The 7 Best Bamboo Socks of 2020

If someone would ask you the important part of your body, which one would it be? Well, all parts are essential. However, your legs play a crucial role. They help you move, sometimes all day long. To keep your feet warm, healthy, and safe, you need the best bamboo socks.

It is unfortunate that for some people, it may take many months to find the ideal pair of socks that has all the quality features. For some, they tire along the way in their quest to find bamboo fiber socks.

Do not let anything hinder you from finding the right pair of socks that meet all your requirements. After going through several bamboo socks reviews, there is no doubt that Silken Men's BAMBOO SOCKS remains at the top.

The socks have, pores that offer proper ventilation, come with a scent that never fades, cashmere feel that provides comfort to your feet, and cause no skin irritation at all. It tops among the socks recommended for people who have a diabetic foot.

You can find bamboo socks that meet your needs from the list below:

Best Bamboo Socks






Bamboo and Polyamide

Machine washable cold

SockShop Women's Gentle Bamboo Socks

Viskose and Polyester

Comfort cuffs


Bamboo and polyester

Eliminate foot odor

Yomandamor Womens Bamboo Socks

Bamboo and Elastane

Reduce the risk of infection

Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Socks

Cotton and Polyester

Arch support

Yummie Women's Solid Basic Bamboo Crew

Rayon and Nylon

Comfort toe construction

Mens Organic Bamboo Socks With Tetris Design

Bamboo and Polyamide


1. Silken Mens BAMBOO SOCKS


Have you ever received a gift from a friend only to realize it cost your friend a fortune to buy you the gift? That is what Silken Men's BAMBOO SOCKS are. The 4-pair bamboo fiber socks come in different colors and cost somewhere between $15.49 and $30.60.

The socks are designed for casual wear and semi-official. You can love these socks because they are seamless. They are made from environmental-friendly bamboo tree, making the socks some of the eco-friendly wears today.

Silken is scented, and the sweet smell does not go away even if the socks last for many months. The cashmere feel helps to feel comfortable whether you are wearing low-profile shoes or boots.

For easy foot breathing, the socks have pores that allow fresh air to pass through. You can now forget about sweats and swelling due to too much heat inside the shoe.

If you have sensitive skin, Silken is the right socks for you. The men’s sock is made with hypo-allergic substance, which ensures you have a comfortable and healthy feel no matter the length of time you will wear the socks. Thanks to the natural bamboo fibers and other mixed materials, the socks do not cause skin irritation.


  • No skin irritation, making it the best bamboo sock for sensitive skin;
  • Machine wash friendly;
  • Comes with a scent that does not fade away even over time;
  • The pair of socks is antifungal, antibacterial, and casts away germs thus ideal for diabetic feet;
  • Eliminates odor and absorb sweat from your feet, leaving your feet dry.


  • Not a good pick for cold;
  • They are a bit light.

Silken Men's BAMBOO SOCKS will give you the comfort, guard you against microbial invasion, and continue to smell until they wear out. If you are to choose them for the cold, you had a better look at other types of socks and shoes designed to give you warmth as those for walking on ice.

2. SockShop Women's 3 Pair Gentle Bamboo Socks

SockShop Women's 3 Pair Gentle Bamboo Socks

You are a woman who loves to wear different colors and shades of socks, right? SockShop Women socks give you just that. The 3-pair of socks is available in a variety of colors to choose from.

Some of the colors available include pink, nightshade, navy, gray, neon lights, cornflower, alpine red, and damson/magenta, among others.

The price of three pairs of SockShop Women socks is far much less than a couple of many bamboo socks in the market. This is good news because, with enough savings, you will be able to purchase several pairs at once.

While many people complain of discomfort because of their socks having huge seams, SockShop bamboo socks have smooth seams at the toe area. Having a flat seam at the toe enables you to dance, walk, and even run for a long distance without feeling any shoe pinches.

The top of the socks is non-constricting. There will be no time you will complain of the socks squeezing your feet. Instead, you will feel comfortable thanks to the soft bamboo fabric that makes the socks.

If you have a sensitive foot, SockShop for women is all you want. The silky feel, thanks to the bamboo fiber, makes the socks a better option when you want to stay dry all day long.


  • No excruciating pain on the toe area thanks to the mild seamless finish;
  • The socks are stylish; thus every woman will look classy wearing them;
  • The socks absorb sweat and moisture from the feet than cotton;
  • They are anti-allergic. You are not going to feel uneasy wearing the socks;
  • Several colors are available. You can get your color;
  • They will help your feet feel warm.


  • Low bamboo fiber content thus may be allergic to some wearers;
  • The opening of the socks may sag after some time.

