The 7 Best Stripper Shoes of 2022

Are you a stripper? That means you’ve got some of the most enticing body parts, right? Of course, you do. Heck, some of us would and have paid a lot to look at you flop those marvelous body bits in the wind. It’s an exciting profession, no doubt.

Most strippers execute the wildest moves ever seen. Wall sits, body squats, striptease, and lap dances are merely the tip of the iceberg.

While well paying, strip dancing can be brutally punishing to the body. The styles employed are just as strenuous and demanding as military training.

For these reasons and many others, strip dancers need to invest in the best stripper shoes that not only make them look like a million bucks but keep them comfy as well.

Do you know where to get such kicks? Did you say no? Well, don’t worry. We understand how demanding stripping gigs can be, and that is why we have put together this article to help you out. The section below reviews some of the magnificent shoes on the market.

Running out of time? Check out our top recommendation, which is Pleaser Women’s Sky-308 Pump.

Best Stripper Shoes

Here’s is a short list of the top picks that might interest you:

1. Pleaser Women’s Sky-308 Pump

Pleaser Women's Sky-308 Pump

So tonight you’ve got hard-to-please clients? Looking for a shoe that can make you look like a goddess? Checkout Pleaser Women’s Sky-308 Pump. This heel sports a tough but delicate material that won’t scar your feet after hours of pole dancing.

There are over five colors, and all of them come with a transparent top, and that includes the ankle strap. It is ideal for those with tats or henna that’s worth showing off.

The heel stands approximately 7 inches from the ground-perfect for accentuating your body and style.

In terms of quality, Pleaser Women’s Sky-308 Pump rakes in good points. The paint will also not come off easily-unless you drag it on the ground and pole. Like most heels, there is no padding. Nevertheless, the shoe is reasonably comfy.

Desirable features

  • Synthetic material with clear vinyl upper
  • Provocatively colorful
  • A transparent buckle strap
  • 6.25″ high
  • Fits as expected


  • The bottom is tractioned for stability
  • Clear vinyl upper
  • Truly provocative
  • Adjustable straps for a better fit
  • Multiple colors available


There is nothing serious with this heel. It’s superbly rated on many online platforms.

Given Pleaser Women’s Sky-308 Pump is manufactured by a recognized brand, it disappoints less. While that could mean a hefty price tag, we do think it’s a worthy grab for both beginner and seasonal pleasers.

2. Ellie Shoes Women’s 711 Flirt Platform Sandal

Ellie Shoes Women's 711 Flirt Platform Sandal

Ellie Shoes Women’s 711 is an excellent option to go for if you don’t want to spend a lot. From the advice given by previous reviewers (and our research as well), this shoe is ideal for practicing because of its slight bulky weight.

Once you get used to its weight, other shoes will feel lighter, and that will help you to express yourself in full confidence. However, experienced dancers don’t have an issue with their weight.

Ellie Shoes Women’s 711’s exterior made from soft synthetic material. The footbed sports a leather insole with good moisture absorbing ability. This is great if you sweat or overheat quickly as it will wick away the wetness.

Desirable features

  • Synthetic material
  • 6.5 inches high
  • A leather insole
  • A couple of colors available


  • Comfortable and flirty
  • Stable and non-slip
  • Affordably priced
  • Several color choices


  • Not ideal for those with narrow feet
  • Doesn’t last very long

Ellie Shoes Women’s 711 is a good pair for those who are starting out. Its weight, albeit discomforting, can help you to be able to work better with lighter shoes. It has its flaws, but nothing alarming.

3. Pleaser Women’s Ado1017sq Ankle Bootie

Pleaser Women's Ado1017sq Ankle Bootie

Pleaser is like Nike. The only difference is that the former rules the sexy footwear niche while the latter is known for designing remarkable sneakers. Pleaser Women’s Ankle Bootie can help you get in touch with your inner wild child and give your audience a show worth remembering.

Why this bootie? First, at merely 3 pounds, there is no denying that this pair is one of the lightest stripper shoes. It will allow you to toss, turn, bend and lift your legs as high as you can without feeling weighed down.

The general structure of Pleaser Women’s Ankle Bootie entails synthetic material, tractioned outsole, and dangling sequins. The sequins add glamor to this shoe, and you will look so far out of reach.

Desirable features

  • Synthetic material
  • Fits as expected
  • 7-inch high boot
  • Rubber sole
  • Ankle lacing


  • Tractioned outsole for better stability
  • Transparent to display your full beauty
  • Lace-up for a secure fit
  • Comfortable and sparkly
  • Heavily adorned with sequins


  • Limited color options

Pleaser Women’s Ankle Bootie is heavily adorned with sequins and bears a transparent structure that is ideal for displaying tats and henna. This shoe also happens to be true to size. We are positive that you and your audience will fall in love with it instantly.

