The 7 Best Running Shoes for Ice and Snow of 2020

When it comes to running during winter, your success depends on finding the best running shoes for ice and snow, a choice many people take lightly. Fortunately, you can now find quality hiking boots for the occasion if you take your time searching.

Unlike running on marked roads, pavements, or inside the track, running on ice and snow requires a full gear that will guard you against the adverse cold condition. Because of the harsh weather conditions, you need a winter boot that will give you the necessary warmth, comfort, and traction.

Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe is one of the best shoes for running on ice and snow you don't want to miss. The shoe beats the rest on its Contragrip, a 100% anti-slip outsole mounted on top of the natural sole.

Besides, Salomon Men's has penetrating for traction. The upper is made from an synthetic, breathable, and waterproof material. A thick midsole makes the interior softer and comfortable. The other six shoes also have several good qualities that qualify them to be ideal for running on ice and snow.

Best Running Shoes for Ice and Snow


Made Of



Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

Textile and Synthetic


ALTRA Men's Lone Peak 4 Low RSM Running Shoe



Icebug Women's Metro2 W BUGrip Winter Boot



La Sportiva TX4 Approach Shoe



Saucony Men's Peregrine 8 Running Shoe



Kahtoola NANOspikes Footwear Traction



STABILicers Run,Snow and Ice Running Shoe



1. Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

It is hard to mention the number of colors and shades this shoe has. The most important thing is you will get whatever color and shade you need.

More than 78% of those who purchase this shoe find it fitting; thus, you do not have to worry if this shoe will fit you. The only requirement of you is to order for the exact foot size.

You should also take into consideration other factors. Some of the factors include the length of your toes and the width of your foot. If you need ​shoes for wide feet, you can check this list

At the top, the shoe has a synthetic fabric while the bottom is made of rubber. The shoe suits people with low arches because it is categorized among the low-profile shoes.

A firm grip, especially on the softer ground, is one of the strengths of this shoe. Even when you are walking on snow and ice, you do not have to worry about losing traction.

The midsole is designed to support the footbed as well as offer constant support to the arch. It is aimed that you do not stop amid your walk to attend to pain on the footbed or nurse a paining arch.


  • The shoe is available in a variety of colors;
  • Offers maximum foot-ground traction;
  • The rubber sole is ideal for the delicate and slippery ice/snow ground;
  • Lightweight yet thick midsole that offers strong arch support;
  • The synthetic upper is waterproof.


  • They may be a bit tight to many people;
  • Not the right choice for walking long distances.

You may choose not to use Salomon Shoes for men, but a few things stand out; the shoe has a strong ground grip. It is waterproof, fits over 78% of its wearers, and your arch will not pain.

2. ALTRA Men's Lone Peak 4 Low RSM Running Shoe

ALTRA Men's Lone Peak 4 Low RSM Running Shoe

You are not going to get so many colors to choose from if you settle on this shoe. However, you are going to appreciate other things such as the rubber outsole, the eVent fabric upper, and a dual-layer EVA midsole.

ALTRA RSM Lone for men is available in three colors, namely, green, burnt orange, and gray/blue.

Unlike number one above, ALTRA shoe for men has a MaxTrac rubber outsole on top of the main rubber sole. The unique thing about the outsole is it has TrailClaw, meaning it can hold to the ground like an eagle resting on its prey.

Interior cushioning is moderate because the manufacturer does not want to overwhelm you with weight when you are walking on snow. The term RSM stands for adverse weather conditions such as rain, mud, and snow, which this shoe is meant to help you scale through.

The eVent top is tested and approved to be one of the most breathable yet waterproof materials for adverse weather conditions today. With it on this shoe, you are sure no water will penetrate to hit your foot. Instead, your feet will continue to enjoy the fresh air.


  • Breathable shoe cover that is also 100% waterproof;
  • You can use the shoe even in most adverse weather conditions (RSM);
  • Moderate midsole that makes the shoe lightweight;
  • TrailClaw cogs at the outsole ensure maximum ground traction;
  • The toecap is reinforced to give your toes maximum security from stones, mud, and ice;
  • Fastens tight to prevent anything from getting into the shoe.


  • It is a bit heavy;
  • The shoes are short;
  • They are not durable.