If you are looking for classy, silky, and soft socks that will keep you dry, you know where to look. You will also find several cool colors to select from. Beware of sagging after some time.

3. BAMBOO SPORTS B Workout Socks


These socks are designed for comfort and functionality. They are from Bamboo Sports B company and are suitable for people of all ages. The bottom of the socks is cushioned. This gives your feet a soft bed to lie on. This way, you are comfortable even when your feet are active.

The natural bamboo antibacterial characteristics of bamboo mean that these socks are odor-free. Your feet can sweat, but the socks will remain fresh. They are also not conducive to the development of bacteria. Not only will your feet be odor-free, but also fungus free. Even if you are already battling foot fungus, these socks will be of great help to you.

Bamboo absorbs moisture through its tiny capillaries. So, even when your feet sweat, these socks will remain dry. At the top of these socks is a mesh fabric that helps aerate the interior.

Whether they get wet from washing or damp ground, these socks will quickly dry out. They are also highly affordable, putting comfort within reach for everyone.


  • Padded footbed cushions foot soles for comfort;
  • Easy to dry when wet because of the mesh exterior;
  • Protects feet from fungal infections through its antimicrobial properties;
  • Keeps feet dry by wicking away any moisture;
  • Eliminate odors, keeping feet fresh all through.


  • They get holes after a few wash cycles;
  • The socks sag after some time.

The Super Soft and Comfortable Bamboo Socks are your partners through all activities. Whether you are doing simple exercises or seriously participating in sports, these are the socks you need. The best thing is, you can buy them for the whole family.

4. Yomandamor Womens Bamboo Socks

Yomandamor Womens Bamboo Socks

This pair is specifically designed to relieve the pain of people who are already suffering. Hassle-free, these socks are made from 70% bamboo and 30% elastane. This provides an excellent fit without you having to struggle to make them stay in place.

The tops of the socks do not bind your foot like cotton socks. There is no pressure on your ankles, and you remain comfortable always.

The excellent feature of these socks is the seamless toe. The toe area is smooth, allowing for free movement. Besides, there is no friction between your socks and your feet. This means there is less chance of injury. Any type of damage could be catastrophic to a person with diabetes. Seamless toes mean there is less pressure and cause for blistering.

The socks have hundreds of tiny holes that let air circulate freely. The interior of your socks remains dry and aerated. Your feet will stay fresh and odor-free. The bamboo fiber in these socks makes them adapt to different temperatures. The socks will keep you warm with this winter shoes in winter and cool in the summer.


  • Reduced pressure on the flesh of your ankles due to the non-binding top;
  • The bamboo-elastane blend enhances comfort;
  • The inside remains dry and odor-free because the bamboo wicks away moisture;
  • Eliminates chances of injury and cones by having a seamless toe area;
  • The perfect, non-squeezing fit facilitates proper blood circulation.


  • They will shrink after several hot washes;
  • The socks are not 100% machine friendly.

Pregnant women, people with vein thrombosis, and diabetic people deserve comfort. The Yomandamor Diabetic socks are designed to give that to them. They are the best use of money for anyone desiring comfort.

5. Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Socks

Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Socks

The Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Crew Socks are designed for the man on the move. They are made from a blend of materials. Cotton, polyester, and nylon keep the socks light and breathable. The spandex material makes these socks mold to your feet for the perfect fit.

The socks are equipped with arch compression. This supports your feet when you are on the move. The compression absorbs some of the pressure from walking, giving you support and stability. The footbed of the socks is also cushioned for increased comfort.

As stated in the name, these socks are equipped with Dri-Tech technology. This technology helps the socks absorb moisture. This way, your feet remain dry and aerated. The mesh material with thousands of small holes increases breathability. Air can easily get in and out of your socks. This is a great tool to prevent bad foot odor.


  • The compressed arch support guarantees the stability of posture and gait;
  • Fits securely against the foot because of the spandex material;
  • Your feet will always remain dry and odor-free because of Dri-tech technology;
  • Less fatigue because of the comfort provided by the padded footbed;
  • Lightweight and easy to move around with because of the unique material blend.


  • The material blend varies with the color you order;
  • Some socks may cause skin irritation.

Many workers agree that the Dickies socks with Dri-tech technology are the best. If you work in a job where you spend a lot of time on your feet, then these are the socks for you. The comfort and breathability of these socks are unmatched.

