The 7 Best Light Up Shoes for Adults of 2022

Teen or not, wearing regular sneakers will be a boring and routine affair if you are a stylish and trendy type.

Want to spice up your dance routine or keep those eyes glued to your feet during walk sessions?

Put on a pair of Light Up Shoes for adults.

But then, how do you know the right pair to fit your style and personality without coming off as being pushy?

This well-thought-out analysis on the 7 best Light Up Shoes for Adults of 2022 will unveil the uniqueness of each brand and design.

It will help you gain insight into an unbiased view of the workings of each to help you select the best from the lot.

In a hurry to know which is the people’s favorite?

Odema Unisex LED Shoes High Top Breathable Sneakers with its attractive lighting features and 30-day guarantee coupled with a full refund gets the highest number of votes.

Which other brands are competing to match it in value?

Find out below!

Best Light Up Shoes for Adults

1. Odema Unisex LED Shoes High Top Breathable Sneakers

Odema Unisex LED Shoes High Top Breathable Sneakers

With a V.4.0 upgrade Light Emitting Diode (LED) feature, Odema Unisex High-Top Breathable Sneakers is the perfect pair of footwear that will get you noticed.

You will light up your feet with ease, thanks to the hidden switch within the shoes’ inner hem.

All you need to do is push your fingers under the USP port for charging and locate it to turn it on after a click sound.

With the vast array of colors, you have choices that will suit your mood and outfit daily.

Love to stand out and be the center of attraction? This pair is definitely for you.


  • PU leather used for the upper makes it durable
  • Rubber sole has superb traction on wet surfaces
  • With the flat profile and 1” heels, you have great stability and balance on all surfaces
  • The lighting mode and different colors make it versatile
  • A lightweight feel that promotes flexibility during movement
  • The 30 days quality guarantee with a full refund is a great deal
  • You can alternate between random or solid/steady light pattern to create attention whether walking or onstage


  • Inadequate padding at the ankle where the switch button is located
  • Thin insole
  • Not suitable for high impact activities

To get the best out of Odema Unisex LED Shoes High Top Breathable Sneakers, it is advisable to charge the shoes for up to 3 hours after use using the USB dual cable that comes with the package.

Children, men, and women will light up the night with this fantastic pair of LED light-up shoes a wide range of ages.

2. Sanyes USB Charging Light Up Shoes Sports LED Shoes

Sanyes USB Charging Light Up Shoes Sports LED Shoes

Among the many LED light-up shoe designs, Sanyes has stood out as a brand name synonymous with quality and a cool sporty look.

The different vivid and bright lights it emits will make you the center of attraction during costume parties, Halloween processions, onstage, street night carnivals.

It is also ideal for indoor occasions too.

The 2-3 hours charge time is short, meaning you can get some sleep while it charges and yet achieves an incredible light-up time of 8-10 hours per charge cycle.


  • PU Leather upper offers excellent protection to the feet
  • Use of cotton fabric lining keeps the feet airy, dry, sweat-free, and comfortable
  • The rubber sole gives you a firm grip on different surfaces
  • Different press for different colors and lighting mode
  • Easy charge via dual charging cables that can be slotted to the USB port of your laptop, or backup power bank
  • The low platform makes it a great choice if you can’t stand shoes with high heels


  • Not enough support for standing for a long time
  • Charging issues
  • The lighting does not last for long when compared to others
  • Small size and narrow width

The seven color changes it dazzles with as you continually flick the switch will make others notice you everywhere you go. These color schemes ensure your feet will remain aglow all the time.

With the switch side uncovered, there might be some cause for irritation to your feet. To resolve this, you can put on a pair of bamboo socks to help protect you further.

Sanyes USB Charging Light Up Shoes is suitable for men and women.

3. Electric Styles Light Up Shoes

Electric Styles Light Up Shoes

This pair is a balance of comfort, durability, and style. The synthetic and fabric combination makes it super comfy.

It has the brightest colors among these light up shoes for adults.

This fabulous pair of footwear comes in a range of seven static colors and five color-changing modes. These modes rotate through each color, presenting a kaleidoscope of incredible visuals.