If you don't care about a shoe having few colors, ALTRA Men's RSM Lone Peak 4 Low is what you need. The shoes are designed for adverse weather conditions, are soft, have enough space for toes, and offer excellent traction. However, they don't last.

3. Icebug Women's Metro2 W BUGrip Winter Boot

Icebug Women's Metro2 W BUGrip Winter Boot

The Icebugs are a stylish pair of shoes. Their design is sophisticated and timeless. You do not have to sacrifice style in exchange for safety anymore. The running boots come in a range of colors that add to their excellent design.

They are made from high-quality suede. The suede is durable and easy to clean. It is also water repellent. This protects your feet from getting wet in case snow or water gets into the shoe.

The inner sides of the Metro2 Boots have a zipper. The zipper makes it easy to get the shoe on your foot. You get a strong loop at the back to help you tug the shoes in place when needed.

The Metro2 boots have a wide fitting. Despite the name, both men and women can wear these shoes. For ice steadiness, the soles are fitted with 16 studs. These studs are made from carbide steel. You can easily walk for miles on asphalt without falling.


  • Water-resistant thanks to the water-repellent suede;
  • Carbide steel studs do not break easily;
  • Have a wide fitting for bigger feet;
  • Side zipper makes them easy to wear;
  • Come in a variety of colors for different tastes.


  • Not suitable for walking on smooth floors;
  • Need rubber attachments to prevent slipping on ice.

Walking or running on ice does not have to be dangerous anymore. The 16 steel studs, wide fitting, and water resistance on the Metro2 Boots will give you comfort on the ice. The fact that they are stylish is just a bonus.

4. La Sportiva TX4 Approach Shoe

La Sportiva TX4 Approach Shoe

The Approach pair is made from high-quality leather. The leather is abrasion-resistant. This means that they do not easily get scuff marks. You can, therefore, get a lot of use from them without them coming apart.

The shoes are lined with Gore-Tex. Thanks to the waterproof upper, your feet are protected from snow and water. The Gore-Tex is also breathable. The interior of your shoes will remain warm but not stuffy.

The upper part of the Approach shoes wraps together with the midsole. This provides for a strong center. Your foot will be wrapped comfortably in your shoes. This gives you more stability to walk on those tricky icy surfaces.

The soles are signature Vibram Megagrip. You are assured of traction on ice and snow. The impact brake system on the soles gives you better control and confidence when walking or running on snow.


  • Durable and scuff-resistant because of the leather upper;
  • Waterproof upper with breathable material keeps your foot warm and odorless;
  • Better stability and fit because of STB Control System;
  • Vibram soles give you traction on slippery snow and asphalt;
  • The Impact Brake System gives you better control when running or walking.


  • Tongue exerts pressure on top of the foot causing discomfort;
  • They do not have enough support for a high foot arch.

The Sportiva Approach Shoes are the perfect mix of functionality and comfort. They are designed to give you control while keeping the elements out. You are sure to love the fit and support they give you for walking or running.

5. Saucony Men's Peregrine 8 Running Shoe

Saucony Men's Peregrine 8 Running Shoe

These low topped running shoes assure you of excellent stability in any weather. They are made from manmade fabric. The fabric is lightweight, allowing you to move fast without weighing you down.

The upper of these shoes is made using ISOFIT technology. This makes them fit appropriately around your foot. Such a fit is right for stability when on the trail.

The Peregrine 8 shoes use EVERUN technology in the topsole. This technology sees to it that your leg is cushioned from impact. The cushioning also absorbs energy and returns some of it to you for better performance. It is no wonder these are recognized as some of the fastest running shoes out there.

The soles are made from rubber. PWRTRAC technology gives the shoes excellent traction, even in icy conditions. What is more, the 6-millimeter lugs on these shoes equip them for running on icy surfaces like concrete and asphalt. The traction on these is unlike any other.


  • Comfortable because of breathable and light fabric;
  • Energy-efficient, returning some of the energy to you for better running performance;
  • The 6mm slugs provide excellent traction thus equipping them for any trail;
  • Lightweight and does not weigh you down;
  • EVERUN technology provides excellent foot arch support.


  • Fabric is not durable;
  • Midfoot area can be too tight.

Saucony's Peregrine 8 are some of the most popular running shoes, and for a good reason. A great fit together with arch support that makes you comfortable on the trail. The rubber soles with slugs easily make this pair the best snow running shoes.