6. Yummie Women's Solid Basic Bamboo Crew

Yummie Women's Solid Basic Bamboo Crew

These are another pair of bamboo fiber socks with blended materials. The dominant element is rayon blended from bamboo. Rayon is super soft and gentle on your feet. The nylon and spandex make these socks fit and mold to your feet nicely. The heels of the Yummie Women’s

Crew socks are Y-shaped. This design makes for a great fit around your heel.The tops of the socks are made with a non-binding tape. The socks will not dig into your calf, making wearing them uncomfortable.

You will notice no lines even after wearing them for a full day. The toe area is designed to give you maximum wiggle room. Your toes will not be restricted, allowing you to move freely through your activities.

The material blend of these socks makes them machine washable. You can easily keep them clean and odor-free. The tiny holes on the surface improve the breathability of the socks. Air can circulate in and out, keeping your feet aerated and free from rancid odors.


  • Easy to clean using a machine because of the material blend;
  • Feet remain dry and free from odor because of mesh formation;
  • Improved blood circulation provided by the non-binding tops;
  • Y-design heel ensures a perfect fit for comfort;
  • Can be worn straight or scrunched down depending on the look;
  • Easy to move with because of a spacious toe area.


  • They might be too high on the calf and may need to be scrunched down;
  • Their seams may hurt your toes.

These socks are the best compliment to your home and casual wear. They are sleekly designed to blend in with the rest of your body seamlessly. Combine this with great comfort features, and you have a pair of socks for every weather.

7. Mens Organic Bamboo Socks With Tetris Design

Mens Organic Bamboo Socks With Tetris Design

The last item on our bamboo socks review is the Organic Bamboo Socks from Universal Textiles. Stylish and fun, these have a colorful Tetris design. They are made from organic bamboo material, which gives them antibacterial and antifungal capabilities.

Infections will be hard to contract when you arm yourself with these socks. If you are dealing with an infection, these socks will keep you comfortable as you heal.

Bamboo is also moisture-wicking, which means that moisture is sucked up through the bamboo fiber. Whether you sweat or if your socks get wet, the moisture is quickly removed. This way, your feet remain comfortably dry. The ribbed design of the socks also makes moisture promptly dry out.

These socks are also made with materials like polyamide and elastane. Thanks to the materials, the socks are lightweight. The elastane sees to it that the socks take the shape of your feet for the best fit.

The socks are also thick to provide padding for your feet. Your feet will feel pampered in these socks. You can quickly put them in a machine to get them clean again.


  • They relieve foot pain through the thick padding that absorbs pressure from movement;
  • They fit securely but not too tightly because of the elastane blend;
  • Your feet remain dry throughout because of bamboo’s moisture-wicking characteristics;
  • Prevent bacterial and fungal infections because of bamboo’s properties;
  • There is a sock for everyone because of the variety of colors and designs.


  • Not the right choice for the cold season;
  • They shrink with time, especially when you wash in the machine.

These socks are the ultimate combination of fun and comfort. They combine catchy colors, great Tetris designs, and smart material blends. This way, you remain protected while looking good.

Consideration Before Buying Bamboo Socks

Bamboo Socks

Although manufacturers are doing all they can to produce the best bamboo socks, which you can use even when you have heel spurs, you must stay vigil. What fits the other person does not necessarily mean it will fit you. People have different tastes and preferences. Besides, your size of the foot is not the same as the other person’s. 

Make sure you read bamboo socks reviews from honest customers before you spend a dime on a specific brand of socks. Here are some of the factors you can consider:


By now, you already know you are dealing with bamboo socks. However, in most cases, popular bamboo socks are blended with other materials to make high-quality bamboo socks.

Before you purchase a bamboo sock, the best advice would be to check if there are other materials combined with the main bamboo. Remember, apart from being the popular and readily available material, bamboo makes some of the most durable all-season socks in the world.

Depending on the other materials mixed with the bamboo socks, you may or may not wear the sock during all seasons.

Spandex, for instance, a material considered stretchy, is ideal because it tends to bring together all the other materials in the sox. Polyester and cotton also bring warmth and the softness that a quality sock must-have.



The style of bamboo socks you are going to choose depends on a few factors such as the occasion, the type of shoes you want to wear, and whom you are buying the socks for. Bamboo socks come in three styles.

The first style is the low-profile type of socks. Mostly, you will wear these socks with open shoes or walking sandals for men that are usually worn in the evenings. The socks do not go beyond the ankle. 

The second style of bamboo socks is low-cut. Compared to low profile, low-cut are designed to reach slightly above the ankle. Low-cut are the most common socks in the market, with many men buying them.

Finally, you can find dress socks. This last style of bamboo socks can reach a few inches below the knee. Sometimes, depending on the size of the wearer, dress socks can stretch above the knee.


