the breaking-in period
  • There is ample room in the front for the toes


  • One might have to order a size higher if their shoe size is in the middle
  • When walking on certain surfaces, the sole might squeak

If you are looking for a dress shoe that will afford you plenty of space for your feet and that will pretty much accommodate your foot width, this is the ideal dress shoe for you. It is also by far the best dress shoe for men with flat feet.

3. Clarks Men's Tilden Walk Oxford

Clarks Men's Tilden Walk Oxford

Looking for a dress shoe with a bit more toe room? Well, this shoe will halt your search as it boasts of about a thumbnail length of toe room. This shoe is made from leather. It is also made of leather uppers that make the shoe more breathable, which is another reason to buy it if you are flat-footed.

It has a synthetic sole. The sole is made of rubber and is finely ribbed, which not only ensures that the shoe has great traction but that it is comfortable too.

To ensure that it fits perfectly to feet of different widths, it has an elastic side gore that allows for this.

And of course, if you are looking for dress shoes, it is paramount that you look for ones that are nice looking. This will either complete your formal look or even take up the burden of making you look stylish. This pair of shoes will not disappoint as Clarks are treasured for their stylish look that never disappoints.


  • Provides arch and ankle support which makes it super-comfortable
  • The leather it is made from makes it long-lasting
  • The shoe is stylish and easy on the eye and will complement your look
  • The front has enough room for one’s toes to maneuver
  • You can wear them out of the box and require little breaking-in


  • Measure your foot before purchasing as sizing might be off
  • People with really wide feet might be uncomfortable

These shoes come in different colors, including black leather and dark tan leather, which can be coupled with many outfits in one’s wardrobe. The shoes also slip resistant, so no worries about slipping on different floors. Try out various sizes to get one that fits like a glove.

4. Alegria Women's Paloma Flat

Alegria Women's Paloma Flat

When shopping for dress shoes for women, most women are in search of a comfortable pair that won’t have them complaining of foot pain, blisters, or forcing them to rub their feet after a day of wearing the shoes. Well, the Paloma Flat will have you avoid all of these challenges.

The Paloma Flat is made of 100% leather. This means that the pair is long-lasting. It also gives the feet more breathing room, thus quite comfortable to wear.

The shoe has a rubber sole which is quite durable. It also offers great support for the feet, especially if one has to walk or stand for extended periods. The sole also ensures that the shoe is slip-resistant, cutting the likelihood of one falling and hurting themselves. The heel is about 1.5’’.

These shoes have a broad toe box which works to the advantage of people who have wide feet or those that are flat-footed. It is also great for people with high arches as the strap is able to span most arches.


  • The rubber sole offers great support to one’s feet
  • The strap has no problem spanning the arch thus great arch support
  • Plenty of space in the toe box which means more wiggle room for the toes
  • Can be worn with/without tights or socks as they have padding on the heels, which makes it comfy to wear
  • Great for people with different feet widths as it stretches to accommodate all kinds of feet


  • Leather might feel stiff and may take a while to soften
  • May squeak, that is, may make sounds when walking

When style meets comfort, the result is this dress shoe. For ladies who have feet problems such as bunions or soreness after standing for long, this is the ideal shoe for them. The rubber sole and the cushioned insole will ensure that you are comfortable over extended periods of wearing this shoe.

5. Naturalizer Women's Michelle Dress Pump

Naturalizer Women's Michelle Dress Pump

Most women are skeptical about high heels and how they’ve been touted as not good for one’s feet. For this reason, it calls for one to go through the numerous options out in the market with a fine-tooth comb. Well, the Michelle Dress Pump is the exception that will have your feet thanking you.

This pump comes in multiple colors, including black leather, taupe, navy leather, peony pink, gold, Bordo, and many others. The heel is around 2-3 inches long while the platform is 1/2 inch long.

This dress pump is incredibly comfortable. It has inner cushioning that makes it comfortable enough for one to wear throughout the day. It is also great for ladies with flat feet who must be overly picky when choosing the right shoes. This dress pump is great for people who need arch support or have other feet complications.

The shoes also don’t take long to break into and will fit perfectly for most ladies. They also don’t cause blisters at the end of the day nor aching feet. They have enough toe room, which ensures that one is comfortable throughout the day.