Since the lights are waterproof, you can maneuver your feet through wet floors and spills without worrying about the light going off or getting damaged.

You will enjoy 6+ hours of light time if well charged for a minimum of three hours.


  • Fabric and synthetic upper makes it long-lasting
  • Lace-up frontal provides a secure and snug fit
  • Using a rechargeable USB dramatically cuts down on the harsh impact of batteries on the environment
  • Lightweight and flexible to allow you to move around with ease
  • Available in kid’s, women, men, and even sizes for seniors
  • With a non-marking sole, there is no worry about marring the floor


  • Dirt gets into the crevice of the tread pattern
  • Light does not last more than a few wears
  • Light-up button rubs on the feet
  • Feels stiff and heavy on the feet

For a glamorous and fancy look at costume parties, clubs, and dancefloors, Electric Styles Light Up Shoes offer a lot to help you attract attention and become the life of the party.

It will serve as illumination in a dark environment thanks to the intensity of the light, so you stay safe no matter where you are.

4. Another Summer 7 Colors Men & Women LED Shoes

Another Summer 7 Colors Men & Women LED Shoes

An intense LED light up shoes for adults from Another Summer will leave your audience or admirers staring long and hard.

With a distinctive trademark that sets it apart from pirated products, you’ll no doubt stand out like a million diamond stones.

It has nine setups and seven static colors, including red, yellow, green, blue, purple, aqua, and white.

Guaranteed, your feet will keep glowing, helping to keep you visible and safe, whether during outdoor training or when taking a stroll at night, thanks to the myriad of colors that keep changing stunningly.


  • Eight hours of light time when charged for only three hours
  • A well-cushioned interior provides optimal support and cushioning to the feet
  • The durable rubber sole offers excellent grip, traction, and as well absorbs shock from impact
  • Easy-to-locate charging socket and switch button
  • Two chargers available in the package for charging both shoes at the same time
  • It can glow in a single color or in a mix of all colors at the same time


  • Short battery life
  • Plug-in socket not well placed
  • Small sizes, do order a size up
  • Insole detaches when you remove your foot from the shoe

Another Summer 7 Colors Men & Women LED Shoes is for adults and kids and meet the needs of those who want to stand out at festivities or display their favorite colors using their feet.

With the intensity of the brightness of the light, you will achieve your purpose of calling attention to your person-brand.

5. KALEIDO ShinyNight 11 Colors Led Light Up Shoes

KALEIDO ShinyNight 11 Colors Led Light Up Shoes

KALEIDO Shiny-Night USB Charging 11 Colors Led Light Up Shoes

Jazz up your footwear wardrobe with this pair.

It is undoubtedly well-qualified to be among the best-LED light up shoes of the year.

With seven steady color changes, one twinkle, one slow auto-change mode, one fast auto-change mode, and one twinkle auto-change mode, visibility for your feet is further enhanced.

Reviewers love this pair because they catch fun by turning up the light to their desired selections.

The brightness of the color is visible during the daytime, and that helps to get even more positive raves from admirers.


  • PU Leather upper promotes sturdiness on the feet and enhances overall durability
  • High-quality cotton lining boosts ventilation while keeping the feet comfortable and dry
  • The anti-slip rubber sole offers support and cushioning against falls and injury to the feet
  • Available in different sizes for men, women, and children
  • Padded collar and tongue for ankle support
  • Wide toe box for fat toes and people with wide feet
  • Lace-up frontal for a secured and optimal fit
  • Excellent quality at an affordable price


  • Big sizes, but you can wear thick socks or an insert to minimize the effect
  • LED light burns out fast
  • Switch button feels hard to push on or off
  • Improper placement of power button, causing it to turn or change colors when not needed

To get the best lasting light time, do switch on the shoes after receiving it from the store until all the power is off, then you recharge for three hours straight.

The fashionable and classic design of KALEIDO ShinyNight USB Charging 11 Colors Led Light Up Shoes is top-notch, making it a versatile shoe for many kinds of occasions.