Bamboo fiber socks offer ultimate satisfaction to the wearer than other types of socks. Compared to other types of socks in the market, there is no doubt that bamboo socks are designed to be soft. These socks come with moisture-wicking capability.

Because of the moisture-wicking ability, the socks absorb sweat from the feet, leaving the feet dry throughout the time. Bamboo fiber socks are ideal for those who work in the range, mechanics, and those who may have a diabetic foot.


Breathability and ventilation are two things that complement each other. The socks have sufficient holes that allow the passage of air to the feet. Thanks to enough ventilation on every side of the socks, you cannot complain of swollen feet.

Eliminate Odor

Bad odor is one of the worst experiences you are likely to encounter if you do not choose your socks wisely. Because of the material, most socks brands in the market release a bad odor even if you are using the socks with the best shoes to wear without socks.

The best thing about bamboo fiber socks is your feet stay dry. In that way, the feet do not emit any smell even after wearing the sock for long hours.

Moisture Absorbing

If you love doing aerobics, you need to look for the best bamboo socks to help you absorb the sweat from your feet as you make the jumps. The best part of most bamboo socks in the market today is the socks have a blend of other materials.

Thanks to the included materials, bamboo fiber socks stretch more, are absorbent, and last longer than before. With the abilities mentioned above, bamboo socks are soft, comfortable, and leave your feet drier, and you will not smell any bad odor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do bamboo socks offer more warmth than wool?

A. Wool is known to offer the best warmth when it comes to socks or any other cloth. Wool is best-suited for cold seasons. Nobody is going to dispute that fact. However, wool is not as soft as bamboo fiber socks.

If it happens, you find rayon bamboo dress socks, you can use them during the cold season. Nonetheless, you cannot compare bamboo socks with wool when you are dealing with adversely cold weather. Wool will always win.

Q. Are bamboo socks friendly to the environment?

A. Yes! Bamboo is classified among the plants that are environmentally friendly throughout the world. In some jurisdictions, you cannot cut a bamboo tree because environmentalists believe the tree has immense benefits to the ecosystem.

To produce bamboo socks, manufacturers use high-velocity chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to the environment.

However, these industries apply closed-loop technology to minimize any impact the chemicals will cause the environment. That way, the final product, socks, are environmental-friendly.

Q. Are bamboo fiber socks machine-friendly?

A. Like most socks in the market, bamboo socks are machine wash friendly. As mentioned earlier, only a few differences exist between bamboo fiber socks and ordinary socks. The main difference, of course, is they are the best in absorbing moisture and sweat from the feet.

Because they are like ordinary socks, you can wash your bamboo socks in a machine and later use a drier. The good thing about bamboo socks is they are likely to dry faster than ordinary socks.

That means you can wash and use the socks without the fear of losing the socks’ quality.

Q. Can my pair of bamboo socks kill bacteria?

A. Absolutely! Many people think that for a pair of socks to kill germs, it has to be sprayed with a substance, which sometimes may be harmful to human beings. It is not the case with bamboo socks. If you research and read on bamboo socks reviews online, you are likely to find something that will shock you.

A bamboo tree is an antibacterial itself. Besides, the tree is an anti-fungal and can repel dust mites. This tells you that, naturally, the bamboo tree can kill fungi, bacteria, and other germs that might want to invade your feet.

You do not need to purchase artificial anti-microbial agents in the name of expelling bacteria if you have several pairs of bamboo fiber socks.

Q. How do I clean my bamboo fiber socks?

A. There is no straight answer to this question. Different manufacturers use different materials to produce the final product called bamboo socks. As such, you need to read the label that shows the type of material used.

Also, companies offer tips and instructions on when and how to wash bamboo socks. Before you decide on your way of cleaning a pair of bamboo socks, make sure you read the instructions label and care tips, which mostly can be found on the package.

But you can wash most bamboo socks using water and soap after each wearing session and dry them in the sun to avoid dampness.


After going through the bamboo socks, would you say that it is still hard to find the best bamboo socks? Hardly! The review is intended to help find the bamboo fiber socks you have been yearning to own.

A glance at the bamboo socks highlighted above, a few important things stand out. For instance, almost all bamboo socks are antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial. What does that tell you?

When you buy bamboo fiber socks, you are investing in a healthy family. If all members of your family wear quality bamboo socks, with the sneakers for arch support, you will minimize feet swells, pains, and, ultimately, limit visits to the doctor for a paining foot. 

It is an excellent thing to ensure the socks you wear do not leave your feet fatigued, smelly, or wet, for this may cause severe skin problems around your feet. However, you can lower the risk of foot allergies by buying the right pair of socks.

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