6. Kahtoola NANOspikes Footwear Traction

Kahtoola NANOspikes Footwear Traction

This is a winter boot meant to give you better traction on icy walkways. It is made from cotton that makes it super light. You will not feel a lot of added weight when you attach it to your shoes. You can therefore walk or run as usual without any hindrances.

The attachments are low profile. This is the best level for stability and to give you control when walking. They attach securely around your boots using several straps both at the front and at the back.

You do not have to worry about the traction support coming off when you run or walk. Spikes on the bottom provide traction. There are ten spikes on each foot for better traction.

These spikes are made from tungsten carbide. This durable material will support you when you walk or run on icy surfaces.


  • Lightweight, making it easy to run on ice;
  • Cotton material is long-lasting and easy to clean;
  • Their low profile gives you better stability;
  • Ten spikes on each side provide excellent traction;
  • Secured around your shoe using sturdy straps.


  • You can feel the spikes if your soles are thin;
  • They start sliding to the slide with continued use.

The Kahtoola NANO spikes are designed to give your regular shoes the capability to withstand icy terrains. The tungsten carbide cleats and secure strapping give you the confidence to go off road even in unfavorable weather. With these cleats, outdoor fun does not have to stop once the snow starts falling.

7. STABILicers Run,Snow and Ice Running Shoe

STABILicers Run,Snow and Ice Running Shoe

These cleats are made from TPE material. TPE is a lightweight material, which makes these cleats lightweight. You can easily fit them over your running shoes for the snow and give your best performance without being weighed down. TPE is also durable, and these cleats guarantee you long-term use.

They are designed for normal walking and running on ice. In addition to the cleats, the traction device also features a deep tread pattern. This goes a long way in giving you better traction on slippery surfaces. Even when using traction cleats for more casual activities, you are confident that you are protected from accidents.

The cleats are easy to put on and get off your shoes. The straps are minimal: you need to wear them like a pair of flat shoes. They cover the whole sole for better traction and gait control. They also come with 25 new cleat replacements so that you can have a high performance from season to season.


  • Lightweight for better running performance;
  • Cleat and tread combination gives you better traction on ice;
  • Strap design makes it easy to wear and remove when not needed;
  • Durable construction designed to provide you with long-term use;
  • Compatible with insoles of most running and hiking shoes.


  • Care should be taken to ensure that the sizing is correct;
  • The toe area cannot be adjusted.

The STABILicers traction cleats accommodate a range of activities. They will give you excellent traction, whether you are jogging or running competitively during the winter months. The deep sole treading makes them stand out from other similar items.

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Things to Consider When Buying Running Shoes for Ice and Snow

Running Shoes for Ice and Snow

The market offers thousands of running shoes for the snow. Some of these shoes can be used for many years, running or trekking on adverse conditions. However, before you get the best running shoes for ice and snow that fits your needs, you must do proper research.

Look at these six factors before you pay a dime to any shoe.

Water Resistance 

Remember, you need shoes to guard your feet against adverse conditions such as water and snow. If you want a shoe that will offer you maximum guard against these elements, then you must settle on a shoe with a waterproof upper. 

It is understandable to say that most running shoes for the snow are waterproof. However, if you do not know the material used for the top, it will be challenging to say with certainty that you have the right shoe.

The right shoe for snow should be 100% waterproof because already, the environment is freezing.


Walking on snow or ice can be an enjoyable experience, but at the same time, a deadly thing. If your feet miss the mark, chances are you are going to slide for a long distance. Besides, you are running, not walking.

When one walks, chances are they may not be able to focus keenly on where the feet step. However, if you choose wisely, chances are the outsole with proper traction will give you the necessary foot-ground grip whenever you need it.

If you have used boots for rangers, you may have a picture of the claws that are needed for snow running.



Your comfort is vital, whether you are wearing shoes for hiking, running on snow, or you are enjoying a dance in the ballroom. Your toes, the arch, ankle, and the footbed should not pain every time you wear a shoe.

A comfortable shoe will allow you to run for as long as you want and will not cause blisters or start swelling after the run. To check if the shoe will give you the comfort you need, see if the interior has enough padding, a thick midsole footbed, and fits appropriately.