​If you are a teenager, then you might take a look at our review of fantastic shoes for Teens. These shoes will provide excellent comfort to your feet and help you to move with the trend.

6. WONZOM FASHION High Top LED Light Up Shoes

WONZOM FASHION High Top LED Light Up Shoes

Are you in need of a colorful, trendy, and lightweight Light up shoes for your boys and girls who desire to look outstanding? Look no further than Wonzon High Top, designed for stunning looks and optimal performance.

The colorful LED light gives it a charming and appealing allure, which is irresistible to everyone around you.

With the switch located in the inner lining below the USB port, you are free from irritation or bruises to your ankles.

It boasts of seven color changes and flashing sequences to keep your feet alight all day long.


  • PU Leather upper aids comfortability and durability
  • Cotton inner helps with sweat absorption to keep the feet dry, cool and to prevent odor
  • Dual charging cables for charging the pair
  • The rubber sole offers a firm grip and superb traction
  • Remote control available in package
  • Light settings changes from steady to flashing mode instantly


  • Thin insert, but you can put extra inserts for more cushioning and arch support
  • Short battery life
  • Plastic casing for battery breaks with intense use
  • Poor glue work
  • No charger in the package

Despite the sturdiness of WONZOM FASHION High Top LED Light Up Shoes, it is not recommended for active exercises. Avoid heavy use, so you do not destroy the light-up system.

With 1.5 hours full charge when using a phone USB charger, it will serve you for 9 hours.

It is a perfect choice for tap dancing, music festivals, raves, and evening walks around the neighborhood.

If you want to perform aerobics (definitely not with this pair), check out the 7 Excellent Aerobic Shoes for High Impact Workout.

7. LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes

LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes

This is an LED light-up pair of shoes designed for adults with knitted fabric top and lighting modes to suit your personality and occasions.

Its unique sound control light function sets it apart from others that list the best light up shoes for adults given that it does not have a visible on/off button.

With the sound control button, you can move through seven color variations and 16 lightening modes before turning off.

To enjoy 8 to 10 hours of lighting time, you need to charge it for 2 to 3 hours using a USB cable.


  • Knitted fabric uppers promote flexibility, aeration, and weightlessness
  • Non-skid rubber sole enhances grip and prevents falls
  • The switch is well protected within the inner seam to prevent contact with the skin
  • Pull-on tab at the rear section makes it easy to put on and off
  • Use of the traditional lace-up system to get a personal and secured fit
  • Suitable for Children, men, and women
  • Good quality at a reasonable price


  • Shoes feel a bit narrow and small in size, do order a size up to get a snug fit
  • No on/off button
  • Short battery life
  • Thin insoles

It will make you a hit at every event with a wide range of colors while keeping you comfortable, considering that it stretches to suit your feet.

LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes is much loved due to its stylish appearance and good quality. Having a Thin insole, shoes might lack the ideal comfort to your feet. By using a proper insole, you can increase your comfort and support level while walking with these shoes.

However, you need to avoid tasking situations that will affect the lighting system.

Considerations Before Buying Light Up Shoes


The essence of wearing light-up shoes is to attract attention or be the center of attraction.

This is possible with the different lighting styles ranging from the strobe, flashing, or random color modes to keep your feet visible.

Your adult light up shoes can be high-top designs, mid-top, or low-top, depending on which one will give you the support to ensure you stay comfortable on your feet.

They also come in different color selections to make you stand out from the crowd.

Your choice of style is dependent on how much value you attach to aesthetics. Multi-color LED lights will help you achieve this.


To get the best fit from this rechargeable LED-technology footwear, you must get the right size, which will give you a natural and comfortable gait.

The right fit is essential, especially if you settle for a pair controlled with an integrated motion sensor that activates, following the movement of the foot.

In effect, it is vital to go for a professional fitting session or order a size up or down based on reviews.

Another method is to use a street size chart for measurement.

This is necessary to avoid pains from a small size shoe or, on the other hand, losing your footing during a spin or turn when dancing because you are wearing a big-size shoe.