  • Super comfortable from the innovative cushioning that enhances comfort
  • Ample toe room means plenty of wiggle room in the front
  • Lightweight as it is made from lightweight materials
  • Stylish with plenty of colors to choose from
  • Flexible sole which is is great for people with arched feet


  • Sizing might be off, so You need to understand their metric system before purchase
  • Clunky in some cases and may not be overly silent when walking

If you are looking for dress shoes that are comfortable, just the perfect height, and quite classy, then these are the shoes for you. You will receive great quality and value for what you pay for.

6. Rockport Cobb Hill Women's Adele

Rockport Cobb Hill Women's Adele

If you are looking for a dress shoe in the slip-on design that is quite comfy, then this is the ideal shoe for you. It has dual gore panels, which make it very easy for one to put on or remove the shoes.

The greatest worry that most women have is to don stiff shoes that are not flexible. These could lead to leg injuries, among other complications. Well, this is not the case in this dress shoe as it has a textile lining, which allows for breathing space for the feet.

In addition to breathing space, the shoe has excellent support. It contains an EVA foam footbed, which is removable. This footbed ensures that the shoe offers cushioned support.

This shoe also has a stability shank that is in the midsole and which supports the arch in the shoe. The shank also helps come up with a smooth gait. The shoe is durable as it has a rubber outsole that is quite wear-resistant. The rubber covering that is on the heel also ensures that the shoe is silent when you are walking.


  • The shoes fit well if the size is right, that is, true to size
  • The heel height is just right
  • Super comfortable as a result of the EVA foam footbed which is comfortable
  • Looks great and will complement your outfits
  • Great arch support as the shanks supports the arch on your feet


  • Narrow width might be tough on wide feet
  • Might not be ideal for flat feet as they have an arch in them

If your vocation entails standing or having to move around for extended periods of time, then this is the ideal shoe for you. It is fairly priced considering the benefits that one receives from the shoe, including comfort and great arch support.

7. Dansko Women's Loralie Wedge

Dansko Women's Loralie Wedge

This is by far the best shoe for those that suffer from flat feet. With these shoes, you can say goodbye to the leg pains at the end of the day or even being able to barely walk because your hips and the back are locked as a result of pain. This wedge will bring the curtain down on all these problems.

This shoe is made from 100% leather, which is the first clue to how comfortable the shoe is. Leather offers ample space for one's feet to breathe, and this is the ideal solution for bunions and people that develop blisters from wearing shoes while you are outside for extended periods.

Though, when you are inside your house, instead of a shoe, sandals with excellent bunion support might be the right option for you.

In addition to solving everyday medical problems, the wedge is quite stylish and will be a great addition to your wardrobe as it will lend to your style. The wedge also ensures that you are comfortable.

It has a padded peak heel, which ensures that the wearer is quite comfortable. The gored strap at the top is ideal for people with arched feet. It has a narrow-style toe, which provides enough room for movement.

It has a synthetic sole which is made from rubber. The rubber is durable, which saves you the trouble of having to shop for a new shoe a few months after the initial purchase.


  • Room for movement as the narrow-style toe makes room for movement
  • Quite comfortable with a padded heel ensures comfort
  • Leather makes it flexible and is not characterized by stiffness
  • Stylish and is a great addition when dressing formally
  • Comes in multiple colors


  • Might be a little wide for some people with narrow feet
  • Sizing might be tricky so research first on your size

Consideration Before Buying Dress Shoes for Flat Feet

Dress Shoes for Flat Feet

Buying shoes is exciting, but it is important to know your type of feet. Flat type is one of the feet types that individuals find it hard to get the perfect shoes. People with flat feet have partially or completely fallen feet arches.

Due to this shape, certain symptoms are encountered, such as aches on calves, pain in the heels, and lower back pain. For this reason, it is essential to choose shoes that will not exaggerate these symptoms.

Therefore, it is crucial to know how to choose the best shoes for flat feet when dressing. This guide gives you considerations that you should make before buying dress shoes for flat feet.



Selecting shoes that have a wider style will make you more comfortable than choosing narrow feet shoes. Choose a style that best suits your unique needs.

Arch Support

Flat feet need extra support; therefore, shoes that have high arches are the best for this type of feet. If you cannot find shoes that have the perfect arch in the market, you can customize your pair. Customizing is the best solution for anyone with flat feet.

Custom made arch is made based on your preferences, and this includes the height and the bulkiness. The high arch helps you have a curved arch, and this will help the body absorb its weight. Work with a qualified podiatrist to ensure that the arch you are getting has been made based on your orthopedic requirements.