4. Summitfashions 6 Inch High Heel Platform Shoe

Summitfashions High Heel Platform Shoe

Are you wearing reflective colors tonight? How about topping that up with Summitfashions 6 Inch High Heel Platform Shoe? Given its transparent nature, almost every aspect of your body, from your dancing styles to adornments, will enjoy the limelight.

The good part is that this shoe can match well with most items in your closet, be it lingerie, stockings, shiny metallic ornaments, or a garter belt. The ankle strap gives you several fitting holes so you can achieve a tight or loose fit depending on your needs.

Quality-wise, Summitfashions 6 Inch High Heel Platform Shoe stands a little higher than many shoes. The stitching is durable and can see this pair handle many dance sessions before giving up. By the way, the material used is soft and won’t dig into your feet.

Desirable features

  • Clear Stripper Shoes
  • Synthetic material
  • Open toe design with ankle strap
  • 6-inch high heel
  • Tractioned bottom


  • Affordably priced
  • Comfortable
  • Durably built


  • Limited color options
  • Might need a bit stretching to fit

When you start pole dancing, instructors will recommend a shoe like Summitfashions 6 Inch High Heel Platform Shoe. Why? Because after learning to dance barefoot, you need a partially heeled shoe, and this one, at 6-inch high fits that description perfectly.

5. Funtasma by Pleaser Women’s Juliet-209 Platform Sandal

Funtasma by Pleaser Women's Juliet

Funtasma by Pleaser Women’s Juliet-209 is a popular product in many fashionistas closets. With some bright makeup, the seductive lingerie, and a sweet spirit, this shoe, will get you looking extra gorgeous than Khaleesi-the blond Dothraki queen in the Game of Thrones.

Dangerous stiletto, faux patent upper, open toe, and striking curves are some of its key features.

However, it’s not all about looks. Thanks to the soft-footbed, you can striptease and pole dance comfortably. The outsole is fairly treaded, which makes it one of the best pole dancing shoes on the market.

Both the sole and the top overlays of Funtasma by Pleaser Women’s Juliet-209 Platform Sandal feature gentle synthetic material. The ankle strap is firmly attached to the base of the shoe and won’t come off easily.

Desirable features

  • Synthetic topping and sole
  • 6-inches heel
  • Ankle strap
  • A variety of colors and sizes exist
  • Soft footbed


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Stability-enhancing soles
  • Affordable
  • True to size
  • Numerous colors and sizes abound


  • The front is not rounded adequately, and this could lead to toe “hangover” for some people

If you are looking for cheap pleaser shoes, Funtasma Pleaser Women’s Juliet-209 Platform Sandal fits that criteria very well.

From our judgment (well-founded, of course), this sexy bootie is likely to disappoint you less. It’s well-built too-and yet doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

6. Athena Black Platform Strappy Sandal

Athena Black Platform Strappy Sandal

We consider Athena Black Platform Strappy Sandal as a must-have the extremely wild ones. Its construction entails triple securing straps and buckles that assure a secure fit no matter how hard you shake or thrust legs in the air.

Those who bear a significant amount of weight should consider this heel as well. The reason is still the same- triple straps and buckles improve strength. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any of them snapping in the middle of an action.

Athena Black Platform Strappy is gladiator sandals-inspired heel bearing a faux patent heel, polyester top, and a synthetic sole. The sole features sufficient treads, although not as much as other heels in this review.

This shoe also happens to excel at providing ample comfort-courtesy of the quilted insole. The platform is wide enough to accommodate most feet while the heel stands at 6.25 inches high.

Desirable features

  • Polyester upper
  • Synthetic sole
  • Strappy ankle
  • Multiple buckles
  • 6.25 inches heel


  • Extra-strong thanks to the multiple straps and buckles
  • Alluring design
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Reasonably priced
  • Built to last a little longer


  • Limited color options

Athena Black Platform Strappy Sandal is one of the best Pole dancer shoes with a sassy design. The existence of multiple straps and buckles might be a little odd, but it’s for good reasons. With all those premium features, you would be surprised to realize that it’s still reasonably priced.

7. Ellie Shoes 8 Inch High Platform Stripper

Ellie Shoes 8 Inch High Platform Stripper

Heels with high platforms are debatable. Some people like them and others think they look odd. If you like them, then a better option to check out would be Ellie Shoes 8 Inch High Platform Stripper.

We said heels are excellent for pleasers because they bring out the best in you. But not everyone is comfortable in conventional designs. However, this one could be more comfortable because the high platform raises both your heel and ball of the feet, thus putting them on the same level.