Don’t just bask in the thought of using your light-up shoe to show off, remember to select a design that has a sole that can withstand most terrains and weather conditions.

The light-up shoes for adults have soles made with thermoplastic rubbers, which makes them sturdy and also absorbs shocks easily.

In other words, such a pair must have the necessary cushioning to absorb shock, which will help protect the bones and joints from direct impact when dancing or during other such performances.

The soles must be durable and waterproof, made with an LED lighting system located deep inside the midsole.


Whereas being a hit with others is easy to achieve when you put on a light-up shoe, it is vital to have a sneaker that has all features in place to help keep your feet comfortable.

The on/off switch and rechargeable port must be well-placed and protected to prevent you from being uncomfortable when on motion due to frequent rubbings.

They must be well-padded, have the right amount of cushioning in the midsole, sole, arch, and ankle.

This way, you would not end up with a swollen ankle or sore feet after the day’s activities.

Battery Life

The need to get a prolonged battery life is necessary to get a sustained light time. Heck, you won’t want the light to go off within minutes of getting your groove on.

Your final choice should offer up to 8-10 hours of light time, whether on static or flashing mode.

A higher color variant should offer fast-charging options, control over on/off activities, the intensity of brightness, etc.

This will allow you to control battery consumption, depending on the rate and opportunity you have to charge the battery.

The switch button must also be easy to access for you. Better still, shoot for the design that comes with remote control, sound/motion control, and dual charging cables.

So, don’t fret, shoes with lights for adults are quite safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why do you need light up shoes?

A. LED light-up shoes add aesthetic value to its wearers as it emits bright and colorful lights.

Thanks to different lighting patterns and styles, you get to be a walking brand model, whether indoor or outdoors.

It is excellent as a lighting piece at night or when you are in places where there is little or no illumination.

Spice up your rave parties, Halloween events, concerts, etc. with the flashing lights while building up curiosity and excitement onlookers’ faces.

Q. How safe are the lights on light up shoes?

A. Some people get scared of putting on this type of shoes because of potential electric shock since batteries power them.

Well, since the battery used is cell phone-grade batteries, they are not capable of emitting severe electric shocks.

In other words, the batteries are harmless.

The light does not also have direct contact with the skin, given that it is well-padded and cased.

Q. How waterproof are light up shoes?

A. Since light-up shoes are for you to wear in all weather conditions and terrains, they are well waterproofed to protect the battery.

However, it is possible for water to enter into the shoe and destroy the battery or, at best, shorten the lifespan.

As such, snowy or rainy weather is not great for the lighting system.

Q. How comfortable are light up shoes on the feet?

A. All light-up shoes are generally comfortable as you go about your activities or routines.

They are primarily made with flexible, lightweight, and durable materials that conform to the shape of the feet.

They are also well-lined with cotton lining to promote breathability and as well keep the feet dry, cool, and odor-free.

The shock-absorbing, grip, traction, and ruggedness of the sole keeps the feet healthy and safe for hours.

Q. How do light up shoes work?

A. Light up shoes have LED fixed to the upper part while the battery, sensor, and circuit are in the midsole so your feet can be comfortable.

There are also wires running through the heel portion where the source of power is also usually located.

With a sensitive sensor, any sort of movement will trigger a change of color or increase the intensity.

Q. How do you care for your light up shoes?

A. To make your light up shoes last long, keep it away from water and heat as such elements will affect the workings of the lighting system.

Never over-charge the battery!

You only need a clean piece of cloth dipped in warm soapy water to wipe it clean. So, don’t dip the entire shoe into water.


Adults who want to relive the fun and magical moments of their childhood will find owning a pair of adult light up shoes a dream come true.

After considering the values that count when picking your choice, you too can get out there and dazzle the world with your feet.

You can pre-select a pair or two of the 7 best light up shoes for Adults of 2022.

They all have what it takes to keep your feet illuminated, whether while running, walking, dancing, or clubbing.

Be a child again; keep your feet strobing in flashing lights as you move around in a kaleidoscope of fascinating colors.

Don’t forget to leave us your thoughts about our top shoes with lights for adults in the Comments Section below.

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