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Upper and Insole

Upper and insoles are important considerations when choosing the best dress shoes for flat feet. Upper and insoles are made using materials such as gel, rubber, foam, or a mixture, which can be foam and rubber. Therefore, you need to pick a material that supports your legs.

Insoles can shift in the shoes, which can be disturbing; therefore, choose an insole that has glue, which means that it cannot move until you remove it. The insole also provides extra arch support.

Outsoles ad midsoles are also significant in flat feet shoes. Outsoles are placed on the shoe treads, and they help in slip resistance. This means that you will be safe, even walking in muddy areas. Midsoles provide extra cushioning, and they act as shock absorbents.



Nothing is as essential as comfort. Choose comfortable shoes. Do not wear shoes that look good, yet you can't wait to get home, remove them.


Flexibility is another important consideration that you should make when choosing shoes for flat feet. The shoes should be easy to untie, and one that you can quickly move fast when wearing.

Supportive Heel

Wearing high heels is not a wise decision if you have flat feet, but on the flip side, neither is wearing flat shoes. Buy low raised shoes that have supportive heels, which will raise your heels to avoid absorbing all the body's weight.

Having flat feet is pretty; thus, it is vital to have the right shoes. This guide ensures that you get the best dress shoes for flat feet. All the considerations mentioned above are of significance, and none should be overlooked over.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Having flat feet means that you don’t have a normal arch while standing. Wearing the wrong shoe can, therefore, cause you pain and discomfort, especially when you have flat feet.

Just because the market has different types of shoes made for individuals who need additional comfort, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be worried about the shoes looking ugly or outdated.

There are great dress shoes specifically designed for people with flat feet while still being attractive. To know what dress shoes you need for your feet, it’s good to have an idea of the most frequently asked questions. A couple of them have been laid down for you.

Q. What makes a shoe a dress shoe?

A. From the back to the front, a dress shoe is made up of four parts, namely toe, vamp, facing, and quarter. Dress shoes have smooth and flexible uppers, leather soles, and slender, sleek figure. Some dress shoes are unisex as any gender can wear them.

Q. What tips should you consider in buying dress shoes for flat feet women?

A. When buying dress shoes, you should first consider the condition of your feet. If you have other abnormalities, for instance, rheumatoid arthritis, you should then consult your podiatrist to help you in choosing the best dress shoes for wide flat feet.

It's also good to opt for a shoe size that offers you maximum comfort. The wrong shoe size tends to hurt your toes and can ultimately damage them. Picking the correct size will also save you the tedious task of having to return them.

Q. What are the best types of shoes recommended for flat feet?

A. The arch of your foot happens to be from a curve in the tarsal and metatarsal bones, which acts as a shock absorber. People without this arch are more prone to injuries and stress on the body. It's, therefore, important to be keener when choosing shoes to get the necessary support.

The best-recommended dress shoes for flat feet are those that offer you support. Flipflops, sandals, or high heels are what you need to avoid if you have flat shoes. Stability shoes are also a key factor as they help control flat feet pronation.

Q. Should I wear insoles for flat feet?

A. If you have flat feet and do not experience symptoms, you do not require treatment. If the flat feet are causing pain, then supportive, well-fitted dress shoes can significantly be of help.

Fitted insoles and custom-designed arch supports (orthotics) work great in relieving pressure on the arch and reducing pain for feet that roll too far inward.

Q. When should I shop for dress shoes?

A. It's always advisable to shop for dress shoes later during the day. The feet tend to swell as the day passes.

Shopping at the said time ensures you get shoes that fit the best for flat feet, giving you maximum comfort. Also, remember to wear to try the shoe on your larger foot.


If you suffer from flat feet, then this is the ideal shoe. Not only will it offer great support, but it will also lend to your style and comfort.

Have you grown used to sneakers and trainers? Unless you are in college, it’s time you kick-started your search for dress shoes.

Chances are you might have to attend a black-tie event or a wedding, and the last thing you want is to have to buy shoes just before the clock strikes. Shoes need breaking in, and finding the right size might take some time. As such, having a pair or two beforehand will save you a lot of hustle.

Furthermore, some dress shoes can also be coupled with casual wear, which means that these shoes will not be exclusive to formal events.

Additionally, people with flat feet may have a hard time settling on the right shoes, as their needs are pretty specific. With this list, they are yards ahead and will find it easy to identify shoes that are not only comfortable, but that adds to their style.

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