Weight and Size

The weight of the shoe should not be more than what your foot can carry. Most people prefer light shoes. Chances of having constant swells and feet fatigue after wearing heavy shoes are inevitable.

The size of the shoe should fit you. You would be throwing money to the ocean if you bought a bigger or smaller size of best snow running shoes because you are not going to use them.

A bigger shoe will give you difficulty pulling around while a small shoe will not fit a tight foot.

Tight shoes are designed for people with narrow feet because wider feet will develop blisters.

Shock Absorption

Shocks frequently appear due to walking or running on uneven ground. The excellent running shoes for ice and snow should, among many things, have a higher degree of shock absorption. Unlike running on a pavement of the road or concrete, running on ice and snow has many challenges.

It is easy to land into a hole or a deep cut of ice as you try to navigate through the falling snow. The ideal shoe should have sufficient padding that will offset any shocks that may be caused by the tension between the shoe's outsole and the uneven ground.


Everyone wants to put their money on something that lasts. Running shoes for ice is no exception. Based on the material, a running shoe for snow should last. Sadly, many shoes do not last long because of the adversity of the cold and rugged environment.

Nonetheless, you should strive to find a material that can withstand the winter conditions. While the fabric is a durable material, it might not be the right one when it comes to waterproof capability. Synthetic upper tops the list of some of the durable uppers you can consider.

The sole also plays a significant role in ensuring the shoe lasts. Rubber is an all-time favorite when it comes to durability. You can also try any other material but provide at least, and it gives you the service you intend for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is it necessary to use a shoe meant for running on ice and snow, or I can use any other shoes?

A. It is common sense that different seasons dictate what one wears. For instance, during summer, it would be weird to wear a heavy jacket or raincoat. On the other hand, you will be a laughingstock if you wore a vest during winter. 

On the same breath, you need special boots that are designed for winter. The running shoes for ice and snow come with extra features that allow you to run without endangering your feet and health in general when running.

Q. Do I need to conduct a special cleaning of my running shoes for snow?

A. Many people have the assumption that snow and ice are white, pristine, and no dirt at all. That is a lie. Winter may not have any difference with the dusty summer. Sometimes, animals, people, and even cars can make snow and ice look messy.

To ensure your shoes are clean as intended, check the manufacturer's label to see if there is any special care recommended for the shoe. Whether there is or not, you must remove all debris from the spikes, claws, and the outsole in general.

Then you can wipe the interior with a damp cloth and clean the upper using a brush before or after use. You don't have to repeat this process regularly.

Q. Is it necessary for my shoes to have spikes?

A. The best running shoes for ice and snow do not necessarily have spikes. Many running shoes for the snow have excellent treads. Thanks to these treads, you can run without the fear of falling or injuring your feet.

If the shoes come with spikes and or chains, chances are you will suffer discomfort when running. Spikes may injure you severely in case you slip on the snow.

Q. Low-profile shoes or high-profile shoes?

A. You need running shoes for ice and snow. Like in any running scenario, you do not need high-profile shoes. Low-profile shoes offer the most anticipated comfort and convenience when running.

You need to ensure that your ankle and arch are adequately supported. High-profile shoes, such as tactical or mechanic boots will make it difficult for you to fold your legs when you are running.

Q. Is there a specific color that is best suited for a winter running shoe?

A. No! Manufacturers have produced winter running shoes with several colors. These colors aim to help you choose the color you want. Any color you wish as long as you are okay with it is suitable for running on snow and ice.

Some families buy the same brand and color of shoes. Another family may decide that each member has a different shade of shoe. Whichever way you may choose, no specific color is ideal for running on ice and snow.


As you have seen, it is not a walk in the park. It can be tricky and time-consuming to find the best running shoes for ice and snow. Without proper and wide consultation, you will land on shoes that will not be a good fit for winter.

It is a joy when you finally get the right shoe that will help you run as much as you want the land to keep your body warm during the cold season. For now, your focus should be on finding a shoe that carter for your needs.

Give priority to the essential things such as your comfort, water resistance, traction, and shock absorption because, as opposed to the traditional ground, snow and ice are rugged, and many people who run without the proper gear succumb to many injuries.

Once you find the best snow running shoes, take care of them by ensuring they are clean every time you want to go running. That way, the shoes will be able to last.

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