Besides that, Ellie Shoes 8 Inch High Platform Stripper sports a thick and plush footbed to make your day reasonably bearable. The securing strap does look weak, but given the shoe’s linear nature, it won’t take too much pressure compared to those found in low platform designs.

Desirable features

  • 8-inch heel
  • High platform design
  • A single strap with a securing buckle
  • Made from synthetic material
  • Glistening colors


  • Superbly comfortable
  • Durably built
  • Lightweight
  • Radiant colors for late night reflection
  • Several color options


Ellie Shoes 8 Inch High Platform Stripper is well made with a high platform that still keeps the weight on the low. There is nothing serious about it.

There are many good reasons why Ellie Shoes 8 Inch High Platform Stripper could be your ideal salsa dancing shoe. However, it stands as an alternative to individuals who find conventional stilettos to be too much. This shoe is moderately priced as well.

Things to Consider While Buying Stripper Shoes

Buying your first pair of stripper shoes could indeed be a herculean task. This is because you are entirely green on everything from which shops to buy from, the brands that are outstanding, and what shoes suit your needs.

Without getting suitable help, you could end up not making a purchase. Moreover, if you do, there is a possibility you might end up with a cheap knock-off or something that doesn’t fit at all.

To save you from going through such unpleasant situations, here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for the best stripper shoes:

Color and Style

Pleaser shoes come in a wide variety of colors, and our best guess is you can’t have them all, or at least, not all of them would look gorgeous on you. This means you need to narrow down your choices.

There are those colors you would abruptly fall in love with and buy the shoes. However, most of the time, you will need to purchase stripper shoes based on what cloth and dancing accessories you own.

Bad decisions will leave you looking hilarious like a clown. Every color needs to accentuate your body and all the accessories on it.

The same goes for style. For instance, do you need a shoe with adornments or some slot for keeping tips and keys? Do you prefer booties with intimidatingly high heels or relatively flat? Still, on heel size, are you a newbie or a seasonal dancer who is good with heels?

Think about that all that before you press the “add to cart” button.


How much are you willing to spend on shoes? Once you have a rough estimate in mind, you will be able to narrow down your choices and focus more on what you can get. Make a little price comparison to get the best bang out of your bucks.

However, we would advise you to go after what you love-not what’s cheap or expensive. Why so? Because a shoe can be costly or affordable, but if you don’t like it, it’s going to chill in the closet all through, and that just a loss. So try to go after what moves your heart, okay?


Pick the right shoe size always. There is nothing like “I’ll grow into it” for adults. A smaller shoe will drive you nuts because of pain, and an oversized one might come off and fly into someone’s face as you thrust your legs around the pole.

Unfortunately, not all kicks are true to size. During such cases, make sure to order your shoe in a few sizes up or down. Consider if the pair is for those with wide, standard or narrow feet as well.


Comfortable stripper shoes bear a platform that is friendly to the user. You are the one looking at the pictures, so pick a platform that is not too flat or too big. Flat ones will cause instability, and the huge ones make it look like you’ve grown a hoof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s dive into some of the common questions folks who look for pleaser shoes ask-and their best answers.

Q. Why do they say you buy stripper heels in half or a full size less?

A. It’s because most stripper shoes expand during practice. When this happens, you usually will wind up with a bigger shoe than what you wanted.

However, if the top material, including the strap, is fabric/synthetic and not flexible stuff, go for your usual measurements.

Q. Which are the best pole dancing shoes, flats or heels?

A. Well, it depends on many factors. While practicing, an instructor may insist that they have heels on to get used to them. Heels tend to make someone look exceptional-like a fairy. Unless it’s a top design, flat shoes are well.

However, a medical condition such as bunions and plantar fasciitis can also force you to resort to flats even if your heart longs for heels. So as you can see, it’s all about circumstances.

Tips: Here you can find more details about the best plantar fasciitis shoes to avoid foot pain.

Q. How high do the heels need to be?

A. Good question. It depends on what you can handle. Are you comfortable with an 8-inch heel? That’s okay. Do you become unstable in anything above 5 inches? If so, then keep it at or below five inches.

Here is the rule of thumb-pole dancing shoes that need to have a heel ranging from somewhere between 2-6 inches high. This is the right height that can augment your visuals without jeopardizing stability. Start from the lower side and slowly move to more high-heeled shoes.

It’s good to have the best dance shoes to make your moves more comfortable and enjoy each moment.


Even at 8 inches high, the best stripper shoes can be just as comfortable as the slippers in your closet. We all have different tastes, so it would be ideal if you keep your needs, style, and budget in mind before you move forward.

Most of the products we have reviewed have excellent ratings and heart-warming customer feedback with a few critical sentiments. Therefore, this guide could be the best place to start your shoe hunting.

If it’s your first time doing this, try getting several pairs, each with different heel measurements. This will help you find heels that work well with your body.

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